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  1. scooby3051

    5 years Karaka data

  2. scooby3051

    Te Akau Thread

    OK guys this is becoming personal, please stop the personal abuse and personal attacks, it adds nothing to the discussion and its totally not needed or wanted on the site. Arguing the merits of one side of the argument or the other has been ongoing for many many many years and people decide themselves to participate for whatever reason and from what I have heard to be involved is a great experience. Lets all move on we need positive discussion about the industry times are tough enough.
  3. scooby3051

    5 years Karaka data

    Shane has become SD's mouthpiece so it seems...
  4. scooby3051

    Te Akau Thread

    It was the previous posts that caused me to take I know you are a fan of SD and I happen not to be as he was way out of line...anyway lets move on shall we...You also seem to be somewhat infatuated with all things Leo.
  5. scooby3051

    Te Akau Thread

    Shane defend him all you want as I said there is two sides to this story...your friend was way way out of line....lets stick to this topic shall we. I have no association with TA whatsoever have known David for many years found him to be professional and whatever they do must work as nobody forces anyone to join in but there are always plenty of takers. SD was way out of line so I moderated his stuff that was incorrect ... do you have issues with that???
  6. scooby3051

    Te Akau Thread

    OK there always two sides to every story...he was becoming a nuisance on their real TA site so he was banned...he then took offence to being banned and has been on some weird crusade since. What he has done with the TA news thing is totally out off line in my opinion and set up for one reason only...happy for debates here but he went way over the line by involving David's wife and family and making them distressed.
  7. scooby3051

    Te Akau Thread

    I will reach out to them later today...cheers. I don't care who it is families are off limits here.
  8. scooby3051

    Te Akau Thread

    OK sorry I have been tied up for the last two days with my real job...however the one rule on this site is is if it can't be proven 100% true do not post it...and I will not allow anyones family or wives to be attacked and dragged into anyones arguments about anything g on here...end of story.
  9. scooby3051

    steve davis presenter ?

    And a great bloke...puts his heart and soul into the industry.
  10. scooby3051

    Interim CEO to be appointed ...

    Yep no big deal...just sometimes need to check the source.....
  11. scooby3051

    Interim CEO to be appointed ...

    Well I KNOW that nobody has been appointed if you KNOW one has lets hear his name...
  12. scooby3051

    Toblerone, declare the LGL winners please

    Just to let everyone know 3 families from the Starship Foundation will get to enjoy the HQ hospitality thanks to its owner P4P, the winners of the LGL donated their prizes and Leo suggested giving to the Starship Foundation...thanks P4P and I hope the three deserving families can have a little bit of enjoyment during their otherwise tough road.
  13. scooby3051

    Interim CEO to be appointed ...

    My info is no one has even been appointed yet...maybe you should check your source.
  14. scooby3051

    Interim CEO to be appointed ...

    There is no info??? Can you name who has been appointed???