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  1. gubellini

    Refresh my memory, please.

    rosie one Trainers still get 10% and Jockeys 5%.
  2. gubellini

    John Allen must be sued !!!

    John Allen will lie low for a while and wait until National get back in. They will offer him another sinecure and expect a different result from this proven failure. Heaven help the next organisation he is appointed to.
  3. gubellini

    N.Z Racing

    Boss Hogg yes Hudu won that 2 mile race at Avondale. I rode him a lot in work for Ron Dando. He would drop his head almost to the ground and was a real gentleman to ride.
  4. gubellini

    N.Z Racing

    vS yes Snow is still around. Saw him about three months ago. He still takes a keen interest in racing. He was a top Course Manager at our Tauranga track for many years. Helped me a lot when I trained a few pacers here in the late 80’s. Very knowledgeable horseman.
  5. gubellini

    The good old days

    Thanks very much Ted. Yes great ride by Trudy Thornton.
  6. gubellini

    N.Z Racing

    Chris spot on. Yes that fall at Rotorua ended his riding career. We had great times riding work together at Tauranga. One time he had a leg in a cast. We rode a track gallop together! Amazing. Later he trained a grey mare at Te Rapa called Turning Point. She won a race at Paeroa on the 14/3/81 ridden by Brian York.
  7. gubellini

    N.Z Racing

    Boss Hogg and Blue the race was at the Taumaranui meeting at Waipa on the 26/7/75. Barwyn won by a head from Dumar and paid $140.65 and $25.95. He was a massive horse by the obscure Golovine stallion Isobar trained by his Rotorua owner trainer TP Fuller. I was there that day and had a dollar each way on him because he was ridden by Tauranga apprentice Mike Sullivan. Mike and I at that time rode a lot of track work at Tauranga where he did his apprenticeship with his Uncle Syd Sullivan.
  8. gubellini

    Thatz David

    Anne has been training winners for over 25 years. She has done well with horses that are not bred in the purple. Her first winner was Glow Bug at Waipukurau on the 29/11/92. Glow Bug was by the unheralded sire General Fripon. I respect her judgement and am sure she will retire Thatz David when she thinks his time has come.
  9. gubellini

    Thatz David

    It is up to Anne Davies to decide when it is time to retire Thatz David. She might take heart that a horse called Banjo ran fourth in the 1880 Grand National Steeplechase at Riccarton. Poor old Banjo was 26 years of age!
  10. gubellini

    The good old days

    Boss Hogg I am going to nominate you for a Pulitzer Prize!
  11. gubellini

    My radical plan to fix NZ racing

    Two further points Leo. 1. The RIU should be renamed the Racing Image Unit due to it’s lamentable record of protecting A Listers and crucifying B Listers. 2. Every time you bag Pam Robson you should be required to pay her $1,000 or pay the same sum to your favourite charity!
  12. flockofewes2 this betting levy largesse will not go back into stakes. More likely to go into Rita salaries and expenses.
  13. gubellini

    The question everyone seems frightened to ask...

    Ohokaman true. Most politicians are mirror men/women. Always looking into things rather than acting decisively.
  14. gubellini

    The question everyone seems frightened to ask...

    winx21 surely you jest?! Nathan Guy was an unmitigated disaster as Racing Minister and his successor David Bennett was only marginally better. The longer the Nats are out of power the better off racing will be.
  15. gubellini

    Nathan Detroit

    Well done Pam. Won very well today.