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  1. A fall out is usually money associated. If Gary Vile is fully paid up to date then this is a bad look by RACE. If Gary Vile is not fully paid up to date then their position becomes a litte easier to understand. But yet another nail in the NZ racing coffin. The All weather track in Central Districts will not be getting too much use....
  2. Resources would also be better spent on prize money too. I am a firm believer that better prize money reduces the need for some to try alternative ways to make a quid.
  3. I thought he was very good on the show today too, his rant about the RIU advertising their "tell tale line" during prime time racing was particulary spot on. Makes a new watcher confirm their preconceived thoughts that racing is rigged. When we all know it is fairly clean.
  4. In Brian De Lore's latest article ( he has a graph on the shrinkage of our mares served and foal crop. He has actuals and then forecast. I have added in the % row. How would he have the foal crop as a percentage to mares served shrink from 60% down to 49%? I always assumed that less mares served could actually result in a very slight increase in the foal crop as a percentage.
  5. I think they will thrive over there, they are still at a stage in life where they are young enough to give it a good crack. They have the access to top jockeys too. Look forward to supporting them over there.
  6. I am just guessing here, but think they cannot find enough staff in todays tight employment market to count all the money made through racing horses in NZ.
  7. I hope this is proved incorrect. Jump racing offers so much to racing and those that particiapate in jump racing.
  8. In my humble opinion, jump racing is better for horse welfare than the emphasis on 2yo racing. In Ireland you buy store horses, unbroken 4yo's for a career at jumps. They will race generally between 5-10 years old. Very often 2yo racing can be the end of a horses career.
  9. They do a bit of it in Ireland and France too....
  10. You are never replicating this anywhere else in the world. Cheltenham is a different beast. People live and breath the festival, no bands needed, no free entry, no fashion parades just the horses and the betting. The crowds line the walk back to the winners enclosure to cheer the horses, they love the horses and the participants. Jump racing has a different breed of supporters to the flat. Ascot is great but it is not pure like Cheltenham.
  11. WORLD POOL EXPLAINED World Pool is a collaboration between the Hong Kong Jockey Club, TDCO Limited and Tpoolco Limited (together trading as “Tote”) and Ascot Racecourse. It enables racegoers to bet into a global pool consisting of over 20 countries, resulting in significantly bigger pools and increasing the total amount that can be won.
  12. This is not correct. Fixed odds markets are framed at a percentage, TAB can be as high as 135% in early markets and work its way down to 115% before the off. However they can still have a losing race, if their take on each horse is not inproportion, and it never wlll be. Tote markets have a % take out. Both operate separately, so you don't add one to the other. I am a massive advocate of the world tote.
  13. I would prefer we had a 1% human welfare contribution rather than the animal one. I think our game would be in a better place. Good luck to her. All owners and trainers should be able to take care of their own animal welfare, humans not so unfortunately.
  14. Didn't see that happening......Naturally all owners and trainers will be compensated for costs incurred....
  15. What Te Akau charge is totally up to them. It's like a coffee shop charging $6 for a coffee as opposed to $4.50 for a coffee, if the market can stand it then so be it. Te Akau would have some overheads that other outfits don't, higher marketing costs, high communication costs with owners etc too. I am sure that a business the size of Te Akau's would have to encounter some bad debts too that have to be rightfully spread across the business. What I find hard to take is the media projection that only DCE can buy good horses. Why whenever a Te Akau horse wins that the article has to say h