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  1. Chris Wood

    Name for my horse please.

    Down to a short list team, decision made this weekend. The horse trialled up again at the last Cambridge heats, and he is now ready to head to the races. Back to you all soon!
  2. Chris Wood

    The good old days

    Classic BH!
  3. Chris Wood


    I will say what has been said many times before, Queens Birthday Weekend Racing is boring, Another bad decision made when the Northerns were put back on the Calendar, know one oncourse, it was traditional racing once upon a time. I know the decision was made years ago before the current officials were in charge, no offence to you Paul Wilcox. The calendar of yesteryear was fine, changes made for the better, far from it!
  4. Chris Wood


    Have to agree, then we have the Cornwall Handicap, run today for $35,000. Not that many years ago it was $100,000. Not knocking the ARC, just the state of affairs here in NZ!
  5. Chris Wood

    Te Rapa track

    Sadly the wrong grade of sand was put on quite sometime ago. Previous short term caretaker and sand contractor to blame. Bart Cowan, a very competent track man has inherited a lemon, and at some stage racing might have to stop to do major remedial work. Hopefully the track and weather hold up for next Saturday!
  6. Another good mare trained in Taupiri by the same stallion, father and son combo, pretty sure you will guess that one VC!
  7. Von Cettes, trained by Ivan Johnson, who lived at Ngaruawahia and trained him at TeRapa. Pretty sure Mark Henry won a race on him! Was he by Philocotes?
  8. Chris Wood

    Maiden gallopers

    Burt Furness Ted?
  9. Chris Wood

    Name for my horse please.

    Afternoon all, the Swiss Ace trialed today on a reasonable surface here at Cambridge, in Heat 17. With the addition of blinkers, he jumped from the barrier and put himself in the trial, sitting 3 wide on the pace. He travelled well and gave a kick in the straight, running 3rd, a better effort. Andrew Calder rode him and said it was a good enough trial, and I am thinking a dead to slow track will suit him, so i better get in to naming mode, and we can get him registered and one lucky (well hopefully) new owner who came up with what I think is the best name will be the receipeint of a 5% share. Good luck to everyone that forwarded their choice.
  10. Chris Wood

    Commentator Warrnambool

    I reckon he is great, he makes the Bool!
  11. Chris Wood

    Te Rapa track?

    Still a bit of kickback yes, the wrong grade of sand was put on sometime ago. Dont blame the new curator, doing a good job along with the experienced staff there. Sadly it will take time, the rail will probably be shifted out with the prevailing forecast. Still one of the better winter tracks! Sadly Ellerslie didn’t go with the Strathayr surface, bypass time will start soon for the annual migration to Ruakaka! Should be Racing there every second Saturday especially with the fantastic tie ups. People go to Alexandra Park every Friday, habit I suppose, most casual racing fans wouldn’t know when they raced at Ellerslie apart from their premier days! Great track, great facilities, utilise the place!
  12. Chris Wood


    The actual fields only popped up this morning, to bad if you wanted to do a bit of study!
  13. Chris Wood

    Name for my horse please.

    Wooden Edge kicked off again today with a trial win Matt, he had a nice break and has built up nicely!
  14. Chris Wood

    Name for my horse please.

    Today’s trial was a little bit disappointing. I will tinker with his gear, and won’t name him until I am confident he can do something when he steps out. The offer I put up still stands and I will sort through the names and let you know the name I choose. I will also keep you updated as to his progress, and the gear amendments. Have a great weekend!