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  1. puha


    Be nice if the raceform had arrived today . Two weeks in a row new year nothing changes
  2. With two group races being won yesterday by jockeys flouting the whip rules and copping suspensions is it unfair on the beaten horses and connections that have adhered to the whip restrictions?
  3. puha


    New Year rolls around but same problem not arrived at the usual suppliers today
  4. puha

    The ride of the day at Trentham

    Was tipped as a derby horse early on know a few that lost plenty on that futures bet . Was a great win to see live yesterday .
  5. puha

    Trentham Saturday

    Total of 28 mm of irrigation last two nights presume they will again tonight . I’m sure they will get it right .
  6. puha

    Matamata not again

    Very sparse crowd . Agree Taupo , Tauranga , and Texas would be better options if you want people oncourse .
  7. puha

    TAB Cash Out

    Took a multi the other night on two Football games the first won and the cash out was less than what the first winner winner paid ?
  8. puha

    TAB Cash Out

    It’s a cop out almost laughable
  9. puha


    Agree Saudis have the worst human rights record but we turn a blind eye as well .
  10. puha


    My comment was in response to We’re Doomed s post regarding the stake and amount of runners at Awapuni.
  11. puha


    Track was upgraded to a dead 4 so why were they racing well off the inside ?
  12. A segment on racings problems .
  13. puha


    Ha nothing changes ! Best you post us a couple of winners ? We are reverting to the dark ages .
  14. puha


    Thanks for that .Hopefully stays at the reduced size .Was at the Naki last week and most people I talked to preferred the size that fits in the back pocket.
  15. puha

    What A Shambles

    Agree as it wouldn’t be protocol was just a thought .