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  1. Biggest punting day of the year, its Derby Day in Australia and you can bet off course at Pukekohe's Punters Comp. $4,000 1st prize, $1,000 2nd prize, $500 3rd prize. Betting fund $500. Free drink and lunch. You can have a syndicate of up to 4 people, each person additional person in the fund pays $80 to drink and eat. PLEASE JOIN US.
  2. shaneMcAlister


    This is great news. Thanks for update.
  3. shaneMcAlister

    Walk home a winner on Saturday

    There is a punters club on course. But to keep things simple it will be run separately.
  4. shaneMcAlister

    Walk home a winner on Saturday

    Hi Gruff. We do not know what to expect. Mark Chitty is very keen to see if something like this could increase on course turnover. Master builder awards and Counties with a promotion to get 8,000 to see SBW play is our competition tomorrow. We do have 170 booked for buys day out room and another 130 punters booked upstairs. So fingers crossed. Cheers
  5. shaneMcAlister

    Walk home a winner on Saturday

    Here she is
  6. shaneMcAlister

    Walk home a winner on Saturday

    WALK HOME AN OWNER ON SATURDAY!Thanks to Haunui Farm we will be giving away a 10% share in a showcasing filly to be trained by Nigel Tiley. This includes all training fees for the fillies entire racing career!All you have to do is place a $50 bet on Saturday, write your name and email on the back of your betting slip and put it in the buckets at the bar of the Members Lounge. Winner will be announced in the Birdcage after Race 8. Turn Up.. Have A Bet.. Go Home An OwnerTOO EASY!
  7. shaneMcAlister

    Win 10% share in Showcasing filly.

    Just a reminder that the chance to win a share with no training costs in a Showcasing filly is next weekend 10 August at Pukekohe Park.
  8. shaneMcAlister

    NZTR board candidates

    Thanks Chris I actually did throw my hat in the ring but unfortunately got the below..... "Thank you for your interest in serving as an NZTR Director. The NZTR Members Council has met to shortlist applicants and I regret to advise that you were not selected for an interview. We thank you for your time and wish you well for the future."
  9. shaneMcAlister

    Win 10% share in Showcasing filly.

    Exactly. No training fees to pay.
  10. shaneMcAlister

    Win 10% share in Showcasing filly.

    Hi all. Just want to let you know that Haunui Farm have been incredibly generous to Pukekohe Park and are offering a 10% share in a Showcasing (leading 2yo sire this season) 2yo filly for her racing career. No expenses to pay during her racing career. To win this all your have to do is attend the Boys Day Out on Saturday 10th August and place a wee $50 bet.
  11. shaneMcAlister

    Anyone miss The Informant ?

    and another one
  12. shaneMcAlister

    The Informant

    The TAB are looking at charging people to use its app and website. As they have become aware that people are using the app and website form to punt on the TAB.
  13. shaneMcAlister

    John Allan Industry Conversations

    What are the dates on these please? He has two questions to answer me from 2 years ago.....
  14. shaneMcAlister

    Chat at the track

    Slam Dunk, I do not know the answers to all you add. However I do know a lot of the supposed new generation like the social media interaction. If I am personally lying on the coach I will watch this. However I do not often get to listen to the radio. Yes it is the same trainers, but having the main trainers covers over 50% of runners. Hard to meet all needs I suppose.
  15. shaneMcAlister

    Chat at the track

    These chat at the track videos that Love Racing produce are awesome. Usually come through my Facebook page. Ps us punters appreciate the time the trainers give to do these. Thank you all