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  1. Swoopa

    Riccarton races

    Pounder, you have been decidingly quite re the cup this weekend. Do we sense a line of deception over your fellow punters regarding price of cup runner? All the best today
  2. Swoopa

    Riccarton races

    You could be on a winner here Von! Let's do the math! A high number of blind and heavily V I people around the world. Let's say 1/3 live alone(no need for colour)Rumbo offers a 50% discount on the colour TV price for his black and whiters,throws in the surround sound(good selling point) and bingo Rumbo's a mullionaire.
  3. Swoopa

    Matt Cross

    Col, as you can see this season,a bit of "young blood " is good!
  4. Swoopa

    Matt Cross

    Matt is a breath of fresh air for you southerners! Those second rate tracksiders could learn a thing or two from the young fella. Go forth young man, the stage is yours!
  5. Swoopa

    Happy Valley races abandoned

    Hopefully the young fella has his motor bike helmet on Chris!
  6. Swoopa


    Poor old Whale is only half the man he used to be!
  7. Swoopa

    Bryce Stanaway

    A couple of characters there Gubes! Was it Bryce who used to deliver horse feed in his horse truck, dressed in bin liners and track suits (sweating for the ride)and always running somewhere even with a bag of oats on his back?
  8. Swoopa


    Chris, there is a bloke who is head and shoulders above, based in Hong Kong!
  9. Swoopa


    Cross Counter Il Paradiso Rostropovich
  10. I couldn't get over what value Kolding was on form!
  11. Swoopa

    Il Paradiso

    Agree Rumbo,Wasn't in my early calculations,top 3 now!
  12. Swoopa


    R1 2 R2 1 R3 6 R4 7 R5 12 R6 5 R7 2 R8 13 R9 2 Cheers Trump
  13. Swoopa

    ~the Everest..

    I'm not sure the racecourse amenities are going to handle the oldies PFP. They could be pushed to pressure point, bordering on leakage!
  14. Swoopa

    Caulfield Cup Field?

    Quite an even CC field 3-2-1-7
  15. Swoopa

    ~the Everest..

    If he has settled in and they have got him in the right head space today, O'Brien's horse could be the dark horse.Only time will tell!