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  1. Spark did allow the first 20/20 of both visiting teams to be shown on TV 1 , also when Sky had previously they showed every game of the EPL , so probably yes . Not sure what form it will take if they do work something with Spark .
  2. I got told that Spark isn't getting the response it was hoping for and that something might be happening with sky , let's hope , my internet coverage is crap , so have missed EPL and cricket , my whole summer dull and boring now .
  3. Hi Huey , hope you don't mind me contacting you privately . I've made a decision not to react to JJ and TM11 anymore , i have only so much oxygen left in me and not going to waste it on these guys . i feel the less we interact with them the less it will give them traction .

    I firmly believe they have some connection with the hierarchy and are simply trying to keep stirring the pot . Saying that it is very difficult not to react to some of the shite they spout . 

    Anyway didn't want to say anything for them to reply to , good luck to you 

    Cheers Bob

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    2. JJ Flash

      JJ Flash

      I see you are calling Doug's bluff on another site re Opie and challenging him in every post- good luck with that as he is never wrong, well not in his mind anyways😀

    3. Huey


      Got to wonder what its even about.

    4. JJ Flash

      JJ Flash

      Chances are if you or anyone says its black he will take a contrary opinion and say its white. If you look at most threads he dominates them but its his site so he can make the rules

  4. Good on them , i would love to know their reasoning . Have to say Harris' runners have been tough to follow over the week , other than bonjour . Backed MGowan the other day , went average so left alone today , spewing when it ranged up to win at 22's in the last , happy it ran 2nd . Been going thru K2 catalogue between races today , marking my likes , could be in trouble if i go to sale , financially and my marital status . But i'm getting twitchy .
  5. Change of scenery can have an amazing effect on a horse or training regime .
  6. Can't believe the price Bonjour paid today , after great late run to win at Reefton the extra distance was only going to help today . I took 7's thinking it was well over , but they went silly on the stablemate , spewing it paid 10.60 on tote . Thought it was a bargain price at the time , absolute give away now , good luck to them .
  7. Fixed odds you get that price irrespective of how many people take that double , on the tote more people have taken that as a double plus i think only 70% of the pool goes on the double , the other 30% on the concession . Don't hold me to the figures .
  8. Stuff like this happens all the time , more good guys than bad guys in the industry tho . You just have to trust that your trainer is a good guy .
  9. If the TAB is definitely not looking to reinstate Trackside Radio in its original form in the future what are the possibilities of at least getting a frequency where the simulcast of NZ and Australian races can be heard . The single most common complaint i hear is the lack of ability to have a bet and not be able to hear it run , 95% of these people have also stated that their betting is reduced because of this . Do you have any figures that back up the decision to remove radio coverage so then your customers could have some clarity and understanding around the decision . Thankyou
  10. You going up to the sales at all baz , still making my mind up on whether to go up , might try and make last 3 days . Would have to chop my arms off before i go tho . Going to be interesting sale .
  11. Straight up JJ here is my issue with you , instead of coming on and making an intelligent comment about my one and only post on the topic of closing facilities too soon , you choose to make a derogatory personal comment , maybe because your hanging onto past issues between us , i don't know , and if you remember it was the way you belittled 2 posters that started our little tet a tet . You are obviously a highly intelligent man , and the way you choose to use that intelligence to belittle people is fundamentally wrong in my book . I don't like bullying , and you do it regularly by talking down
  12. Haha , didn't take long for your offsider to get in touch for some pensioner support , good on you for supporting the other geriatric . I'll tell you what , if you are geniune more than happy to give my history by PM . Let me know .
  13. As usual , your still one of the few that is floating around in a big ocean with no real idea of just how deep it is , but with a fervent belief that the life boat will come over the next wave . So tell me , which one is it , do i fit the bill perfectly or not , 1000/1 suggests suggests not , but i trust your expertise when it comes to sanctimonious pricks , you look in the mirror most days i'm sure , got to keep reassuring yourself eh . So tell me , you want me to help the CD out because they need help , but you said we should leave it to the real experts , so are you suggesting i
  14. Good to hear , and your own private training track , cracking , well done and good luck .