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  1. Matamata R 6 - 5 Flemington R 3- 2 Matamata R 8- 1 Randwick R 3- 1 Flemington R 5 - 10 Randwick R 4- 11 Flemington R 6 - 5 Flemington R 7 - 2 BB Randwick R 6 - 1 BB Flemington R 8 - 10 Randwick R 7 - 3 Flemington R 9 - 10 Thanks.
  2. Baz and mr gee I totally agree with you that Aalaalune should have stayed with Jacob McKay. Baz the decision to take her away from Jacob is not really a head scratcher. Google Lou Gates Tauranga and yo
  3. NZTR have announced today that interim Chairman Cameron George will remain Chairman and at their next AGM two Deputy Chairman will be appointed- Darryll Park and Bruce Sharrock. All three have heavy involvement in other sports. George CEO with the Warriors. Park as Director of the Canterbury Rugby Union and Sharrock as a Rugby Manager/Sports Agent. I would like feedback as to whether this trio are a good fit for NZTR?
  4. Cooper you are spot on. Jacob did very well with her. Sad to see her racing so far below her potential at the moment.
  5. Ellerslie R7 13,1,7,4 Sorry missed this race in first post.
  6. Ascot Park R6 6,9,7,8 Ellerslie R8 6,4,2,12 Caulfield R5 5,7,8,10 Caulfield R6 6,7,10,1 Rosehill R6 11,9,7,5 Caulfield R7 13,1,2,3 Rosehill R7 4,5,1,8 BB Caulfield R8 8,2,1,16
  7. Race1-4 The Lost Boys Race2-2 Burgundy Rose Race3-8 Ever So Clever Race4- 12 Tokorangi Race5- 3 Gold Watch Race6- 9 Levante Race 7- 2 Needle And Thread Race8- 9 Melody Belle Race 9 - 3 Les Crayeres Thanks Cubes and Ponderosa
  8. J J Flash I asked the same questions of Bernard Saundry in one of his podcasts last year. He was strongly against levies on Stallion Fees or levies on exported horses. Like everyone else he wants to raise minimum stakes but he didn't offer much hope in that area. That is why I asked the same questions of Dean. I was fortunate enough to have shares in two winners of $10,000 races last month. Each win covers 5-6 weeks of training fees. Hence my vested interest in raising minimum stakes!
  9. Disappointed that Dean didn't answer my two questions. I can only presume he is happy with Ellerslie running $10,000 Maiden races and that he has no ideas about looking at alternative income streams that could be channeled directly into stakes.
  10. Yesterday with his two wins at Hastings Jamie become the quickest trainer in NZ Racing to train 100 winners in a season. Great achievement.
  11. Blue Serena raced 36 times for 11wins. Theo Howe trained her to win her first 9 races and JN Sellwood for her last two which were the 1968 Telegraph Handicap and the 1968 Jackson Stakes at Wanganui.
  12. Archer there have been 3 horses named Vincere- the latest 4yo Pins mare, the 2001 g by Al Akbar who won once from six starts for Chris Wood and the 1977 g by Silent Hunter who raced 111 times for 20 wins. He won 7 on the flat, 4 Steeplechases and 9 Hurdle Races. He won the 1987 and 1988 Great Northern Hurdles and the 1988 Pakuranga Hunt Cup.
  13. slam dunk the earlier Semprini was a handy sprinter-miler who won 7 races for Dave Arnott each time ridden by his apprentice Steve Ganley. Couple of coincidences: Semprini won his maiden race at the corresponding Thames meeting on the 5/1/63. Both Semprinis won their Maiden race at their third starts.
  14. Aaron Bidlake the first Double in NZ was at the Tapanui meeting on the 17/12/49. The minimum unit was 10/-. The Haughty Boa and King Gundi double paid £3/18/6.