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  1. Chris Wood

    Date For The Messara Report Release

    I am sure Sure John Messara has nothing to do with Trotting or the Greyhounds over in Australia, so why would it be any different here. Trotting offers incentives to take your horses to Alexandra Park, already one step ahead of our code!
  2. No, unfortunately far from successful, lots of kickback and pending where the rail is, a leader bias, which is normally worked out after a couple of races. They are working on it, but it will take awhile to get a reasonable resolution to the problem. Sad really, as it had been a really good winter surface prior to this, still possibly better than 90% of most winter tracks here in NZ, but kickback for horses and riders is really bad if you are back in the field, something that can’t be solved in a short time.
  3. Controversial sand spread last time it was done, first one without Neil Treweeks supervision. New course manager imported from Awapuni.
  4. Chris Wood

    Victoria Gatu

    Viktoria decided to head back to Sweden for a variety of reasons, and not planning to return in the near future. She was a joy to have around the stables and is sorely missed by all her fellow staff members, and Pacorus!
  5. Chris Wood

    My only bet for today.......

    Talk about a chip on one’s shoulder CBT, get over it, the forum is for all to express their opinions, we don’t all have to agree!
  6. Chris Wood

    Joining a racing club

    I am a member nowadays at TeRapa and the facilities since their revamp are great, and at $125 for two passes I feel they represent great value. The Friday night before the Foxbridge Plate, they have John Letts there at a cocktail function, following on from Greg Miles last year. Well done to the Waikato R.C , their lounge improvements are fantastic, let’s hope the Owner Trainers area is next!
  7. Chris Wood

    Charlie Studd

    Agree Aaron, owners choice as to when you want to retire your horse. Same as the big grey fellow in Oz!
  8. Chris Wood

    Saundry on AW tracks

    Cambridge is one track getting the All Weather, heard that from Bernard on Peter Earley’s show on Wednesday!
  9. Chris Wood

    Russell Curtin

    Sorry to hear that, didn’t know of his passing, great guy and always had time for a chat! RIP Champ!
  10. Chris Wood

    All The Best Pitty

    Best wishes Michael, hope it all goes well for you!
  11. Chris Wood

    Well Done Michael Pitman

    Apologies and well done team Pitman!
  12. Chris Wood

    Well Done Michael Pitman

    Read it again Trump, over 4 years as I see it!
  13. Chris Wood

    July 5th TAB announcement?

    Pre emp Chev!
  14. Chris Wood

    Brian DL's Informant Article $1.0m disgrace

    Our local paper, The Waikato Times doesn’t even have the local Rugby Comp results or any game reports anymore! We are treated like second class citizens!