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  1. Well for starters its keeps people involved in the industry and attracts new people into the industry.
  2. Since I've been involved with greyhounds which is about 17yrs the improvement with welfare since what happened in Australia, changed the industry for the better in both countries. All codes have their ups and downs and splashed over the media at the time. The difference in my view is T.V.3 has the view of the anti's locked in and keen for the code to go, hence total negative coverage on the greyhound code.
  3. Guess who's back as Minister of Racing. As for the other two parties I'm sure the information they had was limited.
  4. So, in some eyes it may seem but at the end the day the greyhound code is well and alive for the future. The improvement in the code has been big over the last 5-10yrs and only getting better. GRNZ is pleased to announce that stakes will be increasing from 14 August 2023. Thanks to the increased distributions from the TAB NZ and Entain strategic partnership, we will be injecting an additional $2 million into stakes next season. The effect of this is that the prizemoney for every single race will increase by $400. Following GRNZ Board discussions, it has been decided that in every race: 1st will receive an extra $240 2nd will receive an extra $100 3rd will receive an extra $60 We have decided to distribute this across all classes of races, so that as many participants as possible will benefit from the increase, especially given the rising costs of living. Over the next two months, we will also explore other promotional initiatives with TAB NZ and Entain, and will keep you updated on any further positive developments in this area.
  5. Didn't you get the greyhound bloke a few years back?
  6. Right am I the only one here that will state greyhound racing isnt going here and is staying. There are two reasons for my statement. 1 - Labour has pushed what ever they have wanted to in their current term. Really couldn't do it before the election?. That to me = bollocks and a middle finger to the one in green Chloe. Deals had been done. 2 - Entain I highly doubt signed up to a two code deal as I believe we out do harness. Greyhound racing is a huge, fast and good turnover for them and a very exportable code.
  7. Looking forward to today, some bloody racing today. Got some multis landing on my picks in the big races. Only downside is working today, so hopefully some drinking $$$ for later
  8. Not in N.Z. Very rarely does that occur
  9. Just had a look on TAB website, go to racing and select Thursday greyhounds. Have odds up from race 6 -10 at Waikato
  10. Unfortunately that is what I have to come to expect from the TAB when it comes to greyhounds.
  11. The end has been nigh since I started in greyhounds. Remember what they did in N.S.W., I don't think any govt want a repeat of that. The Greens are not in govt, I never voted for them and never will as their thoughts on greyhounds were made crystal clear before the election. What annoys me the most is that as a breed of dog we would be the most regulated in N.Z., all information regarding greys is recorded. Now say you have a white fluffy tennis ball that people seems to love there is no restriction on any type of breeding of any other kind of breed in N.Z. My family friend has one of the above mentioned white fluffy things and its had 3 litters, first litter $600 pup, second $1200 pup, last litter $1800 pup which apparently can reach $3k a pup. No issue that she has breed from but the litter sister of that bitch owned by someone else was breed at 9 months of age which is just wrong. Point been anyone can breed anything whenever they want and I'm 100% sure there is a large amount of wastage from this. I personally think for greyhound racing in N.Z. and continuation of this great sport, over breeding by a small amount of breeders needs to be seriously looked at and dealt to with restrictions and loop holes covered.
  12. Hang on till Thursday, I dont punt Wednesday. I'll wack some thoughts up.
  13. https://www.trademe.co.nz/antiques-collectables/art-deco-retro/furniture/listing-2826812606.htm?rsqid=0efd2a7b138649fb8efe5d4a19a8a487-001 https://www.trademe.co.nz/antiques-collectables/art-deco-retro/furniture/listing-2826812960.htm?rsqid=a885b3a83e7e4eebb8dfa99e4b04ad3c-001 This was before I got into greyhounds but interested in the history.
  14. Best to contract trainers, they may have some or know of some. As Joe Blogs said most are kept.
  15. As far as I know you need to registered person of grnz. Pay your annual fee whichever it maybe as owner through a syndicate or individual, owner/handler or trainer, trainer. They link you in give you a password and your in. Matings and whelpings last a year but for naming of racing dogs come up on registrations but sometimes grv website on individual litters shows more.