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  1. Paying down to last is pretty much a copy of our current governments Mantra
  2. Point being Ted the jumpout results are meant to be lodged with NZTR and they aren’t .That way they are all in one spot and eazy for punters to access .
  3. puha


    Funny how you call him racist because he’s discussing his views about the hidden agenda. I’d call the plan racist and it’s dividing the country . Everyone’s entitled to an opinion unless this is a communist country .
  4. See it opened at $2.80 and closed under $2.00 . Wins well lots of talk about the horse but you look up it’s form and you can’t find any results at either trials or jump outs ? Jumpout results are meant to be recorded and published these days aren’t they?
  5. Seems to be suiting people with the good mares .Wouldn’t help with the resulting foals by any chance .
  6. Why should Hurry Cane be lumbered with 62 kg as a rating 89 in an open handicap ? There’s a rating 55 in the race obviously way out of its grade It has the option to race in its own grade so why are the weights done from the bottom up?
  7. Usually weights are adjusted if a horse pulls out .
  8. Under a normal open handicap the weights would of been raised when Beauden dropped out.
  9. Can someone please explain how the topweight in the Open handicap Wellington Cup is 57 kg? With a 53 kg minimum only a 4 kg spread - as below from handicapping policy . 6.2 Minimum Top Weights (including stayers Group and Listed top weights) The top weight allocated in a Handicap flat race, at the time of weight declaration, shall not be less than: • 60.0kg in all Handicap races Group 3 and below, that are run at a distance up to and including 2199 metres. • 59.0kg in Group 3 and Listed races that are run at a distance of 2200 metres or further, for horse rated up to and including 9
  10. puha

    BGP News

    TAB rounded it back up to $100 plus a $25 free bet each .
  11. What a complete F Wit ! I’d love to see Kate smack you one in the face .
  12. I’ve been to Hastings many times and the bar staff have been told to stay open till 40 mins till after the last but the bar staff take no notice and shut up shop .Worst case I had was at Wanganui and they shut the bar on two occasions 30 mins prior to the last .Remember someone from club commented on here that he was dismayed it was happening and start he’d sort it out . Clubs need to let bar staff know what’s expected .
  13. Going good mate . Have syndicated 3 horses last few months and introduced 10 new owners .Tracks going great with the new starting gates so regular jumpouts are held. Ironically with losing our race meetings for now it’s become a great training facility worth being able to use course proper .
  14. I don’t think it was on New Year’s Day .Whoever it was the decision was terrible .Races were all over within a few hours then Zilch .