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  1. lad27

    Unstruck First4 Carry Over

    Was it a comingled pools today?
  2. lad27

    Boys get paid

    Hi Jape all is well, not my punting very average there and alot less of that happening with a growing family as we have a Mr 4 & Miss 2 now. I would like to come up for cup nite but finances dont stretch with only one income stream currently. I see the odds are out for cup and galaxy. Bolty looks like a new sprinting superstar, not seen like the days of the Goat or Dixie Lee and @ $4. As for the Dyna Dave might get that group 1 but do like Bigtime Cooper at $5 place in Final or Pearl's r us place @ $6. Multi both those us now and $$$ could flow!
  3. lad27

    Boys get paid

    Raced Monday just been and paid $1.30 tote, hard to make pay at those odds
  4. lad27

    Tab presenters

    Gut did me good last Sunday with a $14.50 winner, only thing it didn't tell me was I should have taken fixed!
  5. lad27

    Tab presenters

    Go with ya gut, very rarely I have put my bet on and being swayed to their thoughts. You right though, the mug punter at home with not alot of knowledge will chuck a $5 or more on the commentators thoughts. There is one really good greyhound commentator that does the catching pen, he is on either wed or thurs nights on sky. Very honest and very good.
  6. lad27

    Glenda Hughes

    Vote with your $$$. I dont punt mon, wed and fri.
  7. lad27

    Is this site shut down ?

  8. I'm guessing Mauro went and had a cuppa
  9. All good Minnie i'll flick you a text.
  10. Hey Minnie im in Timaru, as far as i know there is nothing. Nearist trials track is Ashburton.
  11. Dear Mauro, Sean and the Board I sit here today typing this on a Sunday been my day off which is always a family day but I'm in such a annoyed mood I need to put this together so I can carry on the day in a much more pleasant way. First off the greyhound board playing burry your heads in the sand and say nothing to media is nothing new to me as have been in the code for coming up 12yrs. However your inability as a C.E.O. and the current board shows a complete lack of the feeling out there for the grassroots people up and down the country. Now greyhound racing in N.Z. usually follows Australia's lead with most matters and occasionally they try something of ours but you dropped the ball on this one. Weather Cole is guilty or not will sort itself in the future however how the board have handled it is piss poor. The thing that really grinds my gears and I'm sure plenty of people in the greyhound code is the way that live baiting in Australia was dealt with, disqualification and dogs deregistered with anyone been on site of that particular raid were gone burgers, fair or not. It showed some effort from the leaders of the code at the time to basically save face with the public and were prepared to take that issues on later down the track. Now the Greens have publically stated they don't want the greyhound code anymore, no real news there but if the next election is tight and push comes to shove regarding deals then where do you think we all will be ????? Don't take the example of greyhound racing N.S.W. as they all looked like a bunch of dicks for doing what the entire leadership structure of G.R.N.Z. is doing currently - NOTHING!. Grant and Baird went bye bye and the only reason for that wasn't great leadership from the people that are in charge of the sport it was because the grassroots participant got up in arms, there shit sorted, and the right people in their circles and saved the code in N.S.W. Hell even Rodeo N.Z. have a media spokes person and their are hammered every year by the anti's. I want all of you today to grab a cuppa, head outside by yourself and have a dam good think about what is happening to this beautiful sport. Because if nothing is done fast you all will be grabbing a cuppa, sitting outside and thinking to yourselves I should have done more ..... One upset grassroots L.P. from Timaru Regards Marek Dunne
  12. lad27

    Bago Bye Bye

    Racing tonight at Wenty in race 5. Up against the superstar tornado tears but he seemed only to be cranking up over his 710m win last start.
  13. lad27

    Brian Martin

    Just watched the reply of the first two races from yesterday as I was working last night. Magic stuff, was like a breath of fresh air hearing Brian again. The passion in his voice for a job he is bloody good at!
  14. lad27

    Manila bala

    I know!!! My pocket is hurting again after yesterdays effort
  15. lad27

    Bago Bye Bye

    Maybe heading back to nz after effort on home straight