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  1. Just another example. This beast - Golden Sixty - winner of his last 10 straight in HK. What a win over the weekend. Dam group winner in Europe with strong US pedigree but from cracking UK tap root family
  2. Higher rated mares is the only answer in the first instance followed by the importation of the right stallions. Many stallions that are coming in are not quite where we need to be going.
  3. Bit sad 19 years as part of this Racecafe puppy I spent the equivalent of 5 days writing posts....where did my parents go wrong?
  4. Don't worry about Blossom Lady. She's either a woman with periodic issues, a cross dresser or a male with certain functional issues. I had a look at the data in respect of her posts. Makes interesting analysis. As an exercise I compared Blossom Lady's data with my own posts (just as a comparison as I'm the most familiar with my strange foibiles) . So here are the results: Reactions
  5. It doesn't really matter whether its online betting or not. If you are operating a pools bet, then you need needs lots of people betting so that when you place a bet, the odds don't change. I'm into collaboration in this respect, because the margins are getting squeezed as the race to the bottom for takeout rates accelerates. Online offerings only serve to promote this and this is the conundrum facing racing. If you don't have a takeout rate, you don't get enough to pay for racing stakes. Somewhere in the myriad of offerings a fine balance needs to be struck, or that your
  6. Very good LOL.... but lets pull apart the pedigree to understand what I'm talking about... So the dam Spiaggia won a race in France from only 2 starts. She's by Makfi (rated 128). She's a half sister to Valbchek (rated 108 ... Probabeel rated 107) and Schroder's Mistake (rated 91 ...Vadavar who recently ran 3rd to Melody Belle and Avantage in the Livermol rated 96 and Embellish rated 98) 2nd Dam by Spectrum (rated 124) half to Star of Seville (rated 119), English Ballet ( rated 106) and King of Comedy (rated 121 - ran 2nd in the St James Palace). So even though this is pro
  7. I know both Eamon and Alex who bought the UK Tote. What I'm really afraid of is the the Chinese do what the Chinese do and put systems in place to eventually own the tote space in the World. We know what the MO is so why wouldn't gambling be the same before the introduction of horse racing in China. Just so happens they have taken control of Hong Kong.
  8. What?!? You got you head in a beer?
  9. Winfried Engelbrecht is the CEO of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. He has been an advocate of setting up a World Comingling Pool from Hong Kong. The UK Tote has collaborated with them for the past two Royal Ascot meetings. in the last 24 hours China expelled 4 legislators who were pro-democracy legislation representatives. The rest have now also resigned, so now China has complete control of Hong Kong. It's all over. Prior to these events, numerous key pro democracy protestors were arrested and deported to China. These arrests were made during the HK Covid lockdown. Chinese investors have bee
  10. Just a repeat of the same ol.....Paul Moroney and I were selling them to him as quickly as we could. The Fay Ritchwhite partnerships were a blessing for NZ. When you look at our status as producers, the imports helped make us what we are. Biggest example of this was Sir Tristram out of a Nureyev daughter of Detroit. Nureyev rated 130, Detroit 128. Octagnonal by Zabeel out of a daughter of Habiti (rated 129). Compare that to Embellish (rated 104) covering Avantage (rated 100). The results of the Australian spring races just reinforce the entire position. How can the UK second
  11. Talk about numbers
  12. Heavens you guys are slow. Look at what the Racing Act turned into. Realise that sports betting is the best way to fund sports. Understand how that model works under the new Racing Act, and work out who would be best to control that. Add to the fact that racing has now got a $70m monkey from the government in the way of a financial instrument organised by a now banished Minister Winnie and dove tail that to treasury. Make sure that a finance driven model is inserted into the game to ensure monies are paid back...add to that the issues with racing becoming persona non grata with the animal righ
  13. It's 2020. The TAB has been operating in our current technology environment for long enough. I'm asked by a mate who wins the Cup. Got no idea was my response so googled Melbourne Cup. I click on the first one in the list. The TAB comes up so I think to myself, well at least it's the NZ TAB's site. And guess what...this is what I get So what idiot in the TAB doesn't link google to the actual Melbourne Cup field? Tell me where you can see a direct link to where the Melbourne Cup field might be? Yes you could say that you push the Bet Now button, but what if I don't want to hav
  14. So here's a proposition for you all. Let's get a 1000 people syndicate together and buy an international pedigreed mare. Our odds of producing a good one is far greater at a small cost. $250 bucks each and we get a chance in the big game