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  1. shaneMcAlister

    Moreira Time Warp

    Does it blow your mind that TAB provide zero form on HK racing? Not even career stats.
  2. shaneMcAlister

    Inca collapse

    The RIU might need more resources????
  3. shaneMcAlister

    Racing Reform

    Racing needs the TAB. This is where the funds come from for prize money etc. The real danger is if the TAB decide in future they do not need racing as sports continues to grow.
  4. shaneMcAlister

    Absolutely utterly appalling

    I have no chance of naming them, to me it is Matamata Breeders Stakes with the sponsors name. I think what this trend was trying to say is they would be happy for this race to be known as for example the "Karen and David Ellis Matamata Breeders Stakes". It recognises the sponsor and retains its history. The Waikato race in hindsight maybe have been better know as the Waikato Fillies Classic. With Sir Thristam as the prefix. Personally I am for sponsors calling it what they like as I have always battled to see what does without direct revenue streams from the industry gain from sponsorship that is above a meal, drink etc package.
  5. shaneMcAlister

    Absolutely utterly appalling

    It is still the Breeders stakes is it not? Just prefixed with sponsors name. J SWAP CONTRACTORS LTD MATAMATA BREEDERS' STAKES
  6. shaneMcAlister

    Absolutely utterly appalling

    It’s tricky to see what value sponsors get. Without naming rights it gets hard to promote them. I personally think the sound of Te Akau Racing Sir Thristham stakes would have been better ring to it than the Karen and David Ellis stakes.
  7. shaneMcAlister

    Awesome Shark

    Not sure what they will do last with him, maybe Bonecrusher stakes next. Tiptronic was great each way bet today. He is a funny horse in that he is always a good dividend horse.
  8. shaneMcAlister

    Awesome Shark

    Shark looked very good. Awesome seeing tiptronic win. That is NZs richest wfa race. two illicit and Jennifer Eccles very good too. big day for rip van winkle.
  9. shaneMcAlister

    Submissions to the Select Committee

    Yes, and I think you should all be putting one in (Winston keeps on mentioning he is listening).
  10. shaneMcAlister

    Stakes Allocation

    Agreed. If our new betting platform did not have a $19M a year maintenance contract we would have an extra $400K a week for stakes. That would mean a boast of $50K for 8 races every Saturday. Food for thought.
  11. shaneMcAlister

    Stakes Allocation

    There are 14 races in NZ that are considered iconic and for this reason get additional funding. herbie dyke stakes calculates like this: $200k is the nztr contribution for group 1 races. $50k for iconic races $150k from dyke family.
  12. shaneMcAlister

    Stakes Allocation

    This $150K from the club is direct from Dyke family to sponsor this race. It is not to be distributed elsewhere.
  13. shaneMcAlister

    Winston not happy with Brian de Licker ?

    Correct, Till NZTR or TAB Racing agree to measure bets done on devices the incentive to provide wifi does not make financial sense.
  14. shaneMcAlister

    Being AP

    He is the best I seen. A friend of mine had a horse called Graffiti Tongue, 12yo. That was running in a 4K hurdle 5 hour drive from McCoys house. It was to be Tony's only ride at the meeting. He went down there and won on it. It was going that badly at one stage it drifted out to 1000/1 on betfair and he got it going to win. Like no one else. To be champion jump jockey for 20 years and not not miss a year to be broken up is incredible. Actually unbelievable.
  15. shaneMcAlister

    Where's the racing

    Exactly, last year they had Te Aroha on Friday and hence the reason this year book 3 is probably holding up better than expected.