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  1. elbow

    jnj'shorty' healey

    yes was ken wadsworth's father bob who had a few gallopers over the years also owned top pacer in the 70's in captain harcourt ,ken died young with testicular cancer i recall
  2. elbow

    jnj'shorty' healey

    shorty actually regarded so lovely as his first 'unoficial winner'' nelson 1965 i think ridden by brian anderton think he was under 21 at the time n his father bill was actual trainer best winner would have been killjoy who won the stewards hp also mr richmond, battle joy, the yapper, baccalaurus, wom pom etc
  3. elbow

    jnj'shorty' healey

    your so right there leo ...specially your desription of him ...you rode for him many times back in the day
  4. elbow

    jnj'shorty' healey

    some of you may remember john ''shorty'' healey a sucessful trainer in nelson from the mid 60"S to 2000s' ..he passed away on saturday
  5. elbow

    wellington races weather

    remember baghdad note winning the whyte mile in 1970 ..the year he won the melbourne cup
  6. elbow

    Guilty as charged

    holy hell the Obrien case apart some of those other cases on there make for sobering reading when your not used to it!
  7. elbow


    remember trying to listen to races in dunedin on their local radio station from here in nelson (pre radio pacific) up the top of princess drive (a high point)car aerials right up fading in and out (usually at the wrong time) hell you wouldnt bother today would you n 3 division races ..reefton definity had one at their 1975 meeting ..remember a false start there at that one at the top of the straight most went round n had verry little room to get between the gates n that bloody great macrocarpa tree up there pretty sure colada won the rerun as he only went 200m ..fun times
  8. elbow

    Old photo collection

    agree with brookby song n just wondering if the other galloper is yahabeebe?
  9. elbow

    Cheltenham is in full swing

    that was your cue VS ...fanfare for the common man maby?
  10. elbow

    This is good

    damn strait there leggy working on the beach was always special n as much an uplift for the rider as the horse
  11. elbow

    Dillon...Time to Start Wondering

    yous have been reading too much south auckland facebook posts ae bro
  12. elbow

    Who chooses the Trackside presenters ???

    yeah ''Were on the road to nowhere''
  13. elbow


    won impressivly for d k weir today at benalla
  14. elbow

    Thank god for Hartnell!...........

    Best sports headline ever came out of that one too ''The shit hits the fan'' classic!
  15. elbow


    ah yes Game filmed him winning the harcourt stks beating Bardall too from memory it was his first at trentham too