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  2. Amber is also making a successful fist of owner training too.
  3. The TAB figures are suggesting the less they do the more turnover increases
  4. Whether it is 10-12 horses or 20-25 it is an extrordinary effort with that size string (that I was unaware of).
  5. I personally think Probabeel has a much better chaince of winning a Cox Plate than Melody Belle would (both horses of dreams). The Aussies loved Sunline too, she packed out racecourses.
  6. Never ever. He is good fella and a great trainer.
  7. I never knew that fact about Margaret Bull, very interesting. I think Jamie Richards has taken Te Akau training to a new level of success, particularly in Australia. He does a great job, is young and can break a lot of records. It is also true that not every trainer in NZ gets 50 new Karaka 1 horses every year. There are many trainers in NZ that would have only seen a Savabeel at the track.
  8. I actually think the fix has to come at prize money level. The rest will follow. Increase prize money significantly and the below happens: less horses sold overseas bigger fields better quality Trainers can charge more and earn more winners percentage jockeys can earn more and don’t have to go to oz more owners bred More owners get involved more owners buy the quality of product improves and attracts more punters dollars It goes on and on, but prize money is the most important thing
  9. Huge win by Probabeel. Just awesome. Good to see Melody Belle back again too. Good days racing for NZ breds, Kolding and Verry Ellegannt too.
  10. I doubt it stopped $30k going through the tab. Where does this leave the Melbourne cup Calcutta’s? Will Steven be in my local pub?!