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  1. Have you come across the splendid article on the GRNZ website Home page. "The Duke's Incredible Link to NZ Greyhound Racing" - .put together by Michael Dore with input from Mark Rosanowski/and the late Sam Fletcher's book. A must-read Quite remarkable. Two photos as well. The Duke's words when Royal Commission won the Silver Collar are very special. Check them out. I had noted on Facebook a photo of one of the Duke's greyhounds in England and winner of many races, including some biggies.
  2. Thank you, Gary.. Curiously, the article in my SST has a photo of 3 dogs together chasing hard. Cheers
  3. Fear not, greyhounds are protected and cared for This is the headline to an article in yesterday's SST written by Jim Edwards, Independent Chairman of the GRNZ Health and Welfare Committee. I hope someone else more tech-savvy than I might be able to produce a link to the piece which is on page 23 of Focus As well as the credentials listed above, the writer is a retired veterinarian, an ONZM, former president of the NZ Veterinary Assn and the World Veterinary Assn. This a no-nonsense but well balanced and clearly expressed article. Two quotes: "The concerns expressed
  4. I taught at Central Southland College in 1968 and 1969. Many happy memories and would have enjoyed staying on but it was a long way to go to see family in Reefton and Christchurch so we moved back up the island. One of the very first essays that I marked was all about a horse called Poupette. The writer, a third-form lass, ended her story by writing that Poupette had won the Inter-Dominion Trotting Final and "that was what had made Winton famous". 20/20.
  5. Yes, a very good track. They do have to prepare it for harness only, though. I may be accused of being biased but I believe Reefton has an equally good track and is prepared for both harness and gallops. Excellent facilities, too.
  6. Ha ha. Yes, he could. The master crooner. Btw, I was told it was Dame Nellie Melba's sister who could not sing a note.
  7. There was an excellent article in the SST March 7 about the rehoming of Smash Attack (ex Malcolm Grant) now known as Andrew de Dog and enjoying retirement at Stanford House in Whanganui. Well worth a read but after all the good news there are words of caution from an unnamed SPCA spokeswoman. .She outlines why the animal welfare organisation is opposed to greyhound racing including "a lack of socialisation". She says the SPCA acknowledges the steps GRNZ has made to educate their members about the importance of socialisation and re-homing. " ... "further action is needed ..
  8. I meant to add "ill-fated" to Julloch in my comment above. A tragic end to a very game racehorse.
  9. L. H. Pratt (Lionel) was the master at preparing horses for the Coast circuit. From memory, I believe a horse was rehandicapped 10lbs for each win but it made no difference to the likes of Julloch and Cloudy View among many others. He had a couple of handy jockeys, too. By the time the last meeting came around, there was always enough weight for the heaviest of the Skeltons, Errol, to hop on and get some wins. Never forget his coming into the Regent Restaurant in Reefton and ordering steak and chips. Meeting Errol one day at Riccarton I asked him if it was true that all the Skel
  10. Just going back to Terribly Disappointed's comment which started this thread, I believe it was CWJ himself who nominated the horses named in the programme. I think Final Lot might be in his next round!
  11. I agree with everything Trump has written about Barry. We were co-directors on the TAB and I was very disappointed that Barry was not on the Racing Board that was formed following the disappearance of the TAB and the RIB. His racing knowledge, his commitment and his passion for the sport/industry could have done so much for the new RB. I well remember his excitement when the name of one of his latest horses was accepted - Auckland Blues. I believe he won over 100 races as an owner and I am sure that included one or two with the Mosgiel Andertons with whom he was good friends.
  12. Jape

    new govt

    Yes, Kieran was one of the "young ones" at Trackside working as a bookie for the greyhounds before he followed his dream of being a politician. He was a List Member and Junior Whip at Parliament before his recent, resounding win in the Wairarapa. Kieran is a very positive, personable and quite colourful character who comes across well on television. He ran an extraordinarily busy and ultimately very successful campaign.
  13. I managed to bring up this wonderful photo of Tony but someone else may be able to reproduce the article which came from the NZ Racing Desk and is well worth reading.
  14. Racing loses a gifted horseman. This is the heading to a very comprehensive article on the late Tony PrendergasTony Prendergast obituary.docxt whose passing will be very much mourned by all in the racing fraternity.