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  1. We have a significant lack of open class horses. There is a log jam of horses rated bwlow 65. If the horse is any good it is generally sold or sent overseas after a win (or before). You can not carry on racing horses for $4.5K (winners percentage of $10 race less jockey and trainers %).
  2. There are 15 horses on minimum weiigh of 53kgs!!! WWith a ratings spread of 22 points, 11 kgs!! That means 10 horses are racing outside their handicap. The Thorndon has a superstar in it, and a cracking horse in Rock on Wood, then it gets thin for this class of a race. And if you have a 4yo maiden then you have to wait 2 weeks for 1200 maiden at Matamata (and watch the entries for that).
  3. The TAB is not up to scratch!! I wish I could back with the TAB all the time but it is just not competitive. On a Saturday I like to do a 4 horse multi (cross cards etc), win and place. If I put this on with an offshore bookie I can choose tote or fixed odds (can have one horse tote odds and three hrses fixed odds etc). With the NZ TAB you can only chhose fixed odds and these are done at 136%. This is crazy!!
  4. Yes, more horses in book 1 with a background of a falling foal crop makes it incomparable to years gone by. This was done to stop the Aussies running home after two days of sale.
  5. IMO, this is the sentence not the offence. As you said the judge "focused on the process and compliance ". From a selfish punters view I will miss Opie being there.
  6. IMO. To get a decision over turned you need to first start with the hearing being unfair. The hearing was never considered unfair by Opie or Ellis.
  7. If you are on data (data roaming on) then you access TAB. However you cannot access on wifi. (It is this way or the other way around).
  8. Hi again To avoid the $2.50 deposit charge (I con't stomach this)!! I go via the bank internet deposit route as I told that is free. My deposit was done at 9pm and arrived in my account by 9am the next day. Do you Dean think this is acceptable, or competive? Please bet with NZ TAB, but we will charge you for losing money unlike the offshore ones. Thanks
  9. Re Hastings, two North Island meetings on same day should not happen. The Levin Stakes and Telegraph noms are out shortly (they will be light on numbers).....lets compare these to years gone by., We are saturated with Maidens and 65 rated horses in NZ and not enough races for them. If you are good enough to get out of these grades you generally get sold (except the larger syndicated horses). Horses that can't get out of these grades will find their careers cut short. It is very thin above these grades.
  10. Thanks JJ Flash. But I have two other questions with NZTR that are met with no replies so I would hardly expect a reply on this.
  11. In the North Island this time last year there was maiden races at Rotoroa 15 Jan New Plymouth 16 jan Te Rapa 19 Jan Otaki 20 Jan Avondale 22 Jan Wingatuii 23 Jan Te Teko 27 Jan Hastings 29 Jan This year in same period we have: Wanganui 14 Jan Te Rapa 21 Jan Matamata 25 Jan Hastings 28 Jan This is half the races. If you are going to half the races then lets at least double the stakes!!!