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  1. Littletramp

    Trump written off

    You might just find that Comey is not the "bad guy" you think. Without explaining the whole story line, time may reveal the following teams: Good guys include Trump, Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, Barr, Sessions. Bad guys include Obama, H Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe & Main Stream Media. Huge question marks over many key politicians of both sides who have all taken personal financial incentives from China We may never see how all this plays out as if they can cut out the bad fruit they probably just want to move on. Just suggest you don't assume Comey is in the same box as the other corrupt crooks. History may prove he was in a unique situation.
  2. Littletramp

    Jacinda Ardern

    Possibly why National has been holding off with replacing Simon Bridges. Luxon straight into Prime Minister and Nicola Willis can replace Paula Benefit as Deputy.
  3. Littletramp

    Trump written off

    It's going to be fun when Assange tells the US court that the Russians did not give him/Wikileaks the Democrat emails.
  4. Littletramp

    Owner Of Snortzil (Aus)

    The only surprise surely must be how long Damion took to be picked up! The worst kept secret over many years & loving all the faux surprise from anyone interviewed about the arrest.
  5. Great foresight is shown by this party insider when he predicts the rise of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farange.
  6. Littletramp

    Update April. John Allen

    Have they ever considered that this may be a factor in betting turnover is falling?
  7. Littletramp

    Trump written off

  8. Littletramp

    Let me tell you about my TAB experience

    A quote from Thomas Sowell " It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions, than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong." Could this apply to the outcomes from the NZ Racing Board appointees over the years?
  9. Littletramp

    TAB NZ Derby Livestream

    Thanks for the link
  10. Littletramp

    A simple quickie comp at Te Rapa

    The Real Beel Sword in Stone Charles Road Ardrossan
  11. Littletramp

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Is it too much to expect that horses named as the head to head options be posted using capital letters for proper nouns, or is that a bygone relic in this day of texting? It just looks cheap.
  12. Littletramp

    New FOB and Shutdown

    I notice a tweet on the new site telling us that new betting rule changes apply after 7th January, but not what those changes might be. There is a simply link which sends you to a 262 page notice of the rules! Is there anywhere to actually summarise what the changes are? I did not realise until recently that you no longer get refunds from a scratching in the first leg of trebles but you get given the favourite. Another rule to tilt the odds further in their favour.
  13. Littletramp

    NYD quickie Comp at Ellerslie

    R7. On The Rocks R8. Rock On R9. Stratocaster Cheers
  14. Littletramp

    Bermuda Triangle

    My 6 yr old grandson came in the other day and said with some disgust that a couple of the kids in his class were making noises that Santa was really just your parents. I had to assure him that their are some people out there just full of Sh##!t
  15. Littletramp

    Trump written off

    One man's observation and opinion (ramblings) -some light Xmas reading. Trump is really starting to hit his straps now that he is clearing the decks of the Obama anchors and hangovers like Tillerson, Mattis, Cohn, Sessions, Pentagon staff, judiciary et al and surrounding himself with a team who are on the same page and not trying to undermine him. You can't really expect him to come from a non political place and fill an entire administration structure including staff with his own people from day one, so I cut him slack for taking time to get to here. What a masterstroke in the Middle East/Syria. He has over several months and with quiet moves manipulated all the key players to allow his troops to come home from Syria which obviously reduces the US funding burden and takes physical risk of loss off his own troops fighting on foreign soil. He has got the Saudi forces now moving in to protect the Kurds from any potential risk from the Turks and to keep a lid on ISIS. He is selling/sold the weapons to the Saudis to keep Turkey, Syria, Russia and Iran in line and Israel gains another ally that US is not paying for. A Muslim war is now being fought by Muslims. Looks like a win/win/win/win deal. It should be a given that he will look to do the same deal with Pakistan to get his troops out of Afghanistan next. He also has China (North Korea is just a puppet and tool of China) on notice with tariffs etc, and motivated to clean up it's act. He has opened the eyes of the general population in Europe to the impractical dream of trying to achieve multi culturalism through allowing open borders and restricting free speech. Let's hope he soon turns his focus toward the non effective, money sucking United Nations. He has cleverly given Mexico a financial incentive to put a choke on illegal immigrants leaking through the Southern border, as asylum seekers and border hoppers that are caught now have to wait in Mexico until asylum requests are processed which could take years rather than days. He has got jobs coming back into the USA through screwing the multi national companies that took manufacture offshore for the cheap labour via import tariffs to level the playing field. He has got the USA self dependant in energy requirements and no longer reliant on middle East and others for oil,gas and coal. In fact he has just signed a significant 20 yr deal for USA energy to be exported into Europe. The list goes on and on but very little Main Stream media reports of these feats as the newspaper owners are among the big losers in all this. You will see none of this reported by the Fairfax media in NZ or Australia for instance. I must say my opinion of Jared Kusher has changed 180 degrees - he is really doing the business as seen in the Middle East moves, Mexico/Canada deals and recent Justice Reforms to name a few big resets he is given credit from the other participants as being instrumental in working through to solution. Trump is getting all this done against the headwinds of relentless media criticism, constant attack from the globalist business interests who have been robbing the public for years and now are really hurting. Hence the sharemarkets taking a hammering as liquidity and margins dry up for them and their banker backers, a lack of support from most of his political allies who have sold their souls to vested interest, the attacks from the Democrats who are desperately trying to cover up their past crimes and thefts from their own people, the attempts to restrict free speech on social media platforms by the "Silicon Valley" liberals and the brainwashing attempts on the world youth from the Universities and "Hollywood" who are all on the gravy train but see it leaving the station without them. The guy is just a machine and is now getting some really smart operators around him to restore some normality to the world. He may be personally hard to take, obnoxious (flawed) to the majority of us, incredibly narcissistic and arrogant in his delivery but you can't deny that he is a man with a plan, in a tough game with high stakes. What many people refuse to consider because they are in blind rage through having been brainwashed by the overwhelming liberal presence in social media, is that Trump is not against environment protection (climate change) - he is against paying billions of taxpayers money for autocrats to sit on their arses and pontificate while doing nothing but travel the world to conferences & hold meetings. He is not against immigrants populating the USA but is against illegal immigration of unvetted vagrants and he is against multinationals who look to control supply of global markets. These big companies have a strategy to dominate a market and thereby get to charge what markets can bear rather than allow supply and demand to determine prices. Our own examples here are the ridiculous prices of fuel, meat, dairy, apples, bank charges, energy etc which are supplied to us by virtual monopolies. He is against Socialism as you eventually run out of workers prepared to be taxed to pay for those that don't produce anything. Even in NZ now the local media are trying to have us believe that what they label a "Nationalist" is a dirty word and akin to being a mass murderer. What is wrong with a sovereign nation like NZ having it's own culture, a language you are expected to speak and understand, a set of laws to obey and norms of it's own rather than being dictated to be all the same by a global elite like the UN? As John Key said on Q & A the other night, we in NZ do not realise how much support Trump has from the man in the street in the USA. There are two sides to this story despite what we are told by our reliable daily papers and TV. Looking forward to next year when he gets judges in place and some decent support from the Senate. The Mueller enquiry, FBI, Rosenstein, impeachment etc are all just red herrings for the papers and cable news. The real story is the reset agenda he has for foreign relations that everyone said he had no idea about and would be his "achilles heel". Don't look that way to me. He just has a very different strategy and agenda than Obama did. Question - whose legacy will survive - Obamacare or the Trump wall? Sorry I forgot to mention a payment to a porn star, any offense taken at any time by an LGBTQ citizen or collusion with Russia. I'll leave that to others.