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  1. Memphis2

    Caulfield Cup Field?

    Red Rum what do you know about Haky? Backed him today and although out gunned by the other two he boxed on quite well. Has he got his eye on the Melbourne Cup or is there an easier race he has in mind. Cheers
  2. Memphis2

    ~the Everest..

    However $14m might lure him back
  3. Memphis2

    ~the Everest..

    Yes mate and Classique Legend. Not the best passage in running and you only get one lick in a race like that per year. Next year if he is fit and well.
  4. Memphis2


    Yeh Gruffy they didn't seem to go with the speed of the ABs at all. England will be looking to slow it right down. Big show down ahead and it's only the semi
  5. Memphis2

    ABs Awesome

    Great effort by the ABs. Total team effort from 1-23. Ireland had no answers from the first minute. And im hoping the Zpoms cop the same treatment. Can't see why not. Can't see us going backwards from here on in. Pretty proud of them today. Played at a different pace and level.
  6. Memphis2


    Yes. But ABs are a different story
  7. Memphis2

    ~the Everest..

    6-2-1-3 go you beauty
  8. Memphis2

    Caulfield Cup Field? See how we go with those.Real tough race.
  9. Memphis2

    ~the Everest..

    Will the result be posted on the Opera House?
  10. Actually Toblerone I lost my second life as well so I was double chutneyed. Thanks for the Comp and Poundman as well
  11. I think he did post on here somewhere the reason he would be absent for a while
  12. Memphis2

    Losers Get Laid - Week 5 entries

    YEH I got stiffedby daylight saving
  13. Memphis2

    Losers Get Laid - Week 5 entries

    I'm laying Sd r5 #1 Osborne Bulls Thanks all
  14. Yes along with the Candy Man they have good heavy form.Not sure now if it will get to heavy
  15. you might be lucky and end up with a heavy track for your Fifty Stars.