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  2. Jockey Heriberto Figueroa, injured in a spill at Monmouth Park July 25, will resume riding there July 30, with Tomas Mejia, involved in the same spill, likely to be out at least one more week while he recovers, according to the agents of both riders. View the full article
  3. Maybe July 29 will be the day when Lady Bowthorpe gets her first taste of group 1 glory in the Nassau Stakes (G1). If she does, it's hard to imagine this Glorious Goodwood could have many more popular winners. View the full article
  4. Elated owner Jeff Smith hailed Alcohol Free as the "real deal" after watching his Royal Ascot winner beat both the boys and older milers with authority in the £1 million Sussex Stakes (G1) July 28 at Goodwood. View the full article
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    good news

    Handicapping good news, At first glance, I like the hadicapping changes. Being able to win your first race and retain the same rating band makes sense to me. Hopefully a step in the right dirrection, in this instance.
  7. Horse racing at Hastings Racecourse will continue through the end of August thanks to owner/trainer Glen Todd giving the Vancouver track an interest-free million-dollar loan to fund purse money, according to a July 26 report from the Vancouver Sun. View the full article
  8. Horse racing at Hastings Racecourse will continue through the end of August thanks to owner-trainer Glen Todd giving the Vancouver track an interest-free million-dollar loan to fund purse money, according to a July 26 report from the Vancouver Sun. View the full article
  9. Soon. Soon. Soon. You sound like a broke trainer talking to his only remaining owner about turning his last remaining horse from being a perpetual loser into a maiden winner. "Soon". It's been 5 years of "soon". The 4 year old stallion is now a 9 year old gelding with no future as a racehorse or a stud proposition. "Soon" just does not cut it anymore. If there was a two horse race between Gruff the old Grey (odds on favourite) and Hundy (at 100-1), well the odds say it all. Hundy is a loser. Gruff, you win this one with your epic line; "It better happen soon 100 yo
  10. You are watching a military operation. The aussies need the lockdowns to wake the people up and rise up against. the tyranny. The people are going take back their countries. It will soon become crystal clear to what has happened. Aug 10/11 for the start of election fraud for the brainwashed IMO Trump is even telling.them that at every rally. Tell me another logical explanation as to why these leaders throughout the world are making such insane decisions Ha You can't
  11. Oldie but a Goodie 18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine - Citizens Journal...
  12. What about Phillip Hill ? Hes a Key figure in our Response and he doesnt reply to his Emails Break out the Polygraph
  13. It better happen soon 100 your Credibility is at Rock Bottom Question remains what exactly is this Bioweapon and its related ‘Vaccine’ going to do to the Population ? The Chinese Communist Party pharma Fosun is working with ‘Vaccine’ manufacturer Biontech at present producing more Swill, when do the ‘Boosters’ start getting introduced? They need to exhaust their original supply before one would expect..who is Directing Gladys Berejiklian in Sydney? This World has a History of War Death and Deceit , what makes things different now
  14. They were taken down a long time ago and now it's the publics turn to see for themselves. So far the people think the world has gone mad but the election fraud will set off a series of events that will expose every truth. The Military will step in Thae have taken down the deep state without firing a shot. Trust the plan
  15. These brainwashed idiots support the cheaters Team Trump are exposing the filth and theres nothing they can do about it. As the fraud is exposed these pricks have no place to hide They released the bioweapon to rig the election with mail in voting Down they all go It is going to be epic.
  16. Nightmare on Shiff Street Who writes for and Directs these Democrat Slime? In Sir Erection Schumer beyond a joke
  17. He Dropped $300 so definately time to cut him loose Its a good thing the TAB screwed him definately save him Plenty longterm
  18. Idol and Hokes somehow cant see this Orange man Bad
  19. Got to laugh at the sevens ceremony, these guys just played games against each other and theyre all masked up
  20. Useless information. Freequent was bred (1990 Mistral Dancer (Can) - Freequently). Freequently got her name as she frequently dumped my eldest brother when she being broken in.
  21. ive read that like most things related to this subject. Bullshit unfortunately
  22. Haha This is the crap idiot Ohokaman actually believes You are watching a movie Enjoy the show.
  23. With this contract having ticked over in 2019, does anyone know what the yearly cost is also to the USA? Do these Racing Clubs have an ongoing contract with them? Or do the Clubs now maintain them in the background with upgrades of Software etc? Do others find the Racing Victoria Website a challenge to navigate to find Racefields?
  24. @barrybCount your blessings, and his he doesn't have a Credit Card, or perhaps a Debit Card. Too many young ones get them and get into endless debt. Bring back TAB's in local shopping centres -there's plenty of empty shops so no excuse for the TAB to not be looking to secure a reasonably priced lease, or purchase, suitable prominent sites with good parking and accessibility to lure the wider community back into Racing. It's an opportune time for them to get out there and market racing in all aspects. Maybe it's timely the TAB looked at the way they promote themselves as onl
  25. This short video is well worth watching from New South Wales, Australia. What we would like to know is, How many of these deaths of people who had Covid19, young and those in advancing years, had been exposed to the second hand impacts of Vapes/ E-Cigarettes? What steps have the Public Health Directors, and their staff worldwide, Have THOSE who have a legal Duty of Care for Public Health, undertaken to ensure these questions are asked and the answers accurately and truthfully recorded? Bearing in mind that there's serious Criminal investigations and Court cases going on rela
  26. @fermoy and others Re Red Badge Security, Have the Wellington Racing Club followed up on these incidents with the Security Guards Licensing Department in the Courts systems? If not, why not? If so, what has been the outcome? They have legal obligations to ensure their agents are 'Fit & Proper Persons" under the related Act
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