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  1. Wanted to see the first race at Rotorua this morning...a jumping race. No Trackside coverage....WTF is happening in Wellington? This is serious stuff
  2. Hated the ground. Once his head was let go, he floundered. He'll keep. Needed to start him. Thought the winner would win.
  3. I think you should be having a very close look at the other Sharrock horse in the same race at the same time.
  4. Racing on Friday at Otaki in Race 1. Not sure if he can beat the other Sharrock runner because she's sharper than him but an interesting place to start off
  5. Both our TVs in Matamata and Auckland show no programing available in Trackside 1. Trackside 2 works
  6. Come on guys, from where he found himself in the running, he was tag teamed. The pace of the race couldn't see him doing anything else and in his yester-year Stradivarius would have mowed them down. Yep, he had to extradite himself out of a hole, but then he just didn't quite show that dash that he has in the past. That is all i think Frankie was saying.
  7. Come on now....don't you get it....many are using's part of life Do you think it's OK to tranquilise your horses (2yo especially and colts) in order to work them in training? So this filly has won a maiden and a novice. Not even at a good track but what a beauty. Someone should buy this for the Everest. Data to come Not sure if you remember but I labelled a horse called Flightline as being the best horse on the planet. Fair to say he had won the Malibu at that stage. Wondered where he had gotten to and he surfaced last week in the Metropolitan (Gp1) in the State
  8. How good a sprinter is this one
  9. I’m aware that these ratings are domestic and have used them as the yardstick for what our best are. Although some of our very best are rated 115-120, there simply aren’t enough of them to fulfill the obligation. Same for the lesser ranked black type races. The main crux of this is what next? We aren’t replenishing the brood stock with competitive genetics and the numbers are down while our neighbours up up skilling. Means the rating gap will only be exacerbated further. It is time to panic.
  10. Precious Sea by Sea The Stars... This time in France
  11. People There is a serious consideration that will probably come to haunt us vigilantly... There has been an International Federation of Horseracing Authorities providing direction and comment in respect of black type racing. I have provided all and sundry on this site some time ago, the obligations that all racing nations signed up to the Pattern Committee have, in respect of the thresholds to maintain the ratings for races, in order to be able to call certain races black type races. If you have a conversation with Louis Romanet, who was the head of this organisation, he would tell y
  12. What ever the outcome, the Oaks was a great race to watch. The outside of the Epsom track is not the best place to be as the camber is slightly different than in the middle. That camber sorts them out. Both are very good fillies and I'd love to own either. An interesting thing to note was after the finishing post. Looked liked Emily Upjohn threw a hissy fit. I thought the third horse in the Derby was seriously unlucky. He's obviously very talented and is a sensational type for a Frankel. Frankels can be a bit of everything...all shapes and sizes, but this bloke is a real boy. If I had to
  13. Hmmm...try this Issue 5 - May 2022.pdf