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  1. Given we have a minute budget i think you really need to give more credit to the 2. Yes 2 people behind the scenes who make the show possible. We have produced 5 shows to date on a 40k budget when trackside have a million dollar budget. Im not quite sure what you were expecting when we have had very little support from anyone. Karen and i are almost working for free and our 2 technical masterminds are supplying their own gear and not even earning minimum wage. The HD part is frustrating but as far as we are concerned we have met the brief which was set out originally. It is now up to the
  2. Been reading the comments and taking in all feedback but after reading this post I feel compelled to say that this poster has nailed it here.
  3. Fractured skull and other cosmetic injuries. The man with serious injuries is a very well known and popular racing figure. We are all hoping for his recovery
  4. JTeaz


    My mother and her friend are two more victims of this flawed verification system. Took them a month to get their account sorted. Must be a common problem
  5. Aaron White was supposed to be calling this meeting and was pulled at the last minute. Can only assume he has Covid
  6. R.I.P Del. Another stslwart gone from the best era
  7. Unsure of what you mean there "womby". At which point did i state It couldn't win? I just questioned the comment in which he stated the field was a motley lot
  8. George. Have you considered that its in a motley lot field because its also extremely motley
  9. Well, thats not actually correct.
  10. I wonder when or if the charge of One of the drivers involved abusing the other will be heard. Not a good look these days for a male to be threatening a female...
  11. Thanks mate.you made my day...year actually. Sadly im well lost and not wanted. Didn't play the right tune. But still battling away in the shadows. Keep up your good work it doesn't go un noticed.