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  1. But NONE have gone seems its taking a long time to get their snouts out of the trough..all the minows were dealt to swiftly..why not the other end too???
  2. Thanks Ponderosa super effort as always...sorry missed the comp been under the pump with my business...congrats to to Seddon for winning and thanks to all that entered..more coming soon...cheers.
  3. Yes so I have the option to do with my horses as I please right??? So why laugh at me for doing what I think is right for me???
  4. It about value for money..I like to think some of them may pay their way at some stage..In NZ now thats going to be impossible....simple fact.
  5. So if thats the TOP what will happen to the bottom...can only go lower, how could this possibly be good for anyone..I for one will not race here anything I buy or own a share it will be off across the Tasman..and why wouldn't you..mad not to.
  6. That is on the table I believe for our great racing future..with the rest below that..what a laughing stock we have become..and so far how many of the big wigs have been fired for the debacle...ZERO!!!! Hang your heads in have destroyed racing as we know it...lets see how far off the mark I am.
  7. Model child mate we all were...
  8. Yes David has done well and must have a good eye for talent in trainers too..both Mark Walker and now Jamie Richards have done fantastic jobs and become Champion trainers at a young age...yes all you who want to knock them will say well they had the cattle...but they still got to be able to manage that cattle. Well done well deserved...hard work always pays off in the end my Mum always said.
  9. Lovely words Timon..lets hope we all go to that happy place someday without suffering..deepest condolences to Cubes from myself and all at are in my thoughts and prayers at this time..RIP Mrs Cubes.
  10. Mate the guy is a good guy a hard worker...and a decent family man who does not need people like you taking potshots from the stand..JMHO.
  11. As Barry says...easy to get rid of the small people..but the ones at the top caused the shit to start with...none of them get the chop first round what a big darken waste of time. Cutbacks across all areas at TAB (From racing news.) The Racing Industry Transition Agency (RITA) confirmed on Tuesday changes it was taking in response to the impact of COVID-19, including a reduction of 230 roles, including 150 permanent staff, across all areas of the TAB. The decision follows consultation with staff on a range of proposed changes aimed at ensuring the business was sustainable for the future and best placed to meet the needs of New Zealand racing and sport. The changes, which impact 30 percent of all roles, are expected to deliver savings of more than $11 million per annum in addition to further operational cost savings throughout the business. RITA Executive Chair, Dean McKenzie said the decision was very difficult but the organisation was left with no alternative with TAB monthly revenue almost 50 percent below forecast and customer numbers down more than 35 percent. “There are incredibly talented, experienced and committed people at the TAB who have delivered so much to our customers and the wider racing industry over many years. We will be very sorry to see them go,” McKenzie said. “We have had to make some tough decisions as we focus on the essential parts of our business that generate the funding required to keep the racing industry and many National Sporting Organisations running.” Services impacted by the changes include: · not resuming Trackside Radio programming following its suspension after the cancellation of all domestic racing in March · no longer offering the Phonebet betting service (Touchtone remains) · moving away from providing manual, on-course, betting facilities and increasing the number of Self Service Terminals from the current level of 55 percent of all race meetings and increasing customer education of TAB’s online platforms · changes to Trackside production and presentation with a reduced number of cameras and presenters continuing to operate from the studio and not be on course, with the exception of supporting marquee events · Trackside television programmes will feature fewer presenters and with no dedicated racing shows, with the exception of a no-frills betting show, previewing the weekend’s racing · closure of four retail branches An independent review of the structure of the Executive Leadership team is underway with consultation on any proposed changes expected to start next week. “The implication of COVID-19 has extended beyond the immediate impact to the TAB, with racing and sport continuing to look unpredictable over the next year,” McKenzie said. “The reality is these changes will help the TAB to be a leaner, more efficient business and focused on driving our core wagering and gaming offering to our customers.” - RITA
  12. Jason Waddell of to ride in OZ...good luck to him tremendously talented rider who should do well there.
  13. I had a bit to do with her recently and found her to be a decent honest and upfront person who is happy to call a spade a spade...unlike many politicians.
  14. Eagle farm looked off too...seems al the money they spent has been a waste of time. Typical useless tossers.