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  1. 1. Hastings R5 - 2 2. Rosehill R3 - 3 3. Rosehill R4 - 3 4. Riccarton R9 - 1 5. Hastings R8 - 7 6. Rosehill R5 - 6 7. Rosehill R6 - 4 8. Rosehill R7 - 2 9. Caulfield R7 - 5 10. Caulfield R8 - 15 11. Caulfield R9 - 6
  2. Trump


    Yes Scoobs, an example is the McEvoy ride on The Autumn Sun a couple of weeks ago. He could not get a run in the straight and was (imho) a certainty beaten. Climbed over the backs of them! Blame the rider? I think that’s racing. Yesterday McEvoy had wins where the Red Sea parted and he came straight through the middle! That’s racing. M2+3 is taking every ride he can get. He has to in order to establish contacts with as many Stables as possible. We are less than 2 months into the 2018/19 racing season and he’s running 6th and has stakes of $362,000 by the latest count. He’s on a running rate to win at least $2m for the year. If he can jag a few Big race wins then he’ll be staying for sure. Jeff Lloyd will retire soon and that willl open up more opportunities for him. Robbie Fradd has gone to Mauritius or some other place and IMO, there’s a big gap between the riding ability of the top 10 metro riders and the rest. He’ll do well I’m picking.
  3. Trump


    Don’t give up your day job VS! Stats can be twisted to suit your agenda. However, let’s look at M2+3’s 2018/19 season so far - in the Brisbane metro racing scene. He’s running 6th and has $362,000 in Stakes, about the same as Jim Byrne. Not bad huh? He’s ridden more winners than Brad Stewart (9th)and Matt McGillivarey (10th). I think he’s doing quite well, establishing himself, getting rides for good stables, riding well and puting his marker down. Oh, and I’m not his Manager nor having a laugh and I’ve yet to back a horse he’s riding. However, I do have an interest in one showing promise with Tony Gollan and as the Manager, I’ve told him I’m happy if he puts M2+3 on her. By the way, his metro strike rate I think is currently 7.5%
  4. Trump


    He must be chuckling! A sunny Brisbane day, temp 26, seven rides @$200 a hit and min stakes of $20-25k. Hard to see him going back to NZ - except for the odd Premier ride. Getting rides from leading Stables too. He’s on his way and good on him. Has ridden some really good races on the right horses.
  5. That’s John Foote’s specialty - never overpays ! Now he’s got another beauty for Weir - FURRION
  6. Trump

    Off to Flemington

    No way. Train is the best by far.
  7. Trump

    Off to Flemington

    Definitely go by train.
  8. Trump

    SA beat AB’s

    Yes, and Toby Greene had a quiet game. I wonder why?
  9. Trump

    Off to Flemington

    Firstly, the Turnbull is the race to back the Lloyd Williams horses. Almandin, Green Moon, Efficient, Zipping all winners. It’s his pathway to the Melb Cup.
  10. She’s the best for sure, the best I’ve seen (incl KTown, Sunline, BC, Manikato etc, but - as for the “best performance” by a horse? I reckon 3 Melb Cup wins (in a row) by Makybe Diva, carrying 51kg, 55.5kg and 58kg, is the best achievement. It will never be done again - whilst it’s a Hcp race imho.
  11. Trump

    SA beat AB’s

    I’m not suggesting they change Coach or Captain. Their poor defence lost them the game and they will reflect hard on that! But the game was there to be won when they were camped under the posts! Stand on the 22 and receive the pass from TJP and “Bobs your Uncle!”. As for Falau - we’ve come to expect it but Beale is worse!
  12. Trump

    SA beat AB’s

    Better Coaching, better Captaincy. Where was the $million man when you needed him to kick a goal almost in front? Where was the Captain when all that was needed was a 5th grade drop goal right in front to win a test match? Where was Hansen when an instruction was needed to “take the drop goal”? Obviously, no confidence in Barrett. So much for experimentation! Pick your best side (as they did in the golden years) and go for it! Good on the SA’s - they have given the Blacks a big wake up call and as a result, the rest of the world will exploit it. Very poor coaching and Captaincy for this game.
  13. 1. Awapuni R7 -4 2. Randwick R4 -2 3. Ruakaka R7 - 1  4. Randwick R5 - 2  5. Flemington R5 - 1 6. Randwick R6 -6  7. Flemington R6 - 9 8. Randwick R7 - 12 9. Flemington R7 - 10 10. Randwick R8 -10 11. Flemington R8 - 11