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  1. Overcheck

    Tote Place Divs.

    It appears that the dividends on the graphics on the left hand side of the screen and also along the bottom are FF dividends with the win tote dividend only showing on the left. Races today so far have not been involved in pay back or place paying to 4th so therefore if you have tv only you do not know what the tote place dividends are. Obviously the TAB do not want betting for a place on the tote which are often better than the miserable FF ones. Just another way to drive customers away. This is happening today with the dogs, gallops and trots.
  2. Overcheck

    Minister of Racing Hon Winston Peters.

    Winston was attending the court regarding his defamation case.
  3. Overcheck

    Cup Day Fields

    You are right CosmicBlackie the fields have been getting less and less attractive over the last 10 years or so. I guess smaller foal crops and the fact that many horses showing early ability are sold overseas is having a detrimental effect on Cup Day cards. Oh for the days when every race had brilliant fields on Cup Day and most of Show Day. Good luck to all though.
  4. Overcheck

    NZ Cup

    Boss, I am not sure how it worked but the Cup used to be run on a different Tuesday to the MC, but did clash from time to time until changed to the second Tuesday in November. Someone else may know exactly how it worked.
  5. Overcheck

    Punters Lounge

    Is anyone having trouble getting any detail with anything that goes through the Punters Lounge? I have just received some computer updates so that may have had an affect, although the rest of the TAB website is working ok.
  6. Overcheck


    They probably should have asked again, but why would anyone want to risk backing him again Friday night without a positive report of much improvement?
  7. Overcheck

    Taroona Bromac

    Yes I entirely agree, and until this is considerably reduced we are going to continue with masses of poorly performed race fields which are adding to the decline in turnover. A lot of fields you may as well back a number unless you have stable knowledge.
  8. Overcheck

    Farewell J Teaz

    I am almost certain Lordship at Forbury was the first 3yo to win an open class race.
  9. Overcheck

    Inca the stinker

    The media will not want to know about it, because it will be a win for harness racing.
  10. Overcheck

    The Crusaders

    Yes, but there are a lot of NZers complaining too.
  11. Overcheck

    The Crusaders

    If the Crusaders have to change their name because it relates to violence 1000 years ago then surely the same people will call for a Warriors rugby league name change. A warrior is involved in violence right up to the present day.
  12. Overcheck

    Is Bob butt

    I am inclined to think so and I usually have a good look at what he is driving.
  13. Overcheck

    Anyone know?

    I don't really know but it may be because maidens could be rated higher through getting placings in races, and conversely winners could have their ratings reduced because of losing runs. I think the $10.000 for maidens was brought in to encourage more people to race horses, but I may be wrong.
  14. Overcheck

    Simon Lawson

    I know it was going on in the sixties. Had a relation who was working in the telephone exchange and some of them were listening in (not him/her) particularly on Saturday mornings. You could not get away with using your phone now of course.
  15. Overcheck

    Canterbury Starter

    I understand that it is not the starters job to call a false start when horses are well back from the arm unless they have been interfered with in the run up. It is up to the stipes to take some sort of action against the driver concerned {which they don't). Why then if you apply this ruling does he insist on all horses in a standing start be right up to the tape but not touching? Trying to get one horse standing half a length back up to the tape often leads to other horses becoming unsettled. This only applies of course when it is not a run up start by a section of the field.