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  1. Trump

    Dato Tan Chin Nam Passes Away.

    Interesting chap. He was a very very wealthy person and loved his horse racing. His most success at racing came through his association with Bart Cummings. His 4 Melb Cup wins were undeniably his greatest moments as an owner. However, his handling of So You Think was disappointing and difficult to understand. Here was a “filthy rich” person who loved racing. He didn’t need one cent of the money - yet sold SYT after it won 2 Cox Plates as a 3 and 4 yo. Cummings was adamant he could emulate the great Kingston Town and win a 3rd CP but Dato sold the horse to Coolmore. Why would he do that? A man who clearly doesn’t need a $? SYT could have been something else in Australia - as dominant as Winx maybe? Amazing how money can influence some - even when they don’t need it. Cummings was shattered by what Dato did. He couldn’t understand such action. Horses like SO YOU THINK are rare. I remember Manikato’s owner telling me one day that he’d tried to buy another Manikato (for which he paid less than $4k!) but had bought 17 slow ones in a row ! Says it all - as per that Beatles hit - “Money can’t be me love!”
  2. Trump

    Caulfield Cup

    <What do you or others think no penalty Best Solution, I cannot work it out , it basically wins what should be the best lead up from outside gate gets nothing , Yucatan wins decent race but no more than decent in style though cops 2.5kgs .> I think that question answers itself - the handicapper knows his stuff. He obviously thinks BS is at the right weight in what will be a strong staying field.
  3. 1. Rotorua R5 - 4 2. Caulfield R3 - 6  3. Ashburton R7 - 3 4. Rotorua R7 - 7 5. Caulfield R5 - 3 6. Caulfield R6 - 12 7. Caulfield R7 - 7 8. Randwick R7 - 2 9. Caulfield R8 - 18 10. Caulfield R9 - 8 11. Caulfield R10 - 6
  4. Trump

    Caulfield Cup

    The 2400m start at Caulfield with a capacity field is no place for jockeys who have little experience at it. Chances can be rooted entering the first turn, getting interfered with, buffeted, knocked, squeezed etc. it’s the most high pressure staying race. The jockey can make “so” much difference. The two best Melb jockeys are Damien Lane and Damien Oliver. If their mounts are good enough on the day, you can bet they will be given every chance. But in a race like this year’s CC, there are no rules, no pre-race plans and lots of pressure. It’s going to be a beauty. If something wins it with a come from behind sprint from the turn, I’m picking light weights Youngstar and Nights Watch. If it’s won from near the leaders then Cliffs of Moher and Homesman will be hard to run down. Good luck - you’ll need it in this race fore sure!!
  5. Trump


    Jeez Scoobs, don’t let BarryB see your post!
  6. Trump

    Caulfield Cup

    Yes I see that. Finche to the Geelong Cup. The CC looks wide open. It’s going to be a nice race for punters who like exotics.
  7. 1. Caulfield R5 - 4 2. Caulfield R6 - 5
  8. Trump

    Caulfield Cup

    Finche to Geelong Cup then MC
  9. Trump

    Caulfield Cup

    Michael Walker will probably ride one of Waller’s. Either Finche or Count Octove - if either get a run.
  10. Trump

    Caulfield Cup

    How can anybody accuse Team Williams of f%#£ing the punters? Only moments after Yucatan had won on Sat, Nick Williams was interviewed and on national television, quite clearly said that “No decision would be made on a CC run until they saw what penalty the horse was given in the Melb Cup for today’s win. After that, we will discuss with Trainer Aiden O’Brien.”. From that, even a dumb mug punter could see it was not going to go to the CC “unless” there was a need to get a further penalty to get it up the MC order of entry. The horse was 100/1 for the CC before it’s Herbet Power won, so anyone who backed in the CC “since it’s Herbert Power win”, well frankly shouldn’t be betting! The Williams are always very open about the running of their horses, as they have quite clearly been with Yucatan, so I’m not sure what Newmarket is on about here.
  11. Trump

    J Mac at Flemington

    Fair dinkum Ivan The Terrible! The World’s no 1 rated horse v The Autumn Sun? You are kidding?. It was never going to happen - Messara’s are not that stupid!
  12. Trump

    Victorian Racing boosted again....

    I agree RR. Both Finche and Sound Check are on my hit list and I’ve taken a few doubles with them. Their Euro form stacks up.
  13. Trump

    Victorian Racing boosted again....

    I think that if he’s ready, Finche will get a start. There’s a few above him in doubt. Also, I bet Michael Walker’s feeling good! Down to ride Yucatan in the CC and reported to be 80% certain to start!
  14. Trump

    Victorian Racing boosted again....

    With JMac booked for The Taj it’ll be interesting to see if Lloyd switches him to Yucatan? One I’m keen to see is Finche. He’s had a win over Avilius and I had a quiete tip for it thru someone connected in the ownership. With Waller but hasn’t raced in Oz. Will get a start in the Caul Cup if it’s ready.