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  3. Old Whiskey Neat keeps hitting the post , beaten a neck last night at Sha Tin . 13 starts this season , 6 seconds , 5 times within a length of winner . Seems to be in a battle with handicapper , keeps getting almost low enough to get a win then hits post and goes up again and so on .
  4. True Piper the studs without a stallion returning could mean a refund to the breeder. !!! and Trump was the greatest President ever.... lol
  5. I may have missed it but the gavelhouse fire sale was Rider Horse not China Horse Club . China Horse Club has millions of bucks worth of high quality bloodstock across the globe .
  6. Moving Day at the Masters is Saturday. At the Preakness Stakes (G1) it's Sunday morning. View the full article
  7. just making the effort to highlight things on this forum, gives a small avenue for the word to get out... we speak out on here, cos its the community we are involved in... and like many other communities online, all it takes is one or two others to highlight issues, to reach people who might not otherwise research or see the things we come across. and like many on here, i do appreciate the efforts you make to highlight things surrounding Covid matters!!
  8. On May 16, a dozen maidens line up for race 5 at Churchill Downs, a one-mile turf test that includes a $950,000 horse and two half brothers to grade 1 turf stars. View the full article
  9. Also makes it awkward getting the free returns in Victoria if the stallions don't get shuttled.
  10. You would think if this catches on it will stuff up bringing new sires in and ones that didn't get the numbers won't be back either.
  11. I’m Surprised you checked this out? It may not matter in the Big Picture but it may put you a rung up the ladder to it’s first... who says you can’t teach an Old Dog new tricks . Go Mitey ! I knew you had some intelligence
  12. 95% effective You line up for any vaccine your prone, if you don’t you have a 5% chance of succumbing and of that less than a 50% chance of getting COVID ( sars Cov 2 is the PCR antigen) which is Corona virus Disease...very rare in NZ for some reason and of that a 50% chance of Fatality..... yet you choose to ‘Vaccinate’ ...are you thick?
  13. Are you SURE they are brother and sister? From accounts I've seen one is from a Wellington family, the other from Auckland. We wouldn't want to see the spreading on any misinformation now, would we.........
  14. Del Bigtree Interviews 3 Medical Professionals Incapacitated By...
  15. So why the 'fire sale" of so many of their horse last week? ( and don't proffer the "transport difficulties" line please)
  16. We switched off listening to the Boo Sheete ages ago. Did you know that Ash is Angela's brother? As in Rachel McKenna who used to be on Shortland Street? Look up Bloomfield & Plimmer history in Papers Past.. it provides an interesting and colourful background re land claims.. Perhaps 'Acting' runs in the family. Emergency plans can and need to be revoked, Covid19 is not a State of Emergency and never ever has been. Don't these bunnies recall Fire, Flood and Earthquake DRILLS at school?
  17. Grandstand? The New Normal doesn’t factor in large gatherings surely? And given that Vaccines do not make people ‘immune’ mask wearing mugs and social distancing where does this lead us?
  18. He cracked a tinny after Race 5 The White coats are ruling our world, and taxpayer money funds them.... get a real job
  19. See the net was cast in the South Island again today - catching a couple A number of riders underwent drug and alcohol testing with J Laking being stood down from his riding engagements after returning a non-negative result. C Campbell was also stood down following Race 6 after returning a nonnegative result. Replacement riders are as detailed in the Summary. Question as to how Corey Campbell was not picked up until Race 6 - riding in races 1, 2, 5 and 6??
  20. It only collateral damage That ad on TV makes me wonder how thick our population really is Metaphorical door to ‘Freedom’ .... Braindead
  21. Upgrading of Conghua Racecourse: To unleash the full potential of CRC as a centre for world-class speed racing events, the Club will upgrade its infrastructure. This will include the construction of a new and iconic grandstand as well as additional stables, training facilities and expanded staff accommodation. The Guangzhou Municipal Government will build an additional access road to CRC to enhance its accessibility. The upgrade will also enable CRC to further support the training centre at Sha Tin as part of the Club’s dual-site model.
  22. think they are just going to upgrade Conghua by building a new grandstand and additional stabling
  23. 2nd starter beaten a nose - Sunset Shiraz - a filly 3rd Starter on debut his first winner - The King’s Horses - a colt - jumps from 5 in the video attached. Apologies if it loads slow. IMG_5602.MOV
  24. Gee I'm not keen on electric for reliability,maybe if I can hook a extension cord I might be more confident.
  25. Pfizer have already disclosed another experimental jab will be required in 8 months Surprise Surprise, and at US $ 30 Adern and her group of experts will soak up another $200 Million ... we have serious Child poverty,housing issues just for starters... how much money are taxpayers here giving to Big Pharma for using their experimental potions... but she is on record as saying she will use the other 4 purchased trial vaccines ($66 million) that are not mRNA as boosters beyond belief
  26. Seychelles COVID-19 surge: Are vaccines not working in world's...
  27. Well done to Alan1234 and the two placegetters Mr gee and D Burrow...thanks to Pondy for the stellar job as I am off for spell ran like a donkey lol.
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