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  1. I haven't seen the report itself, but I imagine most tracks in NZ would be slammed for their amenities.
  2. But how many races named after trainers or jockeys?
  3. You would think they would learn from this experience, but we have thought that several times before.
  4. To be fair the whole pattern of racing is changing in this part of the world. Stakes money is generally so good these days that mares tend to race on, whereas previously anything with decent breeding would be retired at the end of their 4yo career. Colts on the other hand get retired during their 3yo career so as not to harm their stud value. They are already talking of retiring the two beaten favs in yesterday's guineas. So the colts that previously would have raced on in WFA company are now at stud earning millions per year.
  5. I have noticed over recent weeks watching Aussie racing that just about every Saturday in Sydney and Melbourne there is a major race named after a trainer of years gone by. It got me thinking how many top NZ races are named after famous trainers, and I couldn't think of any. I am sure there must be some, but none spring to mind. It just shows how differently we view racing in NZ and Australia. We have very few races named after famous horses, trainers or jockeys. To give Auckland credit they at least have introduced the Bonecrusher, Sunline and Uncle Remus races in recent years. Other clubs wo
  6. Just out of interest, I can't remember the last time a 3yo won a major WFA in NZ.
  7. A couple of people on here often criticize me for being overly critical of NZTR, but I see no reason why gross incompetence shouldn't be pointed out. Lets hope this new management, "the best we have ever had", clean up some of the incompetents who are making so many bad decisons.
  8. The govt is totally gun-shy now after getting some flak about moving quickly back to level 1 last time. They were at fault for not checking on the 10 or so contacts who didn't respond to calls, but at the end of the day it came down to one thicko who didn't obey the rules. So this time there is no way they will move back a level earlier than seven days. Although there is no reason for the rest of the country to stay at level two for seven days. There is probably no reason why the Derby can't be scheduled for next Sunday with the venue to be confirmed; either Ellerslie or Te Aroha. Tricky
  9. I thought the most revealing aspect of all this was that in all the media reports about major events affected by the lockdown I have never once seen the Derby mentioned. I thought it was quite a major event in Auckland. Looks like only about a doz horses going around this year anyhow so it could be moved to a smaller track somewhere.
  10. This could be the first indication of big picture stuff and what happens to the money when club assets get sold. Forbury will be worth over $8m so it will set an interesting precedent. Under current racing legislation, the money received from any venue which is deemed as a surplus requirement and sold, is spent in the region. But the governing body, which in this case is Harness Racing New Zealand, has the final say on where the money is spent. It is not bound by legislation to give the money to the Forbury Park Trotting Club.
  11. Actually, two CD meetings in three days next week, and three meetings in 8 days from next Wednesday; 4 meetings in 11 days from Wednesday; 5 meetings in 15 days. All for the same pool of horses. And some people try to convince us NZ Racing is being well run.
  12. Four horses going around in the open sprint; not a good look. Probably doesn't help having another CD feature meeting next Wednesday. Surely there is not enough room for both.
  13. Matamata Race 6 # 1 Flemington Race 3 # 2 Matamata Race 8 # 7 Randwick Race 3 # 5 Flemington Race 5 # 3 Randwick race 4 # 10 BB Flemington Race 6 # 11 Flemington Race 7 # 2 Randwick Race 6 # 6 BB Flemington Race 8 # 10 Randwick Race 7 # 3 Flemington Race 9 # 10
  14. I suspect it's all a cunning plan to make the AWT look good. If the course proper was perfect everyone would be saying "why aren't they racing on the course proper?" As it is, when they race on the AWT people will be saying "At least they aren't racing on the course proper." Don't underestimate how clever these Canterbury people are.
  15. I suppose it is good the media still notices harness racing; it used to be quite big in Canty.