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  1. I think this Poll is ridiculous. It should not be a Poll about LJM being right or wrong. He’s had an opinion he’s entitled to. The Poll should be whether or not the RIU should be charging LJM ! Whether they are overstepping the mark?. Are they weak as?
  2. Well, knowing LM as I do, He’s always been honest and upfront in his opinion of people and has imho, normally been 100% correct in his character assessments. Why, he’s even referred to myself as a a “gentleman” amongst other fine descriptions, so he Certainly knows his stuff! But back to the heart of this topic. If LM has been charged by the RIU as stated, then it says more about them than it does about LJM, Grimstone or any suggestion of the latter being a racist. In Australia, anyone making the comments attributed to Grimstone in the Article posted above, would be vilified by every corner of the AUSSIE Press. He would be charged by Authorities and thrown in jail. There would be marches in the street that would make BLM marches look tame. That’s a fact. The reason? He’s a Police Officer. The RIU, in charging LJM in this manner, have revealed more about themselves than they have of either Grimstone or LM. They are as weak as piss. By the way, some may well agree with the description of Grimstone but jeeeez, he should be congratulated for surviving the job in South Auckland!!
  3. It’s “All about the money and always has been the case”. The problem has been the “waste and mismanagement”.
  4. The Govt sure have - but they have absolutely nothing to do with running the event or regulating it etc. they support it with $ because it’s good for the economy (supposedly) in much the same way the Comm Games or Olympic Games receive funding. Why is there a Minister for Racing? Why is there a Racing Act? Is there a Rugby Act?
  5. Why is the Govt involved in anything to do with racing anyway? Who runs the All Blacks? Formula 1 ? FIFA? NRL? AFL? Yet you can have a multiple of bets on all of them! FFS, Racing is the only sport named above that has a “Racing Minister” and has a Racing Act of Parliament. Why is there no All Blacks Act? America’s Cup Act? Hockey Act? Etc etc. Horse Racing should be set up and run by Racing People with govt having nothing to do with it. They fuck up everything they put their grubby fingers into. Racing only needs itself. It can utilise/facilitate offshore betting for a fee - and govt have nothing to do with it!
  6. Last sentence in this post is the most sensible thing you’ve ever posted!
  7. Races in colours of Terry Jarvis (Hill of Grace, Pure of Heart, amongst other good ones).
  8. No need to worry. The Manager of the Dept responsible will review the days activities and where necessary, severely reprimand those who are responsible for such poor work. Guaranteed! That’s what a professional organisation does.
  9. Wanganui would never be abandoned would it? Except perhaps if visibility was an issue. Always remember a horse called Whakamoa ploughing thru the wet sand at WANGANUI.
  10. I respect everyone’s right to an opinion even though I may not agree with All opinions. But I think when it comes to Donald Trump one has to factor in the American psych. The American Society is unlike anywhere in the Western World. Compare USA people with the UK people. How different are they! So altho Donald may be viewed outside USA as a buffoon of sorts, Americans voted him in because he wasn’t like a Clinton, Obama or a Biden. If Biden is the best the Democrats can come up with, then it wouldn’t matter if Biden had Margo Robbie as a running mate - he’s going to have a tuff time beating The Donald. Yanks are a different race!!
  11. Maybe I’m not as smart as you Ohokason? But I was just trying to point out the truth behind the BLM and other groups aligned with the Democrats. Trump is not my type of person but plenty of unpopular Leaders have been kept in power for other reasons and as far as Americans go, Trump appeals to a large number of them!
  12. Whether you hate or like Trump, nobody should be distracted from the truth behind the riot and BLM anarchy going on at the moment - especially in the USA. The BLM movement is like the Leftie Antifa crap. It’s part of the Democratic Party. The majority of Blacks vote Democrat as do the majority of Lefties. However, as much as the dislike for Trump is as a person, the American people like what he stands for and I’m picking that he will be in for a second term. Joe Biden will have to be Fed a lot of “Nodoze” tablets and lots of caffeine to keep awake at the debates. Lasting over 2 hours each, how else are they going to keep him awake? The civil disruption emanating from these Democratic proxies is going to rebound on them something bad.
  13. On the Revenue side? But what about Expenses?
  14. On the face of it, I fail to understand why EXPENSES have not been slashed? Staff expenses still over budget - let alone severely reduced! What is wrong with the Board allowing this to continue?
  15. Trump

    Jacinda Ardern

    The chairs are there Ohokason - it’s just that they are full of empty (air) heads!