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  1. Sometimes you get to know people who you think will last forever. Someone who is always good for a yarn. Someone whose knowledge of a sport/industry is limitless. Ray Adcock was one of those people. When he celebrated his 87th birthday a short time ago, I expected Ray to be there for years to come, ready for another yarn. But that was not to be. Even as Ray was reducing his hands-on involvement in greyhounds he was ensuring the future of people who had come into the "game" relatively recently. Whenever Ray and I met over these last few years we always had a chat about how he b
  2. I am surprised Courage Under Fire hasn't been mentioned. First time to the races and Forbury Park was the venue. I was listening to the broadcast because the horse had already acquired a reputation and was expected to win. So it did - by a nose! The beginning of a remarkable unbeaten run of victories. Final tally: 41 wins.
  3. Jape

    Golden chase

    Hello Flabbergasted. I had not realised this was ongoing. Thanks for your reply but it does not answer my question satisfactorily. "...across Australasia most tracks ..." is very vague. Can you name an NZ track where it happens? I do agree with your response to Keneperu.
  4. They are desperately trying to influence that review as the Jim Edwards' article points out the steps that have been taken in recent times to answer the critics/activists. Chloe Swarbrick's Opinion article in the SST of April 25 is another attempt to do the same. The Edwards' article has obviously deflated their opinionated attack on greyhound racing.
  5. Jape

    Golden chase

    I care because I want to know the answer or is this just another unfounded question? Re your second statement, how many live baiting charges have resulted in convictions and how many cases of P have there been?
  6. Just the one race in the snow that day. Last race and an astute driver took off from the second line, found the front, and was never challenged.!!.
  7. I disagree. The statements "most people think the industry is already closed" and " many find greyhound racing a repulsive sport" appear contradictory. I am not at all sure of their relevance either. Incidentally, many people find Mixed Martial Arts repulsive but it does not prevent it from getting a staggering amount of coverage both in print and on the screen. Anyway, I have had the experience of someone looking askance at me when she discovered I was involved in greyhound racing. I took her through the day in a greyhound's life and a day at the races. She changed her attitud
  8. Can someone please get the Minister for Racing to read Jim Edwards' article published in the SST of April 11 and headed "Fear not, greyhounds are protected and cared for" Listening to the Minister's comments on tv, and hearing them again this morning, I can only surmise that he is being misinformed.
  9. I do hope those responsible or involved in this review are made to read the article by Jim Edwards on this very issue to provide some balance to the activists whose sole purpose in life seems to be to stop greyhound racing. The greyhounds, btw, would tell you, if they could, that they love racing. No whips, no jockey, no driver. Just competitive animals bred to race and enjoying it.
  10. Have you come across the splendid article on the GRNZ website Home page. "The Duke's Incredible Link to NZ Greyhound Racing" - .put together by Michael Dore with input from Mark Rosanowski/and the late Sam Fletcher's book. A must-read Quite remarkable. Two photos as well. The Duke's words when Royal Commission won the Silver Collar are very special. Check them out. I had noted on Facebook a photo of one of the Duke's greyhounds in England and winner of many races, including some biggies.
  11. Thank you, Gary.. Curiously, the article in my SST has a photo of 3 dogs together chasing hard. Cheers
  12. Fear not, greyhounds are protected and cared for This is the headline to an article in yesterday's SST written by Jim Edwards, Independent Chairman of the GRNZ Health and Welfare Committee. I hope someone else more tech-savvy than I might be able to produce a link to the piece which is on page 23 of Focus As well as the credentials listed above, the writer is a retired veterinarian, an ONZM, former president of the NZ Veterinary Assn and the World Veterinary Assn. This a no-nonsense but well balanced and clearly expressed article. Two quotes: "The concerns expressed
  13. I taught at Central Southland College in 1968 and 1969. Many happy memories and would have enjoyed staying on but it was a long way to go to see family in Reefton and Christchurch so we moved back up the island. One of the very first essays that I marked was all about a horse called Poupette. The writer, a third-form lass, ended her story by writing that Poupette had won the Inter-Dominion Trotting Final and "that was what had made Winton famous". 20/20.
  14. Yes, a very good track. They do have to prepare it for harness only, though. I may be accused of being biased but I believe Reefton has an equally good track and is prepared for both harness and gallops. Excellent facilities, too.