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  1. Just heard Mr Don Couchman has passed away...a damn good trainer and a real gentleman in all I had to do with him as an apprentice...condolences to all his family...RIP Mr Couchamn
  2. Well done to all concerned, a super raceme well managed all the way through by Mike Moroney and his team and then today sold at Magic Millions for 3.1 million Oz dollars...result of a lifetime for all concerned.
  3. Huge thanks are a legend of a scorer you lead where others follow as you set the standard for scoring...well done to all the winners and thanks to all the rest of us non winners.. for entering the competitions that you all continue to do...that makes them what they are and help us to be the best comp site for all to enjoy...cheers.
  4. It was at tote prices...cheers as are all bets I put on...but nice win.
  5. Change my best bet to Morphettville race 8 please 4 19...many thanks.
  6. Te Rapa R3- 6 8 Te Rapa R4- 3 7 Te Rapa R6- 5 10 Trentham R8- 4 6 Doomben R5- 4 9 Doomben R6- 7 10 Doomben R7- 1 9 BB Doomben R8- 6 13 Flemington R7- 9 12 Morphetville R6- 1 8 Morphetville R7- 1 7 BB Morphetville R8- 4 19 Thanks Saynomore and good luck to everyone in the main comps and good luck to everyone who enters today for the fun part...
  7. All good just post it in the winners bets thread too...cheers.
  8. That is not correct...I know this 100% its a rumour and unfortunately this industry seems to thrive on them.
  9. There are two sides to every story...I think we need to remember that.maybe RACE would not have done this without very good reason...I feel sorry for Gary but as I say there is two sides to everything.
  10. I thought both the winner and the 2nd horse were bloody good rides just the inside horse got the gap and Chris didn't I think you are crying in your beer for no reason.
  11. What do they expect him to do???No wonder the industry is dying...what a joke...hope he can get it sorted out...he is a good decent guy.
  12. Ya dunno what happened to him...he was a regular here.
  13. Haha...Guerin reminds me of a used car salesman...Luke Radich should be in a position to get some things done he is just what's needed...but hang on maybe thats why they won't ask him.
  14. All good Stodge you have some good info in your meanderings LOL