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  1. My favourite was John Bary's 'quote', "one AT one back". FFS.
  2. Kent


    A lazy $290,000 for the Everest win. Not bad.
  3. I received a prompt reply from the helpdesk, saying they'll keep my account open 18 months - 2 years, in which time they hope to have all this resolved. We'll see I guess!
  4. Can someone please post the customer service email? I can't get on anything from oz. I come home a bit & am hoping when I am in NZ for holidays I can access my account, or if they've shut it. Cheers
  5. I hope they get a license, bet365 etc I believe do. They are even blocking the site?? I cannot even get onto the site (from NSW).
  6. I was really saddened to hear of his passing today - terrible news. Thoughts & prayers go out to his family R.I.P
  7. essay ad at fz Dr ads3 see z6 see 46a are see 22
  8. All the best David. An end of a truely great era. I was only young getting into the gee gees 30+ years ago in the CD. He's probably the last of those jockeys to retire. Lots of happy memories
  9. I agree, and pardon my ignorance in asking this, but is it a case of different jurisdictions? NSW v VIC so they could say it's not relevant what penalties Racing Victoria impose. I agree, I don't know how this can be as bad as what Oliver did.
  10. Crikey. Over here on Sky they are saying he will head back to NZ. They also said they'd appeal as it "seems harsh"
  11. According to this, he has pleaded guilty. Now we await the penalty....