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  1. I would turn up for that, as long as there was some element of choice.
  2. Sounds like a rehash of the old Racing Authority and Racing Industry Board. Back to the future.
  3. Sounds like a weird business practice to me, paying out early. Lots to lose and absolutely no upside to it. Why do they do it?
  4. The dribble is normally to obscure the important bits.
  5. You can just print it out or read it on line.
  6. Yes, an interesting read. I can't say it inspires me greatly, but that is probably just me. Interesting to see the Northern region does 42% of the turnover but gets 46% of the prize money. The South does 26% of turnover but only gets 23% of prize money. Also interesting that there are three designated metropolitan tracks in the CD, two in the North and just one in the South. That seems a bit strange giving the distribution of meetings etc. I see they are asking peoples opinion on what should be done with the unwanted tracks. I'm sure the major Metropolitan clubs will say give th
  7. Bigger turnovers and more public interest in Racing also means you can attract more real sponsorship. The racing sponsorship scene is NZ is pretty dire. There is very little genuine commercial sponsorship for major races in NZ. The Telegraph is sponsored by an individual, as it Te Rapa's major race. The NZ Cup is sponsored by the people who made millions building their AWT. Surely they aren't doing it in the hope of getting a few more AWTs to build.
  8. Yes very sad. My first visit to Trentham was St Leger day many years ago; also had the Chalmers stakes, Benny something won it I think. And I think The Twinkle beat Mun Lee in the big mile. Even today, Labour weekend, used to be a big meeting. It has certainly fallen from grace in every respect, and the place looks a dump.
  9. I'm a bit out of touch, but I'm not sure that is correct. Deductions are pretty much the same on comingled and non mingled races from what I can recall.
  10. That Thompson at Trentham today looks like a pretty suspect G3.
  11. It is disgraceful. Sadly Cindy isn't into sport at all and certainly not horse racing. And I doubt she gives a stuff about the SI unless there is a chance of a PR stunt. I thought ChCh had lots of Labour MPs, lot of use they have been.
  12. Taking into account this is a low key industry meeting in the SI, it does seem strange that there is no maiden race for male horses further than 1,200m. I would be interested to know if this has ever happened at an industry meeting in the NI. My initial impression is that does tend to indicate a certain level of incompetence.
  13. Which bit of F..k Off don't you understand? On a more serious note, I do notice 6 seems to have appalling gramma and sentence construction skills. I am a newcomer to his rants so I'm not sure if this has deteriorated over time. I'm wondering if perhaps it is a symptom of not being vaccinated?
  14. Speaking as a total moderate in this debate, I do think it would probably be best if 6 just fucked off.
  15. You only have to look at the anti vaxers they interview on TV at their rallies. None of them look to me like someone who sat down when they were younger and thought "hmmm...will I become a brain surgeon , or a fuckwit?"