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    • Agree and throwing more money at the top end will not change the field they would get in any form as the good horses would still be there.  My opinion is there should be more of the special big prize money races for the battling trainers and battling owners with a lower grade horse, these should be encouraged as you never know the next one they own may just be a good one but if they leave then very difficult to get them back. Way to much focus on the top end...needs to spread more somehow...not sure how as there are so many lower end races to fund but targeted series for those may work to..spread out the riches to many more not just a select few.JMO
    • Who is 88888? Chinese lucky number.
    • There will never be unity in the industry , self interest in all areas is too strong . When money is involved then those doing well have very little motivation for change . Most are very comfortable financially so are happy to take as much as they can while they can and when/if things go tits up they will either move across the ditch or close up shop and retire . The A/W's are a classic example , all those big stables training on them and having regular racing on them have a huge advantage so are more than happy to have them and won't have a bad word said about them , why would they ? they have an advantage , look at the numbers that race on them , huge% of them home track horses . Then extrapolate to all other areas of the industry and the status quo will always hold sway . Now are they truly better for the WHOLE industry ?. As for changing the way the industry is run and managed , for one those in charge have no idea nor appetite for major change , too big a job . Look at areas of our industry that have needed change for the last 20 years , programming , calendar, ratings , tracks , stakes for god knows how long , if Entain hadn't come along it would still resemble previous years , the shortage of jockeys coming through , the drain on our horse population , not enough owners . Clear issues that have never had any significant attempt at rectifying . The only significant thing that has changed is the Entain money , but as ever we see the vast majority of that money being directed where the big boys have the greatest opportunity of winning it . Yet that was one of the easiest solves IMO , use the money to build a solid base which in turn might help solve , how ever slowly , a couple of other problems , owners staying in the game and owners not so quick to sell a promising horse . Building a strong base would in the long run help build the whole industry into a better and stronger industry , would have taken time but good things do , but we went for the fast and easy solution which benefits a few . IMO our current position is as good as it gets , unless the things above are tackled and improved then things simply CANNOT improve , money alone cannot solve our problems . in many instances used in the wrong way it just perpetuates them . 
    • Sad to hear of the passing of Dr Jim Marks, one of the best vets I ever had the pleasure to know. Great guy who loved life and lived it to the fullest. Thought and prayers with his family at this sad time, give em hell up there Jim you were one of the worlds great characters...RIP.
    • Alf your a legend , never seen this video , excellent watching , and good to see CR in his normal state as ever , shitfaced . I remember watching a late night comedy game show in the 80's , the hosts were Bob Mortimer and Vic Reeves and they would both have 2 guests in their team and answer questions , one of them had CR on his team and they went to him twice with questions but he was sooo stoned he literally had know idea where he was so in the end they said just leave him out and carry on , it was hilarious . He also sings my all-time favorite xmas song "driving home for xmas" . Much appreciated .  
    • One of the first crop of yearlings purchased by John Stewart's Resolute Racing, Virgin Colada is part of Stewart's plan for international turf competition.View the full article
    • Multiple stakes winner Valentine Candy, in search of his first graded victory, faces no easy task in the $200,000 Amsterdam Stakes (G2) at Saratoga Race Course July 26, when he will encounter several up-and-coming 3-year-olds.View the full article
    • Japan is a hugely successful racing jurisdiction - the amounts of prize money and betting turnover are extraordinary. From what little I know of it, however, it's a two-tier set up. The JRA covers the main weekend meetings and all the big races but you also have the NAR meetings at the smaller courses - these are basically racecourses run by the local authority and these stage the midweek meetings. The authority runs the race meetings but they all sit under the NAR (National Association of Racing). The JRA is a public company with the remit to run the big meetings but they also run betting and training facilities and perform the regulatory function. It's different to France or the UK or Hong Kong. I've said this before to you all but the first question you have to answer before you can move forward is who owns the product? In the UK, we have a triumvirate - the bookmakers, the racecourses and the Horsemen (Owners, Trainers, Jockeys) with the British Horseracing Authority as the regulatory body.  The courses own the product and sell it to the bookies via the media rights deal while the bookies get income from streaming races and of course from punters. I think what NZ needs to do is borrow what will work for you from other jurisdictions. Each jurisdiction has had to evolve its operating model to fit its circumstances.    
    • Thanks Pam I haven't looked at the model in France but I will take a look with interest tonight. What we currently have is splintered, disfunctional, and clealry not working. I'm not sure anyone would claim it as a success? This level of restructure necessary could, and would, need to be driven by the Minister of Racing. But there is no united industry voice calling for change. The so called leaders  that we have are happy to continue to the bottom on the HMS Racing, arranging deck chairs and playing 'PR managed music' until the lights flicker and die...     
    • One of the first crop of yearlings purchased by John Stewart's Resolute Racing, Virgin Colada is part of Stewart's plan for international turf competition.View the full article
    • it was beyond belief Biden even got this far and no surprise he was outted after a debate that could only expose his ineptitude further.....this looked quite contrived by the DEMORATS and to suggest the Obamas and Pelosi were surprised would be crazy ,the plan all along was to put another useless puppet front and centre and from what we have seen from Harris previously it is amazing people even consider to give her their vote.....plenty of material online for those who dont watch the TV Propaganda...........the US Powerbase can never  be trusted
    • Well, you've started, with your reference to the JRA.     Excellent idea, have a good look at a structure that DOES work.     Many have pointed hopefully to Australia, but lack understanding of the differences we have.  For starters, we'd have to give up a Govt -sanctioned monopoly, stand on our own feet and pay our own way like any other business - as do Aus operations.  Our tax-free status for one would have to go.  And the goose that lays the golden egg - the punter - is not a bottomless pit, to be taxed and levied ad infinitum.  Even over there, there are signs that there will be a tipping point. France?   seems to be very successful and well-respected.      Surely we'll get some more traction here?  
    • ....How  they intend to "vaccinate" our entire Bird Population to save us is the most worrying aspect of all this........where will it wont be lining up to get a toxic  needle it will, if not already be unleashed in other ways without individual consent  .if our Government stopped funding these money grabbers it would be a start but now huge sums have been fed into the WHO their power and Control  makes them almost unstoppable................... 
    • You do Mites,can always count on you for  some good constructive criticism  They are playing two cellar dwellers at home next few weeks and the faithful will expect two comfortable wins...but with  the Titans demolition makes it a must to score BIG wins with differential being their most serious problem for the uphill fight to make the payoffs....never say never with this side but without a kicker grit and determination will only get you so far. Jockeys are incredible,but we all make mistakes, and  in the public eye with hard earned money on the line but surely  you have to expect mug punters  to throw in their 2c....if high expectations are no met 😆
    • Time to look back at the weekend just gone in Europe. It was a day more of quantity than quality in England with Newbury staging a weak feature card. That said, the Group 3 Hackwood over 1200m only muddied the sprinting waters further. A week after the 3-y-o sprinters had been put to the sword in the July Cup, the younger horses got their revenge as ELITE STATUS beat Commonwealth Cup runner up LAKE FOREST. The winner had won a Listed over course and distance so this was a step forward but he took some notable scalps. The second ran as though an extra 200m would help while race favourite REGIONAL, who had missed Newmarket because of the quick ground, was only fourth. REGIONAL had chased home ASFOORA in the King Charles III and it looked as though he didn't quite get home off what I thought was a strong enough gallop. The second and third furlongs were both sub 11 seconds. The Commonwealth Cup runner up ran better than INISHERIN, the winner, had at Newmarket so as I say, colour me confused. Over in Ireland, the feature was the Irish Oaks over 2400m and the question seemed to be whether Ryan Moore had chosen right in picking CONTENT over PORT FAIRY: Ryan Moore has ridden many fine races - this wasn't one of them. He was a long way back on CONTENT, got hampered on the home turn and then had to weve through traffic by which time YOU GOT TO ME Had flown. In the first time tongue strap, the winner made amends for a fourth place at Epsom (when carrying my each way money) and a more disapppointing fourth in the Ribblesdale. She reversed the Ascot form comprehensively with PORT FAIRY who was up front with RUBIES ARE RED but the pair went too hard and ended up in the last two places. It all got a bit congested 500m down as the pace collapsed up front. PURPLE LILY was prominent throughout but had to settle for third as CONTENT took second in the final 100m. I thought ELIZABETH LAKE ran well for Dermot Weld and a word also for HANALIA on just her fourth run - one to follow. The winner is 10s for the Yorkshire Oaks next month. The second has obvious talent but needs a bit more luck. They ran 2 minutes 32.61 seconds which was a decent time (fractionally below Standard). The supporting Group 2 Sapphire saw an easy win for BELIEVING who was always prominent and was simply too good. She's 3s for the King George at Goodwood next week where she might meet ASFOORA and 10s for the Nunthorps. This will have given her confidence a real boost and it'll be fascinating to see how she goes back at the top level. The Group 2 Curragh Cup saw a remarkable performance from TOWER OF LONDON who cut down his stable companion GROSVENOR SQUARE having been 15 lengths behind with 400m to go. The first two finished seven lengths ahead of VAUBAN who for me isn't the horse he was before Flemington. Speaking of that 2-mile handicap in November, Aidan O'Brien in the post race interview hinted both the winner and second might head to Melbourne. GROSVENOR SQUARE improved markedly for the step up in trip and 3200m will be no problem. The winner is an experienced international traveller and were he to go on the plane to Australia would go with real claims. I wonder if I saw next year's Derby winner in the opening 1400m maiden as THE LION IN WINTER (Sea the Stars out of a Lope de Vega mare and a full to a 69-rated handicapper in England) looked very good. He could be anything or nothing, time will tell. Yesterday, another who looked very good was POET MASTER from the Karl Burke yard who won the Group 2 Minstrel by four lengths and is clearly improving fast. MOUNTAIN BEAR completely missed the break and was 22 lengths back in last. The winner is 12s for the Lennox which brings together all the good 1400m horses so we'll see how he goes in those deeper waters. LORD MANEUSSUS was second but well held by the winner but the decision to step back from 2000m was vindicated. The action this weekend is centred on Ascot and the Group 1 King George VI & Queen Elizabeth over 2400m. 11 entries of which five came from Ballydoyle including the favourite AUGUSTE RODIN who won the Prince of Wales at Ascot last time, Second in is another globetrotter REBEL'S ROMANCE who won the Sheema Classic and the Champions & Chater Cup in his last two runs with BLUESTOCKING third favourite at 5s. It's often billed as an inter-generational clash but this year only the Irish Derby runner up SUNWAY represents the classic crop. In other 3-y-o news, it's been confirmed CITY OF TROY will run next in the Juddmonte at York while Ascot Summer MIle winner QUDDWAH will miss the Sussex in favour of the Marois at Deauville.  
    • Couldn't agree more about the 'total refresh',  so how to bring about change is the big question.  Strike action was put out there to promote discussion and draw out ideas about how change could be induced but it would never happen, I knew that.  And as for ideas coming forward... Like others on here I'm considering finding other ways to spend my time and money, rather than endure the frustrations and BS of the shit show it's become.  
    • The Post of the Year. Thank you and congratulations Pam
    • That values him at $1,500,000 The chances of getting your money back and making a profit are questionable in my opinion. He would definitely need to win $2.5 for it to happen.
    • And for those Chris Rea fans, this version is awesome!!  
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