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  3. So here's a quick breakdown of who has what portfolio in the National Party now: Judith Collins - National Security Gerry Brownlee - NZSIS, GCSB, Covid Border Response Paul Goldsmith - Finance, Earthquake Commission Simon Bridges - Foreign Affairs, Justice Shane Reti - Health Todd McClay - Economic Development, Tourism Chris Bishop - Infrastructure, Transport, Shadow Leader of the House Todd Muller - Trade Louise Upston - Social Development, Social Investment Scott Simpson - Environment, Climate Change, Planning (RMA reform) David Bennett - Agriculture Michael Woodhouse - Regional Economic Development, Pike River re-entry, Deputy Shadow-Leader of the House Nicola Willis - Education, Early Childhood Education Jacqui Dean - Housing and Urban Development, Conservation Mark Mitchell - Defence and Disarmament, Sport and Recreation Melissa Lee - Broadcasting, Communications and Digital-Media, Data and Cyber-Security Andrew Bayly - Revenue, Commerce, State-Owned Enterprises, Associate Finance, Small Business and Manufacturing Nick Smith - State Services, Electoral Law Reform, Drug Reform
  4. 100 1

    Jacinda Ardern

    So while these traitors who have sold out NZ to the CCP are making headlines, in US Trump is stripping them of all their assets.
  5. Under pressure from the California Horse Racing Board to curb a spike in equine fatalities in recent months, Los Alamitos Race Course has submitted a required safety plan to the CHRB prior to a follow-up meeting with the board July 20. View the full article
  6. All the best Leo, Grimstone is like a dog with a bone. I wonder how far he would have got prosecuting someone for calling him a c..t when he was in the police force. It just goes to show how vindictive the RIU has become.
  7. JJ on the whole I enjoy Mikes posts, but he does not seem to be able to have a conversation without getting angry and aggressive. If he just stuck to the topic his input is usually interesting and informative
  8. $47m is a long way from $100m. As stated the opening of the mine was a policy of the previous National Government and closed down due to excessive cost and continued danger by the current Government
  9. I would say their time would be better spent doing what they are being overpaid to do, not chasing personal garbage.
  10. Stables I was merely quoting what the RIU had asked the JCA to hand me down by way of penalty ... I’m expecting far less of course..but huge costs as the RIU is using Meredith Connnell, an extremely expensive law firm most recently engaged in the prosecution of the murderer of Grace Millane .. and I’m using a QC against them Anyone who knows Grimstone will understand these tactics ... and they won’t work
  11. Leo has are legitimate right to be an ASS .... $25,000 is steep to hurt someone`s feeling!!
  12. No Covid propaganda stories from the NZ Herald today either. THey have had their orders...The gig is up.
  13. MisterEd

    tab website

    The previous website had a logical system where you could search via bet type for you bets. Welcome to the fucked up system where everything is much harder to access. I pity those people who put on more than 20 bets per race searching back over the period of a day would be bordering on torture. Easy and logical solution for the TAB to resolve would be a drop down box to sort the results database by bet type or provide a download dump by csv or excel file although half the time some pending bets go missing when searching for them but show up later when confirmed, so I do not know what is happening there. Unfortunately the logical solutions fall on deaf ears and a once renowned betting site is never going to be the same again.
  14. You and a few others on here should just do what i did a month ago , use the block function so you dont have to read his posts. Greg
  15. First , Mallard was involved in the permitting of the mine , labour . " The Pike River Coal Company Ltd, formed in 1982, explored and then acquired authorisations for the Pike River Mine over the course of 23 years. The company decided to proceed with development of the mine in 2005. (labour government) The mine was officially opened in November 2008. It remained in development mode until the time of the explosion in November 2010." 17 March 2020 The cost of recovering the entry tunnel to the Pike River mine has dramatically increased. Early estimates in 2017 put the price at $23 million. That has now doubled to $47m and much more is required . The government had originally said it would assess what was involved in moving into the mine's main workings, once it had recovered the entry tunnel. However the Pike River Recovery Minister, Andrew Little, now said this would not be happening, and work would now finish once crews reach the rockfall just before the main workings. SO $47 MILLION gone more to follow and job half done , no bodys recovered , if they do the job they said they would do and achieve something it's a $100million from an original $27 million .
  16. get a good lawyer and take them on head first thats the only way to beat a bully
  17. Dont let them bully you Leo.
  18. 100 million? Show me the figures that make up that total. The opening of the Pike River mine was enacted by John Keys government, so wrong again
  19. I think this Poll is ridiculous. It should not be a Poll about LJM being right or wrong. He’s had an opinion he’s entitled to. The Poll should be whether or not the RIU should be charging LJM ! Whether they are overstepping the mark?. Are they weak as?
  20. Correct , indangered people know what's best for them , in Ausse many stores that were entitled to open did so for a short time but the customers stayed away , it wasn't economical to open so they closed . Welcome to the future , as comrade cindy said targeted controls not mass closedowns when this reemerges , the other option , comrade cindys first instinct will bankrupt us . cindy has realised how impractible closing down a country is , sooner or later our boarders will open to an infected world , the easy way out of the corner she has painted us all into is an outbreak here . The decion making is abit like pike river , best intentions on proven hopeless cause , now admitted no bodys will be recovered , it's just a vendetta that's going nowhere and bankrolled by comrade cindy , $100 million down ths drain .
  21. So questioning your post makes one a know it all? Pot calling kettle black you gutless wonder Mikie
  22. Well, knowing LM as I do, He’s always been honest and upfront in his opinion of people and has imho, normally been 100% correct in his character assessments. Why, he’s even referred to myself as a a “gentleman” amongst other fine descriptions, so he Certainly knows his stuff! But back to the heart of this topic. If LM has been charged by the RIU as stated, then it says more about them than it does about LJM, Grimstone or any suggestion of the latter being a racist. In Australia, anyone making the comments attributed to Grimstone in the Article posted above, would be vilified by every corner of the AUSSIE Press. He would be charged by Authorities and thrown in jail. There would be marches in the street that would make BLM marches look tame. That’s a fact. The reason? He’s a Police Officer. The RIU, in charging LJM in this manner, have revealed more about themselves than they have of either Grimstone or LM. They are as weak as piss. By the way, some may well agree with the description of Grimstone but jeeeez, he should be congratulated for surviving the job in South Auckland!!
  23. Keep trusting the blackmailed makes you credible
  24. Yep Because they were rigged in the first place Just like NZ fake news Stuff....for the first time in 4 months there are not 20 fake propaganda Covid fear porn stories to brainwash the populaton. Today crickets ...not one!!!! The Fake virus is up the borders
  25. Dangerous. I'm with bonjour, I think it would have won.
  26. Sophisticurl made her fourth start an impressive one, winning a July 15 maiden special weight for 2-year-old Florida-breds at Gulfstream Park, and in doing so she gave freshman sire Ride On Curlin his first winner. View the full article
  27. The Oaklawn Park stewards announced a 15-day suspension for trainer Bob Baffert after two of his standout horses failed post-race drug tests May 2 at the Hot Springs, Ark., track. The trainer will appeal the decision. View the full article
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