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  1. Ellerslie R5- 2,4 Ellerslie R6- 3,5 Ellerslie R7- 2,7 Ellerslie R8- 6,11 Ellerslie R9- 3,17 Randwick R5- 1,10 Randwick R6- 1,2 BB Randwick R7- 2,9 Randwick R8- 3,4 Flemington R7- 1,8 Flemington R8- 1,2 BB Flemington R9- 7,9 Good luck all.
  2. mulebacker you are wrong. Jockeys don't get paid for the races abandoned. Owners and trainers miss out as well. The float fee from Waikato to Hastings would be about $700-$800 per horse.
  3. Aaron The Anchor Caulfield R7 is not a race included but R9 is.
  4. Matamata R8- 5,8 Otaki R7- 1,2 Caulfield R3- 2,3 Caulfield R4- 1,3 Caulfield R5- 2,9 Caulfield R6- 1,7 Caulfield R8- 4,13 BB Caulfield R9- 2,15 BB Rosehill R5- 6,13 Rosehill R6- 3,13 Rosehill R7- 1,6 Rosehill R8- 2,5 Good luck all.
  5. Scrapper Riddell Shorty Goulsbro Shorty Tattersall Shorty Howatson Tito Poblete
  6. Contentious Yo (Peter Yovich) was also given the nickname Long Shot by some journalists.
  7. Acka Cowan Snooky Cowan Snow Sheat Crash Cross There was a jockey in Cambridge in the 60's called David Bell. His nickname was Ding Dong. Nigel Landers had two unflattering nicknames which I won't reveal. Rev would know!
  8. Nugget Ensor Sonny Haitana Tod Hewitt Gripper Harrison Snow Morris Snow Temperton Snow Scanlon Percy Peake Bubs Jenkins Bubs Waddell Sandy Walsh Mau Mauriri
  9. Steve Cauthen- the kid. Paul Taylor- Lofty. Graham Walters- The King. William Pike- the wizard (of the west). Arthur Hounsell- Choc. Les Boots- falling leaves.
  10. Gruff our TAB has betting on four divisions of English football.
  11. Talked to former jockey Garry Edge yesterday about back runners being ridden forward and getting their breathing out of kilter. He agreed 100%. Gave me the example of the handy stayer Roganne he used to ride- trained by Wally Townsend at Cambridge. Garry won 9 of his 16 wins on him including the 1966 and 1968 Taumaranui Cups. One day at Te Rapa over 2200m Wally told Garry to ride him forward because he was getting to far back in his races. Garry whipped him straight after the start and got him up to third at the winning post with a round to go. By the time they hit the 600m mark he was going backwards at a rate of knots. They never rode him like that again!
  12. The stake for the Maiden 2yo race was a derisory $30,000. On such a big day should have been at least $40,000 or $50,000.
  13. Ted as you know I am a recidivist jockey defender! Three mitigating circumstances: He was the lowest rated horse in the field (85). He was only having his 7th start- the other runners had 226 races between them- seasoned tough campagners- in boxing parlance a bit light throwing a middleweight into the ring v a heavyweight. When you change a back runners racing style to on the pace invariably their breathing pattern goes out of kilter and they are vulnerable late.