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  1. We're Doomed

    New Commentator

    The new commentator has done a good job at Wingatui today, from the races I have heard. Looks like a timely asset for the South. First time he has ever called the gallops apparently, and first time at Wingatui obviously, so well done.
  2. We're Doomed

    Helena Baby

    ?? Sorry, no idea what that means.
  3. We're Doomed

    Helena Baby

    You should pick a race and show us mere mortals how you do this rating and speed map stuff. What about that provincial thing at Taranaki this weekend. Give us a demonstration how you analyse that and get the winner.
  4. We're Doomed

    clubs "bulk funding"

    Does nobody find it ironic that people seem to be keen to have maidens race for $1,500 more than horses with numerous wins, but at the same time everyone complains about a handicapping system that doesn't move horses through the grades? Perhaps one idea might be to introduce a stakes structure that sees races for higher classes of horses run for higher stakes to incentivise them.
  5. We're Doomed

    Taupo Gone!!

    It will be interesting to see what they do with the 3yo fillies race, which I see they are trying to reschedule. The only options would seem to be to add it to next week's Matamata or HB programmes. I can't see the Taupo Club or their sponsor being too keen to give $15,000 to another club, which would create a funding issue at Matamata, so HB probably the best option as the basic stake there is $25,000 anyhow.
  6. We're Doomed

    The only horse you need this Saturday.....

    Taranaki or Pakuranga?
  7. We're Doomed

    Couch TV Presenters, here’s your chance

    I was just thinking myself that there can't be too many people with all those skills floating around NZ, and anyone with those skills must already be working for the TAB anyhow.
  8. The Lawrence used to be a popular race for NZ horses when it was known as the Liston. I can recall Steely Dan and Kairau Lad winning it back in the day, and even earlier Vice Regal. Now the Aussie horses seem to be up and going much earlier with all of the big money on offer, and the NZ horses tend not to be up for it any more. Having said that of course the Foxbridge Plate has increased in status over the years, group wise, so is now a viable alternative as we see this year with a pretty decent sort of field.
  9. I think what most of them are trying to say Stopper is that you do have a history of getting a bit over excited. Longer term punters tend to wait and let things unfold.
  10. We're Doomed

    Tab verification

    Well, I have had a hell of a problem "taking out 4 figures", but that has nothing to do with the lack of verification.
  11. We're Doomed

    Riccarton races

    I tend to agree, it smacks of incompetence and arrogance all round. Very misleading too, luring people in on the big days, paying almost $40 I think, and when they get in the gates they find there are no facilities. I can't imagine something like this would be allowed to happen at Flemington if there was a similar calamity in Melbourne.
  12. We're Doomed

    Riccarton races

    Not sure it is Winston's fault. It would certainly be pretty miserable out there today though. I used to enjoy watching the National from the top level of the public stand. Shocking all round that almost nine years since the quake nothing has happened to that stand. And no information to the public about progress, or lack thereof. I was staggered when I went to Cup Week last year and saw there were no facilities, despite paying a considerable amount to get in.. I know of many people who visited from afar and won't be returning. And of course the ones who travel miles to get there are the actual punteres. The local kids going for a piss-up don't mind if there is no grandstand to watch the actual races; and perish the thought, bet on races at other tracks. Once the punters get out of the habit of going, it will be virtually impossible to get them back. A whole generation of potential punters has probably been lost already.
  13. We're Doomed

    Good onya Dummy....

    Yes, a great race. Always good to see a brave front runner. Good to see the old southern hurdler manage a brave 5th.
  14. We're Doomed

    Good onya Dummy....

    Yes, it was an impressive effort. I was surprised no one mentioned it until today. Amazing for Kevin Myers to let all the glory go to another trainer when he did all the work. I presume it could easily have raced under his name. I know he has an arrangement with the Paynes. Gobstopper was going ok until he dropped out and was pulled up.
  15. We're Doomed


    It happens in any country that doesn't have an "arrangement" with our TAB. I strike it in Aussie and France mostly, UK is ok.