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  1. They think that by taking licences off Gore and Waimate they are being decisive and showing great leadership, but it is achieving nothing. You can just imagine the cock up they will make of the Riccarton all weather, especially now Winston isn't there to back them up.
  2. Sadly, it has pretty much been amateur hour for many years now as far as race dates and programming is concerned, and it is only getting worse. I often wonder what NZTR was busy doing during lock down; they had so much time to sit down and think about how to improve the whole pattern of racing, but pretty obviously they just aren't up to it. I can't think of a single creative idea they have come up with so far this season.
  3. Interesting to see in the noms for Ashburton this week NZTR mention they will decide whether to persevere with a $10,000 3yo race with only six noms. I seem to recall 3yo races with much higher stakes going around with only six starters at Tauranga and Matamata recently, and a race at Avondale on a firm track with only four starters. Also a meeting at Tauranga I think with really tiny fields all day. They do seem much keener to drop a race with small noms in the South than in the North. Is there a minimum number of noms to ensure they run a race?
  4. Yes, it's not a good look that virtually no clubs can afford to race on a public holiday these days. Trentham used to race today, now they can't afford to. Both Trentham and Awapuni used to race on Wgtn Anniversary day, these days neither can be bothered. Te Rapa used to race today, now they aren't interested. Riccarton used to race at Easter and on Waitangi day, not any more. I'm amazed anyone wants to race on Boxing Day and New Years Day. Thank god for Riverton who probably carry more public holiday racing than any other club. Lucky Messara didn't get his wish to close them down.
  5. He used to be my favourite jockey in my formative punting days. Sad to see the decline, but I blame it on getting into bad company.
  6. Te Rapa Race 5: 1-2-5-7 Te Rapa Race 7: 1-2-3-4 Riccarton Race 7: 1-2-6-7 Randwick Race 7: 2-4-6-8 Moonee Valley Race 3: 1-2-5-7 Moonee Valley Race 4: 1-3-4-6 Moonee Valley Race 5: 2-3-5-12 Moonee Valley Race 6: 1-3-4-6 Moonee Valley Race 7: 1-2-6-8 Moonee Valley Race 8: 2-5-7-10 Moonee Valley Race 9: 7-9-11-13 Thank you to the organisers
  7. Appalling behaviour really from NZTR. Talk about shoot yourself in the foot. For a dysfunctional and poorly run industry here they are with a superstar in their midst and they have never made the most of it. NZTR may not miss Chris when he has gone, but I'm sure many others will. If it was any of the more favoured jockeys going for that record I'm sure there would be media coverage all over it. I just hope he finally cracks it at a track that actually appreciates him. I can't help thinking Kiwi Ida would have done a lot better on its North island tour if CWJ had been able to ride her. She put up some massive runs with no luck.
  8. As Red Rum correctly points out above, the comments are done by computer which notices that some horses are coming back from Group company to a race that isn't a Group race, so therefore in the computer's opinion the Everest must be an easier race than most horses have been racing in. All too silly for words really.
  9. You don't know whether to laugh or cry at our TAB sometimes. Love the form comments for the Everest. Trekking: down in class Bivouac: easier here Gytrash: back in easier class Behemoth: drops in grade. I suppose they are the obvious first four since they are all meeting much easier company than their last starts.
  10. Hastings Race 8: 5-9-10-15 Hastings Race 9: 1-6-8-11 Randwick Race 6: 1-4-8-9 Randwick Race 7: 3-5-7-11 Randwick Race 8: 2-3-7-11 Caulfield Race 4: 2-5-9-10 Caulfield Race 5: 2-3-6-10 Caulfield Race 7: 1-2-6-8 Caulfield Race 8: 3-4-9-11 Caulfield Race 9: 7-9-10-11 Caulfield Race 10: 1-3-4-6
  11. 26 noms for one race. Only 14 get to start so 12 unfortunates miss out and four of them have decided to race out of their class, which isn't ideal but at least they get a race into them. In the NI they would have split it into two fields.
  12. I think this has been the approach for the last 25 years or so. Hasn't too well so far.
  13. I hope you're wrong Gubellini
  14. Cock ups don't just happen here. Horses swapped in English Group 1. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/oct/09/pretty-gorgeous-makes-the-day-for-shane-crosse-after-his-st-leger-isolation
  15. Race replays have always had buffering on that site.
  16. It was a pretty awful commentary, but the horses all wore some sort of weird club colours, not their normal colours. Bit like that silly Dulux Wgtn Cup of a few years back and that stupid interprovincial thing at New Plymouth. Shows how well Tony Lee did in those races, all things considered.
  17. Note that when a horse is scratched all those drawn outside it automatically move in one. In a 14 horse field the horses will all be shown as drawing from 1 -14 regardless of their original draw. It doesn't mean the scratched horses all drew outside 15. Certainly some of those safely in the field scratched because of their draw, but as it happens the winners have been coming from all over today, if they have been good enough.
  18. 11 races at Timaru today, 11 capacity fields. When would be the last time a NZ race meeting had 10 capacity fields, let alone 11. Contrast this with Woodville yesterday: 8 races in total, 3 capacity fields, and because of that they quickly schedule an extra meeting next week at Otaki. I just don't see that the major problems in the SI are caused by Timaru, and yet that is what the all weather track proponents would have us believe. The theory is that by closing down all racing in Canterbury and North Otago for six months and racing solely at Riccarton with the same total number of licences as currently that will be the saving of SI racing. And despite what some people believe, there is no intention to issue additional licences and there is no intention to retain "some" other meetings in Canterbury and North Otago from May to October. It must be incredibly frustrating for some trainers who are having horses balloted and eliminated week after week. I am amazed some of them haven't complained. How do they justify the lack of opportunities to their owners while continuing to charge them training fees. Do they ask their CD counterparts how they managed to wrangle an extra meeting next week?
  19. Certainly interesting. Almost 70 scratchings on a firm track and not a single ballot missed a start. In the SI it is rare for a ballot to get a start. Just look how many balloted and eliminated horses miss a start at Timaru this week. Timaru had enough horses to run 14 races but probably be lucky if they run 11. Rather bizarre that they have added an extra meeting at Otaki next week because of the number of noms for Woodville, and yet they are only running 8 races at Woodville. Hardly a capacity field at HB last week either. When anyone mentions that it is hard to follow form in the SI just remember that they have much bigger fields and horses have to start whenever they get an opportunity. There is no better option a few days later where they are guaranteed a start. It all comes down to poor management really, and absolutely no sign that it has improved since lockdown.
  20. Assuming you are in no particular hurry, I will list them for you on Sunday morning.