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  1. Berri

    Waikato Trials

    So why can't anyone see the full results of the trials including the replays from the recent Waikato Trials when the trials at Taupo a day later can be seen? Seems interesting.
  2. Berri

    Saundry on AW tracks

    Many continue a discussion in terms that each all weather is a stand alone track. We've got to think bigger and more strategically if we are to improve our relevance as a sport. The all weather should be part of a bigger structure that has relevance 30+ years from now. we must think in terms of entertainment relevance, whether that be horses. racing, betting or plain and simple use for other forms of entertainment. We could also be seriously smart and bring in real estate plays. education and research. We could extend every center to include all other forms of equestrian sports because once our horses finish racing, what then? Sausages, dog meat or a new life of standing neglected in a shitty paddock with not a blade of grass, or heavens forbid the apple of a young person's eye to once again feel as though they are the center of the universe. I'll say this until the cows come home, the priests square off against the young boys and Prince Charles stops talking to plants. who is going to be responsible for bringing this together? Who is qualified, has the time, passion and brains to get the right data together and act sensibly? We recently lost a gem...Dr Ray Thomson, who could have been one of those forward thinking blokes that could have helped. Unfortunately he died in Fiji this week and he will be missed by many.
  3. Berri

    Saundry on AW tracks

    Things will simply be done badly again unless those at the top actually listen to those that know. Tapeta is average, poly track is average, Kentucky dirt is average. Horses break down, its not right and that doesn't even get to the point where is it interesting to watch and good to bet on. In all of these conversations very little is said about Strathyr. Why not? Looks like the goods to me when comparing the others IF you want all weather racing. Then comes the overall design....not the surface or technology but the actual course architecture. Do you do something half arsed or something for the future generations. No doubt the fuck wits running racing who think they know everything but actually know very little (and this isn't everyone in the industry....just those who pretend to know everything and have convinced themselves that they do), will sell the others who know very little that the best track configuration can be seen in Australia because that's all they think they know. I'll say it 1000 times, look to the future. Don't look to mediocre. These tracks should have the potential to have 30 horses racing against each other. That gives the betting a chance to be better than good, but be great. Heaven forbid the day that our breeding numbers get up again and we start breeding top class horses again in numbers. Having a 16m wide track is soooo short sighted that that notion comes from people who don't understand betting fully. That's like saying a two lane road out of Auckland will be fine in 10 years time. And what about these courses? Shouldn't they be multiple entertainment centers so that the clubs and the industry can exploit entertainment, tourism, leveraged use events and the like? I know they'll fuck it up because there is not enough wide spread consultation with people who just might come up with cracking ideas that make the system work to its fullest potential. It'll be the same old morons bullshitting the same old rhetoric in an attempt to prove their worth. This isn't everyone in the industry, just the same ones that have continuity in their own malformed, mis-informed, delusional opinions that have proven to be incorrect in the past. The welfare of the horse should come first. They can't object to the rubbish that they are dished up with by the pricks that are lazy, complacent and mediocre.
  4. Berri

    Choke ya bastards

    Tribal behavior. Overpaid primadonners who have bling wives and girlfriends, drive around in cars that no-one want to drive because the footballers do, think that fluffy dice and garish tatoos are the melt of the day, that are paid millions by people who are more idiotic than the players.
  5. Berri

    Choke ya bastards

    Who cares?
  6. Berri

    July 5th TAB announcement?

    Could be FOB platform release
  7. Berri

    The unsung heroes of the industry.

    Very good
  8. Berri

    Alpha Centauri

    Remember that Ascot had its track redone 3 years ago so these are effectively new track times.
  9. Berri

    Ellerslie Track Progress

    What happened to the asbestos that they found?
  10. Berri

    Another meeting bites the dust

    Mediocrity breeds mediocrity. Mediocre people produce mediocre results. Mediocre horses produce mediocre events. Mediocre events are watched by mediocre people....and mediocre people produce mediocre results.... why would we expect anything else other than mediocre under the current thinking....which includes some of the thinking in this thread?
  11. Berri

    Another meeting bites the dust

    What.... buy land off the O’Sullivans?!?! Half a track?!? Oh enlightening
  12. Berri

    Another meeting bites the dust

    "I imagine that if there was an all-weather at Matamata you wouldn't need Te Teko anymore would you? This meeting would have been scheduled for the all weather in the first place. Several tracks would probably become redundant if an all weather was built. No one seems to have factored that in so far." .....We're Doomed I reacted because you said we maybe didn't need Te Teko..... moronic statement. P4P is right....strathayr is probably the right surface for the majority of the all weather tracks. It's proven technology and doesn't break as many horses down. We have bred grass track horses not dirt trackers. Where in Matamata would you put this track We're Doomed? At the actual Matamata race track by replacing the grass track? FFS you obviously don't think things through do you? As for all of you who question having the ability to have up to 30 my post. It says IF we are looking to the future..... I have absolute evidence, from multiple nations around the World that if you have more runners in a race you lift betting numbers. In the UK if you have more than 24 runners betting sky rockets. Tracks with either barrier draw bias or runner bias have decreased betting activity. I will name call all I like if those of you are imbeciles enough to argue against this. P4P is right....most of you have no idea. That Elerslie didn't go strathayr is criminal, short sighted and ridiculous. All they are doing is more of the same with the expectation that things will change. Dumb and dumber.
  13. Berri

    Can't be better than this

    Thousands of yearlings get sold each year, but only 13 horses have won the US Triple Crown in the history of the sport, so being tasked with trying to find a colt capable of achieving such a colossal feat at public auction makes looking for a needle in a haystack seem easy. But at Keeneland back in September 2016, the combined might of the China Horse Club's Michael Wallace and Mick Flanagan, SF Bloodstock's Tom Ryan, Newgate Farm's Henry Field, and Elliott Walden and David Hanly from WinStar Farm unearthed the holy grail when they selected Justify from a mammoth catalogue of 4,479 yearlings. Having been picked up for $500,000, the Bob Baffert-trained colt wrote his name into history books on Saturday when his Belmont Stakes romp saw him become just the second horse to land the Triple Crown with an undefeated record, equalling the achievement of Seattle Slew back in 1977. "It's a sort of surreal feeling to be there and see that happen," says Wallace on his Belmont Stakes experience. "It was an amazing day and he's an amazing horse. You never dream of having a horse, or an opportunity, like this. It's something I'll remember forever." Those sentiments were echoed by Wallace's China Horse Club colleague Flanagan, who said: "It's absolutely huge and like the other lads, I just feel very lucky to have had the experience. "We're definitely in awe of the horse, he's something very, very special. I went out to Belmont on Sunday morning to look at him, and physically and mentally he's just a beast from a different planet." The strapping son of Scat Daddy is owned in partnership between the China Horse Club, WinStar Farm, Starlight Racing and Head of Plains Partners, and selecting him from the thousands of yearlings at the 2016 edition of Keeneland's September Sale was very much a collaborative effort too. "The way it works is myself and Michael Wallace go off through the barns and do up our shortlists, as do Tom Ryan and Henry Field, and Elliott Walden and David Hanly do the same," explained Flanagan. "We meet up every evening and whatever is left on all three shortlists goes to the next phase, being vetted et cetera. "We all have to agree on a horse though, so if two partners like a horse but the third doesn't we basically take it off the list. There's a budget for the yearling season between Saratoga and Keeneland and we aim to buy 36 or 37 every year." Although there was plenty of choice at Keeneland that year, Wallace said that the team did not have to look too hard to come across the colt now known as Justify. "He was fairly simple to find because physically he's an amazing horse to look at," he said. "He was basically exactly what we were looking for. He was a big yearling but moved very well and was very light on his feet for such a big horse." Those thoughts were shared by Flanagan, who said of Justify: "He was a big, imposing horse. He was very tall and was quite a leggy yearling, but he had a very good action and you could've set a bomb off beside him and he wouldn't have flinched. "Thankfully all three partners had the same opinion of him and luckily we were able to buy him." Despite having found a generation-defining colt, Wallace also gave a nod to the perils of buying blue-chip bloodstock, saying: "A horse like Justify coming along makes up for plenty of the others. As we all know, not every horse can hit the highs that you'd like them to."
  14. Berri

    Another meeting bites the dust

    Get your heads out of a bucket. There is one opportunity to get it right for the future. Three things exist if you get it right. Number 1....IF you get more than 24 runners in a field, betting goes up. Number 2...IF those races are staying races, betting goes up. Number 3...IF there is no perceived bias in relation to barrier draw, betting goes up a 1200m straight on a big wide track does all the above