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  1. shaneMcAlister

    Win 10% share in Showcasing filly.

    Exactly. No training fees to pay.
  2. shaneMcAlister

    Win 10% share in Showcasing filly.

    Hi all. Just want to let you know that Haunui Farm have been incredibly generous to Pukekohe Park and are offering a 10% share in a Showcasing (leading 2yo sire this season) 2yo filly for her racing career. No expenses to pay during her racing career. To win this all your have to do is attend the Boys Day Out on Saturday 10th August and place a wee $50 bet.
  3. shaneMcAlister

    Anyone miss The Informant ?

    and another one
  4. shaneMcAlister

    The Informant

    The TAB are looking at charging people to use its app and website. As they have become aware that people are using the app and website form to punt on the TAB.
  5. shaneMcAlister

    John Allan Industry Conversations

    What are the dates on these please? He has two questions to answer me from 2 years ago.....
  6. shaneMcAlister

    Chat at the track

    Slam Dunk, I do not know the answers to all you add. However I do know a lot of the supposed new generation like the social media interaction. If I am personally lying on the coach I will watch this. However I do not often get to listen to the radio. Yes it is the same trainers, but having the main trainers covers over 50% of runners. Hard to meet all needs I suppose.
  7. shaneMcAlister

    Chat at the track

    These chat at the track videos that Love Racing produce are awesome. Usually come through my Facebook page. Ps us punters appreciate the time the trainers give to do these. Thank you all
  8. shaneMcAlister

    Name for my horse please.

    Swiss banker..... You are a good sort Chris!! Thanks
  9. shaneMcAlister

    True Story...almost.

    A thread about stories and lies and Lou Vincent's name appears. SUm this up :-)
  10. shaneMcAlister

    True Story...almost.

    I was offered a share in her too by Trevor (not sure if before or after Janet), but turned it down. Big regrets....
  11. shaneMcAlister

    Vale RJ (Dick) Bothwell

    I always liked backing his horses. Thank you and RIP.
  12. shaneMcAlister

    Vale Trevor McKee.....

    You will be remembered as one of the greats. Condolences to all your family. Say hello to Sunline up there.
  13. shaneMcAlister

    The Informant Chutneyed

    The Racing Post in the uk is a daily publication with much more content and detail than the informant and retails for 1.50 GBP. So it is great value for money.
  14. shaneMcAlister

    The Informant Chutneyed

    Funny how this was announced today as I read a very bullish update from John Allen saying how great everything is..... Would the industry be better if John Allen's salary was funnelled into the Informant rather than John Allen.
  15. shaneMcAlister

    Consensus! You Darling!

    Great win, some mare to keep going year after year. Congratulations.