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  1. puha

    Race caller rumours

    Give Matt Cross the gig. Great voice young and plenty of enthusiasm.
  2. puha

    While Nero fiddles here....

    NZRB collect that stakemoney (salaries ) and probably not got a horse between them .
  3. puha

    Now the sh#t hits the fan

    That’s what you would expect . If This new site was a main meal the sports are the eye fillet in front of the diner and the racing is a few crumbs that have been brushed under the table .
  4. puha

    Now the sh#t hits the fan

    So in your opinion how will or can the mess JA and his crew be rectified?
  5. puha

    Now the sh#t hits the fan

    I wouldn’t worry as National won’t be getting back into power till they have a leader and there’s none on the Horizon.
  6. puha


    No you can bet on all qualifying races which are advertised and your first on that particular race is the one that is relevant up to the $30 stake .So on Saturday just been you could of had 6 $30 bets on the 3 meetings that were used.The Jewels,Doomben and Ellerslie .
  7. puha


    Same I’ve been betting on first 2 races at each meeting on a Saturday to try and build a kitty for the rest of the day .Dont mind if I lose as I’ve bern given a decent chance to either win or break even .Also bet on all cricket games so far for similar reasons .
  8. puha


    Bet you could buy a Best Bets or turf digest on the Sunday also to do study and circle your fancies.Fast forward 30 years you have Zero printed form the day before.
  9. puha


    Wasn’t that long ago they dropped the parliamentary and Whyte handicaps to 25k. Now back to 40 k .
  10. puha

    TAB website down for maintenance

    Must be down or crashed as cricket is the only option open at present
  11. puha

    Ellerslie grog

    $7.50 for a can of Waikato at a provincial club is getting steep midweek but heck I still coughed up a fair few times
  12. puha


    The Cricket one with the free $6 bets for each 6 your team hits is easy money also . Well it has the first 4 games .
  13. Each to their own I personally can’t see the point in having an expensive painting vehicle effectively it’s a toolbox on wheels and depreciates reasonably quickly. Also I can guarantee those painters don’t have a passion for owning racehorses . :)
  14. puha

    This one single man sums up NZ Racing

    State owned media now with state owned releases expect more of the watered down truth and no questioning . RIP independent media
  15. puha

    Felaar was ok

    I ve got one but I’m hopeless at tying knots ! Whip across the ass ok ? :) Always another day still got a nice horse .