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  1. Hi Red Rum, I hope she does go again.
  2. Melody Belle's forced pattern made it hard for her yesterday. I thought she was going to run a great placing at one stage. Incredible mare that has been handled exceptionally throughout her career, to perform as a 2yo at the top level and still performing today is dream stuff. Well done connections. IMHO she is just a couple of lenghts off being a cox plate horse or a Verry Elleegant. Oh to own one half as good. Go well in retirement and hopefully a successful breeding future.
  3. If you search the article for the word "stakes" there are no matches.....not one match.
  4. Below is a link to the NZTR road show for those that want to view it. You have to join Mark Nowell Racing Group (worth joining this too). https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=355138949192836
  5. Pre COVID there were $10k races with winner getting $6,200. Now these races on average are $9.4K and winner getting $5,400. It’s the owner (and a lot of breeders and trainers are owners too) that is having less money go back into the game. Extra races, we are splitting $10k races (not $100k races) and there are actually over 100 less races than last year. I would have thought it was the NZTR’s role to pay the money given to the nztr from the tab for prize money to owners. Not save for rainy days, some people still don’t realise it but these are rainy days
  6. This paying to 14 is the greatest robbery (without a gun) of owners I have seen in a long time. With average runners of 11 per race, NZTR is not paying out for an overage of 3 runners or 6% of ADVERTISED stakes. NZTR have saved nearly 2 million this season alone. I personally think this is not right!!!
  7. Magnificient result. Congratulations Bill
  8. She's a true champ. What I like best is that she has raced for 5 seasons starting as a 2yo. A sidenote...how sad is prize money in NZ now that she has won 4 groups this season and only backed a little over $500K for the owners after trainers and jockey take outs.
  9. Look at the Bonecrusher stakes, 1x5yo and the rest of the horses are older!! There are major issues in our racing and the sooner all agree the better.
  10. Don't worry we have 15 2yos nominated for the $10K maiden at Pukekohe the day before!!!
  11. UK alone we could be talking 2,000 plus horses.
  12. It depends on the race and their exposure. If I asked Ladbrokes for $500 on a 14/1 shot on a wedneday NZ meeting they would only let me have $200 on it. And have to revisit the bet later. Tote betting there is no restrictions, hence why World pools could be a massive winner for the industry. I have learnt that when I hear of a person that has $5K here, and $10K there that they must be a losing punter over time to be able to get bets like that on.
  13. This quote "It is important to note, however, that under the Racing Act 2020, the objective to promote New Zealand racing now falls under the auspices of the racing codes." a Along with the mission of tab to maximise profits worries me. Taken to its word, the best way to maximise profits would be no NZ racing, less distributions. Just stream aussie racing. Everything should be about growing NZ racing.
  14. i would like to see no noms/acceptance/entry fees for maidens and r65s and just pay first 3! First $8k (two months training) 2nd $4k (one months training) and 3rd $2k (half a months training). Maybe $500 for 4th and 5th. $15k total stakes.
  15. The NZTR love this, because this means if there are only 11 runners in a $10K race they only pay out $9.4K. Average field sizes are just over 11 so they are making massive savings!! This is so wrong, this should be distributed to the owners who pay for the show!!!!