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  1. The end has been nigh since I started in greyhounds. Remember what they did in N.S.W., I don't think any govt want a repeat of that. The Greens are not in govt, I never voted for them and never will as their thoughts on greyhounds were made crystal clear before the election. What annoys me the most is that as a breed of dog we would be the most regulated in N.Z., all information regarding greys is recorded. Now say you have a white fluffy tennis ball that people seems to love there is no restriction on any type of breeding of any other kind of breed in N.Z. My family friend has
  2. Hang on till Thursday, I dont punt Wednesday. I'll wack some thoughts up.
  3. This was before I got into greyhounds but interested in the history.
  4. Best to contract trainers, they may have some or know of some. As Joe Blogs said most are kept.
  5. As far as I know you need to registered person of grnz. Pay your annual fee whichever it maybe as owner through a syndicate or individual, owner/handler or trainer, trainer. They link you in give you a password and your in. Matings and whelpings last a year but for naming of racing dogs come up on registrations but sometimes grv website on individual litters shows more.
  6. If you belong on members area on grnz website you can see all matings, whelpings & registrations.
  7. Last had a yarn to Steve about three years ago when went up to Auckland and convinced one of my friends to take me to the track for the Sunday arvo. Always good for a chat and will miss that chance again when I head north for a visit to the track. R.I.P. Steve
  8. Thanks for the interest, dog has been placed.
  9. MIKIL Bitch ( located in Christchurch ) Zulu Zeus x Fancy Nomikai 6 Starts for one win and one placing. $1000 Genuine reason for sale Phone Dave on 0272336410
  10. lad27

    I give up

    Very good article that one, Ken Rutherford article also is a cracker. What a bunch of tools that were running the show and still seem to be.
  12. Do what I do, don't bet North Island meetings Mon, Wed and Fri. I make my point that way as that's all I can do, will never happen higher up.
  13. Normal I'd say as usually bugger all on course these days. Days of touchtone in think is minimum $10 bet.
  14. I see you bet on the weather over there, each city and the other one I saw is the colour of their pm's tie in his next appearance lol
  15. Railway - Seve Cup - Dyna Dave Whats everyone's thoughts???