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  1. As I am currently in Estonia it’s a little bit had to do study, what with time zone differences, travel etc please accept my entry as above.
  2. Insider

    New Look Racecafe

    Thanks Ohokaman
  3. Insider

    New Look Racecafe

    I have never been able to post an Emoji! Why is that?
  4. Riccarton No 4 Chocolate Fish Flemington No 10 Brave Song Well done organisers.
  5. Winter Cup: 8 Elfee Missile Stakes: 2 Kementari
  6. Insider

    Stallion Register

    Poor decision by Westbury in my opinion, and I am a shareholder in Reliable Man. Liz
  7. Sadly I agree. It will be more wasted money, both to start with and ongoing that we clearly haven’t got. For the last 50 years when racing was much stronger than it is today, when we had more horses in training, when we had a foal crop twice the size it is now we didn’t need them. What we did have 10, 20, 30 and 40 years ago was money invested in track management and maintenance which we don’t have now to the level as back then. When did you last see a track being tapped back, during a raceday? It did happen regularly once upon a time. If we don’t have the money to maintain the current tracks properly, how the hell are going to maintain three AWT’s, which cost a small fortune each year AND need complete replacement within 10 or 12 years?
  8. Insider

    Thanks everyone

    There was an extremely important industry meeting about 10 days ago and he didn’t turn up for that, so I don’t know.
  9. Insider

    Thanks everyone

    We have got a Victorian running the place already! I don’t know what he has achieved though?
  10. Insider

    How well does that horse look ?

    Ran well too, behind a super steeplechaser.
  11. Insider

    Thanks everyone

    Yes, but they are not suppling a product for people to use and then they are not able to claim back the GST charged in creating the product! THINK ABOUT IT!
  12. Insider

    C W Johnson 100winners for season

    Without a doubt.
  13. Insider

    Nature Strip

    He was running out of air at the finish! The head wind wouldn’t have helped though. A Group One over 1200m in the Autumn will be a different proposition, not that I wouldn’t love to own him.
  14. Brian de Lore for the Media Person of the Year Award. (My opinion.) What do others think?