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  1. Berri

    Another Balls Up by Andy Kydd

    We've been here before and on a continuous trajectory... Why does anyone think the current process will change things?
  2. So tonight we are having an industry and community day of racing,,,the Karaka Millions. We have 2 racing channels, 62 and 63 and instead of having on channel totally dedicated to the Karaka Millions night with a specialised presentation of a great event, we have the same normal dross with races from everywhere in Australia with parades. Then we also have channel 263, the Karaka Sales pop up. That channel is not being used as it only has a holding screen. And we also have nothing on conventional free to air channels for the normal mob. A chimpanzee could be more creative and forward thinking in respect of the Karaka Millions. Even though this sort of thing has been discussed adinfinitum, nothing happens. Why will this change with a new board? How will we have any options to improve this when under the proposed Section 81 (1) and (2) the new board, with unknown members, own all the data, even though the owners pay all the bills and take all the risks? Who is going to be accountable? Where do all the compplaints go? What happens?....nothing Get onto away control of the owner's data is short sighted and smacks of complacency IF you don't do anything about it.
  3. Berri

    Going to RITA meeting today? URGENT!

    Understand that it is being held at the Cambridge Race Club training track. Can't see how they're able to squeeze us all in.
  4. Berri

    Dean McKenzie road show

    "RIS"? What is this Leggy?
  5. Berri

    Are the Whip rules working

    The current usage of whips need to be banned. Animal welfare is here to stay. NZTR needs to start thinking of the future. Ban the use of whips for 2yo racing as a start. That means they don't become whip educated. Then ban current whip use in all 3yo races the following year and whenever a three year old is in any race from then on, no current whip usage allowed on any of the other contestants. After 5 years you have no current whip use. Whips should be renamed and only carried as a prompt or for steerage management issues.
  6. Berri

    All Stars Mile

    It goes like this... A fixed odds exchange and tote is created. People purchase tokens which represent $1.00 bet entries. People use their tokens to place bets. No wallet, just a smart contract with a percentage of each token taken to transact token exchange. No tokens change hands (ledgers in this instance) until the event is run. Once event is run everyone's accounts (ledgers) are adjusted depending on who wins what. As no tokens are held in a wallet no amount available for stakes or operations. No outlets required. No takeout rates so dividends higher. Punters version of El Dorado. If you wanted to super it up, you could have two types of tokens. Rewards or Utility. Rewards means the value of your tokens could go up in value (much like Bitcoin or Etherium) so overall bets over time decrease in value as only a percentage of a token needed for the $1.00 bet. I've seen a business model that is going to totally screw the status quo. Makes too much sense.
  7. Berri

    All Stars Mile

    Shows how little you know. The Bill is meant to be a pathway into the future. I didn't say anything about the near term but a proper betting solution will be with us within 2 years. Then the shit will hit the fan and we'll be doing all of this yet again.
  8. Berri

    All Stars Mile

    Greg If you have very little understanding of blockchain, how can you create legislation that covers this? This proves it Tokens will replace cash and TAB accounts as we know it. So what are profits? ....the amount of tokens going through a conventional TAB account, when the tokens are part of an external blockchain? Unfortunately most have no understanding of this notion and therefore have no idea on how to legislate for this. And if you think the blockchain is a fad....think again. It's probably the single biggest metamorphic technology change since the introduction of the internet. And if you don't believe me, check this out... You might ask why a giant like Visa would do this? Well it's because a Visa card will potentially become obsolete within 10 years. Imagine paying for everything using APP's and virtual currency where the virtual currency (tokens) don't go anywhere near a bank. Visa gets put out of business through this process. So now think TAB's....they're fucked....they just don't yet know it
  9. Berri

    All Stars Mile

    The problem is people, people, people. Most of the governing has been executed by people without the necessary skills. The people who are now working on the rule book (the Bill) don't know enough of the future to understand the real mission. The people of the governing body who should take the industry forward haven't done that correctly. The people running the clubs need to have the skill sets and blueprint to run the show properly. The people who supply the racing content need to sort that out properly (and I'm talking databases and IPS's), and the people supplying the actual bet types need to appeal better than they currently do. We have everything apart from the right people
  10. Berri

    AWT Cambridge

    I don't necessarily agree. IF you are making a stand alone AWT, why not make it big enough to become a leaning post if that's what it needs to be. It has to be created from scratch so what's the problem? Short sightedness?
  11. Berri

    AWT Cambridge

    Quote: TASMAN MAN 11 "Now one cynic Berri who seems a sensible 'ideas' man , keeps pushing for field size of 24 horses, haha......who would ride them ? I doubt we have 24 jockeys and 5 of them over 53 !" All I can say on this matter is that we are meant to be looking towards the future and not the now. I personally don't think all weather racing is entertainment and the concept that an all weather track will change the number of race meetings being cancelled is inaccurate. But if we are going to build one, what should it be able to cater for? We know that IF you are able to get more runners in a race, then betting improves due to the increased runner numbers. We also know that horses should not be accelerating around bends for animal welfare reasons (and this will get worse over time) and we can't afford to have horses falling in races anymore. We also know that punters will bet more when they're confident that every runner has an equal chance of winning. So what sensible logic does that tell us?, Make a track that has a 800m straight and can take 24 runners. As for trying to find 24 horses and jockeys for a race at the same time, I riddle you this. IF there was a 3200m race on an all weather track, which had a $5m stake, how many runners would we get and how many jockeys would want to ride in it? The next question would be how much international betting revenue could we generate IF we got our currently atrocious Racing Bill in ship shape that would allow us to freely, without political interference, market and distribute a product suite (augmented real time racing graphics and the like with new betting products) where every betting service provider was an affiliate distributor of all that is this event? So now go back to what this all weather track should be. We're building it with tax payer and racing money. We're saying it's a training centre first, followed by trials venue and then maybe a racing venue. So IF we're to build it, why limit its potential use because of the now? If that happens then we will always remain in the now.
  12. Berri

    AWT Cambridge

    So just get the facts right... If its an all weather ace track, do you limit the number of runners to less than 24? If you have the ultimate racecourse for the nest 20 years do you have a straight of less than 800m? What is the track type that has been proven to be the best for our horses? Where is the data presented in such a form that the consensus agrees that the proposed development is the best? It's time we do not do things behind closed doors where the decision making is done behind closed doors.... Let's just get real,....
  13. Berri


    If our leaders are committed enough, brave enough and intelligent enough, they will realise that there are some bet types that can provide opportunities past and beyond what is currently being envisaged. The problem is the current proposed bill doesn't get anywhere near this frontier. There are potential markets available to us but we need the platform and opportunity to exploit these.
  14. Berri


    Dean Betting is different from “Games of Chance” (lotteries, pokies, cards etc), which could be colloquially expressed as straight out gambling. A “Bet” could be described as: “Where the outcome of a wager is based either in full or in part on the outcome of an event where an element of human skill and judgement is required in order to predict the outcome of the event”. And a “Wager” could be described as: “Where an agreed amount of currency is staked by two participants or more in order to complete a bet”. The DNA to our potential income streams for our entire industry should be premised on being allowed to take bets on anything that is classed as a “Bet” and in particular being able to engage with the rest of the World (either by ourselves, in partnership, or on our behalf) to offer as many products to as many people with offerings that could be classed as a “Bet”. TAB NZ should be known around the World as the best place to engage with/ offer/ be licensed under in order to offer bets so that it can clip the ticket as many times as is possible to support the financial viability of racing as the primary beneficiary (hence my last query), and the sports associations. In Part 1 Clause 5 (Page 8) of the proposed Bill (attached) we have the Interpretations Section. The one of considerable interest to me is the one concerning the interpretation of a “Bet” and the associations with the “Bet”. It is as follows: The two obvious interpretations that are then needed to understand are the definitions of “Race Betting” and “Sports Betting”. “Race Betting (Page 10) is as follows: “Sports Betting” (Page 12) is as follows: The important issue in respect of “Sports Betting” is what a “Sporting Event” actually is. “Sporting Event” (Page 12) is as follows: So here we are in a World environment, where betting competition is about to increase dramatically due to increased betting events and Blockchain betting solutions, but we (NZ, NZ Racing and NZ Sports) are restricting ourselves to racing bets and sporting bets, or a combination of both (why?) where the sporting events are events covered by (a), (b) or (c) above. If this Bill is meant to be relevant for the next 20 years, why are we supporting legislation that restricts our potential competitiveness and betting revenue to racing and sports contests only, where a registered NZ sporting authority has signed an agreement with TAB NZ? Is that the future we have to look forward to? Did you know that virtual gaming and sports are currently the fastest growing betting events? Recently a virtual team game commanded an estimated $1.2b of bets...a single event. If you had a betting account with a betting service provider who only offered a small proportion of the betting opportunities available, and you were approached by a much larger betting provider who offered all the betting options, which betting service provider would you probably become loyal to? If that large betting service provider could offer the alternative bets to NZ customers due to an outsourcing agreement, but the returns of these bets couldn’t be captured by NZ racing or sports because they are not registered agreements in NZ, then why wouldn’t you open the gain to allow every bet that was legally a bet and not just bets on racing and sports? In addition, if you entered into an outsourcing agreement with a larger betting service provider, and were able to provide all types of bets and not just the conventional bets whose appeal is currently diminishing, would not the potential agreement be much more lucrative if you could offer all bets? Please change the definition of a bet. Your comments would be appreciated.
  15. Berri


    Unfortunately I have an awful lot to ask about the proposed Act. I will always refer to the proposed Act amendment. So this will be the first of a number of separate concerns culminating in perspective question.... I note that the Act relates to New Zealand racing and that the reason for changing the Act is to promote the long term viability of NZ racing. Does this mean that the Act (3 (a) (ii) is making New Zealand Racing as the default beneficiary of the Act (i.e. the primary beneficiary)? Additional questions will be asked regarding 3(a) (iii) and 3(a) (iv) but they will follow.