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  2. I don't think anyone was suggesting it was about to make a come-back Mike.
  3. If the Country Cup dates were happened to be fixed because of some higher level programming, Auckland could have at least programmed a R35+ race. At present all those lower grade trotters have no alternative other than nominate for the Cup qualifier.
  4. I'm struggling to see why anyone of any great standing would be attracted to working for Trackside the way it is. The idea is sound and a positive thought, I just can't see how it could happen with the people there at the moment. I also don't understand why the current lot don't seem to improve, obviously they don't have any training.
  5. Which is what they hired Pickles for…..look how that turned out……
  6. You obviously have read your history and i've read mine but they differ so i will leave it there.
  7. Thought the same myself, they have a FFA at Auckland with only 5 noms maybe one or two of those at Cambridge may have run in it but would they if it's dominated by one or two anyway. Westport noms for Friday are better than Xmas, does help when their rating 51 feature races don't have to compete with another rating 51 race at Motukarara.
  8. Well at least Iraklis and Steelo found that remark funny .....whereas I just found it 'sad' ... as jealousy is a terrible thing and you have a double scoop of it Flasher. I bet you wish you could select winners like the big man does .....but you can't even acknowledge his superlative performances at the track so you should really crawl back down your hole ....or better still go to Countdown and FLASH to the other RATS in there.....they will laugh their heads off at you as well. . Go on Flasher .....get down to Countdown to purchase another double scoop of JEALOUSY . Long live the WHALE....!!!! FF.
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  10. Crusty, when the Arabs chant death to America and death to Israel do you think they would like to slaughter them? also the supporters of Palestine who chanted gas the Jews on the steps of the Sydney Opera House do you think they like the Jews? Is there a reason Jordan, Egypt Lebanon and Cairo won't take the refugees from Palestine to their country?
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  12. Whoever thought it a good idea to put on trotting and pacing Country Cup meetings at Cambridge when the meeting is back to back with Auckland? If these two clubs were working together for the best of the industry, this is the week Cambridge should be running a 'minor' meeting.
  13. mikenz sure would be was racing in the late 1960ts
  14. Yes. Fair enough. Someone like that would also be valuable in the role as a trainer and mentor of younger presenters.
  15. I think Chestnut was merely pointing out he had some link to racing... a fair point after all everyone is entitled to their opinion...
  16. Don't know much about the horse when racing but by my reckoning it's probably passed on by now
  17. Hamas is the elected government of Palestine and recent polls show even after all that's happened a majority still support Hamas The Central Elections Commission released the final results on Sunday, 29 January 2006, and announced that Change and Reform (Hamas) had won 74 of the 132 seats, while Fatah trailed with 45. According to the results, Hamas won the large majority of the constituency seats but was more narrowly ahead on the lists. And this . RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — A wartime opinion poll among Palestinians published Wednesday shows a rise in support for Hamas, which appears to have ticked up even in the devastated Gaza Strip .
  18. I agree with you. Just don't think that a co-presentation 7 years ago is much help to support the case.
  19. Helios Express overcame a muddling pace and severe traffic issues to win the Hong Kong Classic Cup March 3 at Sha Tin Racecourse, keeping alive his chances to sweep the 4-Year-Old Classic series with another score in the Hong Kong Derby.View the full article
  20. Fountain of Youth Stakes (G2) winner Dornoch exited his victory well March 3. Plans for a final Kentucky Derby (G1) prep are still to be made.View the full article
  21. A very good stayer, Some say over rated others one of the unluckiest horses of his time. Very loyal Strapper and track work rider was Trevor Hunt. He used to pull like hell settling near the back and seemed to strike traffic problems all the time would run home well great timing by Grenville BUT at times missed judged like the Auckland cup defeat by a nose to Royal Sheen . !st start in Melbourne cup one of the favorites The Aussie jocks got to him knock around couldnt get a run fly home for 7th. THE following year Hot favorite for cup But scratched day before by order of the Stewarts. A virous was later detected. Was never the same after that. Most interesting was that Trevor Hunt spent a week in hospital after the horse was scratched ??? apart from a bowel problem his illness remain a mystery. Terrific retired to stud I think to France a big failure leaving only a couple of winners, NOW Not Again ok horse actually named sort of by the Aussies. After Terrific Dr Grant said publicly We well be back. reporters writing Oh not again hence the name give by the Doctor
  22. Why do , Palestinians have to die if Hammas don't surrender.
  23. Rubbish if Hamas doesn't surrender many more Palestinians will die , WHAT do you expect Israel to do Hamas slaughtered 1200 Israeli civilians there's no escaping that fact. I see the proposed ceasefire is in doubt because Hamas won't provide the names of the hostages they hold , again if they chose to sabotage the proposed cease fire it's on them and they will get what they deserve , Netanyahu didn't start this nigh mare Hamas did .
  24. 2ND Dam was Sunbride of General Command,Straight Draw and ILLUMQUH fame.
  25. I'm surprised they are not head hunted by Bud Light and Disney.
  26. Ridden by the great Grenville Hughes. Very good 3 year old
  27. a Hammas surrender won't stop anything because Netenyahu is nuts.
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