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  1. Berri

    How y’all looking now

    Sometimes you can get yourself in a rut leggy. I already know the answer to this because some time ago we did an investigation on the betting performance of numbers in races. There are trends that are obvious and fact exacting. There is an optimal number and a trait in respect of larger fields for races with specific conditions. You talked such rubbish over splitting races that I couldn't be bothered debating that. I told you I'd get the data and publish it for all. Then your latest response. Thought you were better than that...
  2. Berri

    How y’all looking now

    That simply doesn't make sense. If you have an 8 race card, you are effectively saying either one of two things, that being if you had all eight races with 12 runners, they would draw more bets that 8 races with 24+ runners, or alternatively, if there were 8 races and some of those races had 24+ entries, then those races with 24+ runners should be split into two separate races with 12 runners each. No logic there. What you continue to dilute in your thinking is the type, distance and conditions of the races. This is where your theory goes completely hay wire. Handicaps versus WFA have a completely different set of betting expectations. Handicaps on straight tracks versus round the bend tracks with 350m straights are also not comparable. I'm actually not going to debate this because I can't be bothered. You're too slow to pick these nuances up. This information will be openly published once it becomes available. The end.
  3. Berri

    How y’all looking now

    And if it's hard data, what I will do is post the World's biggest betting events. I will then next post the most successful betting events in terms of stakes vs betting. The only term of reference I will post is that only tote turnover in considered because getting bookie numbers is neigh on impossible to validate. Just give me a day or two to recover from the drive from Jaffaland to the cold south. When you see them you can take what ever you guys are taking and add a couple. You're all wrong if you think small race numbers improve betting. If you do, go get your tickets early for the next trains to la la land.
  4. Berri

    How y’all looking now

    You're so intent on proving your short sightedness it's quite overwhelming. I can feel a hot flush coming on... Numbers are not the only thing that matters. The conditions of a race, the competitors and the historic value are but three variances that will determine the outcome of betting turnover in any race. What you thickies haven't yet cottoned onto is that under the right circumstances, with the right conditions, horses with 25 runners or more are the biggest betting events. That's just a fact. The Melbourne Cup vs the Golden Slipper. Which one has the greatest betting?
  5. Berri

    How y’all looking now

    You’re all defeatists. No one is saying that currently there are 25 good jockeys that can ride 25 horses in any race. What we do though need to do is to look towards tomorrow and decide in our inventory of race tracks, what are we missing. As far as not seeing horses run, go to the Curragh, Goodood, Epsom just to name a few and you will realise that viewers rely on big screens, small screens and any other type of screen to watch the race. Add to that augmented positional presentations, drones and anything else that makes sense and not only will you appreciate the media experience on course, but you international media enhancement increases the desire to participate. Get with the future approach because your current old desperately tired format isn’t cutting it
  6. Berri

    Royal Ascot

    Prestige race that franks the Melbourne Cup for. Cross Counter at set weights with the heavy weight stayers in Europe, He finished 4th but only 2 off them.
  7. Berri

    How y’all looking now

    For heavens sake...this is 2019 and we're trying to make ourselves relevant for 2030. We have the opportunity to create the ultimate greenfields site, We already have 50 odd race courses that have 3-450m straights. Dime a dozen. They also have them in the UK. We have one shot at a differential, not because the UK or anywhere else in the World has them but because we can have them because we have a clean canvas. I agree with P4P...Strathyr is one solution. All weather tracks is another but to a lessor degree because its bad racing from an entertainment perspective, unless its in the middle of a city with great bars and sexy ladies everywhere (men if you are a woman reading this). Championship racecourses are like setting up F1 driving courses, or Masters golf courses. They have dimensions and specifications for the top echelon of racing. In NZ we do not have one. So if we were to develop a greenfields racing system, a championship course could be a differential for the future. As for 25+ runners, I said that betting increased when you had more than 25+ runners. What is there to interpret differently? I don't give a toss whether any race in the UK has less....all I know is that when you get the big numbers of runners, you get the biggest betting. So if we were to develop a greenfields course, why wouldn't we create a system that could cater for 25+ runners. Heavens above....what is difficult to understand with this notion...
  8. Berri

    How y’all looking now

    I don’t. You’re talking about today and I’m reflecting on tomorrow. Yes some horses like to track a rail because that’s what they know. Tell that though to all the winners of the runners at Newmarket et al. These are championship course. Do you see horses accelerating around bends with 400 to go at Ascot?’ As for 25plus runners, go and do the research. If you get there more people bet. It’s a fact... not any part of it is fiction. Races like the Ebor, Csarawitch, Jockey Club Cup are all multiple runner races with huge betting. They are handicaps and not Melbourne Cups. Look at the facts and don’t breed fiction
  9. Berri

    How y’all looking now

    Let's work through it. The first part is a safe racing surface no matter what the ground is. The idiots don't even know the basics when it comes to this. If you have a fish bowl and a 350-500m straight with the angle of bends that we do, then for a horse that's drawn wide and has to go back, they have to make their run from the 800-600m mark to be a chance (in most cases). This means accelerating around the bends. If you have the tracks that we have with very average camber, and the morons that are looking after the turf that we have, then you will get increased slipage at a time when not only are the horses trying to accelerate with not so expert jockeys failing to balance them correctly, but many are tired and unstable. So if you have a straight track, you don't get those problems....ever. Just last week two more meetings lost. So if we're looking to the future, eliminate this from the issue book. If all the horses have an equal chance of winning championship races, and championship races are designed to benchmark the breed, the barrier draws should not influence the outcome of the race. The best horse should win or lose on their merits, not some arbitrary barrier draw location. If we are to going to try and become great again, we need to appeal to the international market. We need to have a differential. We need to be noticed. We need to be the envy. When you have more than 25 runners, betting goes up. When you have a level playing field, betting goes up. When you have staying races, betting goes up. As far as the fog goes, are you kidding. It's been years since I've seen a proper Waikato fog. We have new technology. We have automated steady cams, we have big display screens, we have high definition camera technology and graphics. We also have the internet and all of the goodies that it brings. We even have a tracking system which has augmented reality capability if someone wants it. What we don't have in an audience. The biggest audience is the World. What we haven't yet worked out is what do we want to show the World. That is the million dollar question.
  10. Berri

    How y’all looking now

    Unfortunately without funding you wont attract your customers. So funding comes first. Get the best training facilities sorted, and the best race tracks (staying type racecourses with 2000m straights with good surfaces and the potential for 25+ runners in each race) and you will attract punters. You get punters, you get money. You get money you get the potential to make facilities that are the right ones at the right time. Build something out of order and you may build something not fit for purpose. Don't repeat the past for the past hasn't worked.
  11. Berri

    RITA- Board

    The 2003 Act and the subsequent debacle can fall squarely at the feet of Chittick, Hickton, Aklin, with a piece of Bettle. They gave away the TAB, took the rights of the racing clubs to offer their own totes, and agreed to a distribution model that was not appropriate. Throw into that the opportunity to restructure the way the bureaucracy works, and despite submissions made, failed to put into place race fields legislation (yes it was suggested way back then). One thing that we can all say is that due to desperation we might have a chance because we've got no where else to go.
  12. Berri

    How y’all looking now

    It wasn't the winter racing that stuffed it up, it was the facility and the service. Simple as that. If you have winter night racing, then make sure you don't have to wear Antarctic weather gear to prevent hypothermia. If you don't have women, you don't get men. If you have cold, you don't have women. What's so difficult? If you don't have good quality meals, you don't get those that can afford race horses to be there. Same as drinks. So if you don't have them both, you don't get people with disposable income going there. Imagine if the Sky Casino only served cod chips, pies and sausage rolls, gave you average carbonated warm beer, and encased the entire floor in a refrigerator. How long do you think it would be for the droves to leave? 101 in hospitality I would have thought.
  13. Berri

    How y’all looking now

    Take the Avondale Jockey Club. They had a crack at night racing and spent a lot on the lights etc. It was a good idea but then they didn't have a fit for purpose facility and employed people from West Auckland to do the catering. We went on the first night because we had runners (actually they scored a double). But the food was bad, the drinks were bad and the attitude was that it was a day race meeting with day race meeting service and it surprisingly (not) failed. They got in such schook that they accumulated debt and then through some miracle sold off a parcel of land in a dubious transaction for a dubious sum of money. Move forward a decade and the club is once again in the schook and has remained in the schook ever since. So the next proposition is to sell another parcel of land with very little forward planning. The original land sold a decade ago is now worth 5 times more than it was and if it was still in the hands of the racing club, and had been utilised properly using astute property developers, then there would be enough income to run racing. Does this sound like a pattern in other racing locations? So why not get this lot together, sack most of the board members, restructure the racing clubs' bureaucracy and governance and manage the process centrally to maximise the efficiency of capital development that creates revenue and wealth, and stop pursuing the same failure model of years gone by. Only idiots believe that doing the same thing will create change.
  14. Berri

    How y’all looking now

    Not the right topography or location. Properties able to produce 3 race tracks with 2 having 2000m straights is not easy to find. They do exist though. Have to add the town centre as well
  15. Berri

    How y’all looking now

    You need 3000ha of land to do the job justice . Build 3500 houses, 3 racetracks, one equestrian centre, training gallops all over the place, including jumping and of course a town of approx 60ha. Quite simple really.