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  1. Chris Wood

    Name for my horse please.

    He banged his head on the truck when he was down to make his debut several weeks ago and had blood coming from one nostril. It took awhile to settle down, with a mild dose of antibiotics to do that. He had an easy time and had his first bit of quicker work, 800m at 3/4 pace last Saturday here at Cambridge. He came through that well, and will have another one tomorrow before a possible jumpout on Friday here at Cambridge. Then I will sort out a race for him. I will update you when I have a concrete plan.
  2. Chris Wood

    Do you think that one day....

    Superb wrap up Lights out as to where we are going, nowhere! Big go this weekend at TeRapa, favourite course for me, Foxbridge Plate, time honoured race, stake money of...... How long since the Messara report was put out to rejuvenate our local product, and has anything happened.....
  3. Chris Wood

    NZTR board candidates

    Clicky wee group, been the same for way to long, hence the position the industry now sees itself in!
  4. Chris Wood

    NZTR board candidates

    Shane McAllister in my mind is a guy they should be looking at. He has been involved in the game directly, breeder, owner punter and a good open mind on all facets of the game.
  5. Chris Wood

    Auckland Race Caller

    Hard case wasn’t it, never seen that done before to be honest!
  6. Chris Wood

    Te Rapa Track

    Have to agree, Hobbsey and his club are the benchmark as far as great facilities,innovative ideas and the Board always make you feel welcome. A lot of clubs could take a leaf out of their book. One club up our way shut the bars down almost as soon as they cross the line, sad, many a time I have been with owners late in the day, and they wish to relax for 30 minutes, maybe have a bet and a drink, but to no avail. Chasing people off the course is not a good look!
  7. Chris Wood

    Te Rapa Track

    Bit harsh guys, not that bad at all. Facilities upgraded, fields were okay, sadly, just to easy these days to stay at home. Some sort of loyalty bonus for oncourse patrons could help things.
  8. Chris Wood

    Good Luck....

    Knocked his head in transit to the races and ended up with a blood nose. Disappointing but will see another day.
  9. Chris Wood

    Good Luck....

    Our boy is in fine fettle for his debut today at TeRapa. I opted for the 1200m race rather than the 1400m as I thought the under foot conditions would be a bit testing, The horse should run a race, hopefully on pace and gives a good kick when asked by Vinny. Thanks to all who participated in his naming and the new connections have something to shout about!
  10. Chris Wood

    Good Luck....

    Thanks Baz, yes, Voltaire’s Secret makes his debut this Saturday at TeRapa in race 4, the maiden 3yo 1200m. His work has been good, he has blinkers and a tongue tie on, and Vinny Colgan takes the mount. I do think he will handle the ground, although TeRapa can trip a few up these days. Good luck to his new owners and I hope he runs a big race for you.
  11. Chris Wood

    Errol Skelton

    Champion bloke, time of the day was always given by EB. One Gregor Robson is a good guy to, along with his partner Donna!
  12. Chris Wood

    RIP Paul Costigan

    Sad to hear, bumped into Costy regularly down South and enjoyed a few drinks with him at the late Huia Briggs house on Shelly Beach Road back in the day! RIP big fellow and condolences to your family!
  13. Chris Wood

    Name for my horse please.

    All is confirmed, registration went through today, High Sparrow locked in, a lady who has always given me the time of the day at Counties RC has also copped 5% for being a good person. I love people that are involved in Racing administration that get sweet FA out of it, the big cheese swoop on the profits and leave the day to day running of the industry to these people and they get no recognition. Not talking about individual club admin, the fairs at Well bug me > Hopefully our boy does us some justice team, we will head to the races shortly, and if he doesn’t come up with the goods, we will go again !
  14. Chris Wood

    latest gem from TAB

    Sad but true, improve turnover, I think not!
  15. Chris Wood

    Name for my horse please.

    Will get the paperwork to you over the weekend, will get him named and we will go racing. He had a jumpout yesterday and went nicely.