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  1. Tauranga. 1. Fly my way. 20 2. Turn the ace. 20 3. Come back tiger 20 4. My Maebelline girl 20 , 5. El bandelero. 20 6. Rocket science 20 7. Secret armour. 20 8. Iffie shows. 50 many thanks
  2. Scooby,This type of comp should really suit Mrs Feilding can she register,we usually have wee comps between ourselves anyway ,I can assure it will be her posts not a multi on me, we’re too competitive for that 🤦‍♂️  💁‍♀️ Al

  3. Maybe just me John but I can’t quite get the gist, can I have a wee example.
  4. That woman gets up my nose….and scratches.
  5. #2 thanks John ….sorry posting deadline just computed probably sub now anyway
  6. This bloody Als disease…thought I was out and I’m not even in
  7. Sorry. John,but as I’m on the verge of going out can I have a joker play on Straight Arron.