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  1. Berri

    Helena Baby

    Kurt in race 6 even though its a smart field. Not saying its the one to bet on, just saying he's a group horse in the making
  2. Berri

    Helena Baby

    Go fuck yourself. Not interested in your attitude.
  3. Berri

    Helena Baby

    Let's watch the rest of the show.
  4. Berri

    Helena Baby

    Were you watching the same race? Watch carefully. From the get go Opie was niggling at TAS. Never on the bit. ED was travelling all the way. At the point of the turn ED was 1 1/2 lengths up on . TAS. ED travelling on the bit, TAS asked the question. Count the flick of the whip on both horses and you'll get the picture. Although rated 118 as a three year old, ED's now 8. Agree with P4P, not good enough to win a good group one in Australia, hence in NZ. Makes my rating of TAS's more compelling. Agree that TAS needs longer distance, as does ED. Just keeps confirming the ratings. Stick to 100-1. It might help. You don't understand franking of form. I actually thought the run of the race was Sentimental Miss.
  5. Berri

    Helena Baby

    And I'll tell you something else. ED traveled well throughout the race. TAS didn't. At the point of the turn ED was only a length in front of TAS. He was slapped two times less than TAS in the home straight. Rated 118 at three and now an 8 yo.
  6. Berri

    Helena Baby

    It's a shame you guys don't frank the form. It's not that difficult and 95% of the time its right. That's a dam sight better than doing a 50/50. Foxbridge was an interesting race. Forget what runs TAS had, or what everyone said, the reason that i said it was an interesting race is that we could see how TAS was shaping up. He should have won had he been as good as he had been touted. Don't get me wrong, he's quite smart....but as I said, because at best ED was a 118 horse and is probably past his best, TAS has to find 20-25 lbs to compete with the very best. That's actually quite a lot. He should have run up to 110 this run (won by 3), and then improved by 15 for the Cox Plate. Can't see that happening at this stage.
  7. Berri

    Helena Baby

    But I have to bring in the UK form because we can frank the ratings. Shame we don't have the system fully set up in NZ but the NZTR are bone slow in making sense of our industry. You've just got to keep the feet on the ground. Endless Drama is a good horse on his best rating but one has to concede that his best days should be behind him. That makes anything behind him slightly exposed when you consider today's race probably ran to mid 90's. TAS needs to be 20-25 pounds better to be competitive in the Cox Plate (average rating 123). Do I see that improvement? Not sure but maybe I simply can't get past the Rip Van Winkle part of the equation.
  8. Berri

    Helena Baby

    Class is class. When he won his only 2yo race by 5 1/2 over 1200m be beat a couple of eventual group winners. I don't see Te Akau Shark (TAS) as you blokes do. I might be wrong but I think the NZ form is seriously weak. If you frank the Foxbridge form, the 3rd horse is rated 90 at best, having beaten Art Deco who rolled an 11 year old in Taurus. Melody Belle has already shown she's probably not up to the best in Australia, and if you go to TAS's best win, he needed to have won by 10 to be competitive in Australia. The second in the Couplands was Boots n All with Kolonel Kev running 3rd. These are only 90 rated horses. So TAS only rated 95 with best win. Needs to find 10 pounds
  9. Berri

    Talk about a load of bollocks....

    Sorry guys. Don't know how the above footage got attached to my latest post...forgive me for what I know not...
  10. Switched on Trackside to hear Aidan Rodley say that the crowd was three deep at the parade ring. Problem was that the TV shot was a wide view of no-one in the stands or surrounding the parade arena. Go figure.
  11. Berri

    Helena Baby

    Endless Drama, as long as his form has been captured by Tony, is without doubt the best horse in the field ability wise. Rated 118 as a 3 yo, running 2nd to Gleneagles in the Irish 2000 Gns and 3rd in the Lockhinge behind Belardo is form not seen often in NZ. Rates up there with Sunline winning the HK Mile. Although Te Akau Shark looks smart, different class running 4th to Embellish in the NZ 2000 Gns versus 2nd to Gleneagles in the Irish 2000 Gns Helena Baby 1400m in 1.32 and change in a listed event. Melody Belle..rated 106 at best Got to put things into perspective over 1200m at WFA. About time we had an interesting race in NZ
  12. Berri

    Stephen McKee 327K Lighter

    I really feel for Malthus, I really do, but this is a very slippery slope.
  13. Berri

    Time to end Jumps in the South?

    Complacency is the biggest foe in our sport. The thing that really annoys me is that, as a horse racing spectacle, jumps races are far more entertaining. The horses are older so you sort of know them, the distance of the race makes it more engaging and the jumping makes it spectacular. In the UK jumps races hold 8 out of the top 10 betting events. Cheltenham and Aintree hold the highest average on course patronage figures and there are more owners involved in jumps races than flat races. So what's more to market to our leaders? There might be an argument that more horses die or get injured in jumps races but interestingly, more horses die or get injured in training events in flat racing training than jumps training, and that is also a greater per-capita statistic. Flat horses are put under duress more structurally because of the speed in which they train and the training/ racing surfaces. Training a good jumper is an art form and therefore the horses are generally "abused" in a horseman like manner, whereas flat gallopers are often "abused" in a factory like manner. Complacency hasn't looked after the horse. The lack of training facilities hasn't helped the horse. The lack of funding hasn't helped the horse. So complacency is a cancer in our industry. It won't change until the people change.
  14. Berri


    Don't forget Contributor
  15. Berri

    RIP Scott Richardson

    Scotty was one of thee good guys