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  1. Idolmite

    Are races getting faster?

    Improved drug detection has balanced out improved feed?
  2. Idolmite

    CongratsTeam Melody Belle

    She achieved something today Starcraft couldn't. Well done to all concerned..
  3. Idolmite

    Sweeeeeny SHUT UP

    I somehow knew you'd take that approach. Attack the messenger and not the message....
  4. Surely his ego isn't in the workshop?
  5. Hasn't recovered from the "won't be beaten this preparation" horse being humbled by an unrated Chance second up. Obviously hasn't had any winning tickets to skite about the last few weeks.......
  6. Idolmite

    Sweeeeeny SHUT UP

    I don't think anythnig or anybody could possibly please you.......
  7. Idolmite

    Sweeeeeny SHUT UP

    Try and consider people other than YOURSELF. The judge"s call is still required in many cases, trifecta and first-four punters for example, as they're not always in your precious photo. In saying that, I'd like the photo to be shown, but AS WELL AS the judge's call, not instead of. No need to announce the sponsor? Sponsors help pay for our decrepit racing scene, and deserve some coverage in return otherwise they'll abandon it like so many owners, trainers and punters already have. We need to be encouraging them, not discouraging them. Margins? They take two seconds. Why wouldn't you announce them? And I doubt there's one judge that likes the sound of his own voice, let alone that they're the one making decision on what information they're actually delivering. Are you as impatient with everything else you do in life?
  8. Idolmite


    The trainer must feel he's working okay to have brought him back. Is he working well at home but switches off on race night?
  9. Idolmite

    Forbury Today-Race 2

    I see the latter paid $5.80 and $2.70. Which I'd of read the tip earlier .....
  10. Idolmite

    Mrs Cubes gets grumpy with the TAB

    I need to know your secret. How did she manage to find a winning ticket 5 months before the race? Ticket found June 12, 2018. Race took place November 17, 2018? Ticket wasn't over six months old. It was five months premature
  11. Idolmite

    Woeful Addington Noms for Friday

    So people complain (on here anyway) that nobody can beat beat Purdon, yet we also hear when Purdon isn't interested the friends fall away badly? That doesn't make sense to me..... The numbers overall aren't too bad in the end, although don't see Minbet in there anywhere? As noted above, he was a nomination?
  12. Idolmite

    Helena Baby

    I've got a great system for rating winners AFTER THE RACE too. Come on 100-1, just give us a basic example on a good race somewhere with good horses, but BEFORE the race. How about the Tarzino? You don't have to give us all the ins and outs, just who you see 1, 2, 3 & 4, and your predicted margins. Otherwise your no better than that other duffer that used to tip after the race was run. At least now even CT gives a few out before the race. And doesn't he float when one wins. His posts even have to be edited as the BS is full to overflowing......
  13. It was no chance early in the home run, struggling and going backwards despite the jockey's urging. Then suddenly it must of farted or something, as it seemed to find another galloping style as the line approached. But half way down it looked like it'd finish closer to last than first.
  14. Idolmite

    Talk about a load of bollocks....

    They were three-deep alright. There were only three people there, but they were standing one behind the other as the back two thought they were queuing for the loo!!!
  15. Idolmite


    If breeding was a sure thing everybody would be doing it. Many good horses come from breeding great horses with great horses, usually at great expense, however many true champions, especially in the galloping code I think where things are dominated by two or three sires, come from completely unheralded backgrounds. Think Rough Habit and Bonecrusher. I don't think Winx was exactly bred to be a champion either. She just was one. I was merely pointing out the opposing views above. Both cannot be correct, and we certainly won't know the answer by season's end.