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  1. Trained a Caulfield Cup winner, Analight.
  2. What a pathetic situation, run some more bloody race days, I know my owners haven’t paid training fees through the Covid situation to have their horses standing in their boxes. Why are we so slow on the uptake? They must have known their would be a backlog of horses looking to run.....
  3. Proof will be in the pudding Leggy. I have met Bernard on a few occasions, I like the man and I think he has some sound ideas, not sure about this one, and it will be hard to prove one way or the other. I just can’t see pods and a few operators on the big days being able to cope, which turns to lost revenue. And at this stage of proceedings, we need every dollar we can generate!
  4. It is really hard to fathom how they think not having tote operators, and pushing us towards pods and other devices is going to help get turnovers going. I know a lot of older race goers that will not run with this, and they just won’t be oncourse anymore. The game will really struggle as the young people who do turn up oncourse are normally there for the big days only, and only for the social aspect. I for one think they have got it wrong, and I am picking turnovers will prove that very quickly.
  5. With the lack of rain leading up to the meeting, how was the track a Heavy 11 at nomination time?
  6. I think you will find this is why Peter Earley has taken the redundancy package, he was never afraid to ask the hard questions, ruffled a few feathers and he has now paid the price. He had a few on the back foot with the questions he asked Edward Rennell and Greg Purcell, loved this, the answers required were not always forthcoming, Pete kept prying and eventually he wore them down. Enjoy your retirement Pete, always enjoyed your honesty and integrity!
  7. Agree with some of the closures, but Gisborne and Wairoa? Hard to fathom the savings at these two tracks, all volunteers, always super crowds. TeTeko, another good go to track, crowds also flock there, and at what cost to the industry? These people that attended the meetings will be lost to Racing forever, and at what cost? Trackside Radio decision irks me no end, then the non publication of racing information in our daily newspapers. Pods at the races instead of tote operators? I still have work to do on this lovely Saturday morning here in Cambridge, wish I had a bit more time to add to the death knell knee jerk reactions RITA have come out with... Not sure where our beloved industry is going to finish up....
  8. Agree Leggy, and once again, who will be accountable?
  9. I think you will find Avondale might be locked in a trust or something similar and NZ racing won’t get their hands on a dollar, which is fair enough too....
  10. No Radio Trackside, ridiculous, they have made a right royal job this mob of fucking NZ Racing.....
  11. Good factual article on the demise of NZ racing.... The costs have just spiraled out of control, and it has taken Covid 19 to bring these problems to a head? We all know about blind Freddy, and these people being paid the huge dollars didn’t want to act earlier? What a bloody joke, sadly at our expense!