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  1. Chris Wood


    140mm fell, Grandstand would be swallowed at the 3 I mentioned!
  2. Chris Wood


    TeAroha and Taupo bush, might pay to get your map out! All weather in Cambridge will be great!
  3. Chris Wood


    Had a few rides on the tracks have we Insider? We need a few Strath Ayr tracks obviously, shutting down all the country tracks isn’t going to solve a lot, especially the ones that are looked after by the volunteers. As I was saying, those CD tracks are bogs in the winter, field sizes say that!
  4. Chris Wood


    Great days racing, super hospitality and a team of people that are passionate about the game. Its fine closing all these tracks down, but when you see the likes of Otaki, Awapuni, and Wellington in the winter time, absolute swamps, where is the racing going to be held?
  5. Chris Wood

    What a shame

    Bar prices are over the top on most racecourses sadly. I havent been to Ellerslie since the introduction of the new connections bar, I hear it is good, so will check it out next time I am there.
  6. Chris Wood

    Name for my horse please.

    Andrew said he was never happy in the ground from barrier rise, and he thought the horse was going to get blown over on straightening. The run best forgotten!
  7. Chris Wood

    One of the Best Weigh Ins Ever !

    Wondered where the name change came from! It was pretty testing, Andrew thought it was a wee bit heavy for him. Probably off to TeRapa tomorrow week for a 1400m race at this stage.
  8. Chris Wood

    One of the Best Weigh Ins Ever !

    Thanks Weasel!
  9. Chris Wood

    One of the Best Weigh Ins Ever !

    Hard road to hoe sorry!
  10. Chris Wood

    One of the Best Weigh Ins Ever !

    Bernard has sadly inherited a lemon, he has a hard ride to hoe!
  11. Chris Wood

    Bye Bye Kathy

    Sure she would love a night with Leo at HQ, outstanding venue that it is!
  12. Chris Wood

    Bye Bye Kathy

    I will text her your number!
  13. Chris Wood

    Name for my horse please.

    Happy enough team, 1.19 and change showed how testing the track was, 98mm of rain in the week leading up to the day. Andrew commented that he was going to push forward but was going to have to work to get there, so decided to take a sit. Tempo was moderate, so who knows, he was out there, I wasn’t! Horse rallied well in the straight, the experience won’t do him any harm and connections were happy. Will let you know shortly where we head next!
  14. Chris Wood

    Name for my horse please.

    Morning Race Cafe Team, our boy heads to Tauranga tomorrow to line up in race 2. Happy with him, he came through last weeks trial well, not really sure about the Heavy 11 track, but we have to start somewhere and he does seem to get through the going judging by his recent trials efforts. Andrew Calder takes the mount and he was a pleased with the trial win. Good luck to Anne and Steve, fellow shareholders, let the fun begin!
  15. Chris Wood


    Why not just leave Rogie to train it, let the owner who pays the bills make the decisions and butt your bloody noses out. Te Keeti Bloodstock can please themselves! So many experts!