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    Tell that to the Commentator (Race Caller). It’s a bit like Otaki. In Australia it’s referred to as either O-Tacky or it’s pronounced also as O-Tarkey. But your point is correct but it’s up to Owners to advise the correct pronunciation isn’t it? Take the term Leggera as on the beer product Peroni Leggera. As Italian is a phonetic language, Italians pronounce it Leggera (as in G for Gino) whereas many Aussies and kiwis pronounce it Leggera (as in G for Gordon). I feel sorry for race callers!
  2. Trump

    Name for my horse please.

  3. Trump

    What’s the go with Riverton

    Bugger me! Almost the same time you announced you were off to Bali, a bloody Volcano erupted in Bali!
  4. Trump

    What’s the go with Riverton

    Greg, If you’ve been reading posts on Racecafe for the last umpteen years you would have a lot of answers. Where have you been? In the bowels of NZTR?
  5. Trump

    What’s the go with Riverton

    I can’t believe what you are saying! Is that for real? If so it’s no wonder punters are not interested.
  6. Trump

    What’s the go with Riverton

    Then the shit Club you referred to, in order to get out of the shit has to be more innovative and have sufficient drive to attract their local crowd. A classic example is the Cairns Amateur Race Carnival. Run by an active local Committee, it attracts visitors from all over Australia. I’ve been to it many times. I recall going to the Ball at the Tobruk Memorial Swimming Complex. A black tie affair that attracted about 2000 people! The race horses are all local from the Cairns area too. But the social events off the track are the best. A great week of fun and racing.
  7. Trump

    What’s the go with Riverton

    Ellerslie gave $2m to Counties to upgrade their training track. Is that the sort of help you mean? As for Avondale, I doubt that they have ever been interested in a merger or amalgamation.
  8. Trump

    What’s the go with Riverton

    Race Clubs in the 21st century do not survive on On-Course betting. They thrive on On-Course entertainment spending and alternative revenue streams. That’s why Ellerslie has $40m in the Bank! Everywhere in the Southern Hemisphere, on course crowds only flock to the Carnivals. Also, I would bet that at Randwick for Winx farewell, the Club would have made more money from the entry fees, food and beverage. Their on-course ROS would have been great. Similarly, the 4 day extravaganza of the Melb Cup carnival provides the bulk of the income for the Club’s full year. The 350,000 - 400,000 who attend the 4 days spend big on food & bev and ticket sales. The on- course betting doesn’t feature when you’re pulling 60% on a pot of beer!
  9. Trump

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    Some parts of the reef have died but there are other parts where the reef has regrown! The mad left scientists only show the worst for their agenda. It’s like an anti-farms loony showing a pic of a dead cow - but not broadening the pic to show 250 other healthy cows!
  10. Trump

    Melody Belle- 3 mio not enough- Really

    Stuart Hale - Salmon farmer
  11. Royal Randwick R3#5BB Ellerslie R6 #1 Doomben R5 #8 Ellerslie R7 (BONUS RACE)#15 Royal Randwick R5 #9 Royal Randwick R6 (BONUS RACE)#3 Royal Randwick R7 #11 Caulfield R7 #2 Royal Randwick R8 (BONUS RACE) #8 Caulfield R8 #5BB
  12. Trump

    Alex Scott Maiden Stakes Newmarket

    As for other tracks, Cairns is ok, but Rockhampton has been redeveloped and is becoming quite a large training centre. Kilroy is a good country track but Gympie I’m not a fan of. Townsville is good also. A lot of the other tracks in smaller pop areas are used for Non-Tab meetings and picnic races.
  13. Trump

    Alex Scott Maiden Stakes Newmarket

    Caloundra is the track made perfect for the Sunshine Coast. It’s facilities are fantastic. Elevated viewing areas under cover for the public all facing North. The track, imho, is one of the best in Australia. Well thought out by the Racing Minister of the time, Russ Hinze, Owner of Waverley Star. He had a vision and used Govt money to build it. They race about 50 times a year and also have night racing. I love going there.
  14. Trump

    Alex Scott Maiden Stakes Newmarket

    Qld -beautiful one day, perfect the next. It’s Having lived in Melb for 15 years I can’t say I miss the weather. Whilst I’m in Melb every 6 - 8 weeks, the weather reminds me of why I left it. Enjoy your 31 tomorrow - it’s going to be a max of 18 on Monday! By contrast, I had a swim at Mermaid Beach this morning - the temp of the water was 25 !! Put your money on EF Troop in Brisbane your own risk!
  15. Trump

    Big news right here

    What’s your track Puha?