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  1. As we have always known, Trump is an experienced exponent of producing and starring in reality TV events where the format is first setting the stage, then developing the story lines and then the big reveal at the end. His opponents have effectively set the stage for him, when "they" (they are many and varied, including the elite running the United Nations) attacked on many fronts and include corrupt US politicians and officials of both sides who have been meddling in world affairs for many years, socialist leaning proponents who are against the capitalist system, globalist business interests who are against national borders and intolerant radical muslims who have a loosely described life long goal of eliminating christian societies. Trump has taken them all on simultaneously and head on, and you claim nothing has happened or is happening? Are you blind. There are money launderers and corrupt administrators all over the world being imprisoned (including government officials, J P Morgan Bank, HKSBC Bank and others receiving huge fines for market manipulation and money laundering, Vatican staff have been arrested for money laundering etc ). Hundreds of human trafficking arrests worldwide have been made and hundreds of kids found and released from captors in the USA and elsewhere. Isis has been diluted, the Palestinians have been exposed for who they are and now peace is breaking out in the Middle East between Arab nations and the Jews, the Korean peninsular is settling down, the Balkans tensions are easing and Europe is gradually being freed from control by EU elites. And you say none of these things have existed - what are you talking about! Trump is no angel and has an unlikable and cringe-worthy manner, but try and judge him by his actions not his words and you may feel better about the world. Here is the reality of what comes next and please think this through. Trump has had control of and full access to all US intelligence apparatus for 3 1/2 years now, and in early November 2020 there is an election being held which not only determines who will be president for the following 4 years but Trump will know that if he loses, the next Guy/Gal will have him and all around him thrown in prison and they will throw away the key. So do you think we will see any action from Trumps DOJ officials in the next 4/5 weeks leading up to the election that will attempt to expose what has gone on, or do you think Trump will just quietly shrug his shoulders and take what is coming? We are about to watch the "big reveal", all timed to occur just before the crucial election. The main issue for Trump is that the media has been complicit, but he will find a way to get breakthrough because he has everything at stake and a lot of friends in the same boat. There is zero chance Biden will front for the debate next week, and Trumps P/R team has been laying further groundwork today with news releases of Hunter Biden's payments received from Russia and release of FBI agent interview notes from the DOJ around the fraudulent Flynn investigation. Trump will attack Biden very directly just as he did to Hillary during the "roast" before the 2016 election, except he has way more ammo. My pick is that someone close to Biden will conveniently catch Covid 19 over the weekend and Joe will try for a remote debate so he can have a team of lawyers and advisers off camera to "prop him up". Bottom line is that Trump may not win the next election, but he won't lose to Joe Biden.
  2. The Iffraj horse that ran 2nd to Cornflower Blue at the Te Teko trials on 18th August may be ok if this form holds up. It's unnamed at present. One to watch out for?
  3. Anyone else consider this ride on the eventual winner to be very similar to Hugh Bowman's reckless ride in Sydney (apart from no inside option available here)? If Trudy did not recognise the danger early and take a hold, this could have been carnage IMHO. I bet there are some choice words being said in the jockeys room right now. Just how I saw it.
  4. The TAB is suggesting that the next Phar Lap is having it's first start, today in race 1 at Rotorua. Could have got on yesterday at $1.80 but will watch with interest.
  5. How dumb are these Democrats in the US? In May this year, Trump appoints one of his mates to run the postal service and then succeeds in getting the media and democrats to start screaming out for a postal vote. He has them almost begging now to make it compulsory. Who do you think would benefit most from fixing a rigged game, the guys who run the Postal service or the guys with no control? They just keep falling for his "don't throw me in the briar patch" routine.
  6. Many a syndicate has been born based on a rosy looking spreadsheet dream, but life's just not like that. The reality is that for the racehorse owner, the "game" is a hobby that will cost you money. It is profitable for the support industries such as vets, farriers, Industry body admin staff, sales companies and the like and then a small number of jockeys, feed merchants, trainers, transport companies, saddlery merchants etc can eke out a living, with the odd one rising above the crowd. The breeding for sale game has it's own dynamics, and not many understand all the moving parts. Don't count on strolling in and coming out ahead financially there. If you have a considerable role in doing a major part of the hands on work yourself on your own property, you have a runners chance, but for most others (I would say all) it should be considered a hobby. If you can come in with the attitude that it will cost me $x, and I am happy to spend that to have some fun, you will be successful and have some fun.
  7. We all saw what Hugh Bowman did in race 1 and the stipes will no doubt deal with it, but man is their some brave, potty mouthed keyboard warriors on Twitter these days.
  8. What weighting is the Ihumatao settlement going to have in Labour Yes or Labour No decision Kiwis vote for at the next election?
  9. Questions I would ask in determining this election outcome - Will enough people who voted National last election (44.4%) change their vote to Labour (36.9%) this time for Labour to win? National won 12 more electoral seats than Labour last election, and after party votes held 10 more "total seats" after party votes (56 National vs 46 Labour). NZ First (many NZ First voters last election leaned National) won 9 total seats, so whichever party gets those votes this election should prove to be the winner. Does Labour think they are going to get those NZ First party votes & also steal some off National? Really? Will the cannabis referendum draw out enough Greens supporters to get them over the 5% threshold? Maybe/Maybe not. Will any deals be done with Greens or NZ First in electorate seats, to possibly guarantee support and victory by either of the major parties? Labour say no, but to me that is the only way they can win. Will the media offer anything even resembling a fair and balanced view of the campaigns, knowing if they appear to be against Labour or even fair during the campaign and Labour go on to win, they will be excommunicated in the next term? Will factual economic and employment info of any consequence be released before the election day, or will there be some unforeseen delay? We cannot ignore that Tourism is in the intensive care unit with no sign of the exit door at the moment. The odds on a National win look attractive to me. Just one man's unbiased opinion.
  10. Race 1 = 1, 8, 9, 12 Race 2 = 7,8,12,13 Race 3 = 1,4,11,13 Race 4 = 3,6,12,14 Race 5 = 2,4,7,10 Race 6 = 3,4,6,7 Race 7 = 4,9,11,14 Race 8 = 1,2,4,5 Race 9 = 5,8,10,14 Race 10 = 3,6,7,8 Race 11 = 2,3,7,11 Race 12 = 6,9,10,13 Thanks to organisers.
  11. For those interested, big momentum shifts this week in Trump land for anyone who is paying attention. !) The US public have had a good look at, and quickly grown tired of Antifa and the "Black Lives Matter movement" which has been exposed as a cleverly named, violence based, political activist group. The American people have had a taste of what defunding police means in the real world, in their own back yards, and don't like it. 2) The Weiner laptop is finally about to be brought into play via several matters including Clinton emails, Clinton Foundation, Muslim Brotherhood/Obama through Huma Abedin, Jeffrey Epstein etc. Note the exit today of Dana Boente and Berman from various stalling positions in FBI/DOJ. Barr is making his moves. 3) USMCA replaces NAFTA from 1st July 2020 and this will bring huge economic benefit to USA as the imported goods from China through Mexico/Canada ceases. HUGE! (This is how Mexico will pay for that wall by the way). Trump is proving that a businessman running a country can work (e.g John Key?) and he has surrounded himself with some of the smartest guys on the planet, who are daily going up against politicians - talk about they are bringing knives to a gunfight. Mnuchin, Kudlow, Ross, Lighthizer etc. 4) The true nature of Covid is being revealed with time and Trump is being proven right with many of the early calls that he was criticised for - China deception, Hydroxy treatments (the report saying it does not work has now been withdrawn), Remdisvir, use of masks, etc, etc. USA is proving that if testing goes up in large scale it reveals a very contagious virus, but death rates are plunging as predominantly only the old and vulnerable are the ones at risk of death. A huge amount of fraud by opportunistic local politicians and complicit media worldwide is being exposed as they have grabbed federal funds under the guise of Covid assistance. Even here in NZ we keep getting new cases reported which we all panic about, but our last actual fatality was a woman in her 90's back in mid May. We did not do much wrong with lockdown etc, , but what we thought back then is just not the case - that is not a crime but let's act sensibly going forward. 5) All attempts to pin something on Trump to get him out have turned out to be B/S, the latest being this military thing. Coming up 5 years now, the self touted powerful elite who have been ripping off the US taxpayers and the rest of the world for decades have tried using all their resources to get him and they have found nothing - what does that suggest? It looks like his team have been prepping for this role for a long time. My call is that time will show Trump, Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, Barr, Wray, Flynn to all be on the same team. They have known for years US is being rorted by crook politicians and they have moved to do something about it. 6) Trump is making headway into gaining the "black vote". The next interesting watch, is can Trump get voter I/D in place for the next election, or will his team in fact be the beneficiary of mail in voting. He has shown a propensity for the old Brer Rabbit trick "Don't throw me in the Briar Patch". In summary, remember there are 3 battles that Trump is fighting and we all stand on one side or the other. Globalism vs Nationalism. Socialism (big government) vs Capitalism (freedom of the individual) & Islam vs religious freedom. It's not hard to pick which side he's on, the question is which side are you on?
  12. This looks like typical Ardern type obfuscation. Is this saying the Minister will talk to all the "experts" then fully consider "community considerations" before attempting to simply steal their race course property? Some of the assumptions in the report are like restricting betting options on the platforms to $1 win bets only, and then analysing that the patrons are showing huge demand & support for the $1 win bet option. It's all self fulfilling prophecy. They should have a major concern, IMHO, as to where the domestic racehorse owners are going to come from in the next 2 years and how the trainers & jockeys are going to sustain themselves, particularly given the corner we have painted ourselves into regards overseas travel and the negative effect that will have down the road with regards to stakes.
  13. Read today with sadness, the passing of a Waikato rugby legend George Simpkin. He is an example of how truly great some individual Kiwi's lives have been, flying just under the radar of fame and glory. A life well lived.
  14. Realm of Flowers at 4.33.00 on that stream turned their day.
  15. The live stream was hilarious at times. Some examples go to 4.42.00 then 4.52.00 then 5.02 00. Quote of the day in the race where they backed 4 runners and missed - "Oh no - we backed the wrong roughie"!