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  1. Totally agree. I am a truck driver (old truck) and miss it.
  2. Thanks leggy. So post the new betting platform our net betting turnover is still less than the old system....
  3. Nice to see a result to grow on, because RITA inherited a mess. However it must be remembered that these revenue/turnover figures are after a new system was implemented to grow them.....I am guessing the new betting platform has not produced the results forecasted... I personally would like to see a comparison to last year not budget. Is that available JJ Flash? thanks
  4. Hi NextPlease. please message me re your email to pukekohe and I will get a response back to you ASAP
  5. Done. Awesome work. Thank you to all involved
  6. Just an example of what is out there..... How it works: Place a Fixed Win bet on any Australian horse race. If the price at the jump (final Official Price) is greater than the price that you took, we will pay you out at the bigger odds. For example, if you take 2.50 and the price of your selection drifts to 4.00, we will pay you out at 4.00 if it wins.
  7. It would help if the tab site worked well and odds were competitive. I will do my best to bet on NZ tab but not at a personal cost.
  8. The track played host to 11 races for the day with full fields and held up well in the winter conditions. The fact that we had so many races demonstrates that many owners and trainers were keen to get back to the races with their horses and see them perform despite the open entry system adopted for the remainder of the season. The track has come through the day well and track manager Emery White is confident it will be back in shape for our next meeting here on Wednesday 15th July.
  9. $93k on course at pukekohe nearly $2m off course
  10. Congratulations to Lindsays. A nice stallion for Probabeel.
  11. 40 mils in 3 days before yesterdays heavy rain (do not know that figure yet). If you had your time again you probably wouldn't build a track in such a low lying area.
  12. Totally. Good horses are spelled to July/August. You don’t dream of breeding a Winter horse, you just end up there
  13. It was spot on for the shortest day. No horse had run in over 3 months, open entry races and 5 favourites won.