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  1. If you’re in Aust, you can be on track or in your car, anywhere, and you can log in to all the betting orgs and all TAB’s - based in Australia. I can’t log in to my NZ TAB account (haven’t used it for 14 years so no matter) and I can’t enter the NZ TAB website. One is not allowed to access it. One is blocked out.
  2. The NZ TAB website cannot be accessed from Australia.
  3. Amazing that MM on the Gold Coast had such an unbelievable sales result so far. Many many horses selling between $1m-$2m and the average well up on last years record.
  4. George will get a seat in the No 1 Team eventually. Meantime, he will be a well paid 3rd string in the Mercedes bow.
  5. I doubt Lewis Hamilton could do Palmy to Wellington in 40min !
  6. If you want to increase business - you increase competition. It’s a simple formula that works.
  7. Oncourse Bookmakers are almost gone completely in Oz. There’s no need for them now that there are so many Orgs like Ladbrokes, Bet365, BetEasy, Sportingbet etc etc etc. easy access on ones mobile, generous incentives - especially for the small punters. They can’t make a decent dollar out of it on track. As for Rob Waterhouse fielding at Te Rapa. Wasn’t it great that he was operating as a Bookie for the NZ TAB and generously let everyone on Kings Chapel at (or was it Darci B?) OVERS”!
  8. I was told that there have been more Ex-cops jailed, fined, or convicted of a crime than there has Car Salesmen or Politicians ! Then there’s the ones that got away !
  9. The nutters never disappear Ohokason - they walk amongst us.,,.
  10. KW stood up when needed against the flimsy Pakistani bowlers, so a good Captains knock. It’ll be interesting to see how he and Taylor go against Aust/India and England. That’s the real test. A bit like the Aussie batsmen at the moment.
  11. Strange. I didn’t realise that the ARC controlled the Programming of races.
  12. You are a liar. At the time JFK was shot, LYndon B Johnson was in the same motorcade, at the same time, 2 cars back from JFK. When JFK was rushed to hospital, LBJ was rushed to the Airport and put on Airforce 1 in preparation to take control should Kennedy not survive. Once JFK was pronounced dead, at the Hospital, LBJ was sworn in as Commander in Chief. That’s the protocol they follow. So don’t come with your twisted bullshit. We are awake to you.
  13. Wet dreams have a meaning. Just saying...
  14. My personal opinion is, as educated as he is, Fauci has been ineffective in this pandemic. He hasn’t been as effective as the Australian Health Experts. UK is another example.