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  1. the one I am talking is being used in the UK for one.I know there are quite a few others pending approval.
  2. Why...what reason do I need to tell you main business is medical and who I sell to really does not matter...I said I helped source it for two countries and I did and I do not recall saying those countries were using it..I said it was being used in some countries and it is...NZ was very slow off the mark on sourcing it..
  3. haha Leggy many other countries are treating patients already...this woman is hopeless and spin driven but light on results with her band of merry followers in her cabinet..JMO...I have been involved in getting into 2 countries already...FWIW
  4. The equipment is there at Trentham to have done work on the track early in the week say Monday then put a decent amount of water on say Tuesday 35 to 40MM then let nature take its course why was this not done why was it not prepared the course manager up to the mark....??? If not then why has he not been held accountable??? It also must be asked as all the talk is the stewards knew before the first race from many sources now I am told that the track was like ice so why were they not called off BEFORE risking anyones life by forcing them to ride in the first race....sur
  5. The story gets worse if it is true...a trainer told me he was there from Friday afternoon and he is 100% sure there was no water put on the track as they someone is telling porkies here and that someone IF it is true needs to go...why would they not have just put 30 to 40 mm on the track on Tuesday and let things be done naturally...or is that too simple of a thing to work out???
  6. So the question MUST be asked if the stipes knew from a couple of sources the track was not in their opinion safe how then were they allowed to send the jockeys out to "test" the track????But once again nothing will be done nobody will be held responsible...the joke that NZ racing has become continues.
  7. Mostly everyone loved the comp I have had many messages I think the format was ideal just a shame unforseen circumstances caused it to be abbreviated.
  8. Exactly there were many corporate functions there for the day...what chance do you think there will be now of EVER getting them back...ZERO...and why would you both after having your xmas function screwed by a mob of muppets.
  9. Hi Liz, I am fine just need to see if my trusty scorer is available...he is the most important dog in the comp wheel...apart from the competitors that is.....
  10. And how is it these races get poached from the CD and are to be run at Te Rapa next weekend what a bloody joke that is.
  11. Well done to the first three home and thanks Pondy as always a great job and thanks for all the other losers like me who made it a good comp. Cheers.
  12. No I dont agree..blind Freddie could see when it was a good3 on Thursday it needed watering then and yesterday as there was rain coming and the race course had not been raced on for ages so of course what happened was going to happen. Total amateurs JMO.
  13. Bloody hell cant back winners and can only back winners when they supposed to lose...this is my luck lately. This is a good comp after the new year we will run one of these over a few weeks.
  14. What happened today for a premier day is a seems strange the same experts that were supposed to fix tracks seem to have Donald ducked a few of them. Heads should roll but they won't..just play on no matter all the people who lose money the poor owners the people who had corporate functions there on the day...they will never be back, just an absolute joke.
  15. Dickheads managing the a skating senior jockey told me it was the worst he had ever ridden on..what a farking joke for a premier day...but nothing will happen ...just another shambles.
  16. We will run it with ONLY Matamata but NO Best Bets today...sorry for that but at least we can still run it. Absolute shambles can not believe they provide a shyte track for a group1 day heads should roll but of course nothing will happen.
  17. Matamata Race 1: 10 Matamata Race 2: 3 Matamata Race 3: 7 Matamata Race 4: 8 Matamata Race 5: 1 Matamata Race 6: 7BB Matamata Race 7:1BB Matamata Race 8: 9 Matamata Race 9: 1 Trentham Race 1: 2 Trentham Race 2: 7 Trentham Race 3: 2 Trentham Race 4: 7BB Trentham Race 5: 11 Trentham Race 6: 3 Trentham Race 7: 14 Trentham Race 8: 1BB Trentham Race 9: 9 Good Luck everyone...last comp forthe year and a bit of fun to close out the year on.Thanks again Pondy will be a busy day for you again.
  18. Guys this is for racing if you want to talk about any other garbage and conspiracy theories then take it to Main Street...cheers.
  19. Please not the conditions of entry, please ONLY use Ponderosas format for entries as above or your entry will not be accepted...he has enough to do without having to do any more because the entry was not submitted correctly.
  20. Boss turns flop into fizz Andrew Eddy@fastisheddy 27 November, 2021 Glen Boss acknowledges the crowd aboard Spanish Mission (Image: Racing Photos) "I told you I’d leave nothing behind." And, apart from his jodhpurs, Glen Boss was true to his word. The 52-year-old’s final race ride was not a winner despite punters backing Spanish Mission into $1.35 favourite for the Zipping Classic at Caulfield on Saturday. For a moment, the staged celebration of one of Australia’s greatest jockey
  21. Boss Bombshell: Champion retires Andrew Eddy@fastisheddy 25 November, 2021 Glen Boss celebrates aboard Sir Dragonet In a major shock, champion jockey Glen Boss is set to retire after Saturday’s Zipping Classic meeting at Caulfield. The 52-year-old rider of 90 Group 1 winners across a glittering career has decided his ride on import Spanish Mission will bring down the curtain on his career. The country Queenslander came to Sydney in 1995 and enjoyed instant feature-race success before his gra
  22. I hope you are not being racist...if you are please leave ....cheers.