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  1. Trump

    Showgate's Dunedin Cup on Trademe

    It’s an old habit that “rubber band” trick. I still put a rubber band around my roll of notes but I’ve got two problems now. Firstly, they don’t make $1 notes anymore and it’s hard to keep coins together with a rubber band! Secondly, they don’t make rubber bands small enough now for my roll of notes!
  2. Trump

    Trump written off

    Who do you think would be “better” at getting NZ moving? The Donald or Jacinta?
  3. Comp R1 : Awapuni R4 1.54pm : # 8 Comp R2 : Rosehill R3 2.40pm : # 4 Comp R3 : Rosehill R4 3.15pm : # 10 BB Comp R4 : Rosehill R5 3.50pm : # 8 Comp R5 : Sandown Lakeside R5 4.05pm : # 7 BB Comp R6 : Rosehill R6 4.25pm (Bonus Race) : Comp R7 : Rosehill R7 5.05pm : Comp R8 : Ipswich R7 5.17pm (Bonus Race) : # 4 Comp R9 : Rosehill R8 5.45pm : # 2 Comp R10 : Sandown Lakeside R8 6.05pm : # 1 Comp R11 : Ipswich R9 6.32pm (Bonus Race) : # 6
  4. Trump

    Showgate's Dunedin Cup on Trademe

    Doesn’t look to be too much Gold in that Cup ! Only sentimental value for some racing enthusiast I would have thought. After all, it’s only the Dunedin Cup !
  5. Trump

    Winx enjoying life on the farm....

    Probably be a free service. What Stud wouldn’t want to be the first to have Winx as a customer? I’m also picking Snitzel and I Am Invincible as likely candidates.
  6. Trump

    RIP Lord Arthur

    Local talk is TB should get a long stretch and both CB and the Owners of LA should sue TB.
  7. Trump

    RIP Lord Arthur

    He’s given his fair share of dangerous situations for fellow riders, so for me, it’s a classic case of Karma. I wish him a speedy recovery all the same.
  8. Trump

    Race caller rumours

    You’re not serious are you? Why on earth would he want to leave the HKJC for NZ? Why go backwards when you’ve made the forward move? Next thing you’ll be suggesting Chris Waller return to Awapuni ?
  9. Trump

    Jacinda Ardern

    Ardern attained Govt even though about 66% of NZ voters didn’t want her Party. By others prostituting themselves purely for power, Ardern was able to form a “Coalition”, if that’s the right word. Containing a bunch of people who couldn’t run a corner convenience store, NZ has got what it deserved from its voters. I’d be very surprised if NZ’s Voters made the same mistake twice. Ardern has proved herself unworthy and unqualified to be PM of such a great country. Her Deputy is well known and needs no commentary - he will get his usual treatment at the next election but still find a way to tiptoe through the minority backdoor. How did it all get to this? NZ was cruising along after the strong and steady stewardship of Key and English, Voters wanted to continue with them but NZ’s stupid MMP prevented that. Reap what ye sow has never been more true than watching the current NZ rabble. Comparisons with Muldoon are irrelevant - how many PM’s ago was he around? In different times? The world is heading into a debt filled economic quagmire. Aren’t you glad you’ve got Jacinta and Winnie to keep things ticking along.....I’m not sure Bridges is the right alternative but it’s amazing how people perform differently when they have got the reins and are not hanging on to the tail !
  10. Trump

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    An inspection of the ground from where TB started in the barriers showed the skid marks where the horse slid as it tried to accelerate out of the barriers. Hardly a fault of the jockey. Then blocked and checked in the running so all in all, a forget run.
  11. Trump

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    A good run by Endless Drama last start but really, it can’t beat Bostonian on the weights (IMHO). I’d rather be throwing ED in the multi along with Trekking, Home of the Brave and 3 or 4 lessor fancied good odds chances.
  12. Trump

    While Nero fiddles here....

    There are a lot of Racing Clubs between Auckland and Wellington! Where do u think it will take place
  13. Trump

    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    The only way I can see The Bostonian not winning this race is if the legendary one tips him!
  14. Maybe 2011 crowd was due to the Queen having a runner - Carlton House?