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  1. Really, I can’t quite work this one out, too hard last week, swapped days with CAMBRIDGE, transferred from Tuesday to Thursday because of predicted rain, then a hole in the track, or slippery surface? At what cost to connections? Floats, they don’t take a backward step, discounted rate, not likely. Feel for the club, but any dithering should raise a white flag in my mind! We seem to have one bumble after the other, things in NZ racing are not oozing with confidence sadly! And then there is Australia..... Messara pulls out another trump card today......
  2. Trials here would not have been abandoned today!
  3. Berri, I feel the camber on the track will allow you to get up and around them, that’s what it feels like when you ride the track. Time will tell, but I am very confident it will be good, might keep a few of the older horses racing too with a bit of luck.
  4. One day of rain, 90mm for gods sake!
  5. Any doubters on our new track at Cambridge, check this out! Between 4.00am yesterday and 4.00pm, 90mm of rain fell and the track was absolutely perfect this morning. It bodes well for the upcoming winter, and I see Riccarton is coming along in leaps and bounds to.
  6. Wasn’t there a stack of passings JJ, you might need a ready to run sale for the harness game.
  7. I wasn’t oncourse Sunday, but I am picking the packed race days at Wairoa wouldn’t have been the same at Hastings on Sunday. Couldnt see many of the general public from Wairoa heading there. All their work on the track was voluntary, done by committee people. I maybe wrong, but if you don’t take racing to the people in these regions, the young ones will never know about it and the older generation are not going to be here forever! Just an observation!
  8. Trials went well today here at Cambridge DBTab, interested to hear your thoughts on proceedings!
  9. Trials for TeRapa today were cancelled, CAMBRIDGE steps into the breach, 21 heats here tomorrow, perfect for all concerned. More rain forecast for tonight and tomorrow, be good to see what the riders think, first real test!
  10. Expert on tracks DBtab are we? Nothing wrong with the track here at Cambridge, I ride it regularly, have ridden jumpouts on it and it will come into its own once winter comes along. I don’t use it for every horse every day, I still like our ploughs, and whilst they are in use, I am sure a lot of trainers think the same. They have been the back bone of our training tracks since I have been training here in Cambridge. The problem was that the number of horses trained here in Cambridge far exceeded the 200 horses the original set up was catering for. Limited grasses in the w
  11. Not sure on what angle your coming from Bloss, two good administrators, both good guys, and passionate about the industry!
  12. It provides opportunities for second class riders to improve....
  13. Just checking on this weekend, no races in the top half of the North Island on Saturday or Monday (Waitangi Day). What the............
  14. That’s the beauty of the minimum wage, staff get entitled to what they deserve, yesterday, time and a half, day in lieu off, next Monday the same! Horses don’t know it is a public holiday, they need working, watering ,feeding and their boxes cleaned out. And do you think I charge a surcharge, not on your nelly, cop it on the chin, like most stables. I do hear a few of the big stables tack it on......