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  1. Hastings Race 5: 1 & 2 Hastings Race 7: 2 & 6 Hastings Race 9 3 & 14 BB Randwick Race 5: 4 & 5 Randwick Race 6: 4 & 7 Randwick Race 7: 5 & 9 Randwick Race 8:1 & 4 Randwick Race 9: 3 & 7 Caulfield Race 3: 3 & 7 BB Caulfield Race 4: 1 & 2 Caulfield Race 7: 11 & 12 Caulfield Race 8: 2 & 7 Caulfield Race 9: 4 & 6
  2. It's Maori language week so they have pushed the envelope a bit further than usual.
  3. Flemington R2: 3.05 Exford Plate 1400m Listed · 1 & 3 Flemington R3: 3.40 Winning Edge Poseidon Stks 1100m Listed · 2 & 3 Kembla R5: 4.00 Drinkwise Dulcify Stakes 1500m Listed · 3 & 7 Flemington R4: 4.15 Cap D’Antibes Stakes 1100m Listed · 5 & 8 Kembla R6: 4.40 Coolmore Sheraco Stakes 1200m G2 · 4 & 5 Flemington R5: 4.55 The Sofitel 1400m Listed · 2 & 7 BB Kembla R7: 5.15 Chandon Theo Marks Stakes 1300m G2 · 6 - & 11 Fleming
  4. Interesting to/fro Berri & Leo. I read this yesterday -if you get a little time to read this opinion (approx 20 mins) is there any credibility to the arguments, in your opinions? It does address exactly the issues you are debating.
  5. I just spoke to Bill Collins to get his thoughts on the comp and he told me confidentially "Kingston Town can't win".
  6. Seems like open slather on this thread now, so here's one man's opinion on what is going on. The "Covid" experience reminds me a little bit of the smoking experience in the early part of the 20th century. The media and hype was all green lights meant go for smoking as the tobacco industry was funding/greasing palms of sports, politicians, TV advertising was new etc. It had little exposed negative vibe, except the cigarette manufacturers always knew the big secret & politicians turned a blind eye, played the game as they needed the money for re-election, as they do now. It's called re
  7. I also know Maurice quite well. A good guy and all power to him. Thanks for highlighting this Scoobs.
  8. Garry, Good on you for voicing your thoughts. You sound a bit frustrated realizing that others do not agree with your personal views/opinions, and in many ways they may differ by many degrees from what you consider normal and proper thinking. In the past, especially in a small country like NZ where communities were strong influences, we all had some say in how things were done - that is now being closed down by central govt mandates along with importation of people with different cultures/values and also commercial interests/corruption that was not as obvious in the past. The ot
  9. I am a huge Meat Loaf fan and he ranged from very good to plain aweful at times. These guys are the best cover band I have come across yet and this version is better than any of Meat Loaf's imho.
  10. This is going to be a fun Olympics - USA womens soccer team claim after their 3-0 loss that they are boycotting scoring goals to highlight racial inequality. The good news is the Kiwi girls can now look forward to a nil all draw against USA when they meet! Professional sport ain't sport any more folks, it's all politics. If you want sport, you can't beat watching the kids play, before they get to high school. I guess I will just spend the next fortnight watching reruns of Bonanza on Jones channel.
  11. Heninz, you have chosen to bring this topic onto this forum for god only knows what reason, so here is one man's opinion with a couple of ideas for you to consider. Firstly, if you are taking offense at overhearing a private conversation between two people you don't even know, who just happen to disagree with your political or philosophical views, that is entirely your problem not theirs. Secondly Whanau Ora seems to be an idea/policy being pushed/supported by the current government which is seen by many as favouring one sector of society over others, so you are going to get some pus
  12. Rotorua Race 6: 6/11/13/15 Rotorua Race 8: 1/2/3/5 Rosehill Race 4: 2/4/6/16 Rosehill Race 5: 1/3/11/12 Rosehill Race 7: 3/5/13/15 Doomben Race 5: 4/6/10/11 Doomben Race 6: 1/4/7/8 Doomben Race 7: 1/2/5/9 Doomben Race 8: 1/2/4/10 Doomben Race 9: 5/10/11/16 Morphetville: Race 5: 1/3/6/10 Morphetville Race 7: 2/3/8/10 Morphetville: Race 8: 1/2/3/9 Thanks again guys - good luck all.