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  1. Jape

    To be or not to be ... Unruly

    Your 10m handicap is quite generous. Often, depending on the size of the field, it is closer to 20m.
  2. Jape

    Oscar Bonavena

    If I heard them correctly at Oamaru today, Get Lucky has jumped two or three to make the list and one of those to miss out is/was OB. Probably needs two withdrawals.
  3. Jape

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    An interesting discussion and it reminds me of the fate of Ethereal. Caulfield Cup/Melbourne Cup/BMW. Yet, remarkably in my opinion, not the HOTY
  4. Jape

    Name for my horse please.

    ... which reminds me of a trivia question. How did that lolly on a stick get its name? Named after Lolly Pop, a popular racehorse of that time. (New Haven, 1908)
  5. Race 1 -- 12 BB Race 2 -- 2 BB Race 3 -- 10 Race 4 -- 6 Bonus Race 5 -- 1 Race 6 -- 9 Bonus Race 7 -- 6 Race 8 -- 5 Race 9 -- 3 Bonus Race 10 - 3
  6. Jape

    Two More Records?

    1. I cannot recall a greyhound race meeting starting any earlier than the race 1 at 11-16am at today's Addington meeting. Very early kennelling - I hope all were up and about in good time. 2. A total of 3 hours and 8 minutes from 11.16am to 2.24pm. Again, I cannot recall a shorter time-frame. My "recall" is certainly not infallible (these days!) so if these are not records, feel free to correct me.
  7. Jape

    wierd names of horses and dogs.

    Chitina Tin - I was rather suspicious of the name of this greyhound when it first showed up at Addington. However, I was assured it was reputable and my research confirmed this Chitina is pronounced Chit-nuh and is a small town in Alaska. The Chtina Tin Shop is an historic building there. It is also known as Fred'Place and Schaupp's. The greyhound is by Apatche (sic) Jet from Angel of Mine. Bred, owned and trained by Alison Lee of Rangiora and has won 8 races, I believe.
  8. Thank you. So not quite off the next but any more defeats were perhaps going to diminish his value. Top horse.
  9. Did Pierro race beyond 3? I seem to remember he had a stunning record but got beaten one day and was off to stud the next. Correct?
  10. Jape

    Pinny Mac.. WOW

    A staggering performance. Well done!
  11. Click on Riverton Click on MORE (above) Click on PDF Click on Mini Form and you will have pretty much all you want/need e.g. Gear changes/Comment line/Owners/Stakes etc etc AND the Jockeys!! I also like the Index which helps me see at a glance if a certain horse is running that day
  12. Jape

    What’s the go with Riverton

    At last, some sensible comments about the racing. Terrific fields, excellent stakes. As always, a splendidly produced track The ride of the day for me was that of Terry M on Dynamic.
  13. Jape

    This TAB website...

    Agreed. It seems that all the information we want is (nearly all, anyway) but it could be more easily arranged. Or more suitably.
  14. Jape

    This TAB website...

    You might need to check your spelling, ivanthegre