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  1. Rusty

    RACEFORM publication

    New weekly publication for racing, out December 5. Should he interesting to see how it goes. Incorporates Best Bets, but also with industry views and racing news. Available at TABs and selected retailers.
  2. Rusty

    Spanken Injured??

    Leg injury and ruled out of the inters, Auckland Cup and Miracle Mile.
  3. Rusty

    Freeze Branding and Microchipping

    Personally I don't mind the upcoming changes, as it is a small step (maybe just a bit more than tokenism?) in the right direction for animal welfare. Some of those scenes in the states of ex (standardbred) race horses, being held in the stalls are just awful. This is when their previous owners finally realise that they are done as a racing proposition. Often the horses are already identifiable with their brandings, and all to often one can see on Facebook appeals for "Franco (insert name here) NZ" to be returned to NZ or shipped to be a better home. When they include photos of the said horse from years gone by, winning a race in NZ it makes you stop and think. More thinking is done when every week you hear of more and more kiwi horses being exported to the states. Just yesterday I heard the handy but overrated "Stungun" was sold to the states.... couldn't help but think what will happen to him in 4 years from now....
  4. Rusty


    Stop talking all that common sense.... Very good idea, but the tree hugging hippies would never allow it to happen and a resource consent would never be granted. We need a few race goers in at the Council to re-write the District Plan. None of them know rugby, racing and beer is the backbone of this fine country.
  5. Rusty

    Fixed odds display

    If viewing Trackside via Vodafone TV there is a 40-42 second delay. Right pain in the arse. Although it can be a blessing in disguise if you miss getting ya bet on, race has closed and your horse ends up running last!
  6. Rusty

    Best performance of Cup Week

    Cruz Bromac... surely. To win the cup and then put in the run he did in the free for all after his gallop at the start, pretty good performances.
  7. Rusty

    Matt Cross

    Each to their own mate. Even Jesus had his haters. I love T Lee. He is waaaaaaay too good.
  8. Rusty

    Matt Cross

    "Standby....." Matt's style and inaccuracies in his calls are enough for me to hit the mute button and just follow the colours if I have an interest. The junior free for all (6 horse field) on cup day and the free for all on show day (both at Addington) weren't great. But good on him for giving it his all and there is little doubt he will try his best to continually improve in what is a hard job to master and please the masses. "THERE'S A WIN!!!!"
  9. Rusty


    1st: Constantinople 2nd: Raymond Tusk Last: Neufbosc Many thanks.
  10. Rusty

    Place your Bets Early

    What odds are available for the streaming service to go down on this "world class platform" (lemon of a website) that cost $50m ?
  11. Rusty


    They were raking it in at the Kaikoura trots today.
  12. Rusty

    Weve Lost the way

    They sure did mate. Bstards.
  13. Rusty

    Weve Lost the way

    What did Dean from RITA say recently? Something along the lines of wanting Trackside TV to be a "continual supply of betting product"? It's bullshit. The old days of free to air Trackside seemed to have less shit on there, none of this crap from Japan, South Africa and Yonkers etc. And back in the day they had more lead-in interviews with local trainers, jockeys, drivers. Damn sure of it. Remember the dreamy Jim Smith with his classy mo, glass of scotch on his desk and giving the punters what they wanted to hear for the 10 minutes prior to race start time? Distant memory. Now instead we have the Wangaratta Dishlickers in the Bob's buthers maiden sprint. Noone gives a flying f. It makes for boring tv as there is no interest in it. By the time the head honchos that make these decisions wake up, it will be too late.
  14. Rusty

    Mark McNamara

    Yes, he is doing a fair bit of studio work. Seems to be moreso that, than the race calling side of things currently. Huge "wasted" talent not being fully utilized, unless of course that is his preference at the moment.