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  1. A Chris Johnston memory I cherish - he rode one for us at Ellerslie a couple of years ago. The track was really heavy, plus it was raining on the day and when legging him on, trainer asked CJ to settle back, make a late run down the middle of the track and just come through the field rather than go in or out. Well, from all appearances the instructions were followed to a tee, last on the corner, weaved through the field going inside and outside horses and the horse won the race. We went in to the jockeys room to get the colours from him and said well done mate. He looked up with a fa
  2. Congrats to Greg Mcarthy who bred Ayrton, retains a share and deserves any good fortune being handed out in life. I guess the next move is to wait for the horse that beat him in the trial at Traralgon on 30th November to line up. He looked equally impressive.
  3. It's been a little wait and we won't get rich, but he kicks off today at Bendigo in race 3 - Jamie Kah rides.
  4. It looks like you can't load a "favourite" that has not yet raced?
  5. The blossoms may have withered, and turned into prunes?
  6. Doesn't what his apprentices very well?
  7. #13 - Surprise Baby #21 - Tiger Moth #11 - Finche Last = #15 - Russian Camelot Thanks & good luck all.
  8. James Shaw has a dilemma to ponder over the weekend. You are right, he has been offered Climate Change Minister, but he first has to identify as a woman of colour to meet diversity quota. Which way will he go, or will he go both ways as asked?
  9. As we have always known, Trump is an experienced exponent of producing and starring in reality TV events where the format is first setting the stage, then developing the story lines and then the big reveal at the end. His opponents have effectively set the stage for him, when "they" (they are many and varied, including the elite running the United Nations) attacked on many fronts and include corrupt US politicians and officials of both sides who have been meddling in world affairs for many years, socialist leaning proponents who are against the capitalist system, globalist business intere
  10. The Iffraj horse that ran 2nd to Cornflower Blue at the Te Teko trials on 18th August may be ok if this form holds up. It's unnamed at present. One to watch out for?
  11. Anyone else consider this ride on the eventual winner to be very similar to Hugh Bowman's reckless ride in Sydney (apart from no inside option available here)? If Trudy did not recognise the danger early and take a hold, this could have been carnage IMHO. I bet there are some choice words being said in the jockeys room right now. Just how I saw it.
  12. The TAB is suggesting that the next Phar Lap is having it's first start, today in race 1 at Rotorua. Could have got on yesterday at $1.80 but will watch with interest.
  13. How dumb are these Democrats in the US? In May this year, Trump appoints one of his mates to run the postal service and then succeeds in getting the media and democrats to start screaming out for a postal vote. He has them almost begging now to make it compulsory. Who do you think would benefit most from fixing a rigged game, the guys who run the Postal service or the guys with no control? They just keep falling for his "don't throw me in the briar patch" routine.
  14. Many a syndicate has been born based on a rosy looking spreadsheet dream, but life's just not like that. The reality is that for the racehorse owner, the "game" is a hobby that will cost you money. It is profitable for the support industries such as vets, farriers, Industry body admin staff, sales companies and the like and then a small number of jockeys, feed merchants, trainers, transport companies, saddlery merchants etc can eke out a living, with the odd one rising above the crowd. The breeding for sale game has it's own dynamics, and not many understand all the moving parts. Don
  15. We all saw what Hugh Bowman did in race 1 and the stipes will no doubt deal with it, but man is their some brave, potty mouthed keyboard warriors on Twitter these days.