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  1. mmmyb

    CD missing out

    3 x C2 sprints and a c2 457 Monday Your prayers have been answered
  2. mmmyb

    Only 11 races on group 1 night

    Only 5 races on a group 2 night at Palmy.!
  3. mmmyb

    Racing or Not TAB

    Text received 10.40am Tab starting taking action and sorting out website 11.20am. Still too long in my opinion
  4. mmmyb

    Racing or Not TAB

    Christchurch today abandoned due to adverse weather conditions. RIU Twitter says so Text from GRNZ says so TAB site still allowing us to bet on the meeting. Yes we will get a refund but surely they would put it up asap so more money can be invested and invercargill dogs.
  5. mmmyb

    New all weather track.

    Correct Lad 50% of total stakes divided amongst number of starters I.e 6 starters due to scratching means divided by 6. Club features are paid out on standard stakes schedule Unsure on group races as they would more than likely look to rerun
  6. mmmyb

    New all weather track.

    Had a couple in Sunday with meeting abandoned
  7. mmmyb

    Time for positive leadership.

    No friendships anymore yet you comment "classic case of who you know, not what " So what are you wanting out of all this? He has stepped up to the plate and we have to wait and see before we can judge. Or we throw rocks first so he doesn't get a chance? Another quote from You "seems to be the way the industry is going" Hmmm. Regards Corey Steele
  8. mmmyb

    Time for positive leadership.

    And What do you know about him ? Or just the fact hes been with us for a long time means that he wasnt the right person for the job. No matter who got the job people would judge saying exactly the same as you Henny. But he is taking on a big role in our current position and I wish him all the best . Let us hope we will continue to try and move forward and have a positive outlook for the future of our sport.
  9. mmmyb

    How about

    So we have 3 major scouters in the same race. Draw 6,7 and 8. 2 hard failed a drawn 1 and 2 Who' to say that the 6 dog isn' the worst of the scouters but runs wide straight off the traps and connects with 7 and 8 Who run off turning for home? It' an idea that has it' merits but also has it' downfall. I'm not a fan of this theory. Will it work per dog per track as some dogs run wide first bend Auckland but not Cambridge. Hard railers that run off at wanganui first look? A railer that will hang off under pressure? Plenty of variables..
  10. mmmyb


    Yet again someone bringing negative unwanted comments to a positive thread. Why would young trainers want to come through the sport when they are scrutinised by people they don't even know.
  11. mmmyb


    What a fantastic effort. What a great start to her career and only going to get better with more experience. Watch this space!!!
  12. mmmyb

    Grassroots Udys

    Agree 100% Super day for the family. Jared & Denise. Ross & Lynne and Marsha who is apart of the team during the week and racedays Great people. Great results . Awesome day!!!
  13. mmmyb

    R.I.P. Fekitoa.

    Assistant stipe job available John if interested http://www.riu.org.nz/employment/stipendiary-stewards-2
  14. mmmyb


    Amazing Chase Thrilling Surge withdrawn according to Agrc website yet we can still bet on him. Amazing if you back him now see ya later money. No refunds. You back someone else congrats... get the better odds on everyone else before its adjusted. Come on .. we are promoting this event on a daily basis on trackside yet up to date information isn't getting broadcasted.. Don't want to see anyone getting ripped off as we already are with NZ tab
  15. mmmyb

    Siver Collar

    318m boxes and pulled up 603m boxes second lap.