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  1. Why don’t you name the Seller here? At least it will alert others in the future to tread carefully with this person.
  2. Well done partner! We combined well! Cheers and all the best! Thank you for the Comp organisers and judges. Well done!
  3. Comp R1 : Te Rapa R3: 6&8 Comp R2 : Randwick R2: 5&7 Comp R3 : Otaki R5: 4&5  Comp R4 : Te Rapa R6: 1&2 Comp R5 : Caulfield R4: 4&6BB  Comp R6 : Randwick R5: 5&6  Comp R7 : Randwick R6: 7&13 Comp R8 : Caulfield R6: 4&6 Comp R9 : Randwick R7: 4&6  Comp R10 : Randwick R8: 6&10  Comp R11 : Caulfield R8: 1&11BB  Comp R12 : Morphettville R7: 1&2
  4. Trump

    Jacinda Ardern

    For Ardern to virtually tell Australia to front up on Climate Change just shows how hopelessly out of touch she is. Either she hasn’t looked at the facts or she’s trying to look tough. Most Aust media commentators don’t take her too seriously but Alan Jones says it how he sees it - unlike many fence sitters. The Leftie socialists will be on the march soon mumbling Misogyny etc etc. as for that ragheaded bandana wearer Peter Fitzsimmons, he’s to be ignored. He obviously copped a few from Richard Loe in the few tests he played!
  5. My comment re the Sire was meant to reflect that he’s not Snitzel, Redoutes, More Than Ready, etc etc.
  6. Kenedna grew a leg in Qld and won 2 good races. I doubt she can win Sat but it is The old Liston and there’s often upsets. Hartnell is probably the danger for MJ. He’s working well and can run fresh. Outside Hartnell, the Hayes horses often perform well fresh. I love these races with a hot fave. I’ll be anchoring her to run second in a F4, looking for value in a unlikely upset.
  7. This horse would never have been bought by The big boys. The ones who go to sales and pay fortunes for well bred stock that end up duds on the racetrack. That’s the majority. This is one of those fairy tale racing stories that come along now and then and involve a cheap horse by a Sire nobody has heard of. Owned by a nobody and trained by someone other than the big stable’s, by a guy who obviously is a great horseman. I listened to an interview last week and Mr Trinder (Trainer) was asked if he’d bring MJ to Melb for her final prep for her Spring campaign and avoid the Tassie wet and synthetic tracks etc. he replied, “Its worked ok so far so I’m ok on the synthetic with her. Why change?”. It’s going to take a good one to beat her and the PB Lawrence is a very very good field. When David Hayes has four runners - watch out! The Hayes Team will fire this Spring but MJ might just be too good this week. We’ll see.
  8. Trump

    Jacinda Ardern

    There you go again, going personal because you can’t debate “objectively”. I’m looking forward to your comments after Ardern gets the big A at the next election. If she gets re-elected, I’ll give you my comment now - “good luck”. Not sure who the next PM will be but “hopefully”, will be a Leader and not a Leftie loonie!
  9. I think that MJ is right up there at the moment and it’s going to take an exceptional one to beat her. With TAS at Stud I can’t think of one at the moment. However, a friend of mine has a goodie called Zoustyle, trained by Tony Gollan. Watch for him to possibly dominate sprint races. Won a trial this week by 9 lengths and Jock was just sitting as still as a church mouse on it.
  10. Trump

    Jacinda Ardern

    Bridges is not PM and until he is, it’s Ardern’s job and by any measure, most measured commentators seem to believe she has not shown she is up for it. A PM by default and has poor support - which is probably her biggest problem.
  11. Trump

    Jacinda Ardern

    I’m not the subject of discussion. Ardern is. She’s been elected (by default even though the vast majority of Kiwis did not want her or her party) to govern and so far, there’s no or little evidence of it happening. If you take your rosie glasses off and look at it objectively, you’d see the light. Arden is no Helen Clark and is either not getting any advice from Clark or is ignoring it. The clock is ticking on Ardern..
  12. Trump

    Jacinda Ardern

    When one gets away from the debate and gets “personal”, then that’s an admission of defeat. Nothing more to be said. The role of Govt is to “Govern”, not indulge in photo ops, selfies, etc. At some point in time Ardern will have to govern but for now, there’s no sign of that.
  13. Trump

    Jockeys managers ???

    The fact that most, if not all, the world’s best Jockeys have Managers is your answer. As do many if not most of all top sportsmen/women for that matter. Lewis Hamilton, etc. I bet that even Stormy Daniels has a Manager. Their skills lay in performing - not negotiating contracts etc.
  14. Trump

    Jacinda Ardern

    MMP got Ardern the PM job. That’s the problem with MMP. Unqualified for the task yet is running a modern economy - into the ground.
  15. Trump

    Jacinda Ardern

    Your nominated “B” Team FOE would not have to be too good to do a better job than Ardern. Most Aussies (the normal ones!) regard NZ as a super place inhabited by super people. What they can’t understand is how NZ’ers allowed Labour to get into power and break the long cycle of economic growth under National. Ardern is a cooked goose. Kiwis are too smart to make the same mistake twice. She’s a bit like the Rudd/Gillard experiment. After the pain of the Black Cap’s cricket WC loss, the pain of the All Blacks getting beaten at the World Cup in Japan will energize Kiwi anger against the photo opportunist Ardern. She’ll need a big Wellington earthquake, a Bay of Plenty Tsunami, a Waikato Flood and a larger forest fire in order to have some chance with those photo ops.