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  1. Not espousing everything good about AUSSIE, I’m trying to explain to you that MM, Everest etc has lit a firecracker and its having a positive effect on funding across Country Racing as well. Everybody seems to want change in NZ, even the most powerful Stable in NZ came out and demanded change. You’ve gone from bagging the KM type races, the ARC and now you can’t see what I’m telling exactly what you say yourself. Racing NZ needs to support Country racing, one off carnivals and get the betting platform and distribution of stakes right - from the top end to the bottom end. Racing NZ has been und
  2. Huey, you are living in the past. You probably still use pen and paper, or perhaps graduated to a typewriter? Old habits die hard. Mine is still to sit down with a copy of The Australian and read it while enjoying my freshly grounded Vittoria Coffee Bean homemade coffee. I do this even though I’ve read every good news story earlier - from my iPhone. As I say, old habits I understand 100% where you’re coming from, I really do. I used to love going to the Feilding races. They are still going strong but at Awapuni. They wouldn’t have survived if they’d stayed at their Feilding track. But m
  3. Then why didn’t Avondale merge with Auckland when the opportunity came. Golf Clubs merge, race clubs merge, football clubs merge etc. By not merging, the ones that suffered were the Members. Their main races are held at Ellerslie now anyway.
  4. You only have to see the success of the Magic Millions, Everest, Kosciusko, All Stars Mile, etc and get a lesson. They are lauded by the entire Aust Racing Industry. Support for these types of races (Qld govt sunk about $35m into MM on the Gold Coast for stakes) is massive, the public interest is massive, course attendance is massive. At this years Gold Coast MM, the Skyline Lounge dining lounge was $750 per person ( normal Sat about $150) and it sold out within a couple of hours bookings opened. These races drag the races up to another level and pressure stakes increases in all races beh
  5. You talk crap and fail to recognise they are the best managed Club by far in NZ. Their retention of land for long term benefit should be applauded. Unlike many other Clubs who have not had the same long term vision. They have made mistakes sure - but that’s what people in action do, in business or sport, because they are doing things with that long term vision. you need to see that for your own good. They have tried to join up with Avondale, they supported Counties financially and what have they got from them? Nothing because they have got little to offer and paddle their own selfish canoe.
  6. I can’t answer that question for you as I’m not privy to the arrangements of that funding. I’m not commenting so much on the funding. All I’m saying is that ARC shouldn’t be condemned or penalised for being so fiscally responsible. Sure they have made mistakes. Some would say that their $2m gift to Counties to upgrade their training track was a mistake. But if NZTR are prepared to fund successful Clubs then why should they be looked down on? Question NZTR’s use of funds by all means, but don’t blame ARC.
  7. They are obviously entitled to get what they are entitled to. That surely doesn’t take anything away from their business acumen does it? I would have thought thats an issue for NZTR. Your comment Pam reeks of the TPS that exists in NZ and Aust. I think you could have used different words to convey your message? Perhaps, “Due to the fiscal prudence and long term forward planning , something many would suggest has been missing at NZTR for many years, perhaps ARC no longer needs such support from NZTR and any funding should be reviewed”. But really, if they are entitled to it then they shouldn’t
  8. Ellerslie would have more money and investments than all the other NZ Clubs. That’s what having a diligent Board with a 15 year Plan does to a Club!
  9. Agree, the paying down to 14th imho, many may regard as a magicians trick. With average field being about 11, I dream of how much they are saving. However, if it is being applied elsewhere for “Stakes”, then I would be ok with that. But ultimately, everything with regards to $$$$ should always be 100% transparent to all stakeholders.
  10. If the main racing jurisdictions in Oz (viz, Qld , NSW and Vic 3%) all have deductions for Their Horse Welfare and Jockeys fund, why can’t NZ do it? Sure stakes are still a big concern but so is the welfare of horses and jockeys.
  11. Owners will be funding horse welfare through a Stakes Levy.
  12. I had a horse racing at Counties one day and the Trainer was giving the jockey instructions. He told him not to make his run until he reached about 250m out. The Jockey must have thought he was racing at Cranbourne or The Valley! He hit the lead at the top of the Counties straight and was beaten a nose trying to lead all the way up that long straight. I cannot repeat on here what the Trainer said to the Jockey after the race!
  13. I bet you a $100 that Vulpine will not run a place at Rosehill today
  14. Trentham R1: 5/6 Trentham R2: 3/4 Trentham R4: 1/8 Trentham R5: 3/4 Rosehill R2: 2/12 Trentham R6: 2/8 Rosehill R3: 13/15 Trentham R7: 6/8 Trentham R8: 1/11 Rosehill R5: 3/4 Rosehill R6: 2/11 Rosehill R7: 8/10 Rosehill R8: 12/13 Rosehill R9: 5/7