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  1. No comments are made on general treatment of owners before raceday and on the day . Haven’t won at Te Teko any no chance know .Ive found the hospitality the night before the races at Tauranga and New Plymouth fantastic probably shouldn’t leave Rotorua out of that either. Decided not to mention the opposite end of the scale as there’s been enough doom n gloom . Just glad we are back racing to be honest .
  2. After a few years experience sampling the owners treatment my top 5 Wairoa, New Plymouth ,Tauranga ,Te Teko, and Tauherenikau.
  3. Pretty sure rules state you must swap like with like regarding riders . Saying that the rule is easily minipulated.
  4. Funniest thing was Pops doing his best to talk it up after the roughy won the first leg. If you’ve got it hold onto your seats !
  5. Good luck getting Otaki off the bros
  6. Well I was expecting at least a 20 to 50 k starting pool to add some interest . Obviously the cupboards are bare as 5 mins before the first leg the pool was at a staggering wait for it 6 K did balloon out to 10 k but hell what an embarrassment on the first day back on the biggest track down south . Surely that’s as bad as it will get ?
  7. Sounds like they are saying a review of the meeting ?
  8. Think they had two paid employees oncourse yesterday .Nothing against the people but a waste of funds IMO
  9. Why isn’t loveracing and their marketing team onto that ? Be better than preaching to the converted .
  10. Know what your saying but it’s not designed for all day radio listening .Cheers anyway .
  11. Shame the trackside radio has gone as I’d have had the blue tooth headphones on all day while working . Would of put a few bets on , listened to trainer interviews tips etc .Listening to wall to wall simulcast racing doesn’t work unfortunately . Anyway hope all oncourse and those racing had a great day .
  12. I’d call that robbing the milk money