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  2. Just as he began the year at the top of the divisional heap, champion Good Magic comes into the Runhappy Travers Stakes (G1) with his old friend the bull's-eye back upon his balanced frame. View the full article
  3. Fartoomuch

    National Handicap

    You can call them whatever you like Rusty. I'm thinking the RIU boys might like to pay attention to see who is fair dinkum as it's likely only a trial for some..However the punter needs protecting.
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  5. Ponderosa8

    Vale Patrick MYERS Father of Kelly and Rosie. Condolences to all.
  6. Louise

    New Stallions 2018

    Half brother By Verglas - Silver Frost is a stallion and has produced Silverwave Group 1,2 and 3 winner and multiple Group Placings in France, and several other black type performers.
  7. poundforpound

    Date For The Messara Report Release

    Every sector has to take some of the blame LZ. At the code level TB and harness haven’t delivered. The individual clubs haven’t delivered, Even influential bodies ( trainers for example ) haven’t delivered. Then of course there’s the equally likely situation whereby changing social attitudes mean there is nothing to deliver so no one is to blame for the demise of NZ Racing. Use that as your background and context.
  8. The Satin and Lace Stakes at Presque Isle Downs produced an impressive winner in Midwest invader Hotshot Anna, but it also gave third-place finisher Jessica Krupnick the title in the MATCH Series Filly and Mare Sprint--Dirt Division. View the full article
  9. Emotive

    Messara Report, anyone going?

    That is indeed a shame. I would like to go, listen, and ask questions, unfortunately, the cost is prohibitive and would include hiring a dog sitter for two days. If I lived in the area I would definitely be there.
  10. drewandjo

    Bruce Stanaway -Interesting Read

    never one to mince his words
  11. Dopey

    York this week

    Always one of the highest rated races of the calendar the international
  12. Charles Fipke's homebred grade 1 winner Bee Jersey has been retired from racing after injuring a tendon, it was announced Aug. 21 View the full article
  13. La Zip

    Date For The Messara Report Release

    The Elephant In The Room, well, from where I sit it's massive, it's called NZRB........John can and will recommend all he likes but the track record at NZRB is abysmal, and that's being kind. Whatever is put forward will be positive, knowing John's track record, but to rescue NZ Racing from the abyss, is it possible? The culture has changed, Kiwi's don't come from a "true" gambling culture. Corporate or individual bookies would add another dimension to racing in NZ...and it needs to happen. Unless competent people are charged with implementing the changes, then what's going to change...but at least Messara's report will give an insight into what can happen...which is more than what's on offer now. As one notable Aussie journalist stated on Twitter yesterday - "if will be more embarrassing if you don't take notice of what Messara has to say. From what I hear NZ racing is no longer on its knees...its prostrate and struggling to breathe"...
  14. bazach

    Vale Patrick MYERS

    Sorry to hear this. Played rep schoolboy rugby with Patrick. Condolences to all his immediate family and the wider Myers family.
  15. hedley

    Vale Patrick MYERS

    64 years old
  16. GOM

    Messara Report, anyone going?

    Em, the lack of interest is indicative of the mindset in the industry. It is far easier to sit back and complain about what we see as negative changes without bothering to try and be part of the change. I think the term that comes to mind is acquiesce.
  17. Ohokaman

    Trump written off

    More Fake news for the retarded among us.....good to see the Swamp is being drained....a few more to go....
  18. Ohokaman

    Date For The Messara Report Release

    Agree with you Trumpy. Messara can only do the spadework and make the necessary recommendations. What happens then is out of his hands, but we will see if Peters bluster translates into some positive action for the NZ Racing Industry. Why on Earth this is being done at Claudelands rather than Te Rapa or Ellerslie is another question.
  19. Charles Fipke's homebred grade 1 winner Bee Jersey has been retired from racing after injuring a tendon, it was announced Aug. 21 View the full article
  20. gubellini

    Presenter on Trackside

    Cameron Shaw is a work in progress but coming on well. Enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Good antidote to the over exposed Mick G!
  21. GoHarness

    Dexter v's Christen Me

    Great article on Dexter Dunn..
  22. Trump

    Vale Patrick MYERS

    Was Pat Myers from Taranaki? How old would he be?
  23. Trump

    Date For The Messara Report Release

    I think some of the comments re Messara are a bit off track. The guy is one of Aust most successful breeders via Arrowfield. He’s a successful racehorse Owner. His son is a successful racehorse Trainer. Himself is a very capable Racing Administrator and single handedly, pushed Racing NSW and Australian in the right direction, working “with” the Govt to bring it out of the doldrums. As a result, Racing in Aust is far better off for his direct involvement. So, when he was invited to do a report on NZ Racing, There’s no doubt in my opinion, that the right person was chosen. Sure, some in NZ (eg, BArryB ) might say, “but he’s an Aussie and us kiwis don’t need another Ozzie blah blah blah etc”. The biggest worry for NZ (imho) is “ “What is activated from the Report - if anything?”. Going on past performances, NZR doesn’t do itself any favours and no Govt has ever looked upon it as an Industry that contributes to the NZ Economy and also the social fabric of Society. So much can be done to invigorate it but whether or not the Govt and Racing Authorities have the will to apply the paddles to the patient is another story. But don’t blame Messara - he has the broad knowledge of Racing and he has the runs on the Board - something many on this site don’t have.
  24. Red Oak Stable's homebred grade 1 winner Unbridled Mo has been retired and will be sent to Kentucky to join the Red Oak broodmare band at Darby Dan Farm. View the full article
  25. gubellini

    Date For The Messara Report Release

    Unless the NZRB is replaced by a cost effective Racing Advisory Group the Messara Report will be an exercise in futility. Ditto if the only ones to gain are the elite breeders.
  26. poundforpound

    Date For The Messara Report Release

    I got that 96 pages info second hand, I wouldn’t take it too seriously / literally. Anyway we’ll all just turn to the exec summary, read that, ask a patsy question, have a cup of tea, and go home
  27. Ohokaman

    Frankel, Canterbury today

    Yes will be interesting to see if Avilius backs up that first up performance RR. I see Robert Hickmott has picked up a German 3yo named Schabau who has won his last two starts impressively and intending to race him in Australia with a view to the big races down the track if he measures up. Not sure if Lloyd Williams is involved in this. Nice turn of foot in this win.
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