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  1. I wonder how much of today's abandonment is in some part down to having raced there the last 2 Saturdays .
  2. They have a back up plan , they're called all weathers , I think they have xfered one meeting in the time they have been in use . To make these kind of management decisions you require people who actually give a fuck about owners and industry participants .
  3. Will wait till one B Sharrock makes a statement before deciding if NZ racing is really becoming the white elephant many have suspected for many years . Come in Brucie .
  4. I suspect it's correct , they have smashing us with this Friday lights shit for the last few weeks , had a look last Friday , looked like any other Friday night trots to me .
  5. There is a long standing myth , that NZ used to have a superior horse racing industry . Now that was supposed to be not so long ago . Simply sad , no other words .
  6. Your lucky , that's lightweight to what I have been called by mine .
  7. Well if that's the case she found the right words , sorry word .
  8. Oh I thought she was giving me a compliment .
  9. Yeah but she's really good at giving it , takes a special person that can be good at both .
  10. The language is terrible , that's the second time today you've suggested I get over myself . With your experience can you tell me how .
  11. Don't knock her , she's the comedy show on here .
  12. Stick to grammar and spelling , sanctimonious isn't your job .
  13. That would be the smart decision , holding breath , not .
  14. Apparently the gates were coming from Cambridge and whoever was bringing them didn't give anybody the heads up till 10am , bit late . We need to start a comp for people to come up with next obscure reason for a meeting abandonment .
  15. Better watch yourself , Disney will sue because you are denigrating MM by connecting him with this shambles .
  16. Good on you , nothing wrong with being positive but most people I know have had all the positivity knocked out of them . Catch up with the Pukekohe meeting today , more owners shafted .
  17. Apparently only one truck in the Auckland area . You couldn't make this shit up . I am seriously stunned , just when I thought there was no other way they could screw owners , TaaDaa !
  18. Just glad it was you guys that pulled up my error , Christ , Miss Jools would have ripped stripes off me .
  19. A small screen shot of what MG's new show will be like , ads for the big boys .
  20. OH the image you have placed in my head , scary sad .
  21. I think you'll find Pete Lane and We're Doomed are filling in for her , not sure if it's an apprenticeship heading to a fulltime gig but we will see .
  22. I agree , but rolling heads don't fix the issue .
  23. It's amazing how fast every F#@KER has suddenly become Miss Jools . So just for the sake of correction , 10 furlongs at 80 ton a furlong , go do the math .
  24. The track is 20 furlongs in circumference and about 30mtrs wide so that's 40 ton per furlong , 6000 square mtrs per furlong , I'm not sure how far a ton of sand would go . I used to regularly get a 2/3 tons every couple of years to put in the gate ways of my paddocks and that didn't go far .