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  1. Idolmite

    Helena Baby

    I've got a great system for rating winners AFTER THE RACE too. Come on 100-1, just give us a basic example on a good race somewhere with good horses, but BEFORE the race. How about the Tarzino? You don't have to give us all the ins and outs, just who you see 1, 2, 3 & 4, and your predicted margins. Otherwise your no better than that other duffer that used to tip after the race was run. At least now even CT gives a few out before the race. And doesn't he float when one wins. His posts even have to be edited as the BS is full to overflowing......
  2. It was no chance early in the home run, struggling and going backwards despite the jockey's urging. Then suddenly it must of farted or something, as it seemed to find another galloping style as the line approached. But half way down it looked like it'd finish closer to last than first.
  3. Idolmite

    Talk about a load of bollocks....

    They were three-deep alright. There were only three people there, but they were standing one behind the other as the back two thought they were queuing for the loo!!!
  4. Idolmite


    If breeding was a sure thing everybody would be doing it. Many good horses come from breeding great horses with great horses, usually at great expense, however many true champions, especially in the galloping code I think where things are dominated by two or three sires, come from completely unheralded backgrounds. Think Rough Habit and Bonecrusher. I don't think Winx was exactly bred to be a champion either. She just was one. I was merely pointing out the opposing views above. Both cannot be correct, and we certainly won't know the answer by season's end.
  5. Idolmite


    If this thread is dredged up again in ten years, somebody will look like Nostradamus and the other more like Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick
  6. Mandela quite impressive just now.....
  7. Kiwi Mk11. Not quite, but certainly an impressive winner that had to be ridden hard most of the distance just to keep the others in site.
  8. Idolmite

    Janet and The Sultan of Brunei.......

    It'd been so peaceful for a time too. Is that your first winning ticket in a few weeks?
  9. Idolmite

    Mark MacNamara A Big Loss

    You can't be comparing to voices long retired. We're talking about losses from the current, and to other reasons than retirement. Apples with oranges? Mark M will be a sad loss, for sure.
  10. Idolmite

    Late Scratching(s)

    Isn't official scratching time 7.30am?
  11. Idolmite

    Name for my horse please.

    Well done HS. I'm sure we'll all follow this horse with interest. I'll pretend I own one hair on his tail for making the short list hahahahaha
  12. Idolmite

    Name for my horse please.

    Am happy to of made the short list. Some great names there.
  13. Idolmite

    If u had to choose

    I missed Friday night's race on question. Can anybody post a link?
  14. I think the reason you've got the reaction you have, is because of your completely over the top thread header calling for a bet type that YOU personally don't like, to be boycotted or banned.
  15. It's not "heavily weighted in the TAB's favour" as they pay out basically the same % of the pool whatever the outcome. I feel a far bigger ripoff to punters is the dead heat for 3rd rule. You back an animal to "win" and it has to "win", first or first equal. You back it for a "place" and to get a collect the selection has to finish first, second OR third. In other words "PLACE". Your dividend is not larger if your "place" bet finishes first compared to if your "place" bet finishes third. Unless there's a dead heat for third; effectively there's four horses in the top three across the line, but only the punters on the dead heaters lose some of their payout. A place is a place is a place, and and the total "place pool" should be split 4 ways, not 1st "place" and second "place" paid out as is, and the remaining one third of the pool split in half. A place is a place is a place......there used to be a "win pool" and a "place pool". Now there's a win pool, a first place pool, a second place pool and a third place pool. THAT is something that should be banned.