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  1. Dead right regarding some craft beer Gruff.I put it down to what I call the city brewers,who think they can throw some money at a brewery and think it's the best. I must say that my head brewing brother inlaw in a small Bristol brewery does some pretty good stuff!
  2. Swoopa

    T Allan winner

    Good on him Crusty!He is riding out at Deagon,had about 10 rides last weekend and I see has 7 this weekend. Check out his ride in the 1st at Ipswich on Wednesday 4th,it was chochy in the pants stuff!!
  3. R1 1-4 R2 9-11 R3 1-11 R4 2-11 BB R5 1-11 R6 4-5 R7 7-10 R8 1-5 R9 1-13 BB R10 5-11 Muchos gracias Chestnut I'm off for a weekend hussle of pintxos and txalkoli Agur
  4. Swoopa

    Bet from last weeks comp

    Onya Trump!
  5. Have you taken the 80/1 available ante post on Raymondo?
  6. Well done Ohoka,the all over hood seems to be working!The race was set up for the mid division/rear horses as they went a fair gallop.He is quirky so with travelling down under and a new trainer,as stated earlier he's still not for me in the cups. All the best
  7. Swoopa

    Bet from last weeks comp

    Nice win Trump.All the best with your mare in the future
  8. Frankelina and Withhold in the Ebor
  9. This one liner has been around for a while! Prize money
  10. R1 3-7 R2 1-2 R3 1-6 R4 2-8 R5 4-6 R6 3-6 BB R7 7-10 R8 1-4 R9 4-11 R10 1-5 R11 5-11 R12 1-2 BB I'm off to inspect the back of my eye lids!!If my partner could replace any scratchings it would be appreciated. Good luck partner and as always Merci Beaucoup Chestnut
  11. Red Rum, I was referring to Mustajeer in my comment above. Do you fancy anything at the York festival? Cheers
  12. Has won in listed company and maybe new owners are hoping he can sneak in with a light weight. Plenty of others preferred so not for me.
  13. Dee Ex Bee is developing into a serious racehorse imo,who I think needs another year.If they are going for the cup this year Johnston must be thinking he could be weighted out of it if he waits another year.He will be getting some of mine come November!
  14. R1 1-12 R2 2-3 R3 1-10 R4 7-10 R5 1-4 BB R6 4-9 R7 1-10 R8 3-11 R9 2-6 R10 4-7 R11 3-4 R12 2-12 R13 13-15 BB Merci