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  1. Nope not correct its because the TAB cant service both meetings with cameras and stuff.
  2. Love your posts Alf don't stop posting always give me a laugh...FF just needs to learn how to read the room on here and he will be fine.
  3. Do you know that for a fact or just your theory???
  4. Enough of the personal ask for all you get in my humble opinion.
  5. The reason is because she is obnoxious and rubs people up the wrong way...and never learns or listens to advice from others.
  6. I think more like 10 furlongs at best so thats excuse the pun tons of sand IMHO....What about the kickback there has to be now...will it be a horses for courses like Te Rapa is you handle it or you dont.
  7. So this is what fixes it 800 TON of sand...really???
  8. Did anyone bother to watch slippery Micks show last night???Feedback???
  9. So what is NZTR and the trainers association doing for her and her family???
  10. Keep drinking the cool aide from one of the biggest liars ever born...good luck guys.
  11. If yanks only had access to knives this would never have happened.
  12. Your opinion is he did criminal things and should and has been prosecuted for conspiracy there...I personally can not stand him or the rhetoric he spills out of his lying mouth...that being said not nice to see an attempt on his life...There will be an investigation and even for those of you drinking the trump cool aide...its hard to hide anything these days. JMO
  13. You are not that stupid really are you??? What I was saying was to calm things down...seems you are not so clever...Yes someone tried to take him out what I am saying is dont be making things up until what is exactly known about who was behind this...I know for sure it was not a set up as innocents have lost their lives...should never happen....but thats what happens when anyone can own a deadly weapon.
  14. Guys lets all just tone it down until all the facts are matter who he is or your views on him...this should never happen.
  15. What I never realised there was another comp out there ...but the ones here are the only ones that really matter....
  16. Kloppite and Al Fielding would be my pick after the seedings...welcome Peter RS we will try to give them some hell.
  17. The bottom of the table can start to relax now....
  18. Haha...bloody long way to go Pete...but this is not my normal form...
  19. I think a few are having a run....Kloppite, Chestnut, Ohoka to name a few...
  20. Yes he is an absolute superstar...knows only one thing WIN...Yes Hamish might consider himself very lucky...
  21. This is a disgrace...I can not be the No 1 I am shocking even myself.I am sorry for whoever gets stuck with me.....