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  1. I did spot that myself and was going to mention it. Yes, a very solid family. It would be interesting to know how many he has left.
  2. Are the bulk of the syndicate in any other horses? You would imagine they have done so well they would go again.
  3. I have always believed that the people who own the horse and take the risks get to make the decisions, and not the casual observers. Obviously being owned by a syndicate they want to get whatever return they can out of her, and they don't get to share in any residual benefits once she starts breeding. She may be a good NZ group one horse, but she isn't up to genuine Aussie Group One class. I was astounded she was only paying 6s yesterday as I gave her no chance from that draw and on those track conditions. I am always amazed how the Aussie commentators hype her up, purely on the basis of
  4. I'm pleased to see someone mention what a great race the big jump was.
  5. The thing I found interesting was only two horses from Wingatui at Riverton yesterday. It is only about 2.5 hours to travel, perhaps a little more. Are there just very few horses in training at Wingatui any more or don't they like travelling? Wingatui is one of the favoured tracks in the new regime with lots of meetings and often premium stakes, and yet they don't really support their southern neighbours.
  6. He's just worried about all that money sitting in someone's bank account and earning massive interest.
  7. Sadly, a lot of these younger trainers have probably been brought up on stories of shady deeds throughout the ages in harness racing, and figure they are just carrying on the way things have always been. They are probably just too thick to realise times have changed and you can't get away with tricks that might have worked 20 or 40 years ago.
  8. Interesting to see 102 acceptances at Riccarton this weekend. Compared with 121 acceptances at Timaru last weekend, plus a few eliminated horses. And yet Timaru isn't considered necessary going forward.You really do wonder what it is that some people don't understand. I just struggle to see how those 121 from last weekend will be better off with the $15m white elephant.
  9. Out of touch really. The only thing worse than people wanting to comment on Harness Racing is nobody interested enough to say anything.
  10. I imagine it would be pretty hard to circumvent the various freedom of speech laws in NZ. "Everyone has the right to freedom of expression, including the right to seek, receive, and impart information and opinions of any kind in any form". And with the Racing Industry's record of poor management and ignoring the rights and interests of stakeholders, someone would be able to argue a pretty strong case for speaking out before a court. They would only have to point to the case of the ATC to show what can happen without any scrutiny of incompetent management.
  11. Or perhaps build some All Weather tracks, that would be an innovation.
  12. Try this one Pam. https://player.whooshkaa.com/episode?id=822699 Otherwise just google RSN John Wheeler. He only briefly referred to how badly run NZ Racing has been since 2003 early on, the rest of it is talking about the horses he has had. All very interesting though. It is good that he comes out and says what many people think, but sadly I think many of the older trainers have probably given up the fight regarding NZ Racing. It is the up and comers who need to show some interest or else the industry will disappear before they know it. It's incredible to imagine that an i
  13. Great interview. We don't really do anything like that in NZ. Apparently the trots have introduced some rule where anyone involved with trotting isn't allowed to express an opinion anymore. I can't imagine something like that would go down well in Aussie. I bet NZTR would love something similar.
  14. I have seen Riccarton's biggest trainer say elsewhere that he won't have horses racing on the AWT, but it will be great for training. So I have no idea where the horses will be coming from. You get the impression they have backed themselves into a $15m corner and will now be doing anything possible to justify this massive waste of money.
  15. NZ has never copied a single successful idea from anywhere else; none that I can recall anyhow. All we take from Aussie is their unwanted administrators who can't get a job anywhere else.