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  2. I mostly bet on Tournament Winner and Leader after first round FF, but couldn't resist the odds for Amy Yan starting with a 2 shot lead this morning , so emptied the balance (after putting on Shatin Trifectas to make more to put on, a bad move - got nothing ) A nice little account builder at least though The best swing in Golf and a well deserved victory in the end.
  3. Ad breaks are a pain in the arse with anything ex US Alf……a necessary evil for a consumer society…..
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  5. You guys are brilliant if you can turn a profit on Golf. Iv'e bet on every sport ever played (and some that were never played haha) ....but I sacked them one by one as I got older and wiser and now only bet on 3 sports to enable ME to turn an annual profit. Golf on day 4 only.....or a player to make/miss the cut are the only ways I won on golf ....but there isn't a more relaxing sport to watch late at night .....rivers ....lakes ....crocadiles ...beautiful tree's and other greenery ......informative commentators .....ahhhhhhhhh LOVE watching good golf.
  6. Are you a complete moron ? Show me where I used George’s name ? It was a STATEMENT. Not replying to anyone.
  7. Based on your preceding post and who you obviously were replying to. It went like this
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  9. bloke


    So, do you think that The Warriors had a Covid Booster early in the week that contributed to their thrashing? That would be a great conspiracy theory for you to spread.
  10. Retired racing greyhounds are headed overseas as the industry looks to find homes for its backlog of dogs. They are being sent to the United States, rather than waiting to be adopted in New Zealand. As of early June, 44 greyhounds have made the trip to new homes in the US. Gone mad 44 grey hounds to the USA for rehoming why not drop them off to the council they know how to handle dog problems G
  11. Who said I referred to George ? A statement from anybody might help. I couldn’t care less about the WAHS…..that’s probably the sound coming out of the dressing room……
  12. BloodHorse Interview: Jose D'AngeloView the full article
  13. Top 3-year-olds Thorpedo Anna, the current leader in the sophomore filly division, and Kentucky Derby (G1) runner-up and Belmont Stakes (G1) third Sierra Leone return to the work tab at Saratoga over the weekend.View the full article
  14. Newmarket's Guineas festival, King George weekend at Ascot, and the British Champions Series will require new sponsors next year in a setback for British racing.View the full article
  15. He's the CEO not a player or Manager. They are responsible for the debacles that are part and parcel of being a Wahs supporter. There's a Cantabrian who backs them to lose every week and has done so since day 1. Perhaps those on here moaning about George and co should follow suit
  16. Blow the Horn upset the Takarazuka Kinen (G1) June 23 at Kyoto Racecourse, earning "Win and You're In" entries for both the Breeders' Cup Turf (G1T) and the W.S. Cox Plate (G1).View the full article
  17. Let's go with Māori but and a huge BUT they have to be full blooded Māori anything but full would be corrupted white European blood.
  18. And tried to be wipe out CWJ, big fail CG … a win for Tannahill
  19. I remember that now Gruff You do seem very astute with your Golf punting Gruff so I hope they turn to gold tonight for you. I tend to bet with the heart rather than the head (I think you mentioned betting on ladies is just not sensible ) I have a group of 5 or 6 that I usually throw a few dollars at at long odds, snagging the odd good result, but not many. Fun trying without too much harm to the account
  20. Made plenty off golf and looking to get more tonight with some very astute punts me ol China, hope you are going well
  21. And for the record it was Cameron George who stopped us getting up close and personal with our horses in this country.
  22. Oh bugger - a case of mistaken identity it seems. It was Miss Drools I was thinking of with the Full Frontal
  23. And again - no control over his horse at all KRYSTAL DELIGHT - held up final bend. Shifted outwards near the 120m and contacted UCANTHANDLETHETRUTH which broke briefly. Driver B Hope admitted a breach of Rule 869(3)(b) in that he drove carelessly in this incident and after viewing the replays and hearing penalty submissions the Adjudicative Committee suspended Mr Hope's driver's licence from the conclusion of racing on 28 June up to and including 14 July 2024 (5 days).
  24. Alf, you being a little risqué taking about slightly less ‘full frontal’ with or from Miss Jools aren’t you? What exactly do you mean?
  25. I've been called many things in my time Gruff, but that's the first time I've been called a redneck I hope you are getting a dollar off the Golf sir (that maybe the first time for you too )
  26. I like you Miss Jools. Your heart is in the right place, but perhaps you should borrow some of FF's little pills and be slightly less 'full frontal' Keep the posts coming
  27. go back to jenner and the fraud that followed Chevster, we would all be gone if we truly believe germs are killing us....we are germs
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