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  1. lad27

    Amazing Chase

    Bloody hope so Jape, need P.M. to place top 3
  2. lad27

    Not so Amazing chase

    Wazza the way the whole saga has unfolded is just - wow!. I don't have a problem with the concept, dogs or where they came from. From a punting side of things I put 2 $10 place bets on, one Dirk Bale the second Pinny Mac. Pinny Mac suspended, was there any media regarding this - nah. Just hold out for a J.C.A. decision one week out with your bet - it will be all good and hope he trials up a storm on Sunday. Low and behold Pinny Mac goes from $21 win, $6 place futures into just $9 for last few days, now $12 today - win option only Now I'm just a small punter that know one cares about but I'm sure there was a fair few that had a nudge or added into multis. Lesson I have learnt, don't punt futures on amazing chase if it ever happens again in N.Z.
  3. We do : Head of Marketing and Communications Katherine O'Connor
  4. lad27

    Box draws.

    F.F.S. - random box draws my arse !!! Box draws for Addington next Tuesday out and we draw box 5 again! This will be her 12th start next week and we have yet to see box one two or three!. Just magic stuff for a railer = NOT! Box History BOX Starts 0 0 0 3 4 3 1 0
  5. lad27

    Amazing Chase

    No worries Clarky, i was looking forward to him race which i preferred. What be will be, i'll just keep the bet quiet from the other half .
  6. lad27

    Amazing Chase

    Bloody well hope so refund wise. I only get the occasional bet in now, $10 back would be good.
  7. lad27

    Amazing Chase

    Dyna Dave red hot to win it after breaking the 10yr old record at Addington in 29.75 today.
  8. lad27

    Amazing chase

    Some interesting odds out. I thought Avenger Bale was good value. The final at Wanganui which must be remembered as well. Was going the have a look at C Cyborg if Auckland but not really sure with that dog at Wanganui.
  9. lad27


    Emotive you have been rather silent as of late - how goes it at hq
  10. lad27

    Box draws.

    Bus Stop some dogs know that when their in the inside boxes it's game on. Whether they sense been closer in or hear the lure better makes all the difference. I agree box speed is gold but inside draws can assist your dog greatly if they love been down by the rail. Jape all is well, the punting has been put on the sideline with family commitments but finally have one racing greyhound at the moment that made herself famous on the 'Catching Pen' with coming out backwards. No more greys for next 2-3yrs but may own a percentage in a back leg at some stage.
  11. lad27

    Box draws.

    I had a dog with 89 starts Inside draws ( including box 4 ) = 37 Outside box draws = 52 Would have won and placed more than the 33 times he did if drawn inside top 3 boxes.
  12. lad27

    Box draws.

    Wait till you own a dog that's a railer and keep getting outside draws. They say once the dogs finishes racing the pie chart will be all about even - bollocks!
  13. lad27

    Well well well D.Schofield

    Emotive, what part from grnz are you from?
  14. lad27

    Well well well D.Schofield

    If you got pinged for a meth positive as a 78yrs trainer and there was past history then wouldn't you if in the same shoes?
  15. lad27

    He's sure got some wheels

    I personally dont have a problem with dogs from ozz coing to nz. That fella in that clip looked like he wanted to play more than race. Greyhounds are breed to race and as a small owner you want the best chance to get your dog to the track. If i was an ozz owner and the risk was worth sending to nz then why not as it aint cheep to bring one into our country anymore. Swift Fantasy is an example that got the greyhounds on mainstream media for all the right reasons.