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  1. gubellini

    Peter Early

    Memo Peter Earley: PLEASE stop using the word there as a filler.
  2. gubellini

    Any legal repercussions for Industry's collapse?

    Patiti thanks for posting the bio of Lachie Ashton. No mention of racing involvement though. The Conservatives polled 0.24% in the 2017 election. Dragged down by their leaders antics- Colin Craig.
  3. gubellini

    Any legal repercussions for Industry's collapse?

    Breeder Lachie Ashton has plagiarised Brian de Lore. The New Conservatives claim he has a wealth of knowledge about racing. I have never heard of him until now. Do any Cafe Members know him or know about his racing experience?
  4. gubellini

    Todd Muller / Nikki Kaye

    meomy I can do better than arranging for Todd Muller to race a horse. One of my pleasures is to give free shares to friends in horses I have shares in. These friends are keen on racing but can’t afford to get into ownership. I pay all the bills and they get a share of the stakes won. One of the horses has won just under $100,000. If Todd wants to have a share in a horse I will do the same for him. Four of the horses are trained within walking distance of where he lives. Would be great to chew the fat with him at early morning workouts!
  5. gubellini

    Todd Muller / Nikki Kaye

    I live in Tauranga and have spoken to Todd Muller a number of times. Don’t think he is au fait with racing but with his background in kiwifruit orcharding, Zespri and Fonterra I would imagine he would be supportive of racing’s plight. Positive that he is now the Nat spokesperson for small business.
  6. Totally agree with Ken that we should be taking measures to stop leakage to Australian and other offshore betting agencies. Bemused by owners who complain about stakes yet do most of their betting offshore. I am an owner and bet exclusively with our TAB.
  7. Nukkledragga yes Reykjavik won the Kumara Nuggets by 7 lengths before the 1990 Wellington Cup. He started 14/15 in the betting in the Cup.
  8. Bradley in the 1990 Wellington Cup Reykjavik was relegated from third to fifth. Grant Davison rode him. Final placings: 1. Flying Luskin Peter Johnson 2. Lord Mellay Lisa Cropp 3. All Nighter Grant Cooksley 4. Aquidity David Walsh.
  9. Baz correct about 1985 Eclipse Stakes at Ellerslie. Star Board was relegated to second and Bonecrusher promoted to first. 1985 Rotorua Cup Beaver Boy the winner was relegated to 6th but was reinstated on appeal.
  10. We’re Doomed that Oamaru race was the Waitaki Stakes for 3yr old fillies on the 22/3/82. Sea Princess and Danny Frye won but were relegated to second and The Wink and Ali Robinson were promoted to first.
  11. In that 1990 WFA race at Hastings Peter Johnson rode a genius race on Flying Luskin keeping Horlicks and Lance O’Sullivan in a pocket and kicking clear. No surprise that the local judicial committee relegated Flying Luskin. No surprise that Trevor McKee appealed and no surprise that Flying Luskin was reinstated. No surprise I had a hefty bet on Flying Luskin!
  12. Toblerone thanks for that. There are sure to be others. Hope your bowling club has reopened and you can get out on the greens again.
  13. Toblerone you might want to add some more. It will make a change from attacking my posts.
  14. 1966 Avondale Cup Clarendon and Garry Edge were promoted to first after winner Blue Lodge was disqualified.
  15. Nukkledragga Owhata Chief lost, won and lost the 1976 Great Northern Hurdles to Thun. In 1977 he won it by 40 lengths ridden by Choc Hounsell. Thun ran third. Horlicks won the 1990 WFA Byerley Thoroughbred Stakes at Hastings after Flying Luskin was relegated but Flying Luskin was reinstated on appeal. This can’t happen today because race day results are final.