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  1. I see he was bought by a colt breeding syndicate and he is now a gelding so no real use to that syndicate now. I'm sure he could win a race or two if persevered with. Kurow perhaps.
  2. I have never watched one news so this is all a bit lost on me.
  3. Where's here? Wales? Didn't trotting fail there?
  4. Good fields, good stakes, and real sponsors. Good on everyone involved. Some of the centralisation fanatics will hate it. Good to see the Wairarapa Cup up for grabs.
  5. Very interesting. Hard to undertake succession planning in any industry, and particularly hard in one that is struggling. They have taken a lot of tall poppy flake over the years which must get tiring.
  6. Tauranga Race 7: 1-3-6-8 Riccarton Race 8: 2-3-9-11 Riccarton Race 10: 4-5-7-9 Newcastle Race 6: 1-3-7-8 Sandown Race 3: 2-3-5-7 Sandown Race 5: 1-2-3-6 Sandown Race 6: 1-3-4-8 Sandown Race 8: 1-3-4-5 Sandown Race 9: 1-4-10-12 Sandown Race 10: 1-2-4-5
  7. Ist: 7. Robusto 2nd: 4. The Good Fight 3rd: 5. Lincoln King
  8. We have a sad lack of interest in preserving the status or even the existence of historical events in NZ, and especially in the SI. So many races that used to have some significance have been allowed to lapse. And it isn't even about money, just disinterest from the industry as a whole. The Haldon Plate was a maiden race for 2yos, just had a normal stake, but it used to be a prestigious race to win, purely because of tradition. Likewise Wingatui had the Mclean Stakes which was a significant 2yo race. The Brabazon, like the Haldon a Hunt Club race, has disappeared. The SI Champion Stakes, and m
  9. What an intelligent contribution. Better than anything I have seen come out of the graded stakes committee. You will never get a job in Racing administration.
  10. It probably needs someone other than the starter to be able to call a false start.
  11. They don't really have a great record at Tauranga with their group races. I seem to recall they had another group 2 mile just before lockdown with only about 8 starters. At least the SI can usually fill a field for a group race.
  12. Well, it didn't take long for that prediction to come true. Eight noms for the Tauranga Stakes this weekend, including a rating 63.
  13. I thought the start was disgraceful, but surely it was totally predictable what would happen? I couldn't believe how hot the favourite was. Stupid punters can only blame themselves for that. I thought it was one of the greatest, and most predictable, trifectas ever. I saw nothing wrong with the way the first three were driven. They jumped out well and took up the first three places and were never going to be beaten after that. What did people expect the Purdon team to do, run wide on the track to let the rest of the field take a turn in front like they do in cycling? The start dictated wh