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  1. Saddened to hear of Mike's passing,had spoken a few times and i loved following the martin dogs.Mike and Linda always had a good dog born and bred at home of course too. He was a fan of mine which was a priviledge as clearly he knew what it took to be a good greyhound caller. Taken far too soon and he will be sadly missed.Deepest sympathy to Linda,Brian and the whole martin family on your loss. NZ greyhound racing is all the poorer without him. Jason Teaz
  2. Thankyou Mike.appreciate it greatly.A sad time but dads finally at peace
  3. Certainly, Alistair was a gun horseman. Drove Bronze Trail for Jackie,am sure he ran 2nd in an Auckland Cup.Best he drove Met him a few years ago whilst in retirement.Another old name gone. RIP
  4. Lovely lady who always had time for me,her and kev were a great pair. Very good trainer too. R,I.P
  5. RIP Ian, Was one of the first people i met in greyhound racing in the early 90's whilst training some dogs for my parents. Had a terrific sprinter for us in Sacred Mission,nothing was a problem and always had time for us. One of the good guys
  6. Thanks guys,really enjoying being a regular at your meetings lately.wish it could be a longer stint.Will never forget max.he was a great sprinter and had sone great battles with Ti Amore Lee Denis. See you at the track
  7. Hope so too.i felt like a right toss!
  8. Yea what a total moron he was,good thing mike you know as much as i do that racecallers say dumb things on air from time to time and being live you cant take it back.
  9. Great dog and full credit to Roy and Georgina. first dog since Misty Anna trained south of Oamaru to win 100k.Awesome work
  10. Thanks eljay it was great. I was keen for a twilight meet at Te Awamutu on a friday but was in the minority.sadly a change of mindset is required in the north because grass track racing will be gone in next 5 years otherwise
  11. eljay,this is false. the meeting could have been run at Te Awamutu but the meeting was allocated as a friday night meet at cambridge.and this was unfortunately not argued against. Hence,the te awamutu meeting will be run January 20.The Waipa racing club are more then happy to run harness anytime.
  12. Said that.as she normally steps quickly and would make it hard for the slow ones away.obviously tonight she was slow herself so im happy to be wrong on this occasion
  13. Got mine this morning in Oamaru at 8.30am,thank god!