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  1. Interesting though the winners of the money I think 14 k were the Love Racing syndicate so guess us industry participants are paying them for a mediocre job and they are not even punting with the TAB? NZTR employees? Oh and I’m steve not Steven
  2. Not listened to one race or bet during the week since Trackside radio disappeared am I’m a hardcore racing guy. If it’s only a 2 million a year cost surely it’s a no brainer to reinstate
  3. They need to do something mate . I’ve not had a bet or listened to any races mid week since they culled the racing station .Im sure I’m one of many .
  4. Nothing out yet .Come on TAB let’s create some interest and get some odds out? See you’ve got some Aussie ones out but guess your using the AU odds and reducing from there? Great opportunity to get some easy $$$$$ from hopeful and optimistic owners .
  5. Don’t go on the Loveracing FB page and question some of the average content .You will get a private message saying you are on your final warning and next time your gone . Did myself a favour and deleted them .
  6. 2 million annual isn’t it ? Be nice to have the racing back on the radio a lot user friendly when at work and not having items on or in your ears and worrying about your ph going flat constantly.Ohhh the simplicity of the radio .
  7. Did 10 million go to 11 redundancy packages ?
  8. Over the last few years I’ve enjoyed putting on the Bluetooth headphones and listening to radio Trackside as I work . Coppins, Peter Early, trainers insights to the day’s and weekends racing, CD track spies reports ,Kneebones northern tips.Des Coppins Sunday show and Monday Reviews all gone . Feels like they’ve removed part of the sole of this great sport .As a result of the crude changes I don’t bet during the week now and don’t listen to anything racing apart from Saturday’s .Not the only one I bet .
  9. That’s good to hear . Was lots of people still in the bar looking for a beer and bet money for jam .
  10. Last race today was 4.35pm so as you’d expect went to buy a beer just after 4 pm to be told sorry bars closed . Your bloody joking I said still 30 mins till the last was the reply .Look she says there’s a sign on the fridge . What about your sign on the bar that says bars closed straight after they jump in the last is my reply . Sorry sir it’s closed . Well F me do you want customers or not ?
  11. puha


    Hope your right time will tell I guess .
  12. puha


    Can someone tell us when the official relaunch is please . Keen to get my hands on a copy again .