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  1. Why do you feel the need to keep sticking your nose in...????
  2. I may end up with egg on my face but I think he has the task ahead of him with 57kgs...JMO.
  3. Hey Pondy welcome back...yes you had your best dont need to do the bet for John I will gladly do that for him...cheers. Yes team Gunsynd was on fire LOL...pity we were so hard held for so long...bloody jockeys ....
  4. Well done John...thanks for stepping in and doing a super job. Geez without the pressure of scoring Pondy had a great day as did our team LOL....Thanks again for stepping in for Ponderosa and for the super job with the fast updates.
  5. No they go onto TAB Fav.And if the Fav is in the tips then onto the next favoured etc.
  6. Good advice above and yes they all make Pauls job and Johns job today easier.There is a hell of a lot of effort goes in to scoring these things...
  7. Matamata Race 6: 1 3 Riccarton Race 8:1 3 Riccarton Race 10:5 9 Randwick Race 3:2 5 Randwick Race 7:3 4 BB Randwick Race 9:1 6 The Valley Race 3:2 3 The Valley Race 4:1 4 The Valley Race 5:3 7 The Valley Race 6:1 3BB The Valley Race 7:1 2 The Valley Race 8:7 10 The Valley Race 9:6 8 The Valley Race 10:3 6 Good luck everyone and good luck Say No More for helping out with the scoring...much appreciated.
  8. Thanks Say No More for the scoring tonight lets hope you still got hair left by Saturday evening LOL.
  9. How professional is this...maybe NZ could take a leaf out of their book...great info....
  10. Good luck John and thanks for stepping up and helping out its much appreciated. Hope the wedding goes well Pondy...cheers.