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  1. Have they been to Trentham? What other courses have they been to in NZ? Inform me as I dont know the answer(s) to the 2nd question.
  2. Maybe Weigh In should do a live broadcast from Ellerslie today to get a report from the jockeys as the trials are taking place. That would boost their ratings and inform us pronto on what is going on.
  3. LOL! bit touchy is the Insider. Why aren't they at Trentham for the big days is all I asked. Yip you know so much. Sorry.
  4. $53 million. Imagine Foxton with $2.65M injected into its coffers. No track is worth fifty three frigging million dollars.
  5. Im asking a question. You have the answer? Sound like you know more than me (as usual). Do tell.
  6. Why dont Trentham allow BGP onto their course with their "events". Is it because of the demand for a percentage of the tote takings for the day??
  7. And about 90 other entries over 14 heats.
  8. How often has Manawatu racing had to rely on Foxton for trials and even trackwork opportunities? So many of our provincial tracks prop up the city in their catchment area. Looks like Foxton has copped a lot of use lately especially with Awapuni being out of use. Imagine that Foxton track with 5% of the funding that Ellerslie received to produce an absolute lemon.
  9. Meanwhile Foxton is running sweetly.
  10. Should have been smarter with their money. Investment options are numerous. They should never have had to sell off the one thing that made that course so very very special. Now its just another right handed track........except it injures horses.
  11. Crazy how tree can receive heritage protection but an iconic piece of land to the global racing industry gets smashed into oblivion to build some friggn houses. I tell ya I bet theres a lot of regret and apprehension at the moment.
  12. I dont know why punters dont sit back and wait for the BGP bets to be announced. If you like it follow them through your own account. If the bet is one you would have dreaded being part of by being locked in with your donation then perhaps you dodged a bullet. You may get slightly lower odds than what they do but hey at least you have control over your money.
  13. I know of some very capable and/or prominent female trainers who would have shown interest but were not chosen. They aren't happy.