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  1. gubellini

    Incompetent Unit

    You Are So Vain to make debut in Race 7 at Counties tomorrow.
  2. gubellini

    Parliamentary horse trading

    Leo not a bad idea but the Stipendiary Stewards would fine the trainers for presenting the horses late into the birdcage.
  3. gubellini

    Parliamentary horse trading

    Leo agree with you that the future of racing is bleak. You have to be a masochist or economically illiterate to be an owner these days. Seems on average you get a derisory 22.9% return at the moment. What the heck I took a share of a yearling during the week. Looking forward to her running in your proposed $3,000 races!
  4. gubellini

    vinny on madam hass

    voice of reason bit tough on Vinny! He rode her at her last start. She raced keenly outside the leader that day, led at the 350 and weakened to finish fourth. Connections I think would have changed tactics yesterday. If Vinny had let her go as you suggest I doubt if she would have even run third. Quite often whether a horse pulls hard depends on it’s breeding. Madam Hass is out of an Elusive City mare. His progeny tended to be very hyper. She will eventually settle in her races and develop into a nice horse. She has done pretty well so far.
  5. gubellini

    Craig Rail.

    Agree Craig Rail did a superb job calling the West Coast races last month. Jason Teaz’s knowledge of participants in all three codes is second to none. Bruce Sherwin is without peer in form analysis.
  6. gubellini

    Southland Saturday

    We’re Doomed Michael Pitman severed his ties with Greymouth several seasons ago when the club allocated boxes and yards to Rogey and Kevin Myers rather than his stable. Ironically I have a share in a horse that won two Maiden races at Greymouth last month. If Michael had a team there she would probably still be a maiden!
  7. gubellini

    Incompetent Unit

    Red Rum I like your style!
  8. gubellini

    Incompetent Unit

    Leo add Wednesday Silence to the list. That is what we get when head serang Godber appears each Wednesday on Peter Earley’s Trackside Radio Show.
  9. gubellini

    Incompetent Unit

    Red Rum I suppose your only encounter with a Street Siren was when you were taking a late night stroll through Soho! Watch any American contemporary war movie and there will be three elements- innocent victims, gunfire and street sirens wailing in the background.
  10. gubellini

    Incompetent Unit

    Today’s Stewards Report will make interesting reading. I wonder what rule NZTR has cited in ordering the scratching of Incompetent Unit? Also will his nomination fee be refunded to the connections?
  11. gubellini

    Incompetent Unit

    How precious of the RIU to heavy NZTR into scratching Incompetent Unit today. Presumptive as well. Look at his breeding. By Highly Recommended out of Street Siren. This could equally suggest an army reference. Just saying!
  12. gubellini

    Incompetent Unit

    Incompetent Unit scratched. What are the odds it will have a name change before his debut?
  13. gubellini

    Incompetent Unit

    Incompetent Unit makes his debut in Race 1 at Te Aroha on Wednesday. Stephen Marsh trained and has had five trials. Intriguing name!
  14. gubellini

    ORANMORE remembered

    We’re Doomed Firpo only won one Invercargill Cup- 1980 ridden by the Chilean jockey Tito Poblete for trainer Tom Lalor.
  15. gubellini

    ORANMORE remembered

    Baz yes Brutus won the 1979 Avondale Governor General’s Cup ridden by Bruce Compton from Firpo and G. Blair and Wairere Girl and Graham Forbes.