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  1. I thought Rubisaki was a special today - but I’m not so certain now....
  2. Almost had it withStar Of The Seas but a good ew anyway
  3. I’ve been at golf Ohokason otherwise I would have advised your picks aren’t pricey enough for a Heavy Randwick. Don’t be surprised for a Doncaster boilover. A Star of the Seas or Night Watch win at unbelievable odds
  4. Trump

    Anyone for a game...seeing we’re all bored

    I’ll start with just one - right on top. The NZ Racing participants for allowing NZ Racing to be taken down the gurglar. Where were the influential heavy hitters? Why was NZ Racing allowed to descend so far into the Abyss?
  5. Never mind, a Lots of rain and a Heavy Track at Randwick today means “juicy” prices! A feast!
  6. Trump


    A German Backpacker traveling on a bus from Byron Bay to Coolangatta, was intercepted at the Qld/NSW Border in Tweed Heads and told to go back - which she did. She wasn’t given a choice. “NOBODY” is allowed across the Border unless they actually live in Qld. Everybody entering Aust goes straight to a designated Hotel and is isolated for 14 days - no exceptions.
  7. Thanks mate! It was a nice win and at $9.80 too. Tipped my daughter the F4 - which she forgot about and it paid $38k on one Tote! She won well at a great price and her full sister ran the Quin! Luckily I tipped the Quin to our syndicate. Both our mares have done well, winning at their recent starts. We are going to the Doomben next Saturday with one of them. She’s a stronger mare and deserves a shot at better prizemoney plus she will drop in weight.
  8. Trump

    Common Sense Versus Mediocrity

    You’ll find plenty of good Stables all over Aust that have training fees less or comparable to your Pike/Marsh/ Baker etc Stables. Midweek in Qld min stakes of $21k per race at TAB meetings. That’s double NZ midweek isn’t it? For same or less training costs. It’s a no-brainer where your horse ownership should be. You can watch them on TV.
  9. You should have stayed clear once the rider was announced. Another reason for the big price!
  10. Trump

    Racing Revamp .

    That was their main game - many are saying.
  11. Trump

    Coronavirus Hysteria

    I read where China is sending Medical supplies to all parts of the world. I wonder. Given that this pandemic was started in China, it has been suggested to me by one theorist that these supplies could be “deliberately infected”, as China wages biological warfare on the world. Could this be true? Interesting theory.
  12. Trump

    NZTR update

    It’s not his job to run racing is it?
  13. Trump


    If he was then the Headline would read, “Outsider at $3.20 gets up for the Stopper”
  14. Trump


    What a great win. In a nice position at the 400m and the Jock rode a patient ride.
  15. Trump

    Thoughts to help NZ Racing....Please help !

    Do you work for NZTR?