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  1. Rusty

    Ruakaka finish line

    It was Kenny that said to put him over the jumps.
  2. Rusty

    Ruakaka finish line

    Just passing on what the connections have said.
  3. Rusty

    Ruakaka finish line

    Soon to be put over the jumps, before aiming at the NZ Cup.
  4. Rusty

    Ruakaka finish line

    What's that thing behind the road cone?
  5. Rusty

    Ruakaka finish line

    FOUND! Everyone stop looking....
  6. Rusty

    Ruakaka finish line

    Have they ever had a finish post there? Like a proper, old school horse shoe style type? Addington did once, then when the dishlickers were brought in at the venue, it was ditched in favour of small plastic marker peg. I can only assume this was done because the greyhounds needed something to take a leak on.
  7. How to get young people to the race track? Uber.
  8. Rusty


    Always a bit of shame to see past champs get put to the sword in races. It doesn't undo their past achievements, however one can only hope (no pun intended) that the connections do the right thing and give him a happy retirement if the on track performances continue to not measure up.
  9. Rusty

    Times are tough

    I never said anything about hitting the Jewels on the head. It is a good concept. Although if I called the shots I would probably scrap 2 year olds racing at the event.
  10. I can't answer how much they bet. But I have seen plenty of piss heads hand over wads of cash at the betting windows.
  11. Brilliant, clearly they are on to it. Simple, basic but more or less guaranteed to be successful (there). Pretty sure the do-gooders have brought in rules in NZ relating to the cheap promotion of beer, so it can't be done (more so than a stock standard "happy hour"). The sale and supply of alcohol act buggered it up for all. Apparently.
  12. Rusty

    Times are tough

    And you know what? The NZ Cup field would be no different at all, if the stake was $400k or $800k. The same horses would line up regardless. The Aussies would likely still come, as it is on many trainers/owners bucket list these days. So what's the point in having such a big stake, and how can the "opportunity cost" be worth it? The coin saved by capping the cup at x amount, could be better utilized at the grassroots end.
  13. Rusty

    UMC still at it

    Think there may be a few occasions, but not many, if any. To steal Scribe's song; How many horses you know gunna run like this, not many, if any! Star Galleria did last season first up, but possibly had a trial? In any event, good effort to notch up a NZ record fresh up.
  14. Rusty

    UMC still at it

    He is definitely getting better, there is no denying that. And one would expect there's more improvement in him yet. It's a daunting prospect for his opposition that's for sure. The horse is to a large extent, still learning the racing game eg. how to take the passing lane, how to take a sit and come with one run, how to relax during a race, how to not get fired up if getting eyeballed by another runner, how to step off the mark cleanly, how to not jump over shadows on the track or get distracted by large crowds, or put off by strong wind etc the list goes on. All going well, it will add up to what will hopefully become the next big gun on the Grand Circuit.
  15. Rusty


    I seem to recall M Guerin going over there and reporting back for the harness racing weekly, years ago. I do know they changed the rules over there, where jockeys must now be at least 7 years old.