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  1. Sounds about right given they are google not microsoft based
  2. Weird indeed. Could really have done with the grandstand being included with the track. Just a side note on the dismantling-I was told in 2017 the estimate for dismantling the public grandstand at Trentham was over 1 million back then...would be more now. Expensive business it seems, tearing stuff down.
  3. Correct Aussie introduced legislation against betting with offshore agencies in 2017. Nztr/love racing ok as they are not betting sites. Covered a bit here: https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/96829953/betting-on-nz-tab-is-outlawed-in-australia#:~:text=Punters in Australia are no,bets on the NZ TAB.
  4. As I wasn't around yet back then, I really enjoyed reading the book about Cardigan Bay! A good read for someone who knew very little about harness racing. Certainly helped to grow an interest that has lead me to be watching on course whenever I can these days. Yes, what a photo!!
  5. The sizeable difference in stakes. They are already so low, yet another deduction is not very favourable. Yes, it is definitely required and important to the industry's survival, but a bit of communication, and perhaps consultation with the industry on the best way to raise funds might be a better way forward. I see the Uk has an organisation that coordinates horse welfare that is a registered charity. Given the Tab would cease to have a product without the horses, perhaps a grant from pokie machine profits might help fund such an organisation if set up in NZ? Does anyone know what exact
  6. I really like this idea, more so as it's not just following the horses but there is an educational aspect to it as well, with stud and stable tours, Karaka sales event-nice way to get people who can't afford much or are new to the game involved in the industry in some way. Gives those who haven't previously been involved a taster as well as assisting them with getting some industry connections. Then who knows, later on they might buy a bigger share in a horse of their own, or a few for that matter.
  7. The "Shark" is just computer generated picks. Simple algorithm cheaper and quicker than paying someone.
  8. Thank you, really appreciate the time and response, and my questions being put forward!
  9. With financial reporting can you ensure domestic racing figures are reported vs domestic racing figures for the same period last year for the sake of transparency on how the NZ racing industry is doing minus Australian/overseas product? Is it also possible to provide a turnover figure minus the bonus bet turnover for the sake of transparency? Can you clarify what kind of cost/benefit analysis is conducted on what frequency for new overseas racing product and whether you are monitoring trackside viewing as well as betting activity to gauge stakeholder appeal or otherwise? Are you me
  10. Yeah no Opie at the Karaka Millions eh, won't be quite the same without the"There's only 1 Opie Bosson" chant
  11. Anyone else had this problem? Winning bet still not paid out more than 2 hrs post race? The place bet has paid
  12. Believe it or not, the new system was pitched as being capable of being more competitive with overseas betting agencies. Particularly to make it more attractive to "elite" customers who spend over $100,000 a year and have been converted to offshore betting agencies in droves over the last few years by much more attractive service and features. Adding the cash out option for example was meant to be one of those, but it's a waste of space the way it's done, who would bother to cash out for less than your actual bet amount. At the end of the day it's just one of many examples of how t
  13. Interesting that point is made in Acts racing policy too: "ACT does not believe New Zealand needs a Minister of Racing and we would abolish the role. The Racing Minister’s responsibilities would transfer to the Minister of Internal Affairs, as was the case pre-1991. The role of government in racing should be minimised, with its primary responsibility to issue the betting license to TAB NZ through the Department of Internal Affairs." Might help a bit with the very govt like structure at the Tab too. It certainly used to be far too top heavy with admin type roles imo. Essentially
  14. Never have much luck with the Melbourne Cup but I will give it a go First (17) The Chosen One Second (7) Verry Elegant Third (12) Prince of Arran Last (3) Vow and Declare Thank you
  15. Agreed, some have still had a several month long stint with no wins too right(or a lot less than under normal circumstances), making it pretty rough again for those doing the hard daily graft/paying the bills. So Tab has an increased revenue now but most industry participants are still carrying the weight of reduced revenue. I think the mid term future is still a concern, when the initial post lock down surge that many are experiencing wears off. Will be interesting to see how the NZB Ready to Run and yearling sales go since that has a flow on effect too. Still, pleasing short term resul