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  1. Starts yesterday were good for both stands and mobiles and a huge improvement on Lamb's tactics, so yes I would say you could bet with confidence tomorrow.
  2. Iraklis, I didn't say he was right, in fact the opposite. What I was saying was that if he wasn't a stipe then the other stipes would have done something about it. It is obvious he made a hash of the start---again.
  3. Iraklis, the stipes wouldn't declare a false start even for this blatant shambles because Lamb is also a stipe. I think that is the reason nothing has been done to correct the situation. Past starters didn't use varying methods and got the field standing at the tape and then letting them go.
  4. That's sad mikenz. I can remember Highland Fling winning and all since so I am not young, but I am still excited by the great race as much as I was as a young kid. There is something magic about the race even when fields are perhaps not as good as some in the past. It is still the NZ Cup which every harness owner, trainer and driver wants to win more than any other. The second Tuesday in November each year history is made. Mike, I would think you are far too young to be thinking old.
  5. Still get plenty of breakers in the run up to the mobile starts, probably because the starter is hell bent on breaking the record for a vehicle reaching the start line. Standing starts have always had some breakers but now the main problem is the starter who has several ways of letting them go, none of which are fair to the whole field. This also gives some drivers a chance to try and out think the starter and get a flyer. The old starters didn't have all the trouble we see now because horses were made to STAND at the tape and drivers that tried to be smart were quickly bawled out.
  6. Not ideal of course, but still a race to bet on and driver allocation will be some guide.
  7. Nice "mobile" start gifted to Italian Lad by P. Lamb.
  8. At least we have some harness racing to watch and bet on, and come August some of the better class horses should be re-appearing to make things more interesting.
  9. Haha you may be right, but I think I am entitled to my opinion as you are yours, and the main thing is we all stay safe.
  10. I am not sure he is the one that needs mentoring.
  11. Whether he has done anything wrong, and it certainly hasn't been proved that he has, just imagine the stress B. Orange (and his family) is under as this thing drags on and on for ever. He has apologised for his outburst which IMHO is not surprising, and probably shows the utter frustration of an innocent man.
  12. Yes you can say it was a bad mistake, but he doesn't make many. We all make mistakes from time to time in our work, but ours can usually be rectified.
  13. Overcheck


    A mixture of gallops, trots and head to head sport would get me interested.
  14. It must really annoy the Tab that there is SI racing. Always being cut off for a dog race in Australia or NZ or an Auckland area galloping race.
  15. There are quite a few false starts with mobiles eljay. I think many are caused by the mobile going too fast before horses have settled into their stride properly. I may be wrong however.