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  1. Berri


    That will be done. Give me a couple of days. I’m going to be off line
  2. Berri


    Obviously the data doesn't come from New Zealand because we simply don't have any race courses that can take more that 20 horses, let alone 24. Three 8 horse races will produce less betting than three 24 horse fields. Three 24 horse fields that are distance racing produces more betting that three 24 horse sprint fields. In New Zealand 3 18 horse fields produces more betting than three 14 horse fields and when they are distance races the pattern fits as previously described. So why would you even consider limiting the potential race field numbers to 14, and just as importantly, why would y
  3. Berri


    I can produce factual data which shows a direct correlation between field size and betting numbers. There is also one that shows the differences between betting in distance versus sprint races. So I'm not looking at this from any other angle apart from what could happen in the future. If you know that these are direct correlations, then shouldn't we make sure that in the event of the stars aligning, then at the very least, we can provide what they was as customers? As to the field numbers and numbers of horses, if I said to you that I knew how to provide 8 races a week worth $100,000 rac
  4. Berri


    Chris....this isn't a case of whether a particular horse goes on the track or not. Some will, some won't. What's at stake here is the potential for the future. How many times have you driven along a road which has taken forever to build, where you've said to yourself, "for fucks sake why didn't they build this bigger for the future?" Maybe I'm just wired that way and many of you don't say that to yourselves but in this instance I look at these racetracks and question the thought behind limiting the number of runners to sub optimal numbers, having the inability to start 2400m races at the
  5. Berri


    So knowing that we are entering an environment of animal welfare and health and safety, why would you create a track that requires horses to be accelerating as they are going around bends? Two things come to mind....means that results could be biased in respect of barrier draws and issues of injury arising at a time when we need to be creating a safer environment as the animal rights people's voices become louder. I've watched so much synthetic track racing that I've seen it all. Turning tracks during acceleration doesn't help these causes. In respect of horse numbers it could be said tha
  6. Berri


    Michael Are the tracks that you are building going to have straights that are longer than 600m? How many horses are going to be able to race against each other?
  7. Santa Monica wasn't a champion 3 yo winner of the Oaks
  8. Our breeding industry has been officially downgraded. Had I been even slightly interested in commercial breeding and serious about it, how could anyone have gone past Jennifer Eccles. Oaks winning filly, 3yo filly of the year, ran 2nd in the 1000 Guineas, by an OK stallion from an OK black type family...sold for NZ$800k. Lowest priced this sort of mare sold in Australasia this year and last. Our racing has been officially discounted.
  9. I went there to get data off Winx when she was spelling there. The Autumn Sun was hanging out there as well. The property is sensational, well set up. The house was an architect's dream as no stone was left unturned. What NZTR should do is go and have a look at it and then drag all the best features out of it, Newmarket and Goodwood in England and then build something fit for the next 100 years in this country.
  11. A very big tree fell in the forest. Thank you all. It had to happen some day but she succeeded in bringing my six brothers and sisters and me closer together than ever before. Hopefully I'll be able to do the same when it's my turn.
  12. The problem is that you're not thinking laterally enough, not are you all addressing the core issues for failure. At the moment the equation is "let's not fix too much because we don't like risk. We don't want to lose what we've currently got". This destroys innovation. It comes back to the old adage of "why would things change when you don't change anything?" I won't start racing any new horses in NZ unless I'm pre-training them for other country racing. Shane's example (bad racing stakes) is one of the reasons why but the rest of it is just as important. Bad racing surfaces, lack of goo
  13. Maybe I have got extremely sentimental in my old age but for me, this story encapsulates the essence of what the horse racing industry should be about: - no money to start with - no previous experience in the industry - market research into pedigree - gets a helping hand from a bloke who knows something (but obviously not a lot) - that bloke nearly lost everything due to previous racing experience - mare kept in an allotment (throws out every thing theoretical as to where you can breed horses - lots of love care and attention given to mare - mare dies du
  14. Based on a true story, using real identities, following a real story albeit liberally expressed. It is the story, passion and meaning that encapsulates what the horse industry could be
  15. If you haven't seen it, don't comment. If you have seen it and don't get it, your comment isn't required. Go and see it and decide for yourself as to whether this is how we can help market racing. It's not about the betting although it was a small part of the story. It was a very good movie for what it is