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  1. Jape

    Uthor Bale

    I heard earlier today on Trackside that an appeal has been lodged and a JCA hearing to take place on Thursday - I think.
  2. Jape

    Free bets come with significant deductions

    You say ... it is a chance to bet again with your winnings ... No, it is a chance to bet again with your loss. That is your original stake which went on a loser. But the Tab has said if your team loses by 8 or less, you can bet that losing stake (up to $50) again. It is a Bonus bet. That stake amount is then taken out of your second bet when the calculation is done. Why not just back the Crusaders or the Hurricanes or ...
  3. Jape

    Best Dog

    In 2008 I was asked to do a Top Ten Greyhounds Of My Time for the 60-Year History of the Christchurch Greyhound Racing Club (1948-2008). I came up with Misty Anna, Magic Command, Shorty Bijou, Cecilia Bale, Red Hot Zinger, Mega Maxi, Denzil Bale, Awesome Paul, Marn Groot, Another Gale, and Winsome Ashley. I listed many more very capable greyhounds but such selections are quite subjective and those named were my Chosen Ones. Each of them was a favourite of mine for a variety of reasons and for a certain length of time but if I had to put one at the very top, it would have to be Winsome Ashley. Ashley had a stellar season in 2007-2008, winning 4 Group 1 races and setting 3 track records, one of which still stands - 527m at Manukau in 29.77sec.. I cannot recall another greyhound with such third-phase acceleration and what so often appeared to be a contest with perhaps 100m still to go became a procession as she put on the turbo booster.and won by many lengths. Winsome Ashley was whelped in February 2006 and was trained by Jean and Dave Fahey for the Pave The Way syndicate. In more recent times Swimming Goat with its 22 consecutive wins would certainly have found a very high place in the best of the sprinters' ranks at Addington Raceway.
  4. Jape

    Splitting Races

    There were never more than 8 races when I was a little fella marking the results in the Turf Digest aka the "Pink Book" if I remember correctly. 1949 was the 50th Jubilee Year for the Reefton Trotting Club so they gave a start to every horse nominated. They ended up with 6 races divided in two and two races divided into 3. The 8-race card became 18 in all. It was a big day!!
  5. Jape

    Dexter won 7 of 1st 9 races at Meadowlands

    Remarkable. Brings back memories of Douglas Clifford Watts and his 7 in a row (of 8 races) at Reefton back in the day,
  6. Jape


    Thank you for the update, Pam. We could not see the horse for the movement around Brett but it had been a spectacular fall and sadly an unfortunate ending to a fine day's racing.
  7. Jape


    To say it was hot at Mot was probably the understatement of the year. Nevertheless the group of 22 that i was involved with exited the bus and got the gazebo up, parked themselves in the shade and set about enjoying the day's racing. What had been programmed as 9 races had become 11 and not one 2-divvie race either. Yes, sorting winners wasn't too easy but followers of Asano, Fawcett, Allpress, Weatherly certainly did ok. The track was in magnificent order and horses "coming home" in 34 and change suggests good racing, which it was with a number of close finishes and judge Mark Gallagher had plenty to do throughout the programme. The support from the owners, trainers, jockeys and racegoers made this "another excellent outing to a pleasant day's racing" as I was told more than once. Now if that meeting disappears, as is strongly rumoured, what will replace it? PS It was a sad ending for young Brett Murray who came to grief in the very last race, in the very last 175m. It happened not far from our group and I can assure you, every one of us felt very strong emotion for the injured rider. I understand Brett may have broken a collar bone and those who witnessed the incident were so pleased it was no worse. Get well soon, young man.
  8. Jape

    Boys get paid

    They could ... but then again ... Those heats (7 x Cup) and (12 x Galaxy) are/were as cut-throat as you will ever see. But so exciting. Well done, Udy and Cottam winning 4 today and the Faheys 4 yesterday. Tremendous achievements for both training partnerships. Next week is a whole new ball game. Bolty at 4? Don't know. It is his second-phase acceleration that is so phenomenal but, of course, you have to have some clear air to generate it. I hear both Robson and Dyna Dave have got the coveted one. Robson loves Addington and Dyna Dave is still looking for that elusive Group 1. Can't wait. Family first, lad27 Good on you. Nice to see you have two nippers now. Cheers
  9. Jape

    Boys get paid

    True enough, lad27, if you are only betting each way which is pretty pointless with these "certs". Look elsewhere, however, and you find the quinella paid $16.70, the tri was $55.20, the 1st 4 $108.30. The best bet of all, though, I thought, was the double with Awesome Quality which paid $25.70. Another good one was at the trots at Ashburton where Oscar Bonavena looked a sitter (These certs/sitters do not always win, of course). Take out OB and this was not a strong field and Take After Me was as good as any, despite his odds. A very nice $44 quinella and a remarkable tri of $684.20 with Overzealous. The 1st 4 was nearly $6500. How's that for a great return when the winner was labelled all day as the bet of the day! Good to see you in print, lad27, and I trust all is well with you and the family.
  10. Jape


    Is Egomaniacal the most under-rated greyhound in the country? Congratulations to his young trainer for continuing to produce this dog in winning condition. And, "speaking" of young trainers, what a record Daniel Lane is achieving. How far can Bolty go? We know how fast!! And, while I am here, and referring to trainers, congratulations to Raymond Harold Adcock on being granted Life Membership of the CGRC at its AGM on Wednesday night this week.
  11. Jape

    Mid Week Seniors - booked out

    Anyone know if Banks Peninsula RC have anything organised for Sunday, 3 November? It is reputed as being the last-ever gallops meeting at Motukarara so I thought "they" would be looking for a big one. Our RS will probably have 20-24 and I am pretty sure the Coasters' Tavern Social Club is heading that way.
  12. Jape

    Mid Week Seniors - booked out

    Yes, Pam, it was a grand day out for 22 members of our Racing Section from the Kaiapoi Club (formerly Kaiapoi WMC). Mark Donald of Blue Springs Polo and Equestrian Centre and a Steward of the North Canterbury Racing Club was the organiser and our bus trip incorporated some from Oxford and Rangiora, as you mention. Well done, Mark. We were well served throughout the programme in the Phar Lap Room and the comments I received on the way home were all very complimentary.
  13. Jape

    Vale Tom McGillivray

    Gotta Cruise won the Collar in '97 and would have been the first dog to go back to back in '98 but had to settle for second behind Bet on Bessie. A notable Collar quinella.
  14. Jape

    Trackside Radio - Mark Claydon?

    Yes, you are right. He has a very pleasant manner and a pleasing-to-listen-to voice. As well, he covers all codes with genuine interest and excellent knowledge.