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  1. https://www.punters.com.au/news/one-on-one-with-bryce-stanaway_171497/#.W3uHmTRIeuh.facebook On Australian Racing
  2. puha

    Date For The Messara Report Release

    Hopefully they live stream it .
  3. puha

    Lindsay Park racing

    Nice post ! :) Na stuff the Tuis will give you a bloated gut and nothing else You will have to try Peroni a lovely Italian beer which is my beer of choice for now .
  4. puha

    Lindsay Park racing

    Beers way cheaper in NZ .Anyway you must love the place if your always here poking around. You can keep your annoying flies, parched lands , and Shithouse xxxx.Godzones where it’s at Zippy.
  5. puha

    Lindsay Park racing

    Ha yeah nice for a break but NZ is just beaut.
  6. puha

    Lindsay Park racing

    Being a NZ based racing site not such why you two are always on here trying to rub it in to the majority here .Gets abit boring listening to the Pom Pom boys and girls for AU .
  7. puha

    Power outage Waverly

    Power restored . Meeting all go.
  8. Power is out in area if not restored in the next 40 mins meeting will be off.
  9. puha

    No Pike Runners at Taupo

    I’d say your reading to much into allround .
  10. 1. Te Rapa R6 - #13 2. Randwick R4 - #4 3. Randwick R5 - #3 4. Caulfield R5 - #3 5. Randwick R6 - #7 6. Caulfield R6 - #15  7. Randwick R7 - #8 8. Caulfield R7 - #4 9. Randwick R8 - #2 10. Morphettville R7 - #4
  11. puha

    Riccarton Results

    Indifferent form my ass . Not sure what hole your talking out of. Both Dez and Bully Boy were $2.70 shots.
  12. puha

    Riccarton Results

    At a time when many people are talking about closing small tracks and centres wasn’t it great to see the small guys stand up yesterday with horses that would have long been discarded in the horse factories that are proposed . Waiuku , hunterville, Waipukurau and Opaki all take a bow .Yesterday showcased the beauty and diversity of NZ racing. Let’s not follow the Aussies and have most races dominated by a couple of stables . The people in this great industry are just as important as the majestic horse.
  13. CHCH R6 no4 chocolate fish Flem R7 no10 Brave Song
  14. puha

    Apprentice caught Punting

    What I don’t get a jockey rides in a race and you can monitor their every move.A Trainer has a horse under their care 24/7 and if so choose could manipulate a race with no cameras on them and they can bet and they do ! Is this double standards?