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  1. Apologies, don't know where that came from! I meant Ohokaman.
  2. Your not comparing a maiden staying race at The Curragh with a Te Rapa maiden are you Barry?Surely not!
  3. Good luck with the mare today Trump! Good value the last few starts.
  4. Here are my thoughts Pounder. First of all, congratulations to Cambridge Stud on a Grp 1 Royal Ascot winner. Grp 2 winner at 2 and 3 yrs, and now a dual Grp 1 winner. My only slight(very slight)negative is that both Grp 1 races probably weren't the strongest of fields for a Grp 1,but then you can only beat who lines up on the day! The great positive is having a genuine speed stallion by Kodiac,who is closely related to Invincible Spirit for NZ breeders . Personally, I think he will bring some new (well needed) blood into the NZ stallion ranks. Any thoughts on fee when he finally stands ?
  5. My sincere condolences Cubes and family.I will raise a glass tonight to the good lady Rest in peace Mrs C
  6. Only if Alan has something to do with it!
  7. Anyone have the info link about the Cambridge AW they can put up.Proposed size and usage. Is it just a trials /training track?
  8. Agree, and by blocking,would we see a better product? Can we see the Tab putting up the best prices to keep there customers and freeze out the competition?
  9. Out of interest! Would anyone have the figures on lost race days/turnover over the last 5 years?
  10. We will leave out #1 Job done How is the young fella?Will he make the weight this season?
  11. Have the running order sorted Baz. Race replays from each meeting analysing each race and betting. Listeners phone in ( rants and first time callers)discussion on each meeting ,especially from the grandstand jockeys and trainers. Slots for special guests: Aussie hour with Trump UK round up with Rumbo Asian eye with Young Woodsie Southern rap with Cubenator Auckland angle with Barry Waikato waffle with Barry B (Te Rapa straight) Georgie S and maybe Puddin with some Mutamuta mutterings and sales news. A word from our sponsor Pounder,who loves a microphone by all accounts and we could get some good fill in time if we mention the colour red. Did I hear someone say podcast? Simples!
  12. As I have a face for radio,can I be Baz (NZ) side kick?We could be on the poste race slot,taking calls from irate punters,analysing the days racing,special guests and spinning a few records into the wee small hours.Finishing with a nightcap at our sponsors.
  13. R1 3/6/10/15 R2 1/3/4/7 R3 4/5/8/9 R4 1/2/9/10 R5 5/8/14/16 R6 2/10/11/13 R7 2/4/6/13 R8 1/2/3/8 R9 1/4/11/14 Thanks Ponderosa
  14. (1) Like the Moran brothers (2)Depends on which path they follow (3)All year round