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  1. That’s the whole argument. The majority of Ireland just see Ireland as 32 counties. Not only the 26 in the republic.
  2. Falls road is in Belfast, and Belfast is in Ireland. The North of Ireland… As they say from there it’s Derry not Londonderry. The sign says if you want London start swimming…
  3. Key prizemoney increases between 28 August – 2 April are: Industry meeting minimum stakes will increase from $10,000 to $12,000. Iconic meeting minimum prizemoney increases from $40,000 to $50,000. Premier meeting minimum prizemoney increases from $30,000 to $40,000 per race, excluding maiden races. Feature meeting minimum prizemoney increases will apply across various levels including Maiden minimums moving from $10,000 to $15,000, and Open minimums from $32,500 to $40,000. Group and Listed minimum stakes will see the following changes – Listed Races move from $50,0
  4. Its a budgeted (not given yet) distribution of $170M. $30M is from racefields and repelling the betting level.... The increase on budget is against a Covid budget. Till a bottom dweller like myself is not racing for $10K stakes I will not hold my breath. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT STAKES ARE FOR NEXT YEAR, THIS IS BULLSHIT. SportsBet (who wanted to discuss a JV with NZ TAB) is up 54% in turnover compared to last year. The Covid time (no holidays, government money) has been a boom for bookmakers.
  5. Below is my personal scorecard. In 3 years we have acheived 55% of recommendations.
  6. Hi JJ. Who is the new Board, be hard to get this ready for today’s meeting. It’s just crazy and continuous delays.
  7. I would not waste money on refurbishing tracks as they won’t need them if they don’t increase stake money. TAB have given them increased funding, they need to distribute to those that provide the product or there is no product. fertiliser is better for the land than a new tractor.
  8. Sorry for your loss Berri. Thoughts with you.
  9. Reserves for a rainy day? Please tell NZTR it is pissing down!!
  10. I personally think it is crazy the new season starts in august and we do not know if we are still racing for a bag or spuds or not!!! We were told end of June we get a stake announcement so must be close……
  11. Note Betfair will have up to 6% commission on winnings, so you would only get odds of $20.40 for India.... Above is the cricket odds comparison, I can understand the TAB being shorter on NZ as home support may unbalance their book. So by that logic they should be longer on draw and India, but oh no they are shorter on them too. How will the ever compete, or attract overseas punters with this?!?!
  12. Hi Kdt, the three codes might not have any role in this. This maybe purely a MBIE mistake, ie MBIE paid an account that was not race inc's.
  13. Correct, infact it is often the rebate rate that is their profit.