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    Opunake? Thats that fickle lot who shot the gap north eh?! Mmmm. And where will they go if NP is sold? Te Awamutu is the next stop.


    Hilarious tripe. Karl had the place immaculate. Id say his years at Te Ngutu would be a slight advantage over your knowledge (remember your an unknown hiding behind a username so we wouldnt have a clue what your credentials are). Ive been at three of the last 6 spring meetings and the track has been great. You’re not from NP by any chance? Sorted out that council issue?? Fancy sitting on tender hooks over a pointless name change. Oh well image over substance is the way now. Lol.


    Back to its best?? Jeez what have you been watching. Last year it was a firm track again and brilliantly presented. The new caretaker has carried on the great work of Karl Stratton (the previous caretaker, now President) who had the place looking like Augusta. But it doesnt matter now eh. The "2 minute wonders" have got what they want from Mr Messaras drive thru assessment of NZ racing and will think that closing down the likes of Hawera (who actually own their land - it is NOT the councils!) is the best thing for our industry. What I look forward to are those clubs who survive (for now) and the pressures they will be under. They will have NO EXCUSES for poor turnover or small crowds. None at all. But the formula will bring prosperity (Tui ad). When they do not come up trumps thats when things get really interesting. Who goes next?? New Plymouth? Pukekohe? Otaki? All second tier courses who are 4th tier achievers. Its going to be an amusing decade ahead. Who will be the first to admit they were wrong to get rid of our better clubs of today?


    Yep. They usually utilise the lower bar in the public stand for the young ones on this particular race day. One year however the President forgot to get the permit in on time and they all ended up in the members and it was a shambles apparently. A few stories that cant be repeated on here! I know quite a few of these young ones do like a punt but the majority have no idea and are nine tenths hammered when entering the course. Anyone who was in the "blue" bar at last years meeting will never forget the antics of two sloshed heffers trying to get over the wire fence at around 1pm. The laughter could be heard in Eltham. Funniest thing Ive seen on a race course.


    But hang on - isnt that the new strategy the city clubs are adopting?? Champers galore and corporates networking away. No thought about the actual racing.


    How can you trust todays figures when the new format keeps glitching and punters cant get their bets on???!!! Big fields tells you that the owners and trainers want to go there. Year after year this meeting shows up a lot of North Island clubs. Right on the back of the over rated Hastings carnival too! Watch some of the finishes from Saturday - poor T Lee was in need of a few Rothmans after every race.


    Quality racing at the best track in the CD. Notice how horses were winning from anywhere. Most interesting was how horses who go well in the mud were the equal of firm track performers (Red Sierra a case in point). And the track is on its last days. Give me strength.
  8. I am getting sick to death of the way our media (digital especially!) focus on the irrelevant, the "high rollers", and in most cases a combination of the two. Last weekend we had the amazing feat of Tallyho Twinkletoe winning the big jumps race in Australia. A cut and paste job from an Aussie scribe is all we can manage. Instead we want to focus on a maiden winner from one of our top stables, some "expert-on-training" jockey who is off to do some shopping in Japan, another update on a riders delayed return to riding, and how another NZ trainer is shifting across the Tasman. What about the real news or real stories? Tallyhoe Twinkletoe is owned by Dave McNab. The guy has been in the game longer than the three individuals mentioned above all put together! He has achieved at the highest level of the game, been a rider, a very prominent owner, and has probably influenced family members like Scotty and Sarah to be involved in racing to the extent they have. Why no story? Well you wont see him with his own ad on Trackside. Living on a farm up the Whanganui River isnt near Cambridge. And the once noble act of "keeping under the radar" is now seen as being ignorant or not trying to promote racing. Not interviewing our true contributors to the industry is not promoting racing. Having no knowledge of who they are is even worse.

    New Commentator

    A capable caller but it just doesn't feel or sound right. He has a strong Australian accent and it felt weird listening to him call a race at my favourite track. The guy can call - dont get me wrong but it just feels like all our horses have flown to Kyneton or Mildura for their race. Strange because MM is an Ocker but might have seamlessly fitted in because he didnt have a strong accent. I'll probably get used to it and as long as he doesnt start saying dumb stuff mid race or tip the entire field (like the potential number 1 in the South) then it should work out well.

    0amaru Abandoned

    All I will say is why do we need an all weather track in the South Island when Oamaru can be still a Good 3 in July! Huge amount of rain but no biggie having to decide on 3 courses an hour or so either side of it (excluding Waimate which would have been a great option too - thanks Mr Messara!). An all weather joint is still gonna be soaked with the amount of rain that has fallen lately. Some of you lot think they come with a roof.

    Mark MacNamara A Big Loss

    Canterbury has always had a very good commentator . However it does highlight the amazing longevity that Reon Murtha displayed.. The amount of travelling he did and the number of races he called was absolutely astounding. And I'd say he never "shared" the job with an understudy. People should also remember the vital role Dave Mac does in the deep south. An incredible asset to racing. He still "owns" the best call ever when The Diamond One was victorious in the White Robe of 2015.

    Luke Myers

    Was a great ride that's for sure. Very humble about it too.

    Trentham presenting

    Biggest waste of money a club could spend on race day. Constant Andre babble.

    Luke Myers

    Well done to Luke Myers who recorded his first winning race day ride yesterday at Wanganui in the Amateur. Note to all professional riders: watch the replay. A great result for a bloody hard worker. I'm sure the half day off school was worth it.

    Vale RJ (Dick) Bothwell

    Very sad news. Jeez he could train a horse. Virtually unbeatable on his home track. A great racing family.