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  1. I'm a relatively small and rather irregular better, and did not realise this. Is this only since Entain took over? Or was it like that previously? I'd never heard of it since this thread.
  2. The negatives appear to outweigh the positives at the moment. I went to take a Pick 6 last Friday night, forgetting they no longer exist. I miss the comments on how each horse ran its recent races, and of course the will-pays. But I now know, that according to Entain, every galloper can apparently go good in the wet or the dry. Really?
  3. Where's our Aussie mate 'kurious', and all of his puppies he had on the way over here from Australia to join in and clean up the scene over here (both literally and figuretarively)? Three pages back he was the dominant poster and supporter of greyhound racing.
  4. Don't worry. It'll all be over soon.
  5. But when OTR is driven closer to the pace, his finish is nothing better than ordinary. He just can't sprint like that from a handy position. That and his plethora of injuries must make him a very frustrating horse to deal with, as he is obviously very talented and extremely fast. Didn't help that he bobbled badly from the stand and was forced to settle last.
  6. Have to agree that American Me loses the advantage of the handicap, but is arguably better suited by next week's distance versus tonight's? We'll know for sure this time in 7 days
  7. And we get to see Just Believe again next week. Doesn't seem to be any chinks in his armour though. I think the Rowe Cup is his. Our best aren't quite as good. The Auckland Cup looks rather more interesting though. I expected more from the Aussie pacers tonight honestly. The disappointing Don't Stop Dreaming only beat 3 runners home tonight, but still beat both Aussies. Connections must be disappointed. The injury-prone OTR showed his usual racing style - settle last and boom home for a placing. Had he not broken at the start he'd likely of settled more handy and battled at the finish. He must be a hard horse to get 100% fit though when he picks up so many little injuries. Should he have a healthy next-7 days, being driven quietly over 3200 metres could be the secret to a first major success? Next week looks like more profits for visitors to Auckland's "ribbon of light". Can American Me surprise again?
  8. Idolmite

    M Cross

    So in your first sentence you wish people would stop dissing NZ race callers......yet in your very next paragraph you do exactly the same thing !?!?!? Ido......wondering how many faces FF has?
  9. I'd better have a stab at something before next year's comp rolls around. I'll go Rotorua tomorrow (Saturday), R7 $25 EW on number 14 I'munstoppable Thanks Scooby and SNM.
  10. Speaking of hitting your head after jumping into an empty swimming pool? How do you get that all to add up to only $50 Gruff?
  11. Everything is about the next race [whatever it is, wherever it is], never about the race you've just watched, even if it was today's New Zealand feature and the reason you tuned in to begin with. .
  12. It may vary race to race? I had one yesterday that paid out within a matter of seconds.