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  2. This week is a recap of Kona Gold's win over Big Jag in the Palos Verdes Handicap (G2) Jan. 29, 2000 at Santa Anita Park. The recap, written by Craig Harzmann, ran in the Feb. 5, 2000 magazine and carried the headline, "Solid Gold." View the full article
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  4. Admin4

    Otaki Races

  5. Admin4

    Invercargill Dogs

  6. Admin4

    Te Awamutu Harness

  7. Virtual.Stipe

    The Fixer Fixed Up

    REALLY doubt that the All Stars and their team of owners will be stick around and just race for "The thrill of competition" Without punters, the Harness sport ethusiasts will be racing for ribbons as they do in England and then we'll see how long the Harness "sport" survives in NZ
  8. 100 1

    Trump written off

    The smartees predicted the Isis false flag 19 days ago after Trump decided to withdraw from Syria. so the enemy CNN could feed the propaganda bullshit to idiots like you. Read carefully to understand how all and sundry including the Military Industrial Complex profit from wars. The globalist MIC and white helmets will stage video and YouTube dying and crying children if dead Americans don’t “ do the trick”. This is the old trick of the US backed mujahideen in Afghanistan baiting Russia to expend wealth fighting an unwinnable war. Enter the creation of Osama bin Laden/ Tim Ossman, an CIA asset. Afghan war from 1979-1989. Russia lost, bankrupted, and the Berlin Wall fell in 1989. Now the US is fighting an unwinnable war except it is the US fighting itself to bankrupt itself. Trillions of dollars and countless loved ones lost. The US created Al Quaida and ISIS as the boogeyman for public consumption and fear porn. Reduce Muslim countries to rubble. Murder their women and children by indiscrimate bombings and get them really fucking pissed off at western countries. Then import them as “refugees” and release them into the general population. Who the fuck signed on to this idiocy? It was the plan from the beginning! President Trump is the proverbial “ shoe in the loom” of globalist machinations!
  9. HarryHindsight

    New FOB and Shutdown

    I wonder if John Allan could give us an example of arbitrage explaining the maths behind it. Just a stamp licker I think. I guess what they mean is "We don't know how to price anything and are really scared we might make a mistake. We copy someone else"
  10. HarryHindsight

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Most likely they are getting their pricing from the Betfair API + their commission. Which is ironic considering all they seem to of achieved with this up/down grade is protecting their pricing from arbitraging . Pretty much what Tabcorp did with java. Paranoia . Arbitrage = .picking up pennies in front of a steam roller , you could never get on the amount you need to to make it worthwhile. Idiots , vote with your feet and go where the pricing comes from. If you want to see where the smart money is going watch Betfair 1-2 minutes before the jump.
  11. 1. Trentham R5 2.35pm - 1,5 2. Trentham R7 3.47pm - 6,9 My Quinella 3. Trentham R8 4.22pm - 2,12 My Best Bet 4. Trentham R9 4.55pm - 6,14 5. Flemington R5 5.20pm - 7,9 6. Flemington R7 6.40pm - 1,2 7. Flemington R8 7.20pm - 2,7 8. Flemington R9 7.55pm - 8,15 Thank you Maria / scooby 3051 / Sponsor's :). Scorching 42 degree's at my home. 2019 is already providing plenty of Racing Tipping fun. Good to be back in my home :). God Bless.
  12. Virtual.Stipe

    racehorse rating for stallions

    How can you compare Savabeel and Tavistock in the same sentence as proven in Australia? Savabeel was a Group1 winner in Australia, rating 122 for his Cox Plate win. While Tavistock won the Group2 Blamey Statkes rating 115. The Blamey Stakes is at the back end of the Melbourne autumn, when all the good horse have gone to Sydney after the Australian Cup/Newmarket Day at Flemington. Both Darci Brahma and Tavistock were "NZ Champion Sprinters" of their year but both bever won an Open Class Group 1 in Australia, to put it politely. Savabeel has no peer in the NZ stallion ranks - his sales record year on year speaks for itself!
  13. Baz (NZ)

    Our Second Broodmare

    That looks like Peter Tims?
  14. Baz (NZ)

    First Broodmare

    What a strong looking have to be pleased with him so far!
  15. slam dunk

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Well at least the fields are there. There is nothing for Sunday at Te Rapa. Plenty Australian fields though. press function 5 when you get the blank page.
  16. 1. Trentham R5 2.35pm - 5/10 BB 2. Trentham R7 3.47pm - 3/15 3. Trentham R8 4.22pm - 1/6 4. Trentham R9 4.55pm - 7/16 5. Flemington R5 5.20pm - 3/4 6. Flemington R7 6.40pm - 1/2 7. Flemington R8 7.20pm - 7/13 Q 8. Flemington R9 7.55pm - 5/16 Thanks
  17. 1. Trentham R5 2.35pm - 7 8 2. Trentham R7 3.47pm - 4 6 3. Trentham R8 4.22pm - 1 2 Q 4. Trentham R9 4.55pm - 1 2 5. Flemington R5 5.20pm - 2 3 6. Flemington R7 6.40pm - 4 5 7. Flemington R8 7.20pm - 2 8 8. Flemington R9 7.55pm - 6 10 BB
  18. Shad

    Hope you've upped the security Leo...

    Why are we waisting a thread on these low lifes, media can't let it go.Time to move on.
  19. chevy86

    Help me please

    I'd be interested to know how many of the regular "expert" posters on this Harness Forum, especially the Purdon and Dunn apologists, have been called by defence counsel to offer evidence in this Inca probe. I'm guessing zilch so pack up your tent and let the process play out.
  20. Ohokaman

    New FOB and Shutdown

    I still get nothing clicking Extended Form....just a blank page. And looking at Trentham fields, why does the form commentary have no relevance to the selections... ???
  21. chevy86

    Hope you've upped the security Leo...

    But worst of all, they breed.
  22. Red Rum

    Hope you've upped the security Leo...

    Not everything is as it seems now days, They might self identify as Irish , Scottish, English , Kiwi, Aussie etc, its how you feel nowdays I read.As for the Garda they take no shit from troublemakers like these clowns .
  23. chevy86

    New FOB and Shutdown

    That's one of the basic problems with this new platform--previously everything of importance was there with one click--now it is a bloody game of "hide and seek". IMO
  24. The lucky abacus has been spun..... The lucky dartboard has had darts thrown at it..... Race 1...#3 , #5 Race 2...#6 , #15 Race 3...#3 , #11...BB Race 4...#6 , #18 Race 5...#4 , #8...Quinny Race 6...#4 , #9 Race 7...#2 , #6 Race 8...#5 , #7 Thanks to organisers and sponsors and scorers Cubes and Out
  25. Ponderosa8

    New FOB and Shutdown

    It is there.... that's if you know where to look. Click on EXTENDED FORM and then click on EXPAND ALL.
  26. poundforpound

    Hope you've upped the security Leo...

    Well they’re travelers, that part’s true, and you can call them gypsies, because they are, but they ain’t fookin’ Irish. They said they’re from Liverpool, mind you a lot of Paddies do settle there, but the British media say they’re from Leicestershire, and I heard one of the fookers interviewed and his accent was more English than Irish. It’s also been noted that they have very poor personal habits, they don’t bathe, and the defecate randomly. Those traits are more English than Irish.
  27. hedley

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Another thing wrong is the absence of Left handed or Right handed track starts., This needs to be added too.
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