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  1. nomates

    Thoughts to help NZ Racing....Please help !

    They are only asking the plebs now cause they have nothing , absolutely feck all , clueless . Saundry hasn't come up with 1 initiative to progress NZ racing in 2 years . Says it all . My money is on him working harder on his exit strategy .
  2. nomates

    What next

    Huey , we have REAL racing people already in places of position to ask the hard questions and have some input into the future of NZ racing but they continually lack the spine to fight for the majority , the trainers assn for one , has got to be the weakest leadership group in sports . All i've heard from the president was him saying that he thought Cambridge should be kept open , who's interest was that in . Has not come out and said one word of encouragement to all the smaller and struggling trainers who were forced to pay to join the trainers assn . I stand to be corrected .The silence from all is deafening . Years of this crap has got us into the position we find NZ racing in .
  3. nomates

    What next

    If they couldn't manage NZ racing before Covid what chance are they during and after Covid . I thought we couldn't get worse governance than the last bloke but this guy Saundry is feckin clueless . Has shown no real leadership and has not promoted 1 idea to benefit NZ racing , sitting waiting for the Messara report to be the saviour . There should be daily updates on the NZTR site to update the participants and let them know what things they are looking to do to mitigate the present situation and give some information on how they are looking to manage racing going forward once racing resumes but NADA , 4 days since the last update . When we need really strong leadership we've got feckin BAMBI . Best decision i ever made deciding to retire from racing horses in NZ this time last year , and i'm still struggling not having a horse in my paddocks , but watching this clueless lot keep directing the ship at the rocks just reinforces it . My hat comes off and my heart goes out to those people still invested in racing .
  4. nomates

    Championships prizemoney slashed....

    They are when you wear blinkers and can't make any type of hard decision .
  5. nomates

    Foxton Trials & Matamata Races Canned.

    I agree , anywhere from 3 to 6 months , at least . Our biggest problem is mirrored by the NRL , both have been poorly managed financially over many decades whereby both have squandered many millions without putting money away as a backstop in the case of emergency . In our case more recently 50 million pished up against the wall on a totally over the top betting platform . To all the participants who are caught up in this situation , good luck and stay strong .
  6. nomates

    More race meetings canned in the north.

    The reason we end up in this situation with small fields or small number of races then leading onto cancelled meetings is because you can look at the calendar on August 1 of any given season and see which clubs are racing when right thru till July 31 the next year . So everything is set in concrete , instead of working with trainers to ensure stable returns are up to date so they know numbers in work in any given region . Have a system where trainers can inform them horses getting close to racing , getting a data base that provides them with numbers in any given class , distance range etc , then they could start programming for requirements . But it relies on everyone getting on board . I know of plenty of trainers doing urgent stable returns so they can nominate a horse when the horse has been in the stable for months . Just a suggestion .
  7. nomates

    Cut salaries,,,NOW !!

    Wash your mouth , why would you want to take money off these high achievers . My suggestion to them is to make every $1 bet cost $1.20 , this should cover any downturn and make sure all of our hard working senior managers salaries are well insulated against this downturn .
  8. nomates

    Maija Vance

  9. nomates

    Bernard's blog

    Perhaps both countries will start sending crap racing officials back to their country of birth like they are with criminals .
  10. nomates

    Bernard's blog

    BS is no better than previous leaders of NZTR , so i go back to a question i asked a couple of weeks ago , " has this man done achieved anything of significance whilst in charge ? " , something that has made or is going to make difference to the future of NZ racing . Surely he could have made some small gain for us somewhere . Cause i'm blank .
  11. nomates

    Alternative Stakes Structure

    As an example for the above , i follow particular horses that are from families i have had . So this horse is a 3yo started out with Kris Lees , transferred after a couple of starts to the country . This horse had first start in Sept , has since then had 8 starts running one 2nd and one 3rd one 4th earning 2.5k for those to placings . Other 5 starts consisted of 9th , 6th , 8th , 7th , 8th , earning another 2.5k . Now obviously no champion , Mr Lees worked that out quickly , but 2.5k for those 5 starts certainly makes you feel better about the game , i know i would and the horse would get another prep as i would know i'm a chance of winning a race but i'm also going to get something back just for turning up . Everyone's a winner .
  12. nomates

    Alternative Stakes Structure

    Sometimes , often probably , our horses were persevered with for the fun but to answer your question , iv'e had plenty sacked after 1/2/3 starts because clearly lacked any ability . But i have many that whilst i knew were no champions and would never make open class were honest horses that actually enjoyed racing and we kept racing because we along with partners enjoyed going to the races for the fun . I also trained many for ourselves and was fortunate enough to make some healthy sales which allowed us to enjoy our (my) passion and we enjoyed the early mornings and people we shared the sport with . So usually we continued to race the ones that didn't have huge ability and we knew the liability but you understand with these horses you need everything in your favor to get a result . But you get to a stage where you also know your helping provide a product and it would be nice to be recognized for this instead always having to dig into your pocket . So to answer you question , with these types of horses you know your going to the races and chances are you won't get a cheque , a bit of fun but nada $$$ wise , but if i had got say , full free racing , which we did for a while , and then a starters bonus which could offset some of the transport costs say , well suddenly instead of $1500 for a 10 race prep with a couple of placings you get another $400 for 6 of those starts giving you $2400 on top then you only have training costs to worry about , well suddenly your not feeling like your always shelling out . Ok i know no one is holding a gun to my head but i know a lot of people who race horses feel the same and i know of a lot of horses over the years which would have been put back into work if what i am suggesting had been in place , also a lot of those owners have been lost to the industry . Paying starters bonus's is in place all major racing jurisdictions around the world why not here . Overall this would not be a huge cost to the industry but the returns in terms of starter numbers therefore betting turnover , they reckon each starter is worth 13k in turnover , and retaining owners would make a worthwhile strategy . But as some would say what do i know .
  13. nomates

    Alternative Stakes Structure

    I'm sure there are enough smart minds within racing to sort it out , and i don't mean the suits of the industry . There are plenty of knowledgeable people within racing to come up with a workable solution . The Australian system seems to work where horses can move between country/provincial and provincial/city racing . Saying that i think there was an issue a few years back with country horses not going to the city regarding the way horses were rated , maybe not , or maybe it was sorted . Has to be sorted , putting it in the too hard basket isn't an option anymore .
  14. nomates

    Alternative Stakes Structure

    Agree , i tend to think we should'nt have maidens on Saturdays , plenty of midweek racing to break your duck . Saturday should be where the big money and better horses are aimed and if you have a horse with Saturday form and want to race midweek then you are weighted appropriately , then we might get some form of tiered racing . Give people the incentive to race on Saturdays or stay where they are better placed midweek .
  15. nomates

    Alternative Stakes Structure

    IMO any increase in stakes has to incorporate a rebate for unplaced runners . This will keep more lesser horses in work if the owners feel their getting something out of the game instead of always digging in their pockets . Every horse that races is a value to NZ racing no matter their level . Works great in Aus , and whilst we're not Aus a lot of their smallest meetings pay back past 5th . I know some of mine might have been kept going longer if i was getting some incentive to keep them in work .