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    Chris Wood

    Thomas Wood gone

    Thanks Trump, kind words. Very proud of Tom, as his mother Colleen is to, and he has worked hard to get where he is, like most people in NZ Racing. He has had his critics, and he has coped well with all of this, especially the anonymous ones who feel they know more about the caper than he does. He is only going to get better as time goes on, and I know that he leaves these shores on good terms with his former employer. There are plenty of people to thank, and I would like to single out Reon Murtha, who took a personal interest in Tom a few years ago, and has had quite a hand in Tom's career up to this stage.
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    Purcell WTF

    I learned today that our CEO is off on 3 weeks leave as of tomorrow back on the 9th January. Well Greg it is past the time of being nice to you,in my opinion you are without QUESTION the worse CEO our industry has the pain to endure. There is a funeral on Friday at Gore TO FAREWELL Rebecca Black. I will be completely gutted if you cannot fly down to Gore and represent NZTR at the funeral.You can fly Internationally to Paris,Australia,Mongolia and Hong Kong AT OUR COST and yet i am advised that you will be on 3 weeks holiday from tomorrow,so I believe that this is bullshit,you said on National Television about safety vest helmets etc,you had NOTHING to do with the introductions of these measures and yet your holiday takes precedence over your presences at this ladies farewell,you are an embarrassment as our CEO. You told ME at my hearing that there never has been an issue at Awapuni,even after it was pointing out that a steward would not operate with the rail out more than 8m and yet another horse almost did the same last week.I was going to ask what was your limp wristed reply was,but i know as an nonperforming CEO just do another report and it will disappear,just like the last 20 reports you have has done to cover your arse. and makes you look like you are in control. You are a plastic cutout of a CEO,YOU HAVE WASTED INDUSTRY MONEY ON JUNKETS,and yet i have never read a report from you to say what was achieved on these junkets. Sorry you came back with the catch cry Best Practice that sounds impressive,but the Industry knows like you should,this another wasted cliche that you use to make you look like you know what you are doing,which we all know this is more crap that you believe will appease us. You know if you lose your position at NZTR,you would be unemployable in Australia,hence why you came here,even after falsifying your CV saying you raced 90 horses and was the leading Country bookmaker for 12 years, I am over you and do the honorable thing and resign before you are pushed and you may even leave NZ with a small amount of creditably,as of today in my view you have NONE AND SURELY IS TIME FOR THAT SONG HOMEWARD BOUND.
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    Tim Carter

    Livingston yet again.

    Firstly can I say we are gutted by what has happened to Rogan. As Trainers you feel like it is your fault when this happens. Like everyone else our first reaction was to blame the horse . Having now contacted Rogan and some of barrier attendants it appears it was a freak accident. Rogan's stirrup iron got stuck on a part of the starting gates as she was loading. The weight of the horse going forward caused the injuries. Rogan and the barrier attendants said it could have happened with any horse. The person that started this tread has had a crack about the horse previously so I want to set the record straight. Before the Taupo incident where she slipped onto her haunches as the gates were about to open, she had trialed 5 times and raced 6 times without incident. Why her back legs went under her we don't know. She did not throw herself over backwards as someone on here commented. At her next start she refused to load and this was probably a carry over from her Taupo experience. The Stipes requested she undergo an official barrier jump out. The barrier boys worked out how best to load her and she trialed at Cambridge without incident.( ridden by Margaret). Livingston then ran 4th with Kinjite on. At her following start Kinjite was dislodged NOT BY LIVINGSTON, but by the horse in the next barrier ridden by G Cooksley. That horse had played up in the birdcage and also at the barriers. It came out of the gates sideways and heavily bumped into Livingston causing Kinjite to fall off. This was not reported to the Stipes, much easier to blame Livingston as she had the reputation by now. Back to yesterday,because of the serious injuries suffered by Rogan the Stipes will carry out a thorough investigation into the incident and in particular how the stirrup iron became stuck in the starting gates .Perhaps there needs to be a modification done so it never happens again? Some of the comments on here (always under an alias) put an indirect slur on the Stipes and also on us as Trainers. In closing, yes Livingston can be difficult to load but there are plenty of other horses that need patience and extra care when loading. The barrier boys were getting her confidence back and this terrible accident had to happen with Livingston immediately getting the blame. It does nobody any good making uninformed and inflammatory remarks on a public forum. If any one wants to discuss this further with me then please do. My phone number is 021354588.. Tim Carter
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    Hilton Donaldson incoming

    I have no problem with racecafe as everyone is entitled to their own opinion.however,it needs to be known that i pay for my own flights up and down the country to cover the meets im rostered for. Attack me all you like but i pay my own way.you are quite welcome to check my bank account as it will prove it.
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    Addictive Habit

    It's a bit of a perfect storm that's causing this disappearance of males. They've been harshly treated with this ludicrous and irrational pro female policy NZTR introduced, that's certainly true, but the real hidden killer for males is the diminished return to owners ( in other words cost of racing a horse ) combined with the inexplicable reluctance to shift male horses down in the handicap. That means horses like Swiper The Fox have to be retired because whilst they are still well and truly capable of winning one and maybe two races per season, they'd be the $25,000 races so the owners bank about $13k per win, then they get a monthly bill of $3000-$3,500 for training plus expenses. Spin Doctor is in exactly the same category, it'll come as no surprise that he's been retired now. That horse of Richardsons, Dubai Shuffle is a good example. That's had 6 starts this campaign, it's won $7,000, say $5,000 net, ran one placing, cost the owners about $20,000 in training fees and expenses, and it's gone up one point net since the beginning of this campaign !! Any owner with even half a brain quickly works out that a male horse winning two open handicaps per year, banking $26000 net, but who costs $35,000 to have in work for that year is a very bad proposition, and so they dispose of them, retire them. That same male horse who's been forced into retirement would of course be earning the industry $14,000 in revenue, $2,500 net profit, every time it ran if it had a reason to stay in work of course. We've had the guts ripped out of our industry this last five years, lives have been torn apart, good people forced out of the game, there's a slew of tracks contemplating closure, chaos has become the norm in this industry, there's no accountability from officials, every week we see infrastructural failure, but the salary earners who don't ever have to take a risk, never spill their blood, or use any energy to put on the show, they've just orchestrated policies and strategies that are killing our game, in between trips abroad and commissioning yet another report into the previous report. There we go, that's a good rant, so what's the solution. 1. Get rid of the stupid 2kg female allowance 2. Drop male horses ratings a lot quicker to keep them competitive 3. Pay connections to present their horses to race 4. Get over this artificial attempt to increase stakes because it's the RTO that matters not the gross stake advertised. 5. Change the 65 grade into two grades not one and make one of the new 65 grades benchmark rated. 6. Apply a maximum rating of 2 points to mid week grade races, even for horses racing out of the handicap. 7. Stop treating the select few trainers who're on first name terms with those at head office preferentially 8. Any horse coming back from a spell of more than 6 months should be dropped 5 points to allow them to win a race. 9. Introduce a set weight grade for horses that haven't won for the previous year, and if that works consider a grade for non winners in the previous two years. 10. And lastly, get rid of the totally ineffective and dysfunctional Trainers Assn and replace that entity with a body that will actually do something to effect change, because the trainers and jockeys actually have the power to restore this great industry to its rightful place, but they don't have the vision or the courage to make those who're doing the current damage accountable.
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    Chris Wood

    Last day tomorrow!

    Thomas Wood fronts up tomorrow for his last days calling at Awapuni. It has been a pleasure to see you ply your trade, the steps you have made and the way you have handled yourself is enough for any parent to be very proud. Thanks to the people who have helped you along the way, especially Graeme Hansen who saw the potential in you and Reon Murtha who took a personal interest in your chosen career. Good luck tomorrow chap, you have one proud family behind you!
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    Putting an end to rumours

    Actually Greg, I was informed yesterday afternoon from the Riu that the kibble had returned positive to morphine and that they where scratching my dogs from today. I don't see why our dogs should be scratched when we are not the only ones that feed this kibble. The positives date back over 2 months now, all the trainers involved with the positives have been swabbed since with no more positive results. I can not see the justification in penalising us again. I have been using the product for at least a couple of years. I feel your inference of some other contamination in light of this result is quite unjustified. The kibble has been brought over different periods of time through two seperate retailers. Have you thought that maybe the manafacturers may have received a contaminated product ie wheat that inadvertently may have wild poppy seeds, maybe it is just the one batch, which would seem the most likely. If every dog that has raced recently was swabbed maybe some other kennels may have been in this boat also. As I said not all of my swabs have been positive so may be some dogs have different excretion times than others. I thought this was the best result having the biscuits proven to contain morphine. At least I could save mine, Tracy's, Alysha and Arch's reputation as being honest as it is all you have in this game sometimes. Its obvious though that this is going to be just as stressfull and ongoing for a while yet. At this stage we may not even be allowed to race this week either. At least I can now see who my real friends are. Wayne Steele
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    A family had three little boys, not just boys, but triplets. Having a sense of humour the old man called his boys Rugby, Racing & Beer. The boys grew up to be strong, with big muscles, and they ruled the town, every party involved them, and no social event passed by without one or more of the boys being involved. All the boys were good at school until they finished secondary. At 16 years of age Beer said I'm going international, I want more from life, I know that what I've always done isn't my best so I'm going to head offshore, find a friend, educate myself, develop some partnerships, explore new opportunities, open new horizons, maybe enter into a relationship, bring fresh ideas and new blood into my life, and I'll get strong, powerful, rich, innovative, and I'll lead the world, not just NZ, I'll lead the world. So Beer married a girl called Global Brewer, a very rich girl, but they settled in NZ, they had two kids, DB and Lion, and just grew, and grew, and grew........and now they're a cornerstone of NZ society. Rugby decided to go on to higher learning. He was involved in setting up academies, arranging sabbaticals, and generally surrounding himself with good people who'd been what he was going through, he formed a panel to run his life, with young people, females, advisers, he appointed a very good coaching team, developed a woman's division, and he set attainable goals, locally and international, then he invested in R&D, in youth, in bottom level players, regional camps. Rugby also used his finest points to create a culture of excellence and aspiration so that every youngster wanted to be a part of his life. It wasn't always easy for Rugby, he had a couple of setbacks, earthquakes, a smart arse from down the street called League tried to steal from him, but Rugby had built a solid base using advisers who had done what he wanted to do, people with experience, always NZers, and eventually Rugby got strong, and stronger, and then he became champion of the whole world in 2011, the whole damn world, but he'd invested so well, and he rewarded his loyal team so well, that they stayed together and got even stronger, and in 2016 Rugby was again champion of the world....along with all his good people like Richie, Dan & Shag. Meantime Racing got into a bit of a rut, he didn't bother with education, money was never a problem so he just spent it, well wasted it actually, he didn't develop a family because life was just a plaything for big men in suits who liked to "fiddle" with him, in the Rolf Harris style. Racing never saved a cent, he didn't even bother looking after his home, and he never cared about education, research or development because he lived for today, he wanted everything now, and never planned or saved for the future. In the end Racing had a great big heavy head that needed feeding, the head just kept getting bigger and bigger, and his body began to wither, so he lay down, stopped working, and you know how "if you don't use it you lose it" well Racing started to lose it, all his peripheries started to malfunction and fail, but Racing just said "she'll be right" I'll send my fat head off overseas, feed it some more, give it a break, and the rest of my body can just learn to adjust or die off, it doesn't matter, it's all too hard to fix, and if I have to I'll just get replacements from the second hand shop or from overseas. In 2016 Racing got really sick, and the family gathered at his bedside to pray. Beer arrived with his big strong family in a jet and travelled by convoy to be at Rugby's side. Rugby assembled bus loads of supporters and the towns and cities cheered as the buses passed through on their way to be with the brother everyone forgot, the loser who'd faded into oblivion. Meantime Racing lay in critical care, his vital signs fading away, and no one cared, other than his vital organs, the trainers, jockeys and owners. They were dying with him. Racing had no money for palliative care, he'd wasted it all on a cheap and nasty drug called stakes, and so the brothers stood and watched their loser brother, the low achiever, the one who didn't plan for his life, he who didn't invest and didn't educate himself, the one who took advice from losers and low achievers....,they just watched him die.....and no one really cared, life went on, and then he drew his last breath. At the funeral the Priest lamented the waste that lay dead before him, such a waste of a great talent, a youngster who had everything, but in truth he had nothing because he had no education and he never invested in his future. Beer gave a short speech and said he wished Racing had listened to good advisers and reached out to others from offshore. Rugby's speech was about adapting, learning to evaluate and criticise yourself, morphing with the times and becoming inclusive of women and children if you wanted real strength. Racing's leaders stood up and sobbed, they said we didn't know how to fix him so we didn't try, we just thought that somehow he'd work through his sickness. Then the father of the boys stood up. He said Beer I'm proud of you because you had vision and you craved learning. Rugby you're amazing and a wonderful son because you had to do it all in NZ without a global partner, and now you're so healthy, and sociably responsible. Then he looked down at the casket, and a tear rolled down his eye as he whispered to Racing. Son you had everything, but you had nothing. You abused your faithful, you listened to other low achievers, you wasted every talent you had and every cent you were given, you had no heart and no soul, and in the end my dear son Racing you were so poor that all you had was money. Rest easy Racing, you don't be missed because you wasted every opportunity you had. And so they buried Racing in a pauper's grave.
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    Shocking Coverage

    Andy Kydd would seem to be the GENERAL MANAGER of BROADCASTING. This is a call out to you. So yesterday I was watching Sam Weatherley ride his first winner. This is a big deal.....or it should be produced to be a big deal. He wins this race - his first ever winner - and instantly the bloody Trackside editor cuts to dogs. Not a dog race but of a dog having a shit on the track. Then it cuts to the owner who is so emotional he's chocking up because his horse has won (not common occurrence for him) but also because he's just given the kid his first winning ride. But before you can really get involved (what a plot line), the editor cuts away to the dogs again, but this time another bloody dog is having a piss in the middle of the track. Then the picture cuts half way through the first interview of the kid having just won his first race. The buggar of it all is that the whole sequence of drama, achievement, passion and success was completely destroyed but an absolutely useless editor who must be a deviant because he must have seen on the screens that the pictures he was choosing were the dogs at various stages of relieving themselves when the real catch the client story was being bastardised through inept and amateurish editing. For heavens sake. That was appalling. Who was in charge? He/ she needs naming and shaming.
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to everyone from us all here at Racecafe, hope you all have a great Christmas and a very happy and prosperous 2017.
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    Dave McDonald White Robe Call

    A huge thumbs up to Dave McDonald yesterday. His call on the White Robe was nothing short of outstanding and his comments through the day regarding this tragic week were perfectly put. That WAS the highlight of this years racing people. You cant beat theatre like that - ever! Awesome ride, dominant display by The Diamond One, and a call that hours of rehearsals could not match. Well done Dave and a great result for the Anderton family.
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    UnEasy...'Cafer...feel for ya buddy

    Look... Here are the facts about Cuboid.... Johnny come lately , Hooray Henry , blah blah blah... But in our time in Thoroughbred Racing we have come across few , if any , with the passion ( Not to mention the track record !!!) , of the Pitman clan.. Always under-rated and under appreciated , Cubemeister can think of no more magnanimous a trainer than Michael when it comes to the industry . All here at Cube Central are saddened .
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    Bloody Well Done Tony! Congratulations.

    What a fantastic day for Tony Pike and his team. Three starters in G1 races at Eagle farm today for two super impressive wins by Sacred Elixir in the J.J.Atkins and Provocative in the Queensland Oaks with a very good fifth by Sacred Star in the Stradbroke. Well planned and executed by Tony and highlighted a fantastic 2015/2016 season for his stable. Congratulations and bloody well done Tony, may there be plenty more to come.
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    Last Friday I ventured to Alexandra Park for a night at the trots. The facilities were outstanding, the catering was super and the all round experience was good in all facets. Bar prices were not over the top, a lovely buffet dinner was $17.50, great value. The Park has got the mix right in my mind, open your eyes Racing Clubs!
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    Ken Kelso letter to Informant

    Steady Scooby. Ken Kelso rang me about this, and he's a sensible measured man, but he's had enough. David Ellis approached me about the same thing, and he went further and said he was contemplating having only a farming business in NZ and his horse operations in Singapore ( there was another lesser reason he wanted to keep horses in NZ but I don't think it's appropriate to divulge this as it's private and not terribly relevant ). Chris Wood is a good measure of the Cambridge racing community and his feelings are well known and appreciated here. There is a groundswell of dissent and discontent across the industry, and trouble is brewing, it's being fomented by the failure of our alleged leaders to act constructively, despite the ludicrous promises made and the extraordinary hope that was attributed to and invested in Alan Jackson. Cafe might be repetitive, and the odd ignoramus might vent a bit here whilst devoid of facts, but at the same time Cafe is a window for the disillusioned to look into and to read then understand the complexities involved, and who's to blame for the various elements contributing to our dilemma. There will be change soon enough, particularly close to election time, and more so if Winston appears to be in a position to exert leverage over the other parties, but in the interim we need to keep talking, and looking at solutions that might help change the structure of the industry for our benefit. I'd close by saying that when the remarkably placid Tony Pike starts to flex his muscles and openly criticise the incumbents then you can reasonably presume the entire industry is ready to do some dirty work, or as they politely say in the trenches, some heavy lifting, and it won't be aimed at NZTR ( I think everyone has given up on them, an they're not really to blame for our fundamental problems) this heavy lifting will be very much aimed at the NZRB and it'll be a lot more effective and beneficial than Fairtax was. On that note Scooby might I suggest you let the disenchanted vent, it's harmless but it's an important part of generating the groundswell required for change.
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    Peter Jenkins

    Trifecta not Tractor....

    A bit of fun from Country Racing Victoria:
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    Chris Wood

    Another one gone???

    I have to comment here.. One Leo Molloy commenting on the demise of NZ racing in his own brash manner, and we all sat back and said what does he know, well not all of us! Sure enough.. roosters, chooks and cocks all coming home to roost! Open your eyes participants, the game has never been in such a bad position, and we keep backing the people that are running it, into the ground. The racing act it dysfunctional, the independent leader is on the same track, and we are supposed to see the industry go forward, yeah right! Leo, keep on keeping on, at least you saw the long term demise, happening quicker than we might like to see to I might add! Grow some testosterone . Participants, and stand up for our ONCE great game! Negative me, no, really fucked off, YES!
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    Settle nutters. He's been tested something like 27 times in the last xxx years, I'm told more than any other jockey in NZ, and he's never failed on drug or alcohol until this occasion. As for missing a plane, I understand it was a "one off" although I'm sure he's had other situations that've prevented him riding at short notice, and one of you train spotters will no doubt fill in the gaps there. His THC reading was in the 40s, that's only just over the positive threshold, it's BELOW the legal threshold for driving a car, and within a couple of days his levels didn't register on a re-test. The drug testing agency said it could not and would not impair the required skills for working. For relative purposes and comparisons you should know it's not uncommon to see cannabis positives in the thousands. To further compound matters jockeys are unique because they carry so little fat, their metabolism runs relatively slowly because they don't eat, and they consume little water or fluids in general so they can't flush toxins like THC out of their bodies readily. It appears from what I've read that Pitty said CWJ either had a drink spiked or was fed something containing hash, now you lot can conveniently scoff at or ignore that defence but it's actually very credible given the circumstances described, the theory fits the described events, and because he's had a clean record for so long he must be given the benefit of the doubt. I understand some of you have had sheltered lives tucked away in your mud huts or monasteries, and you like to point your fat little fingers and pass judgement on jockeys in particular, but this time you've got it wrong, and I'm picking the JCA will go very lightly indeed when they impose this penalty. My hunch is eight weeks suspension, but it could be as low as six. As for his consumption of alcohol, well he's never tested positive for it race day or trial day and whilst it's something he should maybe address if it's impacting on his life, wife and family it's not our job to criticise him for what's a very personal weakness. In summary, fuck off you hypocrites and leave him alone, he's a legend in the racing community in the same way Keith Richards is in the music industry, and as long as he performs in the saddle we should accept him for what he is, a unique individual with a couple of design faults that are his own business.
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    NZ Cobalt Threshold To Drop

    Pure cosmetic gesture from the RIU. As far as I am concerned they operate a two tier system for Licence holders. If you are in the A Team they will move heaven and earth to protect you. If you are in the B Team they will throw you to the wolves.
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    David Walker

    Shame we cant as humans show more compassion to one another, second chances work!......rehab works!.....not in all cases, but it works, what David did was no worse than D Oliver, difference being, Damien is a millionaire +........from where I sit David has different circumstances, surely we as an industry should have thrown out an olive branch?.......B Spriggs and P Robl recovered from their punishment, yes their crime was not as obvious or severe maybe, but in the wash up, we only have one life, and a second chance from our peers can be humbling and reforming. IMO and of course there will be vastly different and more savage views.
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    Lance O'Sullivan

    Meantime at Matamata this morning two Friesans and a Jersey worked a 1000 in 1.01.2, the last 600 in 34.6, hard held.
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    Lance O'Sullivan

    i choose silence over expressing my opinion on this matter's creedence, but it seems that Suffire drank not quite half the trough water that Quintastic did..and that Sound Proposition wasn't quite as thirsty as Quintastic.
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    Racing being destroyed, slowly

    NZTR was told the handicapping model was flawed. The architect was an Australian handicapper who'd lost his job. The females allowances discourage males from participating, unless you're Benzini or El Chico. Now Te Rapa has 7 races because the R85 had only 4 entries. The industry statesman Brian Anderton is on Trackside this morning lamenting the disaster that is the R85 grade and the non existent opportunities for that 85 rated horse. Meantime NZTR prove they just have no idea about handicapping by forcing the professional Dean Nowell out of his job and then appointing a series of less qualified persons, culminating in the tragic appointment of an accountant with an apparent gambling problem, and then passing the poison chalice to a youngish " Mr Fixit " in Matt Hall, in conjunction with a low achiever who was a modest and insignificant jumps jockey, and who cannot seem to decide how to treat identical cases. Meantime the influential trainers who are on the Review Panel abuse their position and power by insisting horses cannot be brought into the handicap ( and that makes banding totally irrelevant ). This is just a chaotic and catastrophic mess that's destroying the industry from the top down because idiots masquerading as know alls are applying a sick model that's designed, sanctioned and supported by a minority few who have a secret agenda, but who have NO grass roots knowledge of the industry and the damage they're doing. Tommy Heptinstall, Michael Pitman, Brian Anderton, Murray Baker.....these guys have to be listened to.....it's time the independent board at NZTR was replaced in its entirety and the executive team orchestrating these septic policies is dismissed. Rise up you all, express yourselves now and act with urgency before it's too late.
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    Dear NZ Herald

    Dear NZ Herald. I bought you today. You used to promise so much joy on a Friday, so much happiness for the weekend. We used to have a connection, an affinity even; when I was in need of Australian form you used to say "here you go, enjoy my Aussie form" now it's like you don't care. What has changed? you still cost the same, maybe even stealthily, incrementally more yet you don't do for me what you used to. Those times on the couch on a Saturday evening meant something to me, I'd see an aussie race coming up and I'd look at you, a look of contentment and you gave me something special, something I yearn for but you cold heartedly hold back. Is it spite? was it the time you saw the informant on the bench that has driven you to callously repress your form? that was a mistake, It never meant anything but the way you are behaving it will do nothing but drive me into the informants pages, she gives me what I want, what I desire, something you no longer care to offer. A tear drops from my eye, I well up at the memories we had which are no more. Without Australian form we, us, this cannot continue, I'm moving on. I may ocassionally see you on the street and give you a glance or pick you up in the coffee shop when I'm waiting on a Latte but we both will know it means nothing. Canelo
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    Missing my Loyalty Card from NZ Racing.

    Just curious NZ Racing where my discount Loyalty Card has got too. Over the last 3 weeks I have attended on course at Taupo, Tauherenikau, Hawera Sunday, and Wanganui Today, Te Rapa coming up on Saturday. I have turned over $thousands on track and spent heaps on food and drink, stayed in motels across the North Island, dined out at 7 Restaurants, spent heaps on shops in between times in these towns. Had ownership in 3 horses across those meetings and I am still waiting for my loyalty card. I am at a shitful mid week meeting in Wanganui today (albeit a nice track and facilities are good) and get looked at by members when I walked into the members area to place a bet that would have been bigger than all the members combined were placing, despite having an owners badge on the scorn was obvious. NZ Racing please sort out this bloody silly issue of members eliteness on track when the industry is in decline, create a loyalty card for people like me who keep on course racing going, have this card give me access to anywhere I want on the day and give me discount drinks, food etc., You can either create this card from attendance or I can purchase it from you like the Entertainment card for restaurants etc. Please also open things up better for Jockeys to be held to account from owners for shitful rides, I have been victim of a few lately. It seems ok for them to say, "my bad not a great ride today" and there is no accountability, I cannot as an owner and the poor bastard picking up all the costs do or say anything other than not let them ride again. Maybe that's punishment enough you say but shit there needs to a fraction more immediate accountability than that. Simple solutions NZ Racing to help make owners feel a little more valued than a ribbon and a free drink with a savoury.