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  1. Swoopa

    dean mckenzie

    When a new captain of any large business comes in,what is the first thing they ruthlessly slash into before the next financial year/shareholders meeting? Reductions in out goings!So why not here?Or is this just the gravy train?
  2. Swoopa

    Any Owner Compo ?

    I'm presuming this is a wind up? Stay off the tipple tripple before you post you
  3. Swoopa

    I know this is not racing but...

    Me thinks you are going to need more than 4% of GDP to get through this!
  4. Swoopa

    I know this is not racing but...

    The horse has bolted!This has got the Imperial College written all over it with some small tweaks to make it my own!
  5. Swoopa

    NZTR Coronavirus Regulations

    I think this is the first time I 100% agree with your comments Pounder!
  6. Swoopa

    Roger That

    Regarding the comparison to the Auckland Cup.Pretty even taking everything into consideration
  7. Swoopa

    Roger That

    Rumbo, how did those grade 1 bumper , hurdle and chase times over 2m and 2m 1/2furlong running on a heavy side of soft on an undulated course at the festival compare do you think?
  8. Swoopa

    You know what happens when you bully a bully

    True Gruff, but the Aussies are drawn in like a moth to a lightbulb when there is a sniff of possible champ! No real big bets shows that those big punters in the know felt there was vulnerability in this field(interesting to see how much he was laid for).I may be wrong,but I thought I read an article where the trainer wasn't fully confident he had come through the run at Flemington 100%.Running in his own age group with picket fence form, he is always going to be a fav.I love AB's will to win. I hope he comes back next prep as we all know racing needs horses like him.
  9. Swoopa

    You know what happens when you bully a bully

    A bit harsh there Pounder! That greedy Vandyke shouldn't have run him the start before imo. Interesting to see if he comes up again next prep.I hope the trainer has payed off all the people he owed in the industry in Melbourne with his percentage!
  10. Swoopa

    Roger That

    Times mean nothing in this situation drew!Grp 1 ,don't make me laughMy tongue in cheek comment was regarding the class of the field in this once fine race. I would say that most of these would be gasping against Mullins bumper horses
  11. Swoopa

    Roger That

    What a poor excuse of an Auckland Cup!That lot would be lucky to be competitive in a bumper!
  12. Swoopa

    AUSTRALIAN Guineas

    I've just had a look at the replays, and personally think that the filly got the jock out of trouble!3 wide and then caught flat footed,that was the run of the day!However the ride on TAS can not be faulted.How far would have the filly won by with that ride?Great training feat by Jamie Richard's.
  13. Swoopa


    Nice solid family of lot 1003 Aaron Lot 970 looked good value imo
  14. Swoopa


    Did anyone here run their eye over any of Belardo's stock this week?