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  1. puha

    What’s the go with Riverton

    There’s one young bloke they keep panning on looks like the barber forgot to walk around to the back of his head
  2. puha

    What’s the go with Riverton

    And they want to get rid of the printed format and replace with well nothing .
  3. puha

    This TAB website...

    When you click on the race to bet you’d like a quick reference ie trainer , jockey , distance it’s not much to ask for. All you have is the horses number name and FF win and tote prices . On the same page at Ellerslie you have the same plus barrier draw , jockey , Trainer and weight plus distance . Sort your shit out please !
  4. puha

    This TAB website...

    Also now they’ve they’ve killed off the informant I bought my Best bets $6 no issues their but it came out Thursday so no Woodville that day .Covers all of Saturday and nothing for Easter Monday so no Rotorua. I doubt their will be a printed publication for Mondays Racing so that is bound to affect turnover.
  5. puha

    This TAB website...

    You click on Riverton today and they don’t even have the jockeys under the horses name but at Ellerslie they do . Hopeless
  6. puha

    Big news right here

    Like many country tracks there’s jumpouts farming operations and the like that help keep the clubs solvent not forgetting the large volunteer base . Country racing will stay in what capacity is anyones guess .
  7. puha

    Big news right here

    I’m at a small track and own between. 12 to 18 horses 100 % at anyone time . Close our track and all mine are finished and every cent from my outside business is lost to the industry . I’m one of many dotted around country clubs nationwide I’d say .
  8. puha

    Big news right here

    Interesting on FB the only people sharing these media reports are the Studs . Avondale Rich Hill Westbury and so on .
  9. puha

    Big news right here

    Makes your blood boil if that’s Kevin Hickman’s thoughts. All about himself by the sounds.
  10. Running rail maybe. The rest is ok in person Far from scruffy . Best hospitality in the North Is for owners and trainers money and time spent in the right areas.
  11. I’d love to know what Wairoa has to upgrade . It’s a Two day summer meeting that lends its to gazebos and the like . The public are very happy and content with the amenities as far as I have experienced over the last decade or so.
  12. puha

    This TAB website...

    It’s crap half the time my I pad wont load my bets to place bets . Reminds me of dial up 20 years ago.
  13. puha

    Saundry on trackside

    Most racing people also love a sports bet . Why couldn’t we have a publication that covers both ? Then you’d probably get sports bettors pickings up the publication and a fair few taking an interest in the horses as well.Win/Win
  14. puha

    All Weather track Waikato

    Personally I’d rather see the natural surfaces and facilities upgraded at the city clubs and keep our country clubs as a feeder system for both horses and general interest . At the end of the day selling a country club would probably only yield the resources to cover some unknown consultants fees . Which would be a complete waste of money and history.