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  1. Just went to place a bet on the Cup and Caulfield isn’t even on the TAB site for Saturday .Wakey Wakey boys
  2. Loving the addition of the race replay with the stewards video. Great addition go back to the Wairapara meeting to get a taste .Well done .
  3. puha


    Guess the fat cat trainers and studs in the Waikato would love nothing better than the world revolving around them.
  4. puha


    Seems to be . In hindsight maybe an area cordoned off for those that aren’t interested in the horses just a day out on the piss . It’s not a great look or place to be when you can’t here the commentary in members stand just F and C this and that at shouting volume oblivious to a race is actually underway . Just needs better management that’s all . I like a beer at races don’t get me wrong so not a party pooper at all.
  5. puha


    Was an interesting day though . Was lots of young people on course but weren’t there to enjoy the horses more to get smashed .Dont want to sound like a moaning old bugger as I love a beer and good time as much as anyone just need to find a balance . When your in the main stand trying to watch a race and you’ve pissed guys with the backs to the races swearing away at the top of their lungs it’s a turn off .
  6. puha


    Reverse of Robin Hood rob the country folk and give to the rich . W...kers
  7. puha

    Racing minister .

    He might be legless Saturday arvo
  8. puha

    Good offer I just signed up

    Like when you go to punt your own horse through your account ?Review your bet then offer your punt at reduced odds ?
  9. puha

    Good offer I just signed up

    I’m loyal to the bitter end so it’s theNZ TAB for me.
  10. puha

    Taupo Gone!!

    We did a round trip of 700 kms and were in race 5 was a run into Hastings but I’ve lost count of all the meetings we’ve travelled to and had the same issue .May of made no difference but I felt the two trials should of been held after the last race not before the first and get the best use of the ground after all it’s a Raceday and many like us were left way out of pocket again .
  11. puha

    Couch TV Presenters, here’s your chance

    The local circus has just shut up shop .The unemployed clown would fit the role nicely.
  12. In your opinion is a 60 mm follicle on the left ovary with a small inactive right ovary be an issue ? Vet says a further examination during oestrus would be required to determine suitability for breeding .
  13. Yes but click on reports and read the vets report regarding breeding be a slight concern when you spend that sort of coin .