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  1. puha

    Couch TV Presenters, here’s your chance

    The local circus has just shut up shop .The unemployed clown would fit the role nicely.
  2. In your opinion is a 60 mm follicle on the left ovary with a small inactive right ovary be an issue ? Vet says a further examination during oestrus would be required to determine suitability for breeding .
  3. Yes but click on reports and read the vets report regarding breeding be a slight concern when you spend that sort of coin .
  4. Agree mate . Just happened to read the report on the auction and she may have issues breeding reading the vets report . Best of luck to purchasers though .
  5. Reading the breeding cert is interesting
  6. You will be avoiding lot 18 in the next auction then .
  7. Same trainer that’s taken over Jacob McKay’s good horse ?
  8. I ve bought probably a dozen of gsvelhouse . I always get them scoped for the sake of $150 . I stay away from tried horses now as almost all have had issues . Saying that I’ve bought a few beauties as well. I like the site overall .
  9. puha

    Jockeys managers ???

    I think it’s he’s mired apart of the team . Talk about a story beat up
  10. puha

    Jockeys managers ???

    There is plenty of work involved in being a good riders agent and works for many . I think you underestimate the workload and stress it takes of riders having to source their own mounts . Their are a few agents that just send out a blanket text to trainers about where their jockeys are riding which just seems like a driftnet approach and pretty lazy IMO
  11. puha


    If I put on a $50 % Quaddie on and collect a couple a couple of grand I don’t see why I should need or have to supply any personal information.Big Brother at work.
  12. puha

    Te Rapa Track

    If you haven’t a horse racing unfortunately their is no incentive to be oncourse as simple as that .
  13. puha

    Parliamentary Handicap

    It actually dropped to 25 k 4/5 years ago !