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  2. Track is not up to much ................
  3. Just don’t fucking enter if you don’t like the rules.....see how much that gets you. Some people....
  4. You would think four years of lies, conspiracy theories and general bullshit would be enough for anyone eh Idol....? Apparently not.....
  5. Mike, my best bet that one of Steve Telfers horses could drive the truck. He can train them to do everything else.LOL
  6. And here is the other demented fuckwit....the fairy story gobbler......
  7. WE ARE YOUR SINGLE SOURCE of TRUTH. 1984 or what ....
  8. Wow, that was how many years ago?? Didn't he get 6 months after handing himself in despite never actually having a positive? How's PK's team looking, numbers holding up ok??
  9. What ..... Who is ungrateful ? I think everything I said, was reasonable, logical and in no way ungrateful ...
  10. Today
  11. You know what is a concern to me is ungrateful people like yourself...JMO.
  12. No, sounds very reasonable to expect all the winnings and as said most people won't mind slinging a bit your way. Its the optional as opposed to mandatory, that's all. If money (4 prizes) is a concern for you, then just lower the winning amounts .....
  13. Thank the Lord Trump is back in the media,i was getting sick of our screens showing Cuomo,Yemen,Iran,Covid 19 and the preacher of kindness.
  14. 100 if you keep posting garbage as I warned you about before cluttering up the threads with rubbish videos you WILL be gone again...your choice...thanks.
  15. Oh dear. The never-ordered Volume 5 has been delivered.
  16. All you need to do is go to JCA site and type in Colalt and see what comes up. Even did Blue Magic, the first name to come up is McGrath back in 2004
  17. Whats wrong with running Derby same day at Trentham with the Oaks? Instead I see Hawkes Bay is mooted as the fall back option. REALLY!!! And where is the 2400m start at Hawkes Bay? 2500m a bit flimsy. If it doesn't fit in with Aussie plans for one or two horses to hell with them, Administrators should be running racing for New Zealanders.
  18. He's in real strife , Irish racing good with top few trainers but underneath they are struggling so a lot with have it in for him . He learnt his trade at Martin Pipes back in day . There's a few things going on in Irish Racing and I think it's getting a dog fight to survive under the top few . Augustine Leahy gets mentioned a few times on some well used forums , put it this way unless JP MacManus owns the horse it isn't that flash finishing down the field once or twice out of his stable if the databases are cross referenced . Some startling coincidences race dates to appearing o
  19. I think maybe I will take a break from the comps this week thanks everyone.
  20. He want a list so lets start and you guys can add to it , Tyr not to go too far back in history cos it would be a long list Lets restrict it to say the last 30 years Mark Purdon (Blue Magic)
  21. Because once they have served the sentence (or paid it in dollars which is common these days ) they can 'trial and error' the next method of winning a race .
  22. Does it make a mockery of me putting up a few hundred and you making $1000 lets say and you get to keep it all???Is that a mockery too??? Just saying.
  23. Half of 5k for zero spend,you should be more than happy.But I suppose someone might complain.50 % of any return with no outlay,is better than what they had at the start of the day.Just my thoughts.
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