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  1. Michael Roustoby

    Name for my horse please.

    Inch by inch (lyrics in song between you and me) Neon feather (had a song of that name.between you and me) Lawless English (should be you and I not you and me) P.s there are enough Swiss ace horses with tennis related names.
  2. Michael Roustoby

    Jericho Cup

    I think we are more likely to see the Hill at Ellerslie and the figure 8 track at Wellington sold before we see a Jericho Cup style race here. Sounds like it was a spectacular event (goes to show you don't need to put up $13million to create something special unless your trying to increase returns to breeders). But i guess we don't need iconic races over the Ellerslie hill or around the figure 8 track when we have all weather track racing to look forward too. The Hill at Ellerslie is something special NZ Racing has that the rest of the world doesn't. Surely we could use it to our advantage? (No real estate agents helping please) We are in a shrinking box here and nobody seems prepared to think outside it. Marketing is half the battle.(The Everest is just the TJ Smith stakes with a few bells and whistles)
  3. Michael Roustoby

    Messara Racing Review Full Report and 17 Key points

    Might be time for some of the clubs to give Dennis Denuto a call.
  4. Michael Roustoby

    Pins Broodmare

    *****SOLD***** Good luck to the new owners
  5. Michael Roustoby

    Pins Broodmare

    For Sale $500 3yo filly unraced due to injury. Out of the Bradbury's Luck mare "Lucky We Leica" Closely related to group 1 performer "Snitty Kitty". For more details/photos email [email protected] or ring 0277486962.
  6. Michael Roustoby

    NZB scope for improvement

    And a large hole in your pocket. There's a simple solution so it doesn't happen that I think is worth looking into. Or I guess you could win 67 races here and break even
  7. Michael Roustoby

    NZB scope for improvement

    I am a fan of the karaka sales and think NZB does a great job. I have purchased horses at the yearling sales and sold through the ready to run sale twice and never had any problems dealing with them. But i have always found it annoying when you pay for a scope the vets can't tell you the result. They can say pass or fail. Pass being a 1,2 or 3 and fail being a 4 or 5. You are paying a couple of hundred bucks for it so why can't you be told the result? (And the horses need to be scoped before they leave the sales complex so you can't take it home and get your vet to scope it and return it if it fails) A few New Zealanders ive spoken to also buy on behalf of Asian clients. A 3 is a fail in some Asian racing jurisdictions. So what happens when the NZB scope says its a pass but the Hong Kong vet says its a fail and the NZ middle man is stuck with a horse they don't want? Is it time NZB added Scope to the X Rays. Every yearling,ready to runner etc has to be scoped and the results lodged so prospective buyers know exactly what they are buying. Keeps the integrity to a very high standard and buyers will be more confident.
  8. Michael Roustoby

    100k maiden Naki challenge

    They called him Poor,a shit place to get lunch,boring,outdated,the man who use to make money but refused to move with the times,the guy under the bridge etc Time wait's for no man. Look at the evolution of cricket. 5 days tests to 100 overs ODI's to 20/20. You can't just stick with the status quo and expect to stay relevant. Times do,and always will,change. Sure this idea may not work but its worth a shot. Taranaki is 1 club who is showing a desire to move with the times,surely they deserve a pat on the back for it not negativity. The most important thing now is marketing, they have to sell the idea not only to the owners who are coughing up the money,not only to the trainers who are getting them ready but also the general population to get them to the races and get them excited about it. The sydney Autumn carnival started to become a little bit stale but they slapped a new brand on it (the championships) injected alot of extra cash and marketed the "Event" to the non racing population and it became a great success.(It was just the same carnival it always has been) I grew up in sydney and most of the people i went to school with had zero interest in racing. Most of them attended the championships because it was seen as a must do event. Over and out
  9. Michael Roustoby

    100k maiden Naki challenge

    I agree it's a copy,never suggested it wasn't. And no of course it won't I don't recall claiming it would be. The Everest was pretty much the TJ Smith Stakes (it was pretty much the same field) with alot more money and great marketing. As the old saying goes "the man who invented the hamburger was smart but the man who invented the cheeseburger was a genius". Good luck to the club for trying something. Better than the old we have tried nothing and are all out of ideas brigade
  10. Michael Roustoby

    100k maiden Naki challenge

    To be fair "The Everest" is a straight out copy of "The Pegasus" and "The championships" a copy of the "Breeders cup". Learn from people who do it better than you.
  11. People forget the Racing industry is just that,an industry. The general population think its punters in a TAB "making money". I could bore you with how much money the government make from Taxes from the hard working people in the game but i won't. But i will put a simple argument forward. Racing employs thousands and thousands of "unskilled workers". Not many of us knocked back the NASA junior Astronaut program to get a job in the stables. I think a figure of 16,000 people was mentioned once by NZTR Racing dies and you have another 16,000 people out of work. Lets say half of them find another job. You still have 8,000 people out of work. Thankfully this country loves paying people to sit on their arse at home. Lets say the government pay them a benefit of $600 a week.( Im not sure what they pay as i've always worked) So 8,000 people on $600 a week equals (if i paid enough attention in maths at school) $4.8 million a week!!!! $10 million sounds like alot of money but its a piss in the ocean for a government who is already planning on throwing a ton of money at "Child Poverty" Buy a few million boxes of condoms or lock up the parents who breed and then don't feed their kids. Everyone is happy to give them a handout but offended when an industry of hard workers needs a hand. Typical of the society we live in today. (The government would only be returning a slice of the tax pie racing has cooked them)
  12. Michael Roustoby

    Whip ban inevitable..???

    More to do with the horses natural instinct to stay with the herd. Plus some,like alot of people, are lazy and only do as much as they are asked. Racing is their job and they are paid with feed,shelter etc. Good idea.
  13. Michael Roustoby

    Whip ban inevitable..???

    This guy wrote a similar article about Jumps racing a while back and how we had to ban it to move forward. I respect his opinion but don't agree with it. The whole idea of "Public Perception" is easily fixed by education. Teach the public that the sticks are padded foam and don't hurt the horses. Do you really think banning the whip is going to attract more people to racing or more punting dollars? Ban the whip and they will go after 2yo racing next. Will breakers be required to break in horses without gear and literally be horse whisperers? Spurs,tongue ties,nose bands,blindfolds where do they stand? Animal Rights activists are a cancer to racing and won't stop until there is not racing. I have heard that the whip rules will be relaxed at the next Racing Australia meeting and not banned. There are some horses who need a wake up call with the stick to get going. Their careers will be over. Educate the public,ban jockeys who overuse the whip and flog horses especially horses who aren't in contention. But keep the whip,as Bossy says they need a few taps to keep their mind on the job. Maybe the over sensitive people we are breeding today are offended by the word "whip" and we need to change its name to make them feel better? persuader or "wand" with Harry Potter being so popular might make them feel better about it? Seriously though Education is the key if "public perception" is the issue here. Just my opinion.
  14. Michael Roustoby

    Waller fined $30,000

    When asked years ago how he gets his horses to back up so well Chris said "heaps of ice"