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  1. Memphis2

    C. S. Hayes Stakes........

    Great race.Nest clash will be a monty
  2. Memphis2

    Climate Change Racemeeting.

    Or we could have a head in the sand compComp
  3. Memphis2

    BGP ....sure is a BGP !

    He was that good Baz
  4. Memphis2

    BGP ....sure is a BGP !

    Phar Lap
  5. Memphis2


    Lot 521 Its a gun
  6. Memphis2

    TAB favourites

    Try They have a blackbook.You can enter Kiwi horses. See if it works for you.
  7. Memphis2

    Ross Taylor

    Well done Roscoe. I'm sure he'll be spewing some experts on here don't rate him. He speaks highly of them tho
  8. Memphis2


    Sky channel host called it Cabbrero and Cabbrere . Commentator nailed it tho. 5 th
  9. Memphis2


    Thanks Gubellini. 145 starts is massive. What a warrior I would have seen him at the Whanganui Races
  10. Memphis2


    Race 4 at Gunnedah has a horse in it called Cabriere. Anyone remember this horse? Taranaki I think. Middle distance specialist. Open handicapper. Race 5 competitor when r5 was the open distance race. R7 was the open sprint. All over the shop nowadays. Go Cabriere at Gunnedah. Paying $26 FO
  11. Memphis2


    All the best to you Gary. Hope you have a great 2020
  12. Memphis2


    Yes Gaz as long as the Best Bets is available at the Newsagents that haven't burnt down. These fires are a disaster and I notice the Anzac spirit is alive with our Govt sending 155 fire fighters to help. Thoughts are with all the people affected.
  13. Memphis2

    What A Shambles

    Yes.You would think the starter will be under the pump. Not a good look on a Group one days racing.
  14. Memphis2

    White Island

    Yeh sorry Trumper. I only got as far as and, and got waylayed. I was gunner say something along the lines And you walk out the door and someone doing 80 in a 50 zone smashes into you. Just fate can get you. I knew a bloke outside Taupo who was killed by a pine cone. The branch of the tree whiplashed back but the pine cone crushed his head. Sad fate.
  15. Memphis2

    Merry Christmas To All

    Merry Xmas Scooby and all Racecafers. And a happy and prosperous 2020. Cheers.