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  2. I can still remember that beating you gave me today and I was Surfing West coast power 4 days a week between hand digs working for Galbraith P&D . Take it easy on him NP ,under all that agro I’m sure Leo’s a decent guy
  3. Sam Spratt Leith Innes Andrew Calder then ... ? Masa Hashazume Rowena Smyth Alyssa Schwerin Ace Lawson-Carroll Jen Whiteside Tegan Abel Just guessing Couldn't access jump out riders from Ellerslie Why not add Grant Cooksley.... c'mon Cooky
  4. He is not allowed to the races under level 2 like everyone else??
  5. PRea, thank you for your contribution. Most owners watch their horse on the Tv so watching a runner at the likes of Benalla is no different. I think you meant Ballarat, not Bathurst. I must remind myself that one has the Eureka Stockade and the other, the most wonderful car race in the world. I hope Bathurst don't lose that car race just as we have lost the most wonderful steeplechase in the world. You have pointed out some salient facts. With our present racing administration our country's horse racing will only survive whilst people cannot comprehend the basic economic fact
  6. Agree there should be some allowances made, regarding Mr C, Matamata is outside the L3 lockdown so he is allowed to travel
  7. Tauranga R7: 1,2 Awapuni R8: 2,4 Rosehill R5: 3,7 Rosehill R6: 1,2 BB Rosehill R7: 3,18 Flemington R1: 1,3 Flemington R2: 1,2 Flemington R3: 4,7 Flemington R4: 2,7 Flemington R5: 2,9 Flemington R6: 2,4 Flemington R7: 2,4 BB Flemington R8: 3,6 Flemington R9: 1,9 cheers thanks
  8. Tauranga R7 2/6 Awapuni R8 8/13 Rosehill R5 3/7 Rosehill R6 2/3 Rosehill R7 3/18 Flemington R1 1/3 Flemington R2 1/2 Flemington R3 4/7 Flemington R4 3/5 Flemington R5 2/9 Flemington R6 2/4 Flemington R7 2/4 BB Flemington R8 3/6 Flemington R9 6/12 BB Thanks team
  9. NZTR Love racing website states that " However because racing is not a ‘permitted business’ under the government’s Health Order, people within the Alert Level 3 area are not permitted to work in an Alert Level 2 area." From the website link... So how can they be at Hawera tomorrow?? Another example of the industry looking after trainers, TAB and themselves while the rest of us cant go to the races. Not to mention Mr Chittick at Hastings recently? Is it about who you are??
  10. Funny Face has a similar look and way of going as her grand dam Allegro Agitato. It will be interesting to see if FF develops the same speed.
  11. Absolutely pissing down in Melbourne at the moment after 2 glorious days of warm sunshine. I may have underestimated the amount of rain we’re going to get!
  12. Tauranga Race 7: 4,6 Awapuni Race 8: 4,11 Rosehill Race 5: 8,9 Rosehill Race 6: 6,8 Rosehill Race 7: 9,10 Flemington Race 1: 3,4 Flemington Race 2: 2,9 Flemington Race 3: 2,3 Flemington Race 4: 2,9 Flemington Race 5: 2,3 Flemington Race 6: 5,16 Flemington Race 7: 1,12 Flemington Race 8: 9,12 BB Flemington Race 9: 2,12 BB Thanks Leigh and Paul
  13. Hello, Yes, and paid $3.60 here and I made my Sunday evening very spectacular. That won't be her last win on that. No, I don't consider her (not it) a motley horse or 'extremely motley' Jason. Many of our best trotters over the past decades have only won a handful of races in there first 20-30 starts, I didn't think I needed to point that out. Look at some of our G1 class trotters in the past, if I need to name a few please advise. The ability this horse has shown on occasion to date means she could go quite a long way if things fall into place for her and the team. It would
  14. There will be enough riders or NZTR will look silly. Theres Lethal and Andrew calder I think. Who is up north. Apprentices can have great riding experience on a big track with only 7 other runners. The senior riders would ride the book and do well I reckon.
  15. Simple no brainer to get involved in Australia.
  16. Dunno if the example you used is correctly stated as 400% more but it is a shitload more in stakes in Aussie and many races exceed 400% ! I guess there are other factors to consider when deciding what suits you best as an makes sense to send your horse to Aussie if it has good ability . If your horse is a slow one it will cost you less in NZ plus you will see it in the flesh a few times etc and maybe enjoy the race-day experience a bit if we ever get out of this lockdown situation !
  17. PRea, it is a fair cost to get your horse from Bathurst to race in Victoria. I have one in training at Caulfield which costs $132.00 per day plus GST (10%). But I agree, the only reason you would race a horse in NZ is so you can see it race (outside lockdown), because the prize money on offer is so poor. Minimum prizemoney in country NSW is now $24,000 so even racing on the country tracks around Bathurst will give you a significantly greater return than that in NZ
  18. Most were eljay ,but I believe a few others considering hoping on the flight and some would have been waiting for Sires Stakes final spot to be confirmed !
  19. Only a long float trip from Bathurst to Victoria.
  20. Hello folks. I have recently joined some mates to race 2 horses ...1 in NZ and 1 in Victoria (Bathurst to avoid metropolitan training fees). The invoices tell me the NZ cost is $82 a day and the Bathurst cost is $97 per day. WE race a maiden for total prizemoney in NZ of $12000 and we race a maiden for total prizemoney in Victoria of $38 000 (Australian ) . To me that looks like 400% more prizemoney in Australia for only slightly more costs . Before I start raising my concerns with my mates am I missing something here ?
  21. Tauranga Race 7: 3,12 Awapuni Race 8: 5,13 Rosehill Race 5: 3,6 Rosehill Race 6: 14,15 Rosehill Race 7: 3,16 Flemington Race 1: 10,13 Flemington Race 2: 1,3 Flemington Race 3: 5,6 Flemington Race 4: 3,5 Flemington Race 5: 5,14 Flemington Race 6: 7,11 Flemington Race 7: 10,13 Flemington Race 8: 8,16 bb Flemington Race 9: 7,15 bb Thank you Leigh and Paul
  22. As Medina Spirit prepares to start in the Breeders' Cup Classic (G1), the biggest win of his career is still very much up in the air thanks to a regulatory process that has stalled. View the full article
  23. Before going to stud next year at Lane's End Farm, Code of Honor has some unfinished racetrack business in the $200,000 Hagyard Fayette Stakes (G2) at Keeneland Oct. 30. View the full article
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