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  1. You've been wrong on all of your "Trump stuff" and you're wrong with most of your "Covid stuff", so I guess there's every chance you'll choose the wrong side on "climate change stuff" as well.
  2. "Many" Gruff? Nuremberg trials 2.0? Really? I call bullshit on that, unless you know "many" brainless people. You certainly know a few......
  3. Virtually every single video you've posted in recent months is of some person attempting to deceive the public. And you've fallen for it, every single time.
  4. Well if I'm a peon, you're several levels below that. As i said, an embarrassment.
  5. There's a fuck sight more to worry about than the racing industry. And if participants are stupid enough to fight this - of which most aren't, other than s few embarrassments to the industry like yourself, since even Trackside is pushing people within the industry who are promoting vaccination - then the industry deserves to go down the toilet. You are an embarrassment to this website and the racing industry as a whole. You're definitely a couple of ham sandwiches short of a picnic in the park with Brian Tamaki. And yes, just to confirm, we do know what is best. You on the other hand are cluel
  6. That's stale old news, very much like you. $4000 is the current fine without court action.
  7. You're not exactly up to date are you idiot. The $300 was changed to $4,000 some weeks ago. And if it goes to court I think it's $12,000 from memory.
  8. Because Sue Grey is equally deluded as you are. Got it? Good !!
  9. You obviously need us more than we need you. We don't need you at all. I wish you didn't need us.
  10. You purport to be a generator of debate, but if you are only posting to yourself, over and over and over and over again, that's NOT a debate you clown. Nobody can be bothered trying to debate you as you're nothing but a shit-stain on the face of this website.
  11. I wish this website had the ability to conduct polls. I'd love to know how many other people think you raise the bar of any debate. Some of the threads in Main Street you are about 90% of the entire content. Others 50% or more of the most recent content (last few months). That's not debate, and certainly not a sign of a raised bar. You're more a thread and debate killer than a bar raiser, because nobody can be bothered with the shyte you post.
  12. "Researched" So out of 130,002 people vaccinated yesterday, ONE has a medical reaction afterwards which may or may not (still TBC) be vaccine related, and YOU think that is newsworthy? FFS man. I encourage you to take that break from the Internet fight you've been talking about, especially as many of your posts now are just repeating things you said a year or so ago, and nobody gave a fuck about them then and they still don't give a fuck now. No fucks given.
  13. You are in the process of being left behind Gruff. "Objects in the Rear View Mirror May Appear Closer Than They Are". This will be you.
  14. The world has changed. It's just small groups of stale makes and a bunch of Karens cannot change with it. Clive Palmer maybe be selling, or has sold his shares (I haven't read the story) but when one owns shares one does not "pull" them.