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  1. Plenty of saline to go around Pounder!
  2. One thing is for sure, Bryce won't go quietly. . Talking of quiet, where is Rumbo?
  3. Love that Deauville course Stodge! Hoping to get back there next year. Still plenty of good jockeys to choose from this weekend. Who are your most underrated jockeys?
  4. Nine cheques from nine runners at Donald, and fresh Kiwi bred legs running with the team tomorrow.
  5. Swoopa


    Hey Hey Hey! Well done to Baz and the team down in Levin
  6. Agree Ohoka, the firmer good was probably more in his favour than Mishriff.But has joined some elite company! Will they now go for The Arc or leave that for The Hurricane?
  7. The Gimcrack is beginning to look like a really hot race. I can see a few reputations being knocked. Please to see Bangkok get his head in front in the Grp 2 race today.
  8. From the weekend ,I was quite impressed with Gubbass (having only its 2nd start) in the roughly run sales sprint.Looks a half decent animal and a top training effort by the Richard Hannon team as the horse was 90 odd days between runs.
  9. $A 19250 in the lunch box! But the cherry on top is they had a horse refuse to race and a lost rider coming out of the gates, which allowed Bryces other runner to collect $700
  10. A good 5 seasons in those new legs!
  11. Take two for the fresh legs Rumbo!
  12. Fresh legs hitting the track at Moe on Thursday Rumbo!
  13. Wanganui R4 2/9 R5 4/13 R6 5/10 Ellerslie R5 2/5 R7 5/12 Eagle Farm R1 2/10 BB R2 5/11 R3 1/3 R4 3/5 R5 3/8BB R6 4/7 R7 1/3 R8 3/6 R9 11/14 Cheers
  14. 1st 5 Lincoln King 2nd 7 Robusto 3rd 3 Hurry Cane Thanks
  15. 15k in the sandwich box with the runners for the day Rumbo!