RaceCafe..#1...Tipsters Thread.... Share Your Fancies For Fun...Lets See Who The Best Tipsters Here Are.


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  1. All good we have had a chat and time to move on.
  2. Cheers thanks for the FF appreciate the posts.
  3. No agenda...just continuing to focus on the number one racing community, RaceCafe.
  4. Thanks Doug for knocking one of the best there is.
  5. You obviously have issues so better not to debate ignorant people.. like yourself. I wonder why you have issues from other members???Maybe look at the way you behave here.
  6. You really know how to win friends an influence people...NOT. People can have their own opinions and that does not mean they have a low IQ...pot kettle maybe.
  7. Seems odd he just took over and now is on leave.
  8. Why only keep adding to the top end, those fields will still be the same as they would have been anyway...all that money could have pushed up normal races a bit so the pot is shared by all not just a few...JMO.
  9. Speaking of Evans...he seems to be MIA???
  10. There is a guy in Foxton, we had issues with Fashion Icon early on he fixed her.
  11. Yes on hindsight a bit silly just thought been up a while...but he is a decent horse.
  12. Thanks Broadsiding..........all over red rover.
  13. Okie lets see if the finger tips let go... Te Rapa race 4 Babylon Berlin Eagle farm Race 3 Embassy Eagle Farm Race 6 Broadsiding Thanks John as always...good luck fellow losers remaining.