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  1. R1 4-7 R2 2-3 R3 1-4 R4 5-6 R5 3-4 BB R6 1-2 R7 5-12 BB R8 3-13 R9 4-7 R10 9-10 All the best teams Merci Beaucoup Chestnut
  2. Swoopa


    Great value all week NP! Bookies were playing on the fact she was fresh up and hadn't won over the trip.Gosden wasnt going to "under cook" her (ala Too Darn Hot)when she is virtually on a 3 race campaign.
  3. Swoopa

    Name for my horse please.

    The horse has bolted Glen!!
  4. Swoopa

    Name for my horse please.

    Great stuff Chris!All the very best to you and connections
  5. R1 1-6 R2 3-7 R3 4-8 R4 2-7 R5 2-6 R6 2-5 R7 5-9 BB R8 8-9 BB R9 9-11 R10 2-7 Merci Chestnut
  6. R1 #1 BB R2 #7 R3 #4 R4 #6 R5 #6 R6 #8 R7 #10 R8 #4 R9 #5 R10 #12 BB Good luck partner! Merci Chestnut
  7. Swoopa

    Royal Ascot

    Got it!! Space Age,you never forget a winning bet 8 or 9/1 Ride of the week!
  8. Swoopa

    Royal Ascot

    I vaguely remember William Buick doing this on a Charlie Appleby horse,who crossed to lead or sit outside the leader before hitting Swinley Bottom and going on to win.Not sure of it's name,R R might know.
  9. Swoopa

    Royal Ascot

    James Doyle has a handy book of rides today and also Robin of Navan has conditions on his side for e/w backers!
  10. Swoopa

    Royal Ascot

    I'm going for Western Australia in the Queens Vase,this race looks set up for him!The rest of the fields look open for a dart at the racing page!!
  11. Swoopa

    Boys get Paid

    I know this was a while ago,but come in BGP or Ted maybe could answer these simple questions! Cheers
  12. R1 #4 R2 #2 R3 #6 R4 #10BB R5 #1BB R6 #1 R7 #9 R8 #2 R9 #12 R10 #6 R11 #2 Cheers Chestnut
  13. Swoopa

    Good Luck Team Pitman With Enzos Lad

    Sprinklers will be packed away as have had 24 hrs of heavy rain yesterday,more rain on Wednesday and scattered showers with some heavy down pours leading up to day one on Tuesday.It will be interesting to see how the track plays on day one.
  14. Swoopa

    Bounding's half brother

    Was impressive Berri!Also his win on soft ground before hand and winning the Derby on unusually quick ground for the French ,was a great effort.I wouldn't give up on P K (a gutsy run)as I thought the ride was pretty average being posted 3 and 4 wide for most of the race and then ask to go and win it!