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  1. Idolmite

    Useless TAB

    One reason can be that you've rewound your MySky for some reason, and haven't fast forwarded it again. That'll make the race close (on the website) before it runs (on your TV). I'm sure I'm not the only person to of done that? Can save money sometimes too ha!
  2. Idolmite

    Unlucky Felaar

    You really do need to get some new material......know any writers? Plus Vecta was actually Vector, but was renamed Spark Arena some time ago. Please try and keep up....
  3. Idolmite

    True Story...almost.

    If you were ever arrested and charged with a serious crime, I assume you'd use the same slippery-as yet-headless eel while defending yourself? The judge would probably let you off before he drowned in bullshit.
  4. Idolmite

    True Story...almost.

    That's once more than optimum?
  5. Idolmite

    Name for my horse please.

    So many possibilities.......and what an offer. Wow. Thank you Chris. It's got the brain working on a public holiday, no mean feat let me tell you. Whispering Ace Paris to Milan (Switzerland is closer to half way between Paris and Rome really, but Paris and Milan sound more high-fashion and important than Paris and Rome, but "Paris to Rome" could be an alternative) Private Investigations Boy From Bad Ragaz Zurich Zecrets Swiss Deli or Swiss Delight The Whispering Fed Federal Shutdown Nudge Nudge Wink Wink Rumour Has It Covert Affair Covert Assassin Doyoupromisenottotell
  6. Idolmite

    newish trackside presenter

    The only current host that I find really annoying, plus I guess he rarely has good product to sell. His attempts at humour always fall flat, and in recent weeks I've always managed to find something else to do when he's on. I haven't witnessed any of yer self-righteous tirades however.
  7. Idolmite

    True Story...almost.

    There's once was a poster known as horse-stopper Who in more recent times has become a name-dropper Using the moniker CBT He clashes with P4P And Burger King named his burger a Whopper
  8. Idolmite

    True Story...almost.

    Best post in this thread to date
  9. Idolmite

    True Story...almost.

    More please. This is the best thread ever. CBT, you weren't in the Notre Dame earlier on today were you, stroking your ego to the point it exploded into a fireball? Arse'n is what it is.
  10. Idolmite

    True Story...almost.

    She's not necessarily lying. Just not remembering exactly how it all went down. You've already said she is dottery.
  11. Idolmite

    True Story...almost.

    Cool bananas. I work for Graham Hart.
  12. Idolmite

    True Story...almost.

    How can Sunline of been the next horse through the sales ring after Ms Fisher's purchase, if Sunline never went through the sales ring?
  13. Idolmite

    True Story...almost.

    Well from what's been said, Sunline never went through the sales ring, so that being the case the theory is moot.
  14. Idolmite

    True Story...almost.

  15. Idolmite

    True Story...almost.

    This is almost as riveting as Bonecusher versus Waverley Star.......