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  1. But if people save their $10 a week from the tax cuts they can save $520 a year , only 10 years and they will be in the same position , they need to stop whining . The coalition is looking out for everybody .
  2. That was all stopped when Internal Affairs got involved and wanted it stopped because of concerns with money laundering . It's the same with buying and selling property , we have just gone through both processes and you have to do a lot more regarding Identification , all because of money laundering fears .
  3. The interesting time frame is in about 5 years , they will have an idea how we are travelling and whether they want to stick . If they go we will be lucky to go back to only 8k minimums , I can see the whole industry in crisis . I have a rising 3yo , 4yo , and 5yo , that will be it for me in NZ . The stakes are great and I will maximize them but can't justify taking the risk of having anything maturing at the time they may pull out . The University of spin doing it's job again .
  4. Even the NZRU have forgotten why NZ has been the world power in rugby , the stronger your base the stronger your sport . NZTR and NZRB forgot that decades ago and is the main reason we have declined to our current situation . If anything both still following the principles of giving the top more to the detriment of the base . The rugby union should have a good hard look at how we have been managed ourselves into this situation and take the lessons .
  5. Quiet day at head office today Miss J ????
  6. , should Peters and Seymour be worried .
  7. Yeah but people are fickle , love jumping on a winner , and just as quick to jump of a loser . Real supporters stick thru thick and thin .
  8. Kudos as well to those that took IWIW , Memphis with a joker as well .
  9. That was a win , 4 wide the trip and still too good , might be something extra . I'm 2 winners from 2 today so gone burgers , but I was also considering Islington Lass and Latrelle , I was sure I was supposed to pick losers .
  10. Flemington R3 Niance Scone R4 Unusual Legacy Joker Good luck to everybody today .
  11. It's called reinventing the wheel , we know what it's like from our racing management experiences .
  12. Ok , hands up , not what I was told . One caveat , smoke and mirrors .
  13. C'mon live up to your name .