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  1. He has really stepped up, proud parents! Reon Murtha played a large part in modelling him, along with a lot of other commentators and his hard yards down South were a great stepping stone for him. Singapore, then to the mega racing hub HK, where all the best Trainers and Jockeys ply their trade! He will return one day, in the meantime, HK is the place him and his family call home! His brother joined him up there 18months ago, bloody Covid and the travel restrictions these days……..
  2. Just check on that Chevy, I heard he is living in Australia.
  3. Jeff Simpson owned that one, Snabben. Gary Barkla trained him, won lots of races. Peter Simpson trained Sirstaci for his father in law at the time, Bruce Madden.
  4. What you are born as, should hold sway in what gender you compete in…. Geez, did you cop the armpits?
  5. He came and stayed at TeRapa , Doug Holden accompanied him on that trip,, took my Grandma down to see him, he was her favourite.
  6. Hard gig guys, nice to see lots of young fellows coming through, you have to start somewhere! Armchair critics are always right…..
  7. They will still be conducted on the Course proper and chase track. The new track is inside the main grass, looks like a great circumference.
  8. I don’t really see that Berri to be honest, I think the field sizes are adequate, be interesting to see how many Riccarton can accomodate. To me, more of a concern is where the horse numbers will be coming from, I hear so many small breeders not sending their mares to stud, foal crop will once again be down on the previous year, it will hit home eventually!
  9. Can’t say I have followed this closely, my horse Funtonic didn’t have a problem. Look at the judicial reports for the meetings on Saturday and see how many horses that ran and the riders blamed the track conditions, and TeRapa is one of the better surfaces, just saying!
  10. The track is superb, horses win from anywhere in the running, horses that have never been on it before win on it, great addition to NZ Racing.
  11. Stake rises announced, go to the NZTR site.
  12. So this is delaying our programming for the new season, hopefully it is worth the wait!
  13. Sad news this morning here in Cambridge, former Racing Scribe Alf Kneebone passed away peacefully overnight, aged 98. An absolute gentleman, he was heavily involved back in the day, when we actually had racing scribes, not uncommon to have 10 or 12 up in the designated Press Box, and the papers were full of Racing Information, form, trackwork and a breakdown of the field His legacy continues with Son Bernard doing the trackwork here at Cambridge and Tony is heavily involved in the Victorian scene. RIP Alf.