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  1. Not sure if it has been said on here, but is it correct that Dean McKenzie recently renewed his RITA contract for another year (a 7-figure sum?) all the while looking to head back to Canada afterwards? Any light shed on this would be great.
  2. I rate Dave MacDonald in out top 5 commentators ever. He has worked his heart out in the deep South for decades. Often the "forgotten region" by the fat cats, "show ponies", and 2 minute-wonders of our industry, the area has been blessed with his passion and skill across all 3 codes. Id say only Reon Murtha has called more races. I don't know the guy but I sense he is a personable, kind, and highly professional commentator and an industrious worker in our game. For me, his call in the 2015 White Robe Lodge will always be my favourite moment in NZ racing, let alone the best commentary of a race. I only hope that some sort of acknowledgement is being planned to match what Dave has given to the sport. No one deserves one more than him.
  3. Absolutely crazy thats for sure!!! Meanwhile a new flash in the pan caller keeps his job in the South Island. It made me ill the amount of back slapping he got last November. They have short memories of when Teaz used to fly the length of the country at his own expense to call races and/or be a presenter.
  4. Messara lol. And how are those proposals going?
  5. Im very surprised no one has mentioned the fracas at Ellesrlie last Saturday that involved the security guard and a northern trainer. The guard seemed to take his highly important role of gate supervisor to the extreme when clutching the trainer by the throat when he insisted he enter the birdcage to collect his horse. A few of his training colleagues jumped in to help as he was literally on a hiding to nothing. Where are, is, were, the RIU with this incident? Surely it cant be a good look for the game, especially on Auckland Cup day!
  6. The biggest waste of money that clubs have "invested" into in the last ten years. The guy adds nothing but noise pollution. How he has lasted this long says a lot about our administrators, not our punters. Please get rid of him!
  7. Apparently he was "filling in" which wasnt announced when he was appointed. He did a very good job however. I think guys like him, Teaz, and Evans get a pretty rough deal. Teaz is outstanding and I prefer him over anyone in NZ. Knows his stuff, knows the real industry participants, and calls a great race. We need to look after guys like him. Evans will be the next caller for the CD if those "in the know" actually know anything at all. There's a few callers who get the royal treatment and some have been red carpeted to their prominent roles - God knows how. We should also spare a thought for a guy like Tom Wood who could have given up completely after the way he was treated. He's having the last laugh now though.
  8. So much sense here. Careful or the "leaders" in Wellington might believe in it.
  9. Like everything today - history, tradition, and heritage all go out the window for the new 5 minute wonders. Racing is sharply being overtaken by it.
  10. Oh yes! Abide had to grind thru the Cameron handbrake. Bit like Natuzzi with Coleman aboard.
  11. Very interesting. Dont mind backing him though. Malcolm Johnston had the same problem yet today hes a legend.


    Was a great circuit all round. Where are the baggers?? Probably praying theyll be right next year
  13. Brilliant racing!!! Well done to Paul Harris collecting two races in impressive style. Omoto Saturday!!! Big tick.