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  1. Am I the only person FUMING about the whole Waverley raceday situation??????????
  2. Hey team, whats the general rule, I have horses here that are turning themselves inside out with not heading to the track, are horses that have been in full work for a period and not stabled at the track allowed to be transported to the track to be worked under level 4?
  3. Already rang this guy and he doesnt really do them anymore, they are a wee bit expendo $130k +
  4. Does anyone know of or who to contact in regards to equine treadmills?? it seems to be something that you cant find any info on. TIA
  5. Hey team, Does anyone know of or who to contact in regards to equine treadmills?? it seems to be something that you cant find any info on. TIA
  6. Hey there - we need a farrier here in Hawera for several small stables, for me I would be prepared to travel to get horses shod, we are desperate!!! please contact us direct (06) 2784021 leave a message on answer machine
  7. Thinking of Rosie and her family, stay strong people
  8. What was the story in the Oaks? The stewards report is not out yet, jockeys and horses ok?
  9. So are they racing guys, sorry not able to watch tv at mo, out and about.......
  10. yeah well I Normally wean about 6 months, my foal was born on 6 Sep so nice and early and the mare is in foal again so being her first year with a foal at foot just monitoring her condition - she was hard fed the last month - 6 weeks before foaling and they are now eating together too. Thanks guys was much what I thought but just wanted someone to bounce off.
  11. He went real well considering he ran part of his race before he got to the gates...... guess he wasnt used to being led out onto the track like they are there either, Rosie did all she could with the draw and the sectionals the way they were, awesome result just gutted he got pipped the last bit, but they still did us proud
  12. Hey Guys, Just a quick question to see how many days approx everyone weans their foals, or is this another one of those "depends on the mares condition" etc..... There must be a scientific study done re the amount of milk that a mare produces until a certain day, as to whether you are gaining anything leaving the foal on or not. Your opinions please
  13. Sorry Mr Big Stuff you are right it was "Biff" that I meant to be quoting, just saw red thats all............specsavers is probably an option too!!! Seriously though, I understand there is a problem with certain things in the industry but all the moaning in the world aint gonna fix nothing. I dont know how to fix it but please negative comments are not gonna help a hell of alot, it is hard enough to drag your carcass out of the hay in the mornings to carry on at ground level as it is without people making it harder!!!