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  1. This is obviously one of many areas in which I have no expertise at all, but it is fairly obvious to almost everyone that the Racing Industry has been incompetently managed for a long time. Under different management the Industry may have been better able to withstand the current turmoil. Are the Board members who made all of the incompetent decisions that have virtually destroyed an iconic NZ sport/industry legally responsible in anyway for their incompetence? Are there any parallels with the Mainzeal directors? Could Racing Industry participants: trainers, jockeys, breeders etc, take a class action again the Board members who have destroyed the Industry?
  2. We're Doomed

    Caulfield Form Tomorrow............. TAB TOSSERS

    Not sure what you are talking about. That doesn't look like the NZ TAB. I use the pdf form on the TAB website. It all still seems to be there. I don't use the comments under each horse which are usually rubbish. I do notice the form line with comments like led early, run down late, is no longer present which is a pity. Form to me is factual information such as what class the horse has been racing in, whether it handles a wet track, whether it has performed fresh. I'm not really interested in lists of odds fluctuations.
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    What am I doing wrong? I haven't been offered a bonus bet for months.
  4. We're Doomed

    Eddie Carson RIP

    The sort of person the industry is unlikely to see again given all the restructuring. Quite sad really.
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    Any legal repercussions for Industry's collapse?

    Yes very true. After 13 or 14 weeks betting at Randwick and Flemington they are going to expect punters to be happy returning to the equivalent of Beaudesert, or worse, every week.
  6. We're Doomed

    TAB site at it again FFS

    I couldn't get a bet on SYdney races 5 or 6, just wouldn't come up at all. So I turned off and gave up. Just checked the results and see I would have got the last 3 winners at Eagle Farm. Thank god I don't take trebles these days. But totally unacceptable after $50m. I could bet all other races but nothing at Sydney. What sort of half arsed website is that. I do wonder whether NZTR shouldn't be able to sue the TAB for non performance. I know NZ isn't racing, but the industry does rely on rita to produce income for it.
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    Your Solution for Racing

    Very sensible. It is rather unfair to blame rita for the problems with thoroughbred racing. Most of their problems are of their own making.
  8. We're Doomed

    Levin Jump Outs

    I did attend racing at Levin a few times. Always seemed to provide a reasonable racing surface. That might have just been coincidence of course.
  9. I never took you for such an optimist Nomates. 10 years is very generous.
  10. We're Doomed

    Levin Jump Outs

    How have they managed $1m in the bank when they didn't sell their track? It sounds like all they have done is stopped running racemeetings. Perhaps that is the answer for other clubs.
  11. We're Doomed

    Racing in July

    Open entry means they see who nominates and then split the fields up accordingly. They don't run maidens and open horses together.
  12. We're Doomed

    Harness boss stands down

    I don't know the man at all, but it is sad if he has health issues. Lets hope he comes right.
  13. We're Doomed

    Revealed: Where the TAB staff cuts are being made

    Yes he is doing a brilliant job getting rid of Labour. I suppose we just have to wait a few days for the polls to show the results of his efforts. How many days do you think it will take the polls to reflect his efforts wiping out Labour?
  14. We're Doomed

    Dates 20 21

    As I have mentioned elsewhere, this whole idea of saving owners money is a total red herring. No owner gets involved in racing to save money. They want to win money. If rita ever comes out in print and says they are making all these cuts to save owners money I will be disgusted and will know for certain that the industry is stuffed.
  15. We're Doomed

    Revealed: Where the TAB staff cuts are being made

    There was a local continuity presenter on one of the channels on Saturday. I have no idea why they feel the need to run the American racing throughout the day on a saturday when we have perfectly adequate racing coming in from Aussie. Even the country Aussie stuff is more interesting than a lot of our stuff, when it is actually going.
  16. I'm amazed they have a senior advisor who covers both racing and sport. I would have thought they were quite distinct activities.
  17. We're Doomed

    Dates 20 21

    Surely they can't expect a closed track to be ready to go if a meeting needs to transfer? I can't recall Opaki, Bulls, Hororata, Beaumont, Tapanui ever being called into action like that. And they certainly didn't move Kumara to Hokitika this season.
  18. We're Doomed

    Dates 20 21

    I would love to see the cost benefit analysis that arrived at which tracks to close, and that proved all weather tracks would be a gold mine. It should be available under the freedom of information thingy. As I mentioned above, I don't think saving connections a few dollars by not having to travel to regional meetings should even come into the equation. The only justification for closing regional tracks should be that it will mean stakes at Trentham, Awapuni and Riccarton will increase. And pigs might fly.
  19. Surely it is time for "name and shame". Everyone is randomly blaming John and the Shot-putter for this, and they must ultimately take the blame, although it doesn't seem to have done either of them much harm, they just walk into other jobs. Perhaps Barry could dig up some background to these disastrous decisions that are destroying the industry. As he points out it is Racing that is bearing the brunt of this. I don't notice any rugby grounds or basketball stadiums being shut down and sold off to fund the shortfall. All care and no responsibility for sports, while Racing gets sent broke. Who were the big pushers of this disastrous policy? Was it driven from the top, or from others and the top was just too stupid to see what a disaster it would be?
  20. It seems to be impossible to find replays or even reports of races from that era, but obviously Reykjavik was relegated for interference to the 5th horse. I recall thinking it was a very harsh decision at the time. He snuck through along the fence and ran third at long odds. There is never as much controversy when a long odds shot gets relegated. I think he was coming off a win in the Kumaru Nuggets. And back in those days the Wgtn Cup was worth $400,000. Back then who would have believed the race would be worth half that amount 30 years later. The major reason for changing the relegation rules was because of the number of winners that were getting put back to 4th or 5th for "possibly" costing the 4th or 5th placegetter a change of finishing one place higher, but certainly not a winning chance. I can remember Kev's Boy getting put back to 4th or 5th after winning at Avondale one day. Beaver Boy of course interfered with the 6th horse and cost it a chance of running 5th and collecting a few hundred dollars. The most bizarre result I can remember is when a dead-heating second placegetter protested again the winner and was successful. The dead heater was promoted to win the race by itself and I can't recall if the original winner ended up 3rd or in a dead-heat for 2nd. How you can logically split a dead-heat like that is beyond me. The relegated horse should have been placed behind both dead-heaters. And don't forget of course some horses that weren't relegated when many people thought they should have been. I seem to recall Lance O'Sullivan knocking half the field over to win an Auckland Cup.
  21. We're Doomed

    Dates 20 21

    I haven't had a look at the proposed dates yet as I know it will only depress me. I will do so soon. The one thing I will say is don't let anyone tell you the cost benefit analysis shows it is justified on the basis that it will save trainers and owners the cost of having to travel to Blenheim and the East Coast. Owners choose to travel to these circuits for various reasons, and seem happy to do so. So any saving to owners is a total red herring. Getting rid of Blenheim doesn't mean stakes at Riccarton will increase. And not all horses like racing at Riccarton and Trentham, some prefer smaller turning tracks. I can see the logic of moving the two big guineas races from Riccarton as virtually all of the horses come from the NI, and in that situation owners are compelled to travel their horses South at considerable expense. No one is compelled to travel to the East Coast or Blenheim. If they are trying to eliminate horses having to travel to districts with no local horse population then surely the West Coast would be first to go. It is also worth remembering that these meetings aren't generally being replaced with licences elsewhere, the licences are going altogether. So there will no longer be a $30,000 Cup on the East Coast, or a $25,000 Cup at Blenheim. Those horses just won't have opportunities elsewhere. And current and potential owners in those regions will gradually drift away. Even shares in the various big syndicates might prove difficult to sell in the neglected regions. Sponsors in the regions will probably be pleased to save their money and Racing will centre on the city tracks who can't attract sponsors as it is, let alone find sponsors for any additional meetings. Before racing in the regions is destroyed I do think we should acknowledge the efforts of certain trainers, notably Myers, Rogerson, Baker and Forsman, and Te Akau, to support the regional meetings in the North, and Myers and the Parsons in the South. Without those trainers racing would have died in the regions years ago. I do think it is a misguided idea to eliminate certain tracks. How misguided it is will become more apparent to me when I have a closer look at the proposed calendar.
  22. We're Doomed

    Gooder or Worser?

    Hard to know what your game is Pickel: either simple minded or a troll, possibly both. Whatever it is you are talking absolute rubbish.
  23. I remember it well. I was there that day. One of the worst decisions ever. Another shocker, also involving Flying Luskin, although he wasn't at fault, was the Wgtn Cup ($400,000) that he won that same year, when the southerner Reykjavik was relegated out of a place. Paying long odds too, which I remember very well. Another classic southern saga was the 3yo fillies race at Oamaru in March of 1982. The Wink v Sea Princess. I have a vague idea those places changed four times after various appeals.
  24. We're Doomed

    The Optimist not so optimistic

    Interesting read. I tend to agree with virtually all of it.