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  1. Gerrymir00

    Too many accountants

    Those of us who are precious are unlikely to be found here
  2. Gerrymir00

    Gooder or Worser?

    Would be interesting to see a balance sheet and profit and loss statement for the last period of years since the McCarthy? report (how many years ago?) to see where it all went so wrong so we do not repeat history
  3. Gerrymir00

    Purple Comet

    Thanks for the answer, I knew it was $70 odd but not exact figure. Came up in a discussion about the wet track sires of old.....Zamazaan, In The Purple and the like.
  4. Gerrymir00

    Purple Comet

    To settle a bet, one of my earlier betting forays into e/w betting was on a horse called Purple Comet on a meting in the CD....won paying $72, question is what year....hope someone can help, thanks.
  5. Gerrymir00

    Over and above !

    Got some off this race and enjoyed the post race interview...congrats zzz
  6. Gerrymir00

    Tony Lee resigns

    All the best Tony. I was at Motukarara when Dave Clarkson retired, saw Reon Murtha sendoff but am deeply saddened you were not given the courtesy of the same....sums up NZ racing really.....
  7. Gerrymir00

    drivers kicking horses

    giving them a start at Addington...showed the boss he was going to run when he was ready and did he run!
  8. Gerrymir00

    Can Anyone Tell Me...

    I missed out on a treble some years ago at a Marton meeting.. First Leg Purple Comet Second Leg Deltello But can't for the life of me remember what won the third leg
  9. He (CG) have conducted the inquiry prior to the handler heading out onto the track.....don't watch greyhounds much anymore but announcer drew attention to the fact that something was going on at starting boxes and thereby drew attention to the handler. If there are found to be no grounds surely there should be some recriminations..if I discussed any staff members shortcomings so publicly (different area I know) I would be expecting swift feedback
  10. Gerrymir00

    Unwanted behaviour

    I was thinking conflict resolution 101 but now the mind is wandering to something more gladiatorial in the mud (given the weather we've been having lately) ; )
  11. Gerrymir00


    Wairoa Cup is February? Any ideas where one would line him up?
  12. Gerrymir00

    Closing down tracks

    Maybe people will not drive from the coast for a normal meeting nowadays.But the concept of feeder clubs whilst retaining the metropolitan tracks for the big meetings makes sense, as Cup week in Canterbury shows.
  13. Gerrymir00

    Closing down tracks

    should be a good indicator for some racing club members that they should be the ones to decide, however reluctantly, to let go. Perhaps the date allocations for this season may force this to happen sooner rather than later.
  14. Will be interesting to see how financials of the three codes compare when released. Thought I'd just throw something out there, maybe this season will be the one where we can get our house in order before the powers that be do it for/to us?
  15. Gerrymir00

    Closing down tracks

    I know we each have our own preferred codes but maybe those courses that currently/potentially could accomodate dual code I am off to duck for cover : )