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  1. This horse is a beast! Starts from the outside, goes around the first bend 5-6 wide. Takes off from the 800 three wide and smashes them. (I appreciate it wasn't the strongest C Cup field ever). He was a maiden in April as an autumn 4 year old. 5-6 months later he's a super star stayer. Has any horse ever improved so much, so quickly, so late?? Cheers, Matt
  2. Interesting graph and article thanks. What % of betting is returned to racing in NZ?? Is this a reminder that we should retain ownership of the TAB? Thank, Matt
  3. Shane - You are totally correct and I thought the same thing when I saw the weights. Almost as crazy in the Thorndon where The Mitigator had 1kg more than Melody Belle who has now won as many G1's as Sunline!! (I realise The Mitigator really had 1kg less taking into account the mares allowance but still crazy)
  4. With nearly 600 yearlings in "Book 1" its slightly diff to the old Premier book 5 years ago isn't it. 150 odd book 2 yearlings have been upgraded. But yeah if I was selling a few in Book 2 I'd be worried!!
  5. I have watched a lot of races in the last 40 odd years and JW's ride on Jenny Eccles from gate 18 in the Oaks was one of the best. Pure genius. I think he jumped from the same gate we he won the Thorndon on Shadows Cast. IMHO he is in the top handful of jockey talents we have had in the last 30-40 years. In another life I ran a few half decent marathons and I thought I was skinny when I weighed 67kg. Some of these guys are average height men riding at 54/55! Sometimes I think we underestimate the impact of constantly living in a starved dehydrated state. I have no idea whether Jason
  6. Why is Master of Reality at around 30's? Second across the line last year.........relegated to 4th. His form in the UK looks ok. Top young trainer. 56 is plenty of weight. Thoughts?
  7. Can anyone tell me what is going on please (I'm a bit out of touch!). Obviously didn't give a sample and was suspended but then I have heard nothing. Thanks, Matt
  8. Has he got his licence back? Yes he's had a chequered career. But what a gifted horse man and what a come back from about 7? years out going back a bit. I would love to see the Magic Man take the record.
  9. Why did the rail need to be out 9m on a good 3 surface? What are we protecting the inside for?
  10. What is Waddell in trouble for? Such as a shame as a class jock. DJ flying at the mo.
  11. Who is the Irish guy speaking and can you please post the actual youtube link thanks. I have always felt that Tegnell and the Sweeds have prob got it right in the long run but 95% disagree with me! Cheers, Matt
  12. Mattski


    Yes totally agree he was struggling at the 900! The girl def has a good future.
  13. Trumpy right! Mystic J finished Still a great story though and they got about $4m in the tin!
  14. Wasn't she 3 wide, no cover the day she won the All Star? That's a big win at Flem. She didn't have much luck on Sat but she doesn't seem to be the horse she was at 3 I'm afraid. Shame cause I think Trinder always placed her well. I do hope she's back in 2 weeks and proves me wrong though!