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  1. I think Chestnut was merely pointing out he had some link to racing... a fair point after all everyone is entitled to their opinion...
  2. Leggy I do not agree with you either Mike McRoberts is a professional and yes he did host an evening in honour of DE, so that obviously was requiring some knowledge of racing....and why is it not possible for him as a professional to not learn about the position he is employed to do should racing be so lucky as to gain a professional like Mike from the train wreck of Newshub. He would be one of less than a handful the TAB has on board now and that is being extremely generous with the use of professional associated with anyone presenting on trackside, including Guerin and co...JMO. Take your blinkers off and think outside the box for once...do they teach you to be so negative in the teaching profession. or are you just always like this???
  3. Just joking LOL...cheers...we are doing our best to get off the bottom but its a bloody tough gig...
  4. Wow so we are seen as such lowly dwellers...thanks Alf.
  5. One word about this girl...Outstanding...she brained them...well done to all concerned.
  6. I think all credit to John...as much as I hate it and don't understand the scoring..it is THE BEST comp on the internet that I know of..sorry PJ.
  7. Geez I think you are a bit cuckoo...please show where I had a go at you...I think you need to take your meds more regularly..they will help....
  8. Close gang but no cigar...great match and congrats to worthy winning opponents...bloody hard to win a match any week...always next week to get off the bottom...thanks team mates we had a red hot go..and thanks as always SNM .
  9. well done Joan super choice...tough tough filly.
  10. That killed us team...hell we had a good run today....them's the breaks...good fun and I don't mind being beaten by good guys....
  11. I know Masa has had his knockers on here but he is riding as good as anyone in the country right now...I have always liked him and a bloody good hard working person to boot.
  12. 1. Ellerslie R5 3-7 2. Ellerslie R6 5-10 3. Ellerslie R7 10-11 BB 4. Ellerslie R8 6-8 5. Ellerslie R9 2-17 6. Randwick R5 1-7 7. Randwick R6 1-2 8. Randwick R7. 4-9 9. Randwick R8 5-12 10. Flemington R7 3-8 11. Flemington R8 6-15BB 12. Flemington R9 2-9 Insider if you could please change if any scratchings as I will be travelling...I trust your judgement...as mine has been shocking LOL...Good luck to all and thanks John.
  13. Great planning before a Group 1 2400m race...they really don't have a clue
  14. Same waffle as last time but 100% for sure it won't be the last and nothing will change...except the excuses...same shyte different day.