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  1. Maybe they could add this to their new ad on Trackside.
  2. Things up north dont seem to add up. Small race day fields yet Cambridge trials had 30 heats last week! And what about the amazing new all weather track....they had only enough for 11 heats at their trials event. Gotta ask some serious questions.
  3. A great achievement. Was awesome to be oncourse to see it happen! The best we have had.
  4. I'll believe it when I see it. The way they've treated him lately I'd very much doubt it.
  5. Exactly - well said. Another show full of baloney like the Bottom Line on the NZ Racing website. Talk about tripe.
  6. Great to see Cambridge creating a meeting for today all in the space of 24 hours. I remember years ago when people were moaning about the industry losing gallops meetings due to wet tracks, etc I questioned why the "power brokers" couldnt transfer meetings a few days out (Hey they did it for one of the Hastings Spring carnival meetings pretty easily - remember Otaki?). With all of our technology and ease of communicating it should be a reality, if not a formality. At the time the usual keyboard warriors bagged the idea.....well hello, look what we have today. Well done to those who create
  7. Just another case of looking after the so-called "elite" participants of NZ racing and sod the rest. Bet no-one is at Riccarton on Saturday for our most prestigious winter flat race. But hey, we're used to this treatment by now.
  8. Metservice? Really? You actually trust that website??? Its way off the mark on a good day. To race at Hawera is a blessing for trainers and riders. To go 45 minutes north would turn punters off immediately.
  9. I think I saw W21 walk the track that morning.
  10. That perfectly sums up Andre's media work.
  11. Not sure if it has been said on here, but is it correct that Dean McKenzie recently renewed his RITA contract for another year (a 7-figure sum?) all the while looking to head back to Canada afterwards? Any light shed on this would be great.
  12. I rate Dave MacDonald in out top 5 commentators ever. He has worked his heart out in the deep South for decades. Often the "forgotten region" by the fat cats, "show ponies", and 2 minute-wonders of our industry, the area has been blessed with his passion and skill across all 3 codes. Id say only Reon Murtha has called more races. I don't know the guy but I sense he is a personable, kind, and highly professional commentator and an industrious worker in our game. For me, his call in the 2015 White Robe Lodge will always be my favourite moment in NZ racing, let alone the best commentary of a race
  13. Absolutely crazy thats for sure!!! Meanwhile a new flash in the pan caller keeps his job in the South Island. It made me ill the amount of back slapping he got last November. They have short memories of when Teaz used to fly the length of the country at his own expense to call races and/or be a presenter.