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  1. Bert was a great guy worked for him at Redoubt Park..he and Dorothy were fine people. Bert was a great guy to have on your side..great boss and an even better friend...we had many a good laugh after work up in the stallion barn office over a couple of cold beers...RIP big fella...thoughts and prayers to Dorothy and his family.
  2. Thank you for the honest and frank assured your fears will never happen as long as I own the site...its for everyone to enjoy.
  3. He cant carry them LOL.... she is lengths off her best.
  4. Wow what a sad person you are...FFS no matter what charity it is why cant you just once have something positive to say...Good on Chris and James and well done HQ.
  5. And what he did for racing and for all the kids and families they both helped...I really hope they put them together in some form of special place or least they are together again now.
  6. Wow shock news guess you think we will be around of the good guys and a good trainer too..RIP Mr Cleaver.
  7. I have warned you stop posting so much shit and endless seems of BS..I am happy for you to have your say without all the endless BS that goes with it in the form of nonsense tweets from the lowest form of President I have ever seen in the United are free and fully entitled to have your views and have your say here...dont make me have to curtail that by overstepping the boundaries I politely asked you to follow after many complaints from many members...please be fair and reasonable this is not your platform its for all to enjoy.
  8. One of the best presidents the country has had..and a decent human being too..not like the racist pig in there now.
  9. OK I warned no more sorry enough is stops now..or you do.
  10. OK but as a 3yo she had weight on them...I just think the horse has not really lived up to the hype...not many do....but hey I would still like to have had the ride they have had with her.
  11. I think that she won a couple of easy Group 1's myself..when against the real top liners she has always been found wanting..JMO.
  12. Its the truth and if they don't want people to tell the truth then they are more deluded than I thought...until racing people or people with some essence of knowledge or feeling for the sport are running it we are on a one way ticket to the end of the road... JMO.
  13. If you want the thread closed down keep posting unsubstantiated you know he has not owned up ..or just surmising???
  14. Do you know this for a fact if not enough and please refrain from posting rumours or unproven rubbish....I cant believe some of things people like to post to put people down while hiding behind a keyboard come out and put your REAL name to the allegations if you want to denigrate either of them.