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  1. This looks like a collection of corporate speak, academic cliches & babble with that pidgin English on the front page being the early giveaway. Some one has written this simply to impress someone else higher up the ladder, to suggest that positive action is underway, to either secure funding going forward, or to fulfill some aspirational goal written on a Wellington whiteboard. The document gives the required nod to the maori community, but not included much yet on the LGBT outfit. Going to be interesting to see if they can mandate the trainers, median age is stated to be 57 yrs (real
  2. Sorry, could not work out how to remove the meme duplication in the post above.
  3. Do we think because many are enjoying what this covid experience has brought to their previously mundane lives - "Karens" it is prolonging/delaying any concern about an exit strategy? They are all proudly chipping in and doing their bit to to save the country? Can anyone figure out how the boosters are going to help against Omicron when they were apparently purchased before Omicron was a "thing"? Nobody is interested in joining any dots. The vaccines aren't doing shit despite our being constantly told they reduce severity of outcome - how can they prove that through any data source -
  4. “As an organisation we need to do better, work with our team, staff, NZTR and industry on process, infrastructure and investment to remove risk where possible to ensure this won’t happen in the future,” he said = the first cliche any woke administration appointee is taught these days.
  5. All my BB's are at Matamata, but just saw it as a bit tough on many? Like the disregard all BB idea, but not my show. Like disillusioned, always just happy to be playing. Over and out.
  6. Bit tough if all your BB's were at Trentham? Rub of the green?
  7. Matamata Race 1: 12 Matamata Race 2: 8 BB Matamata Race 3: 13 Matamata Race 4: 12 BB Matamata Race 5: 2 Matamata Race 6: 7 Matamata Race 7: 11 BB Matamata Race 8: 9 Matamata Race 9: 2 BB Trentham Race 1: 2 Trentham Race 2: 7 Trentham Race 3: 5 Trentham Race 4: 1 Trentham Race 5: 3 Trentham Race 6: 3 Trentham Race 7: 17 Trentham Race 8 9 Trentham Race 9: 5 Thanks organisers
  8. How about those Greens Party supporters? Think about it. Weren't they once distrustful of greedy corporations, chemicals, genetically modified foods and such? Today, they appear quite relaxed about supporting the insane vaccine mandates and the ideological comittment to legislating for repeated injections of a Big Pharma concoction that modifies human cells to produce their own COVID spike proteins. If we have our eyes open and brains connected, we are learning two things: that freedoms are fragile, and that for medical advice you should not put your faith in politicians and journalists
  9. Another perspective from a height on this - my paternal grandmother was 100% maori so I guess I would qualify statistically as one of those dumb and ignorant "maori" we hear about every day, but I was brought up as just a Kiwi and knew no real distinction between our family and every other person in NZ, other than recognising that some worked hard or some took risks and therefore progressed or fell behind, in what we considered a free world. Those were the days. We grew up thinking tomorrow would be the same as yesterday, but now and quite suddenly it seems, tomorrow is no longer the same
  10. Te Rapa Race 5: 1/13 Riccarton Race 6: 2/7 BB Riccarton Race 8: 3/5 Riccarton Race 10 4/5 Rosehill Race 8: 6/7 Flemington Race 2: 3/5 Flemington Race 4: 7/9 Flemington Race 5: 8/10 Flemington Race 6: 1/9 Flemington Race 7: 6/11 Flemington Race 8: 7/10 BB Good luck all, particularly those going for gold. Thanks organisers & amazing scorer.
  11. Flemington Race 3: 3/17 Flemington Race 5: 2/16 Flemington Race 6: 8/10 Flemington Race 8: 2/11 BB Flemington Race 9: 5/12 BB Thanks
  12. Just threw up a screen of her pedigree. Looks just what all the line-breeding textbooks told us to do. If this is what the breeders found to convince them to do that mating, it worked in spades and congratulations to them. You have bred a champion. The legacy of Eight Carat is truly epic if you are a believer.
  13. Te Rapa Race 6: 4/8 Flemington Race 1: 7/10 Flemington Race 4: 3/9 Flemington Race 7: 21/22 Flemington Race 8: 10/11 Flemington Race 9: 9/14 BB Flemington Race 10: 6/12 BB Thanks - good luck all.
  14. Thanks for the video. We know why the contracts between vaccine companies and purchasers (governments) have been redacted. It was disclosed some months ago. It has to do with the FDA approval for the vaccines under Emergency Use provisions. They could only extend an emergency approval for Covid19 vaccines under the regulations as they stood, if no treatments were known for the problem. That is why the huge censorship over Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquin, Remdesiver, etc at the time. If a successful treament was exposed, the EUA approval for the vaccines would have to be rescinded as th
  15. Were they paid out as refunds - as in race 3?