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  1. I was once asked “where’s the best snow ski field in NZ? My reply was “Whakapapa”. The response I got was, “ I’d rather Fukkamama - but what about the ski field?”
  2. Most if not all of the Racing Media were critical of the suspension Bowman got for the Farnan ride and agree with his appeal being upheld.
  3. Trump

    Jacinda Ardern

    Every State Leader in Australia is enjoying a high voter satisfaction rating in the Polls, with regards to their handling of the COVID-19 responses of each. Even the “Memory loss” Premier of Victoria, Chairman Dan Andrews. However, when it comes to the polls regarding an election, it’s a totally different story. Voters are looking beyond COVID-19. At the moment, the Qld Premier is looking at losing up to 20 seats. Already, she’s got some of her best performing Ministers not even contesting the October election. In Victoria, Chairman Dan may not even run. He’s poison. He “might” be saved by the migrant community, but with about 90% of deaths from Australia’s total C-19 death total and an economy in Victoria rooted, he’s on shaky ground. If The Nationals and Judith Collins can show that “they deserve a chance” just to get NZ out of the Ardern quicksand, then with Act performing well, Ardern could be deservedly in big trouble. But voters are funny. It’s the “What’s in it for me?” Syndrome rather than what’s good for the country that usually determines the election result. I wouldn’t be too convinced of “any” poll. The pubs are a good place to get an idea of the mood.
  4. I try to stick to facts and keep the emotion out of it Ohokason. I’ll leave the emotive bit to you other guys but the big grants were def followed up by juicy book advances once they leave/left Office.
  5. The Book deals are usually after a large donation. Didnt Michelle receive her book advance after the same company got over $300m from Obama while he was President?
  6. I tend to look at things with an open mind Ohokason The only reason Obama’s don’t need money is that they milked the system. The paybacks from all those govt grants etc etc. I don’t believe all that shit about Michelle being a Michael, but the money? The Democrats are notorious. How did Speaker Pelosi get so wealthy on her salary? What’s her net worth? $400million? What a joke. Imagine Trevor Mallard being worth that! And they call the Donald a crook! He might be an arsehole and not one you’d invite to dinner but jeez, he’d be more fun than Sleepy Joe!
  7. Australian Tabcorp - a Public Listed Company. NZ TAB? Nothing more needs to be said. It will “always” be an Albatross around the neck of racing until such time it becomes a competitive model. That means “sold”.
  8. A friend sent me this article, which explains why Pres Obama has been firing bullets at The Donald. (
  9. I don’t think they like Biden - they just dislike The Donald more!
  10. How about Joe Biden today. He says 200 MILLION AMERICANS have died of Coronavirus! 200million!! The guy should be in an Aged Care Facility.
  11. You still don’t get it NextPlease. The “LAW WAS CHANGED” after the Oliver incident. JMAc was guilty under a new law concerning Jockeys betting. The two offences have no comparison because of the law change! You seem to be trying to suggest JMac got a longer sentence because he was a kiwi. How naive. JMac was making probably a $1m pa at the time of his offence, yet he bet on a favourite he was riding to win a couple of grand! Foolish and lesson learnt. I would think that one of his Mentors/Supporters from Pencarrow would have given him a good bake. The good thing about Ollies suspension is that it caused a review nationally by the ARC. Now there’s no grey areas. That’s why hyeronimus got such a long stretch for betting.
  12. After Oliver’s betting suspension, the laws and sentencing for betting by Jockeys was reviewed and made harsher. That’s why JMac’s stupidity earned him such a long sentence.
  13. You forgot to add Adam Hyeronimus (Aust) - 3 years for betting. Just putting a bit of balance on things.
  14. Could be a “Dual Track” meeting
  15. Silly question really. Winston would go with the Devil if it meant retaining the baubles of Office.