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  1. shaneMcAlister

    Is this happening in Petone

    Ellerslie does not kick back into racing till September anyhow. They are talking the July to August period.
  2. shaneMcAlister

    NZTR update

    Silence to date. They have $400k a week maintenance to pay on our betting platform still.
  3. shaneMcAlister

    NZTR update

    I think this is could be where our opportunity lies. Back racing before Aussie.
  4. shaneMcAlister

    Thoughts to help NZ Racing....Please help !

    I think we need to remove the RIU immediately, as the only way to get a pay day going forward will be to pull off a good old fashioned punt (stroke)......
  5. shaneMcAlister

    Thoughts to help NZ Racing....Please help !

    I have been saying this too. Fonterra HQ should be in the Waikato and NZTR and Rita do not have to be in the cities. There is a third floor in Pukekohe we could renovate for them. Free parking and cheaper housing. They could even see a horse train.....
  6. shaneMcAlister

    App ratings

    Just general user rating on apples App Store.
  7. shaneMcAlister

    App ratings

    PUBLIC RATING OF COMPETITOR APPS Ladbrokes 4.75 stars Bet 365 4 stars Bet Easy 4.5 stars William Hill 4.5 stars TAB Qld 5 stars Betfair 4.5 stars AND NOW FOR OURS NZ TAB 1.5 stars This is after $50M has been spent we have an app that is rated 1.5 stars. When can we look in the mirror and say that our new system just does not rate!!
  8. shaneMcAlister

    Betting on two flies crawling up a wall next?

    World pools in my view is the road forward.
  9. shaneMcAlister


    Stay home safe lives. Our road toll for last 4 days is zero.
  10. shaneMcAlister

    dean mckenzie

    I personally think Dean knows his stuff, understands gambling etc. However I am disappointed the way this bill has been put together, and the fact we have stalled again and again.
  11. shaneMcAlister

    dean mckenzie

    "Even if the TAB had significant reserves tucked away for this (very) rainy day (as it once had a number of years ago earmarked for a potential equine influenza outbreak), I’m fairly certain it wouldn’t come close to solving all our troubles. It would have helped, no doubt, but the sheer tsunami of sh#t this event has thrown at us, is unprecedented." He said it as it is, this sounds ominous!!
  12. shaneMcAlister

    Any Owner Compo ?

    Owners compo is no training fees and delaying knowing we have a slow one :-)
  13. shaneMcAlister

    Where to Next .

    Its a mess and its far reaching. That's why it is essential to get through this asap!
  14. shaneMcAlister

    Some Good News

    Totally agree re supermarket workers etc. That is why all non essentials need to stop so that this sh1t ends quickly.
  15. shaneMcAlister

    Some Good News

    Cambridge track closed now too. Good work. We are all in this together NZ.