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  1. Trump

    Large Debt, What to Do???

    I thought that NZTR used to list those owners, trainers Etc that had unpaid racing debts? If it was me, I would write to him and advise he/she has 7 days to pay any dues owing after which time, any unpaid amount will be listed with an official debt collection agency. This would probably affect the debtors credit rating - something to avoid. Show no mercy to the debtor. Doesn’t the Mongrel Mob have a debt collecting arm?
  2. Trump

    TAB at their best again?

    $20k in 1990! That’s a lotta money back then.
  3. Trump

    Ryan Fox

    Great win in Perth - but he needs to go see a putting guru! Putting wins tournaments and he can’t rely on his opponents missing. Also, he needs to get fitter if he wants to go with the best. JMHO. But good to watch him win the Perth event.
  4. Trump

    TAB at their best again?

    Hi Chris, if you’re in Sydney, why on earth would u be trying to access the NZTAB!!!
  5. 1.   Ellerslie R6 : 3/4BB 2. Ellerslie R7 : 3/8 3. Flem R4 : 9/10-Quin 4. Flem R5 : 1/2 5. Rand R5 : 6/9 6. Rand R6 : 1/5/6  7. Flem R7 : 2/4 BB  8. Rand R7 : 7/11 9. Flem R8 : 9/10  10. Rand R8 : 3/7 
  6. Rumour has it he tipped Weir to win the Trainers premiership this year!
  7. Hi Scoobs, did you get my prize bet request I sent through last night? I would like the $60 to be bet as follows: Morphetville Race 1, #4 VINCO $60 win Fixed Odds. If it wins, please donate the winnings to a suitable racing charity, eg the Vance fundraiser or a similar racing fundraiser of your choice. Cheers, Trump
  8. The Stopper at his best! He could stop Winx!
  9. Scoobs, I believe I have a bet to place as a result of my 2nd place in last weekends comp? If, so ($40?) I would like you to place a win bet, Fixed Odds if possible, at Morphetville tomorrow (Saturday). Race 1, horse number 4 VINCO. If it wins, I would like you to donate the winnings to a racing charity of your choice - The Vance fundraiser or something similar ok? Cheers! 

  10. CBT, Although your “Australian Guineas Winner”, Mystic Journey, has the right breeding to win the Guineas, with Eight Carat and Bletchingly blood in her veins, one has to question her form and wins. She’s beaten nobody - hardly the form to win the AG. On top of that, I think there’s been only one filly win in the last 20 years (Miss Finland 12 years ago). The bookies have got her fave at this early stage and will suck a few easy dollars off the mug punters, but I can’t see her winning the AG on form. There’s some handy colts who’ve raced in top class company and done the deed and they are at good prices. If Extra Brut starts I’d be keen on him if the price is right. But Mystic Journey I couldn’t have.
  11. Trump

    Boys get Paid

    The Everest for U35’s is a classic example and a huge success. Living in the past is killing NZ racing. Forget referring to the “good ole days, La Mer, Great Sensation, etc”. Times have changed and those that don’t change with the times will die a slow death - eg, South Australia and NZ racing. Qld not far behind but a hint of change due to the Industry players demanding it.
  12. Trump

    Boys get Paid

    The problem for BGP and any incentive or rebate is that they are dealing with the NZ TAB, an organisation that could hardly be described as “innovative” . JMHO
  13. Trump


    Sorry Chevy, but you made the comment regards the Troy Harris and I presume Melody Belle. She has proved to be inexpensive.
  14. Trump


    You still have to have the cattle and as the late TJ Smith once said, “There’s strength in numbers”. By the way, wasn’t Melody Belle a less than $50k purchase? Can’t see your point Chevy? D Weir was 60 ahead of 2nd in this year’s premiership in Vic prior to being given 4 years. As soon as he’s outed, the likes of Lee Freedman (disqualified doper), Plus other jealous trainers were puting the boot into Weir with comments reeling of sheer jealousy of Weirs success. 3 Jiggers in the bedroom and that’s the reason for his success? C’mon! Good selections at the sales and 500+ horses makes it an uneven playing field. He’s been crucified by the need to placate the looney leftish animal cruelty brigade. 4 years!!
  15. After today’s Cup meeting, Hobart closes for one year while new Strathayr track goes in.