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  1. Oh FFS man. Give it up. A few days ago you were telling Biden wasn't even Biden. You can't have it both ways. The storm? Subsided and didn't even make the mainland. The mass arrests? Nothing but fantasy. The plan? What plan? There is no plan. The joke? It's on you fella, as I've been telling you for years. The rabbit hole? You must have dropped the lid shut when you crawled in. Showtime? You series has been cancelled. You are now unemployed. And unemployable. The future? Hopefully our future is without you in it.
  2. No sign of that other ummm President that's gonna be sharing the role as God promised Trump two terms? Two terms in the Big House more like it!!!
  3. Why don't you ask for 20 selections, then you have a sure fire First Four.
  4. You speak as if the right has no agendas. Every party has agendas, but what suits one individual doesn't necessarily suit another. The ideas you don't agree with you call "an agenda" as if it's a bad thing. The ideas you do agree with are nothing more than a good idea, but you're remiss in thinking that same idea to another person could be a death sentence.
  5. Some days Gruff, you're as bad as 100 1 and 6xes.
  6. Dont let the Race Cafe door hit you in the arse of the way out,...
  7. How is the staunch Q support base coping with the lack of leadership and postings from the revered Q? From sometimes dozens of posts per day to now just 4 posts since the election over 6 weeks ago? What has happened? How you all doing?
  8. Now "it's almost show time?" Yet you've been telling us for years the show had already begun. You're grasping at straws now. Even smaller straws than before. My take is you're about to fall off the precipice. It's almost fall time.
  9. I suggest that once Trump goes the Q phenomenon will gradually go with him. Although I suspect the stench could last years.....
  10. Give it up man. No "end goal" was achieved by Q or Trump. More like an "own goal" for mine.
  11. President for a couple more days. His belongings are being removed from the WH as we speak.....
  12. You are not forceful. You're nothing more than a fruit loop.....
  13. Trump may well serve to terms. Won't be as President though. Maybe two terns in the State Penitentiary, although I suspect more.