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  1. It's raining and I'm bored - was hoping to see the Wellington Steeples, one of my favourite races of the year, which started me thinking of what my top 10 would be - not by class, but by enjoyment and anticipation. Here goes: Melbourne Cup Cox Plate NZ Derby Great Northern (bye bye) Auckland Cup Wellington Cup Wellington Steeples Queen Elizabeth Hastings Triple Crown (yes, I'm having them as one event) The Everest Special mention to The Jericho, NZ Oaks, AJC & VRC Derby, and that 2800m on Cup day that I always watch to see
  2. "An NZ..." don't you hate when you do that...
  3. So the hill is going, and I know it's progress, but I don't have to be happy about it. Why doesn't the club give the hill one last hurrah and program a summer (depends when they start demolishing I guess) flat race two times over the hill - 4500m, flag start, highweight. I reckon it'd be a great spectacle - and yes, the field would be full of slugs and jumpers, but it'd be a great betting race!
  4. You have my vote if you promise to use the word 'fucktard' in your acceptance speech
  5. 1 Anthony van dyck 12 prince of arran 13 surprise baby last 19 warning tbanks for the comp!
  6. Tiger Moth looks like the formula horse - lightly raced, well weighted etc, but his two siblings couldn't win beyond a mile, and were well beaten when they attempted it - might be a risk over two miles? The more I think about it, the more it's a Anthony Van Dyck, Prince of Arran, Sir Dragonet trifecta
  7. The Caulfield Cup sectionals are worth a look AVD ran 11 meter further than the winner, and PoA was the fastest finisher over the last 200m. A lot will come down to the draw, but those three could easily trifecta the Melbourne Cup
  8. P4P, with regards to the fine, what happens if you don't pay it? Is it legally enforcable, or does it merely mean you can't play with NZ racing until you do?
  9. I need to print that off, frame it, and hang it on the wall. BTW, you don't happen to have the number for GA?
  10. No, the bigger the numbers, the less volatility in the outcome - using your logic, why not just buy one very well bred horse @ $1.5 million? I do however concede that there are some serious flaws in my suggestion I prefer Collateralised Horse Obligation, or CHO.
  11. How about this... Get your own trainer, buy 200 horses at the sale, spend an average of 10k each = $2 million Hold for two years, and sell all stock at the end. Break them into tranches, the first tranche, you get some quant guy to do the numbers and show that you are mathematically guaranteed to make 1.5% on 30% of the total investment. Get that credit rated AA+ or somesuch and sell it to professional investors. Next tranche of 30% gets their notional back plus makes a maximum of 10% on their investment, after payouts to tranche 1. Final tranche, which wou
  12. Will we? I've been looking through the July racing announcement and news on the website, but can't find anything to confirm that. Seriously, they were drawing salaries over the lock-up and yet could not get on the phone to every trainer to get a guide on how many horses were looking to start in July? Seriously, Kermit ran a tighter outfit.
  13. I've got a rating 57, who has been in training since January - we've worked him out, he's run two very good trials and is ready to knock them dead - will we ever get a run? He's no where near a start at Te Rapa - Ellerslie next week? No chance - so when? Anybody have the contact details of someone in charge of this mess that I can have a rant to? This is an absolute clusterfxxk.
  14. We were ready to go to a 1000m heat, but they had so many entries they've canned a couple of the heats, so we're having to go to Ellerslie... There won't be enough races.
  15. Doh! Ignore me.The missus was giving me a haircut, and I raced out to watch the first, was a little stressed (her first ever hair-cut!)