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  1. Have you ever thought that our Kiwi trainers and training facilities might not be as good as we have been? 5-7% of horses racing in Aussie are NZ horses. So not a bad hit rate but not trained by NZ trainers.
  2. Talked to Sam this morning. Gave him a great ride but just ran out of puff last 600m. Gave him a hard time for going to hard up front but he said he travels like that but didn't quite stay it out. Really amazing rider of the winner. Brought Cheltenham to its knees and backed up here. With Jamie Kah doing her stuff in Aussie, maybe the goal posts have changed.
  3. We put a program together for weather monitoring. We installed weather stations at two tracks (Matamata and Hawkes Bay). We put soil sensors in. We gave them a management system and a number of suggested steps including changing the soil management program which included changing the grasses, fert program and irrigation program. We suggested a track management development program so that other tracks could view an open sourced presentation of what was going on with other tracks. What happened you might ask? The weather stations were installed, as were some soil monitors. Within a week, so
  4. No stayers program with commensurate stakes to promote stayers. Been a problem for years. We are heading towards mediocrity at a greater speed than I have ever seen before. Sayers races with over 20 runners are betting bonanzas
  5. Every so often I drop one on your plate to follow. A maiden winner at St Cloud over night. Great way of getting along PHILOMEN
  6. So I posted this last week in respect of the NZTR initiatives. Don't know whether any of you read it but here's something in the ANZ published today. Read the headline and then go to Page 8. We're second yet again to the Aussies ANZ_210406-online blockchain.pdf
  7. The problem lies in that there doesn't seem to be anything new present in the presentations. Have a look at this. I proposed this first in 2017, then debated it in 2018, then as a result of nothing being done followed up in 2019. The gist of this is that we need to redo then entire backend of the NZTR Information Processing System to allow the next revolution of business to occur. We're sweating on the smaller stuff without addressing the big bang features that we desperately need. Now I'm not pointing the bone of inactivity to any individual person, just maybe questioning the way the team add
  8. The race to frank the form on Amade is his win in the Belmont Invitational Stakes (GP1) to provide an indication of his form when at his best. In second place that day was Arklow, who won the Joe Hirsch (GP1) beating Channel Maker by a neck. Channel Maker has run into Arklow a few times and they have each beaten each other by close margins. Both Arklow and Channel Maker were thrashed by Enable (12 lengths) and Channel Maker was recently put away by Mishriff (8 lengths) in Dubai
  9. The problem has been that many of us fought tooth and nail to change the Racing Bills and Acts over the last 30 odd years, where we were accusing the governments of trying to vest the TAB's ownership with the government. The monumental change has always happened on Labour's watch. After fighting as hard as we could, and with nobody listening, it becomes jaundicing to see what is currently happening. There doesn't seem to be a solution.
  10. There was only one thing that I was annoyed about and that was the circumference was too small, as was the width of the track and the length of the straight. I've been a supporter of having at least 20 runners in a race because betting sky rockets when you do. You might argue where do we get 20 runners but that's not the point, it's all about the betting. To get this number of runners you need a wide track. Then you need a long straight because on artificial tracks you don't really want horses accelerating round bends. Lots of breakage at a time when we need to protect the image of horse racin
  11. Mishriff every day of the week. After winning the French Derby the owner asked Gosden to prepare him for the Middle East gun races. He’s delivered. Although Melody Belle picked up a weak GP 1 in Aussie, every time she faced the big boys, she got smashed
  12. Not sure I agree. He improved from 2 to 3. Ran 6 lengths behind Enable first start at 3 after being gelded, then dropped off the planet at Roger's yard. Changed trainer, won a handicap by 6 and then ran 2nd in a listed race. Rated 102. Putting it into perspective, Darci Brahma was rated 101 when winning the GP 1 at Otaki. He fell off the stage when transferred to Hong Kong. Not saying he was a great horse but he has some unrealised talent. Don't think he'll get it back though. Many horses hate Hong Kong. Terrible place for a horse.
  13. I think you mean Long Run.Long-Run-Article.pdfHave a read... Long-Run-Article.pdf
  14. I have spent three years of discussions with the NZTR in an attempt to allow for the new version of media ownership of horses. I am a blockchain guy who can see the benefit of certain types of micro ownership. I debated this with NZTR legals and received a definitive yes that legally you could do it. In order to take it another step, the real issue lies with NZTR's technology and the ability to manage new forms of ownership data. In the end nothing got done....
  15. The Elliot photograph is nothing more than a PC bashing exercise done to promote the anti racing initiative. The horse was dead. It didn’t have feelings at that stage and horses have people sit on them on a continuous basis. What’s the real fuss. I know Katirino intimately. Owned by a great mate Robert Waley Cohen. That was a real family affair with Sam riding it. Strange rule currently stopping amateur riders (Sam is one) at this years Cheltenham. Because they aren’t either pros or Olympians, they are not classified as elite sportsman. So can’t ride due to COVID-19. sam has rid