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  1. shaneMcAlister

    Merry Christmas To All

    You have gone for home early. Merry Xmas and thanks for your efforts.
  2. shaneMcAlister


    Looking forward to this today too. A positive step.
  3. shaneMcAlister

    Te Akau Thread

    This is 100% correct. If I breed my own horse and do not put it through the ring then I am not eligible for these races even though it has $500K of industry stakes that I may feel should be for all participants. Saying that it is a good night.
  4. shaneMcAlister

    5 years Karaka data

    Trump, I hope its me :-), I try every year to get involved in a new horse as I live for this game. What I was showing was that value/success can be got down the chain. I show this to my friends to explain you don't have to be involved in the most expensive horse to get wins. The better chance of a return is further down the chain in my opinion.
  5. shaneMcAlister

    Te Akau Thread

    I just want this on record. I have not abused TA in any sharp or form. I have said in this form that they are very good for NZ racing. I have also said in this form that I think Jamie does an incredible job. I did not set up this thread or the other one. I know SD and I defended the accusations as they were simply not true. Anyone can call me on 027 225 5255 if any issues.
  6. shaneMcAlister

    Te Akau Thread

    I think people getting to see and feel and the thoroughbred is the most important thing for the future. Without the horse the game will not exist.
  7. shaneMcAlister

    5 years Karaka data

    This is just cost v track earnings. Ignores residual value. Also costs here exclude all training costs etc
  8. shaneMcAlister

    5 years Karaka data

    From the top 10 lots at Karaka for the past 5 years: One horse has won its purchase price back, Long Leaf. No horse has won more than 4 races 29 horses have won 1 or less races Average cost $735,400 average stakes won $102,387. Average races won 1.94. * This does not include stallion or mare value end of race career. AUD and NZD could be mixed, but immaterial.
  9. shaneMcAlister

    Te Akau Thread

    I too have no association with TA. I think Jamie is doing a great job and getting results in Oz too. HE is good for the media too. I think John Galvin post on here was very measured, open and appreciated.
  10. shaneMcAlister

    Te Akau Thread

    I have no problem with moderation. I just thought there was nothing wrong with the post pulled down asking Leo to put up or shut up (with $10k donation) there removed.
  11. shaneMcAlister

    Te Akau Thread

    Hindsight is 20:20 and if SD had his time again he may have better using a more neutral name when investigating returns on purchases for racehorses. That was where SD wrong ended. However I think we all know this game is a cash burner, I have a spreadsheet of my spend and it is not pretty (but a lot of fun). Stock reviewers analyse stock brokers daily. That's the game. KFE left a message on SD phone in a temper and told him she had been to the police. SD tried to get a in contact with TA or its representatives to clear this up. SD posted his messages etc on here and offered a donation of $10K to womens refuge if this was not correct. This post got removed for whatever reason?? This thread was 61 last night and now 55 this morning. Let Leo can have his name calling posts kept. I personally have never called Leo anything, but have been subject to his unwarranted abuse. Water off a ducks back to me.
  12. shaneMcAlister

    Te Akau Thread

    Leo, I am no ones mouth piece. Another thing I am not a bully either, I can guarantee that. That is why I am even bothering to comment here. As I know you throw as much dirt as possible in the aid that some of it sticks. Your comments to SD have been inaccurate and unfair. I know that NZ industry would be poorer for no TA involvement. A career defining position....thanks Leo but I would sweep streets to survive in life.
  13. shaneMcAlister

    Te Akau Thread

    Red Rum this is not what happened in any shape or form. I don’t care but I don’t like seeing lies written.
  14. shaneMcAlister

    Te Akau Thread

    Leo, there is one thing I am not and that is a liar. Yes I know him, hence that is why I know what you say is not correct. I promise you he did not do anything like your reliable sources said. The first contact came from KFE threatening him. He was in total disbelief at her reaction, a nice mannered call (rather like Fortuna quote) might have achieved a more desired result. This has become so blown out of proportion it is not funny. I don’t give a hoot either way but I battle with the fact you are the moral police when you can abuse others like Roger James and his runners in your fashion.
  15. shaneMcAlister

    Te Akau Thread

    Here is the top 10 purchases from Karaka 2018. Ignoring residual value a total return of 3 cents in the $1 for a collection of 6 wins between. Obviously they are still early 3yo's and have time. But a few must be in doubt now.....