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  1. Exactly , so move it , for the wider benefit , it's not rocket science .
  2. Ruakaka gone , obviously far too much hard work for B Saundry to get this meeting xfered to somewhere south of Auckland . Yet again he shows scant regard for the owners/ trainers and jockeys who are the backbone of this industry . But it's OK , Bernard still get's his full pay packet for his lack of effort .
  3. They are staying stumm and hoping we all just go away .
  4. Mainly Gibbs/Bradley , but they had light numbers by the standards . My question is why wait , get ahead of the issue , give participants some surety that the meeting is going ahead .
  5. Why are they having a meeting at Ruakaka ? , and then not xfering it after the lockdown to ensure it gets run , because there is no way that this is only lasting 3 days . If they do can Ruakaka then that will just show how incompetent , to allow participants to lose a meeting for no other reason than their lack of forward thinking .
  6. Something to do with the Auckland studio being closed because of outbreak and technical issues around Hamilton . Studio presenter out of CHCH . I thought the same when they crossed at beginning of day but logical explanation given . My very first thought was " OH this must be one of the 20 Premier meetings that are going to have on course presenters " , surely not .
  7. Mate you need to take all this crap over to the general thread , this is a racing forum and it's becoming boring .
  8. Really , you're telling me that the US of A has done exactly what we have . Those with tin foil hats have never let facts stand in the way of a good conspiracy theory .
  9. There is no template for this mate , our govt and the people of NZ have out performed everybody else . Whatever they are asking us to do seems to be the best course of action at present and until another country shows us a better way you should be grateful we have it as good as anybody else on this planet . I know i would not want to be living anywhere else on the planet . The tin foil hat brigade us would have us believe otherwise .
  10. Isn't that what healthy people all over the world said , that doesn't seem to working out too well for them .
  11. They have said the will split the races , so probably going to be 11 races . The 65's are going to have a 2nd division running for 10k .
  12. Sell Trentham and develop a state of the art track up the coast or at Foxton , Trentham is a white elephant now , i love Trentham , grew up going to the races from early 70's , fond memories but past it's used by date . Might upset a few tho . Time to think big .
  13. Lots of if's and but's about how their going to get the cash , not exactly a sound platform to be going into such a large financial decision . An extra 18 meetings a year are going to have to come from other clubs being shorted , but are they really going to increase turnover running them on the A/W as against the original track , i don't think so . Peters is clutching at votes , no hope , racing people on the whole have finally seen him for shyster he is .
  14. Keep taking your medication buddy , reach out for help if you need or if your feeling vulnerable .
  15. Mate i know of one high profile trainer charges if you phone him .