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  1. You know what is a concern to me is ungrateful people like yourself...JMO.
  2. 100 if you keep posting garbage as I warned you about before cluttering up the threads with rubbish videos you WILL be gone again...your choice...thanks.
  3. I think maybe I will take a break from the comps this week thanks everyone.
  4. Does it make a mockery of me putting up a few hundred and you making $1000 lets say and you get to keep it all???Is that a mockery too??? Just saying.
  5. I have been thinking about things as some of the recent winners..not all but SOME dont even bother to say a simple thank you just demand me to send them their winnings.....Ponderrosa gives up his time freely on his weekend I spend a lot of time trying to arrange these things but some just take things for granted.
  6. You need to choose a horse a single horse to have a bet on in the next week or so and let me know...your choice.
  7. I dont know why she does not stop ALL people coming in so we could have a farking normal life...other countries do it why cant we !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Thanks Peter good on you for winning and thanks for the appreciation it means alot...some winners dont even say thanks for running these makes me wonder why I do it sometimes.Anyway enough of that for a Sunday we all got bigger issues for the next 7 bloody days again LOL.
  9. Thanks Ponderosa its a shit of a job...thank you so much for getting this done. Congrats to Peter RS for winning the comp today well done.
  10. Nice collect Davey1 $285..well done to you.
  11. Ponderosa will complete the scoring later...its not as easy at some may think...I respect all his efforts doing this.
  12. After 3 races .... Insider, 20 Peter Rs 13 Wrinkles,Charlie Bukowski 11 Racing Jimmy, Littletramp Charlie Bukowski,,Lynzim,10 Mikenz 8 Ohokaman,Dogzstar1,6 Stoyd,Beecee,Floyd Pink, Ivanthegreat,Pottsie, ,JackGoodison,Guebelini, bazza54,cubes Kloppite,Tasman Man, Arjay 5 Orphanpete 4 Mr Gee ,Redrew2000,Houlahans Dream 3 Rest of us a lower than 3 so ..performing averagely LOL.
  13. After 2 races .... Wrinkles 11 Racing Jimmy, Littletramp Charlie Bukowski, Insider, 10 Peter RS 8 Stoyd,Beecee,Ohokaman,Floyd Pink, Ivanthegreat,Pottsie, Charlie Bukowski,Insider,Jack,Lynzim,Goodison,Guebelini, Mikenz,Dogzstar1, bazza54,cubes 5 Orphanpete 4 Mr Gee ,3 Mr Zim 1 rest of us zero...LOL
  14. Our 2nd Race no Best bets successful. Goodison, Charlie Bukowski,Insider, Mikenz,Dogszstar1, Bazza54, Cubes 5 points Peter RS 3 Orphanpete,Mrzim,Wrinkles 1