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  1. Berri

    Name for my horse please.

    Hole in One
  2. Berri

    Big news right here

    Yes the plan was to amalgamate, sell the properties and utilise Bodle's property which is apporx 280ha from memory. Size may be wrong so stand to be corrected.
  3. Berri

    Big news right here

    Waikato's short sighted version of events is to sell Te Rapa and buy Bodle's property and turn it into a race track. Well that's smart. Let's just replace one with another FFS. Why not invest in 2500 ha three times? Build 3 race tracks per property, 900 ha of training tracks (long gallops, all weather gallops and any other gallops that are required. Build accommodation for 3000 people (there's a housing shortage), replicate Bistre Village and build a town (that'll pay for all the race tracks), build an equestrian centre, a leading edge educational centre and a horse rehabilitation centre. Let's look after the future of the industry, the people and as important, the horses. We have one more. Think 50 years in advance....not the time it takes to relieve yourselves. Waikato...greenfields....yeah right....
  4. Berri

    Big news right here

    Go to the NZTR trainers registration and get your facts right. What a load of horse manure you talk. You've pulled numbers from a Peter Pan fairy dust cloud
  5. Berri

    Big news right here

    The draft wording of the previous Race Fields legislation was crap. Go get a copy for yourself and make up your own call
  6. Berri

    Big news right here

    I’m also in agreement that 4 or 5 super tracks need to be built. I’ve provided all and sundry a plan to do this. My main beef though is training tracks. That’s where our horses get screwed. But lessons of the past indicates that this industry is only as good as its weakest link, which in this industry is numerous links. There are those that say the answer is all weather tracks. They are Apart from being seriously expensive to maintain, and boring racing, go and have a look at the statistics. Most of our race cancellations are not in the winter. They are at tracks who haven’t managed their surfaces and a rain cloud comes along. You can’t change where a race meeting is 3 hours before the event!!! Duck me. Just get the tracks right in the first place. We’ve tried. Been to visit all and Saundry and haven’t got anywhere. Nothing has been done as a universal initiative. All talk no do. So we sell off a dozen race tracks. So what? What’s going to change. Betting? The way the other tracks are? What we are lacking is a clear vision and that won’t come until the right people are in the play pen and it’s not government
  7. Berri

    The First Call

    Bitch slap yourself until you can’t stand. She’s not the future
  8. Berri

    Big news right here

    You’re all bonkers. The problem with racing in this country has been, and still is, the attitudes of all the players. The rule book was there. Everything that could be done in the future could have been done in the past. The only thing that has happened is that the idiots in charge have given more control to government. There was nothing preventing any activity!!! who has ever said that the industry couldn’t improve the race surfaces? No one. Who has ever said we couldn’t improve the racing product/ betting opportunities: media coverage one We’ve been very good and accomplished at leaving it up to government to try and steer the children in the play pen. It has been - and still is - a disgraceful performance by all involved
  9. Berri

    The First Call

    I can’t imagine how you could make a program more boring than the boring as bat shit “The First Call”. My god....all those three blokes could bring a rest home to their knees. no wonder we’re stuffed. Who is responsible for this show? Time for a change
  10. He won the Group 3 in France on Sunday but heavens above, how good is he. By Kingman
  11. Berri

    The Informant Chutneyed

    Working on it. There's some light at the end of the tunnel
  12. Berri


    Of course I'm taking the piss. Suffered years of P4P's rubbishing of the ability of UK stayers that you've got to strike when you can. Nice win short stuff although he needed to run away from them to show he's top class. Igraine couldn't win a listed race in Germany. Scary how far we are drifting. Avantage looks everything here and over in Aussie, she looks as though she needs 1600m to get near the top. That was a million dollar race but the big boys weren't there. Probabeel looks one paced and also her only chance would be over 1600m but I fear that once she got there, there would be a couple too good for her. She looked like a freak here. Good race Dancedancedance first up in Aussieland but shows you how good Winx is. Sydney Cup winner Shraaoh another slow UK stayer who was only rated 101 at best. By a champion stallion (miles better than Frankel) he simply showed the depth of good horses in the UK. Vongieur Masque rated 104 after finishing 11 off them in the UK St Ledger, Glory Days (3rd) won the Auckland Cup and rated 105 so whoever is doing the rating is doing their job. So Rondinella beaten 3 1/2 (rated 104) by Melody Belle at Elerslie. Melody Belle rated 105 in that race. Dancedancedance beaten a neck. Dancedancedance runs a 103 against Avilius (form franked by He's Eminent in Europe) so our best in NZ (Melody Belle is probably going to get the gong) is 105.!! So here's our problem....NZ form is now being franked by Australian form which is being franked by UK/ European form and the formline is running consistently and to pattern. If all of this stacks up then within 5 years we will loose 6 group one races in NZ. Just do the maths. Group one status are for races generally rated better than 114. In 5 years time, 14-18% less horses racing here. Italy lost their last group one this group ones in Italy because they were getting group one winners being rated 108!!! Similar ring to this tune.
  13. Berri


    And let an opportunity to rub salt in wounds with the poms? to be done. He'd be classed as a novice and be worth a fortune.
  14. Berri


    Why don't you simply be very patient with him and I'll sponsor him to compete at Cheltenham?