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  1. Todays media is an utter embarrassment. Imagine an Ian Fraser on our screens now asking the real questions instead of shows at 7pm advising you on how to clean your oven. Hillary is an example of how we have hit rock bottom
  2. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me strength. What a way to prove you're wrong.
  3. As for the drunk jumps jocks remember theyve just rusked life and limb while youre preaching about yuppy presentations. Much rather a few jumps jocks having a beer than what some of the flat jockeys get up to
  4. $100k maiden races Please youre having a massive laugh there. What about the rest of NZ? Remember theyre doing this fir the whole industry.....apparently.....yeah right, just another Tui ad. But you keep believing in that slick presentation wont you??!
  5. Well why not? I mean, heck how can decades of history compete with a "slick presentation"??? Those Microsoft Power Points do it for me every time. Or was it on Google Slides? Anyway, I bet they just oozed style and unproven progress. Hey, they'll never compete with the Hill for longevity, but who cares - he was only a silly old grey-haired bugger anyway. What do thousands of horses who have slogged their guts out over that land feature got to do with the future of racing? Why remember the men and women who have ridden, fallen, and risked life over that hill? Lets neglect the millions of man ho
  6. If you're happy to get rid of the hill, why not just get rid of the whole joint? That'll change your tune.......
  7. The one time I went there about 10 years ago it was in bad shape but everyone who matters raves about it so I ignore my assessment. Vital in terms of location etc.
  8. LOL yes but just stressing my point about it being used so sparingly. The amount of rain it can drain at such a quick rate is incredible. Excellent footing too. It's pretty easy to choose the good ones - the poor ones is a long list and would upset many on here!
  9. Omoto Hawera Wanganui Wingatui HAstings
  10. First return hes had for a while!
  11. Maybe they could add this to their new ad on Trackside.
  12. Things up north dont seem to add up. Small race day fields yet Cambridge trials had 30 heats last week! And what about the amazing new all weather track....they had only enough for 11 heats at their trials event. Gotta ask some serious questions.