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  1. jack

    Oh dear Winston

    Elections approaching fast .... Let the muck raking commence..
  2. jack


    Randwick R1) 7 R2) 3 R3) 3 R4) 11 R5) 5 R6) 4 R7) 13 R8) 1 R9) 6 Flemington R1) 1 R2) 1 R3) 8 R4) 12 R5) 11 R6) 7 R7) 15 R8) 13 R9) 6 cheers
  3. jack

    Jacinda Ardern

    Typical racist propaganda from The National Party ... When there`s are World Pandemic , Hundred`s of thousand of people have died world wide because of this Covid 19 ... And harden followers of The National Party come up with a " Monkey " image of the Prime Minister of New Zealand ... She may have saved your mother or father , brother or sister , friends ..etc Shame on those who pursue this course of rhetoric ..... I surmise that these follower`s have their usefulness within The National Party!!
  4. jack

    Barry Lichter's News Stories

    I`m in The Eastern Bay Of Plenty ... Nowhere near Ihumatao ...
  5. jack

    Barry Lichter's News Stories

    Sarcasm or Racism....me thinks the later...Typical rhetoric of are National party Die hard!!
  6. jack

    Barry Lichter's News Stories

    ...Where do you think winny got his $$$ from ???
  7. jack

    Barry Lichter's News Stories

    .. Surely do don`t think The Racing Industry just pops up out of the ground TRUMPY.... As a tax payer I would like to see The Minister of Racing be held to account ... This fiasco did not appear over night .... The incompetence of past ministers/govt. should be held accountable for their failure`s ... https://www.dia.govt.nz/Resource-material-Our-Policy-Advice-Areas-Racing-Policy
  8. jack

    Barry Lichter's News Stories

    Who was in Govt. during the early 2006 on wards to 2017 .. National Party. The Previous Racing Minister`s before Winstone Peter`s .... John Carter Craig Foss Nathan Guy Left a hell of a mess !!
  9. jack

    Jacinda Ardern

    By Jehovah
  10. jack

    Jacinda Ardern

    By Budha to BDF.
  11. jack

    Jacinda Ardern

    By Jehovah
  12. jack

    Randwick comp this Saturday

    Apologies Ponderosa ... Had cramp in pinky finger..lol... Scratching replacements...Weather pending maybe more scratchings lol.. R2) 8 R3) 4,5,9,11 R4) 8 cheers
  13. jack

    Randwick comp this Saturday

    R1) 5,6,7,15 R2) 3,4,6,9 R3) 1,4,5,6,9 R4) 2,3,4,9 R5) 5,6,12,14 R6) 2,10,11,14 R7) 2,6,7,14 R8) 1,2,3,8 R9) 4,10,11,14 cheers
  14. jack

    Jacinda Ardern

    By Jehovah