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  1. If you're an example of what a winner looks like, I'll pick the loser option every time thank you very much. How's your massive payout on the Trump landslide victory going? What were the odds again? 1000-1? You were winning? The oddsmakers were obviously a lot smarter than you but you couldn't see it. They were the winners. From fools like you. Keep on keeping on Hundy. You're good for a laugh, a big gut laugh, with every single post you make while I'm lying in hospital slowly dying. I win with every post you make, as I get to laugh at you. And sorry Gruff. It's not the vac
  2. To be honest, I'd rather have a zero "approval rating" than to be seen to be in agreement with completely deluded fuckwits like yourself, hundy, 6exes and one or two others, I wear it as a badge of honour.
  3. And your "approval rating" on a small sports and racing website in a small backwater country actually means something to you? It gives you "status?" On a discussion board inhabited by about six people? THAT is the definition of "inconsequential and irrelevant". Oh dear........
  4. God you're a non-sensical, repetitive and boring bull shit artist talking through a hole in your arse......STILL.
  5. He doesn't even know how to drain the bath, let alone the swamp.
  6. I think your analysis might be the problem here. If you rate CWJ so low as a jockey how did his ride become your one horse to be on that day out of the 400 you analysed?
  7. That last line, tragically, is 100% correct. Especially American ones.
  8. Well it was DEFINITELY crap, of that there is no dispute, but the gullible suckers amongst RC's posters would be frothing at the bung seeing it now.
  9. Fuck off Hedley.. Podting mindless videos in every thread on the page, no to mention resurrecting threads from as far back as 2009 - 13 freaking years dead and buried. You need help.
  10. Didn't it end up at 4 late scratchings? The final one to be led up didn't go in either, after they'd already announce three.
  11. So only two of the "Aussies" stayed? At least what appears to be the best of them has, and I hope the connections of Majestic Cruiser are rewarded by at least one good victory. Shame "The Messenger" name couldn't have been put on hold really, and the 'open class' replacement race given another name.
  12. This is where you continually show your complete and total ignorance. Look back through these threads over the last 4 years if you dare, and I challenge you to find even ONE POST where I have supported Biden and/or Harris. Or CNN. I bet you can't do it. You stupid twat.
  13. There are at least 4 individuals responsible for the near complete death of this board in particular, Hedley being the latest twat out the box. But he only follows three others that completely and literally bombed this board with their garbage on a daily basis until normal people just couldn't even be bothered posting anymore. Discussion was dead, replaced by, well, "stuff". Trump followed by Covid has tragically removed and taken the brains of some, it seems.