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  1. Trump

    Ride Like A Girl

    For those of you who like a good movie, go and see “Ride Like A Girl”, the highest grossing Australian made movie this year. It’s a great story of a large Catholic family of 12, sadly reduced to 11 following the death of the mom in a car accident. A lot of laughs, drama and an insight to the difficulty encountered by a woman in what was a man’s world. Not any more! Without woman jockeys racing would be stuffed! Go see the movie - it’s a ripper.
  2. Trump

    Australian WFA racing is very weak

    When the connections of Mystic Journey wake up and realise it’s a 1600m horse, it’ll bypass the Cox - where it would have no chance imho
  3. Trump

    Michael Walker

    Great news that Chris Waller has chosen Michael to ride Finche in the Caulfield Cup !
  4. Trump

    Stephen McKee 327K Lighter

    You’ve just confirmed you are a hypocrite for goodness sakes! You’re playing the man Sicko - same thing you accused P4P of doing. Best leave it and move on.
  5. Trump

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    You’re betting with the wrong Agency. An All Up place multi with Ladbrokes will get you $182 for $1.
  6. Trump

    Stephen McKee 327K Lighter

    I’m not sure why you would make such a statement Sicko. I believe that all workplaces can be susceptible to unfortunate accidents or mishaps, whatever you want to call them. I had a 21yo employee hang himself from a forklift, all because he was upset over his 18yo girlfriend leaving him. Should I be liable for leaving a forklift at his disposable? There are unfortunate incidents happening everyday - even the knife and fork are plastic on business class flights These days. If a passenger stabs another in the eye with a plastic knife, is the Airline to blame? Should passengers eat with their fingers? The Stable incident referred to in this article is a tragedy for “All” concerned. A 3yo was run over in a Childcare Centre car park in Melbourne today. The child died. Who are we to blame? The parent for not looking out? The poor driver for not being alert? The Centre for possibly not having traffic guardians? Accidents happen and sometimes even the utmost care can’t avoid them. You’re post and insinuation re guilt are not needed. It doesn’t help anybody and is not needed. I’m sure SMcKee doesn’t need or deserve any reminders of this sad case of a workplace accident.
  7. Trump

    Comedy from Taupo

    I think Moonee Valley is “the perfect “ racecourse and perfect race for the Shark. With the pace on and the cambered turn for home, I can see him doing a sling shot around the outside on the turn and running over the top of them - if he’s good enough. Track is not a problem.
  8. Trump

    Comedy from Taupo

    Generally speaking, you are right in your assessment of Qld racing v Syd and Melb. However, ignoring Qld performances altogether is probably not a good thing to do when assessing form for Spring Racing down south. Winx, Redzel, Santa Ana Lane, Kolding, Trekking, Music Magnate, Shootoff, Hot Danish, Apache Cat, Impending are just a few of the top performing horses that have won big races in Qld before going south and also doing well. Dare I mention Melody Belle! Didn’t she kick on after her Qld win ! The Bostonian showed his class with his G1 win in Qld and he’s a big chance in Melb on Sat. If he makes the Everest he’s going to have to lift further. But I think that on last weeks run, the Santa is going to bring forward Xmas for punters!
  9. Trump

    Trump written off

    You’ve already exposed yourself as a dickhead. There’s no need to endorse it. Cando Newman reduced the bulging Public Service by about 20,000 layabouts. APal has re-employed more than that and guess what? The Unions get an earn out of every one of them!! APal is gone next year thank goodness, as will Ardern. Maybe Labour in both areas will find a better Leader? The current Liberal/National leaders in NZ and Qld don’t offer much more - but they do offer a bit of common sense- something missing from your DNA.
  10. Trump

    Trump written off

    Regardless of whose side you’re on, The Donald is certainly walking across the river on the backs of crocodiles! Imho, his biggest problem with dealing with everything is his reputation (lier? Adulterer? Loser?)The American public can be unusual like many other countries when it comes to elections. America put Trump in because Hilary was the other choice. They took a punt. NZ put Ardern in by giving NZ First too many votes. Qld voted out a reformer in Campbell Newman and put in a APal and she’s proceeding beautifully in f#%^ing the State completely.! So, it will be interesting to see what happens in the USA. One things for sure - it’s selling Newspapers and hogging TV news. Amazing theatre.
  11. Trump

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    That’s worth a small wager - the multi odds with Ladbrokes is about 7000/1 I think I’ll borrow $5 of the wife’s pension $ and throw it on !
  12. Trump

    Sydney racing > Melbourne racing

    Racing NSW supremo, Peter V’landys, quoted in today’s Australian Newspaper. <Quote: “The Melbourne Cup will always be the race that stops the nation, it doesn’t matter when it is run”. End Quote>. He also said, “The success of The Everest has shown that racing can embrace new ideas and appeal to a younger audience. Racing needs to do this to stay relevant, it can’t just stay the way it has always been because then the sport will go backwards”. I put this up for all those who still yearn for the good ole days and want to live in the past. Racing 50 years ago is totally different to what it is today - except in racing land that’s still doing things “the old way”. Remind you of any such area? South Australia comes to mind, NZ...
  13. Trump

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    Confirmed - next start for TAS is the Cox Plate.
  14. Trump

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    Re TAS. That Epsom run was his best career performance. Better than his 2000g win imho. The Epsom was a really classy field and he beat all bar a really good horse (Kolding) and gave a lot of weight (4kg)to that horse. The fact that Kolding had won the Qld Guineas G2 and the Randwick Bill Ritchie G3, yet still got 4kg off TAS just goes to show that the Handicapper rated TAS’s 2000Guineas G1 win in NZ very highly. Kolding is top class and Jeez, can you imagine TAS on the big Flemington straight in the Emirates 1600m? Or will they go for the Cox Plate? He’s good.
  15. Trump

    Melody Belle / J. Richards

    I’m very happy and applaud the decision by Fortuna to target the Empire Rose over 1600m. Her residual fitness will set her up for this race and after all those “NZ Group 1” wins, this will define her - if she wins. Can’t wait to see her perform. It’s a Fillies and Mares Race, so the weaker option, and she will be more competitive in that against her own sex rather than do a Winx against all-comers!