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  1. Littletramp

    Trump written off

    This senate show has the potential to go tits up in a big way for Trump. The problem Trump has, is that the Republican and Democrats are all complicit in the past and present corruption throughout the USA, so they decide the best way forward is to use this opportunity to put Trump on a short leash? The most powerful guy in the US politically is Mitch McConnell. On his thumbs down/instruction, Trump is stuffed. It's called leverage, and unfortunately for Trump to survive this he will have to agree to all sorts of horse trading deals with the Republicans. Kiss goodbye to any convictions for the Clinton camp as the politicians have Trump cornered and totally exposed. The upside is they now have the globalists, the socialists and the attempted Islam invasion beat.
  2. Littletramp

    Trump written off

    From what we are watching in the US now, Trump is definitely ahead of the game and should be home free from here. I can only imagine the deals that are being done in Washington now, as most of the prominent players are compromised in some way, either through the Ukraine corruption or via Jeffrey Epstein. Trump has now cut off almost all Democrat funding channels/rorts which is really pissing them off, and when they announce voter I/D for the next election to stop the vote rigging, the Dems will go mental to a new level as that is their only hope of getting him out. From what we are seeing in Iraq with him able to pick off the Islamic radicals with surgical precision and no leaks, he obviously has all CIA assets back on his side. Trump is telling/warning Iran via Twitter, that he knows for a fact they are hiding military/nuclear assets in or close to cultural sites, and if they move against the US he will take them out regardless. He is throwing the ball squarely back into Iran's court, and this time the powerful CIA assets and intel are working for USA national (pro Trump) interests. The corrupt US politicians that put these deals in place and are complicit up to their eyeballs, are wriggling like fish out of water as they are not getting prior intel and their network is being gutted (Ukraine crap is next). They have no idea what is happening (no inside knowledge) and only have the media outlets still helping them to try and talk their way out of trouble but the horse has bolted and no one believes the media now as too many reliable independent sources via Twitter and You Tube are spilling the beans. The ring leaders include Burr, Warner, Pelosi, Schiff, Brennan, Biden, Obama, Clinton and Valerie Jarrett. Those and others like McCain, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio etc have been rorting the US taxpayer for years and the day of reckoning is close as their misdeeds are all known now. The Mueller probe, and the impeachment hearings simply let Trump know who the inside moles were, and they have been cleared out since to reduce the leaks. If indictments don't come in due course, we will know that Trump is also complicit, as he is holding enough info (we have seen it all through various sources) to put all these guys away. I can't wait for the movie, but it is unlikely to come out of Hollywood!
  3. Littletramp

    He's a Gold Digger

    Can anyone add any more context to this heartwarming story. Congratulations to the guy. A true racing dream that comes true.
  4. Littletramp

    Joao Moreira

    Vincent is very under rated and now starting to get entrusted with some good rides. He showed so much natural talent in his early days over here. That Moreira ride on Glory Vase was genius - what guts to go inside on the turn when he had to choose in or out. The result may have been the same either way I guess as the horse won that well.
  5. Littletramp

    Trump written off

    You might just find that Comey is not the "bad guy" you think. Without explaining the whole story line, time may reveal the following teams: Good guys include Trump, Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, Barr, Sessions. Bad guys include Obama, H Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe & Main Stream Media. Huge question marks over many key politicians of both sides who have all taken personal financial incentives from China We may never see how all this plays out as if they can cut out the bad fruit they probably just want to move on. Just suggest you don't assume Comey is in the same box as the other corrupt crooks. History may prove he was in a unique situation.
  6. Littletramp

    Jacinda Ardern

    Possibly why National has been holding off with replacing Simon Bridges. Luxon straight into Prime Minister and Nicola Willis can replace Paula Benefit as Deputy.
  7. Littletramp

    Trump written off

    It's going to be fun when Assange tells the US court that the Russians did not give him/Wikileaks the Democrat emails.
  8. Littletramp

    Owner Of Snortzil (Aus)

    The only surprise surely must be how long Damion took to be picked up! The worst kept secret over many years & loving all the faux surprise from anyone interviewed about the arrest.
  9. Great foresight is shown by this party insider when he predicts the rise of Boris Johnson and Nigel Farange.
  10. Littletramp

    Update April. John Allen

    Have they ever considered that this may be a factor in betting turnover is falling?
  11. Littletramp

    Trump written off

  12. Littletramp

    Let me tell you about my TAB experience

    A quote from Thomas Sowell " It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions, than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong." Could this apply to the outcomes from the NZ Racing Board appointees over the years?
  13. Littletramp

    TAB NZ Derby Livestream

    Thanks for the link
  14. Littletramp

    A simple quickie comp at Te Rapa

    The Real Beel Sword in Stone Charles Road Ardrossan
  15. Littletramp

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Is it too much to expect that horses named as the head to head options be posted using capital letters for proper nouns, or is that a bygone relic in this day of texting? It just looks cheap.