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  1. I actually texted my trainer and said it should suit our boy Racing authorities to trial riderless horse races amid coronavirus crisis Concerns around the coronavirus pandemic have prompted racing authorities to trial riderless horse races in a bid to minimise exposure among participants. With COVID-19 forcing the suspension of a number of racing jurisdictions around the world, Australian racing officials are exploring contingency plans to keep the industry afloat in the event that further restrictions are enforced by either the federal or state governments. Key among these is to trial races without jockeys in an attempt to work around tighter restrictions and minimise interaction among the riding fraternity. "Should we get to a point where jockey interactions become too problematic, senior figures are considering implementing a jockey-free race scenario", an industry insider told "Time and time again we've seen riderless horses continue on in a race after their jockey has been dislodged, so if all horses are in the same boat there would be no unfair advantage to any competitors. "We've seen it work in the greyhound code and are confident that it would hold up with thorougbreds. "It paves the way for a very fair playing field from both a wagering and integrity standpoint." Horses would still be saddled up and weighted according to the entry conditions of the given race. Competitors would then be led up and loaded into the barriers by a handler prior to the starter letting the field go. A section of the track will then be cordoned off 400m past the winning post, to corral competitors at the completion of the event. There has reportedly been some concern among the jockey ranks that this could lead to riders being made redundant once the pandemic is resolved, however authorities insist this is not seen as a permanent resolution. "It is acknowledged that jockeys are integral to a quality racing product and this measure is only being considered in the unique circumstances we face as a result of the global pandemic," said the insider. "In no way, shape or form are we looking to make this change permanent - we are simply exploring ways to keep the industry going in anticipation of tighter restrictions down the track." The first trials are set to be held behind closed doors as early as next Monday. If successful, it is expected that the green light will be given for the idea to be implemented nation-wide in the event that a participant returns a positive test to COVID-19.
  2. Catalano

    Trump written off

    None of the Democrat front-runners can win. Have a listen to Tulsi Gabbard from Hawaii, I reckon she would definitely give Trump a run for his money, but they'll never let her get close to the nomination.
  3. Catalano

    ORANMORE remembered

    A winter's night, racing under lights, wind whipping into the exposed grandstand from the west - you'd only go there once (although, I went there a few more times than that) It's a hole now and needs dozing (good racing surface notwithstanding).
  4. Catalano

    Being AP

    I was staying in a B&B in 2018 up in Northern Ireland, and the host talked about Tony McCoy, how he was raised around the corner, and how I must have heard of the man if I'm into racing, but I drew a blank, oh the look he gave me... and then he showed me a newspaper article about AP McCoy "Ahh you mean AP McCoy! Of course I've heard of him!' He went off for five minutes and came back with a manila folder full of everything he could print off to do with the legendary jockey and insisted I take it with me. Breakfast took until lunch-time!
  5. Catalano

    Being AP

    Not sure if this has been discussed before, but I saw this doco on Netflix last night - well worth a look, and gives you a great appreciation of the man, and how driven he was. ll
  6. Catalano

    The ride of the day at Trentham

    Looking back through his form, he's had a history of racing ungenerously, so it's interesting that they've given up trying to settle him and let him have his head - I've got one with a similar story, who has shown glimpses of something good, but we've never been able to get him to settle. This autumn campaign we've decided to let him do his own thing. I love a good front-runner - Vo Rogue, Might and Power, Sunline, St Reims, Simboli Rudolf's Japan Cup, Secretariat's Belmont Stakes, and way back, Our Boyfriend, and of course Kotare Chief
  7. Catalano

    Il Paradiso

    We’re (the missus and I) are all over Raymond Tusk and Vow and Declare. its an easy game....
  8. Catalano

    Il Paradiso

    Yeah, I get all that, and agree he’s a live chance. But how do you make the field with two wins and one of them isn’t even a G1?
  9. Catalano


    Vow and Declare Finche Magic Wand
  10. Catalano

    Il Paradiso

    How does it make the field? Two race winner, maiden and a handicap, 3/4 in a Group 2 (albeit a nice run) - just curious how it gets in ahead of any number of locals.
  11. Catalano

    Meech replaced on Derby Fave

    And now Meech is on Twitter saying I hope the horse gets beaten. They should take a leaf out of the kiwi woman jocks book, and just be better. I’ll be backing him.
  12. Catalano

    Valley track walker

    Should suit Consensus...?
  13. Catalano

    Valley track walker

    The Valley track report: Inside word from a trackwalker TRACK REPORT 5:34pm by The Valley track is set to be beneficial to on-speed horses pretty close to the rail, an experienced trackwalker has told "The track is borderline Good 4/Good 3 but with the root structure there, I expect they will run good time." "The track has been watered heavily Tuesday and Wednesday night (13mm each night) and then they have just let it dry out Thursday and Friday. "The track is pretty even, it just has some slight advantages from back-to-back [rail] true meetings, and some compaction from tyre marks from the machinery used on the turf. "From the 1000m-500m mark, the inside four lanes are best with minor advantage in lanes two and three. "From the 500m-200m, lanes 1-5 are good and lanes 1.5-4 are the best - they just have that residual compaction from the two meetings with the rail in the true. "In the straight, lanes 1-4 are best, lanes five and six are in play with the right tempo. Lanes 7-10 are slightly softer and would need horses in the inside four lanes really stopping quickly to win. "I think the right on pace horses in lanes 1-4 will be very hard to beat."
  14. Catalano

    ~the Cox plate..intriguing..

    Yes, I remember Waterhouse picking the outside barrier a few years back. I probably should have put this question on another thread.
  15. Catalano

    ~the Cox plate..intriguing..

    It would be very interesting to compile a list on NZ trained runners in Aussie Group 1 races and the barrier draws that have been allocated - I may be a conspiracy theorist, but has anyone else wondered why we always seem to draw the carpark - we can't be that unlucky!?