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  1. "almost going from a stand point of Q being a "delusion of grandeur" to now pivoting with the "no-one gives a shit"... isnt that a interesting shift!!" No shift at all. I never suggested anything like "delusions of grandeur" from Q personally, however since you've mentioned it most people don't give a shit about somebody with delusions of grandeur. The sooner you realise you've been taken for a ride the better. All that's happened is that you gullible lot have been conned, over and over again. You wanted something to happen, something to believe, and here was Q saying what sounded pretty good to you. So you believed. More fool you. Charles Manson has a manner which saw fools follow him off the edge of the precipice too....
  2. I have asked that question many times over the past few months, especially over the past few weeks, not just yesterday. Because that's the exact same question Hundy has been asking us, regularly. And the answer is "nobody is going to replace Joe". Hundy has been going "BOOOOM" all over the place as Q drops him more delicious morsels to amaze us with and for him to prematurely ejaculate over his screen. But the bottom line is, the American public, in general, don't appear to give a rat's arse. It's just American politics, corrupt as usual. There may well be 5 million Q followers worldwide, but that leaves billions and billions and billions who, once again, don't give a rat's arse, even if they believe some small parts of the narrative. But so much of it is guesswork or bullshit, as judged by the repeated failures to predict, well, anything of note.
  3. You internet Trollope have been telling us for months Biden wouldn't even be the candidate come election time. Especially that Hundy, he who used to post multiple posts per day but now realises he's made a complete fool of himself. He has rarely posted over the past 2-3weeks. He has nothing, and I think he finally realises it. Q and Trump have lied to you, and you guys have lied to us. Now you've been caught out. A week out he's still there. And his name is still on the ballot paper. It's going to be a long "next 4 years" for you guys. Hopefully you'll man up and fuck off. Or at least shut the fuck up.
  4. The simple fact is that the US election race is between two has beens. The losers are the American people, which ever way it plays out.
  5. And if it's Biden 2020, you'll say what?
  6. Imagine if Trump couldn't even beat the bumbling Biden, the worst candidate ever. Just imagine......
  7. Saw what coming? It's all amounted to nothing. AGAIN. The election is just carrying on as programmed, regardless of the likes of Q, Hundy and you making one failed prediction after another. It seems nobody in America gives a fuck........ We're watching a military operation with everything times to the minute. Ha!!!! Tui ad.......
  8. Surely not. Hundy says there's still plenty of time.
  9. Biden is fine. It's only Trump who is the smartest person in the room (of two people) until he speaks. Once he speaks, he's toast.
  10. You are not alone in the shite, crap and bullshit that you post.....
  11. Let's hope not. Surely they'll run a full on-course crew for Cup Day. They said they sill would for a few of the big meetings. If Cup Day isn't classed as a "big meeting" there no hope. Whale was on top form yesterday. Suggested 3360 combinations ($168 for 10%) for the Ashburton Pick 6 , and was gone following leg 2. Didn't select all of the latter four races either.
  12. You've been going off prematurely as well as firing blanks for the last four years. You must be soooo proud....
  13. Zero credibility. Deluded as usual. Has nothing.
  14. Replace "it" with "fuck". Team Trump have fuck all.......except Covid. And who is going to replace Joe? Hey Hundy, did you mean for 2024?