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  1. lad27

    I give up

    Very good article that one, Ken Rutherford article also is a cracker. What a bunch of tools that were running the show and still seem to be.
  2. lad27

    Forbury Park.
  3. lad27


    Do what I do, don't bet North Island meetings Mon, Wed and Fri. I make my point that way as that's all I can do, will never happen higher up.
  4. Normal I'd say as usually bugger all on course these days. Days of touchtone in think is minimum $10 bet.
  5. I see you bet on the weather over there, each city and the other one I saw is the colour of their pm's tie in his next appearance lol
  6. Railway - Seve Cup - Dyna Dave Whats everyone's thoughts???
  7. She's For Us tonight race 10 Going to give her 5ew, bitches only race. Will be interesting to watch. Happy punting!
  8. lad27

    8 Races

    As long as ozz gets their quota of races I'd say it will keep going.
  9. Cheers Gerter, been awhile since any form of tips went up. Cant see anything at Cambridge spins my wheels. Addington, can really only see two chances. Race 6, box 1 She's For Us, she did run second to Dyna Dave in a two dog race last year and only lost by a length and a half but the time ran was 29.70. Race 9, box 1 Select Trick, pretty much a given but we all know that there is no such things as 100% winners.
  10. Was it a comingled pools today?
  11. lad27

    Boys get paid

    Hi Jape all is well, not my punting very average there and alot less of that happening with a growing family as we have a Mr 4 & Miss 2 now. I would like to come up for cup nite but finances dont stretch with only one income stream currently. I see the odds are out for cup and galaxy. Bolty looks like a new sprinting superstar, not seen like the days of the Goat or Dixie Lee and @ $4. As for the Dyna Dave might get that group 1 but do like Bigtime Cooper at $5 place in Final or Pearl's r us place @ $6. Multi both those us now and $$$ could flow!
  12. lad27

    Boys get paid

    Raced Monday just been and paid $1.30 tote, hard to make pay at those odds
  13. lad27

    Tab presenters

    Gut did me good last Sunday with a $14.50 winner, only thing it didn't tell me was I should have taken fixed!
  14. lad27

    Tab presenters

    Go with ya gut, very rarely I have put my bet on and being swayed to their thoughts. You right though, the mug punter at home with not alot of knowledge will chuck a $5 or more on the commentators thoughts. There is one really good greyhound commentator that does the catching pen, he is on either wed or thurs nights on sky. Very honest and very good.
  15. Vote with your $$$. I dont punt mon, wed and fri.