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  1. Insider


    Fair enough, but I think that given the current situation charity begins at home if you get my drift.
  2. Insider


    I suppose that you are all in favour of the multinationals operating in NZ, making squillions and not paying their due tax because of offshore registration.
  3. Insider


    Ok Leggy, give me your ‘balanced’ point of view why he should join or not join beteasy. Over to you to enlighten us, as always.
  4. Insider


  5. Insider

    TAB to go tits up

    I thought that you had more sense than to even consider buying a daily rag and expect Racing! The first thing that RITA should do is; immediately cancel the contract with all of the main Daily's except maybe the ODT. Having said that, Dean McKenzie wont do it, as he's the guy who 20 or so years ago did the deal with them all. Come in Dean if I am wrong. Now I am not saying it's a mistake what he did, however I am saying that the Daily's have run roughshod over the agreement ever since. Anyone disagree with me?
  6. Insider

    Thoughts to help NZ Racing....Please help !

    Yes and the Breeders Association went there, built a brand new building at the cost of $600,000 on the Auckland Racing Club land - leased. Then about 6 years ago Auckland said piss off we want to develop that land so they (NZTBA) were forced to walk away and leave behind a building worth $600,000. Some of you people gave some wonderful ideas sometimes!
  7. Insider

    Is this happening in Petone

    Nor Dean McKenzie
  8. Insider

    Is this happening in Petone

    Nerula, I may have misread you earlier. You say that some of the codes execs are now working for no pay. I originally took that to read that it was some of the execs of the TAB (RITA)! My apologies. So going back to exactly what you say. Is it some of the execs of NZTR, Harness NZ or Greyhounds NZ? Correct me if I am wrong, but they are the codes. (I think) So if it is NZTR, please tell us who it is, as I certainly wouldn’t bag them.
  9. Insider

    Is this happening in Petone

    I don’t trust you, not one little bit. Prove it.
  10. Insider

    Championships prizemoney slashed....

    Agree, at least 95% should be put up from NZB because at the end of the day they are nothing more than sweepstake races. $50,000 should be put up by NZTR because they are Listed Races and they are betting propositions. Anyone disagree?
  11. Insider

    Championships prizemoney slashed....

    Well the first thing NZTR could do, is announce right now that they cannot afford to sponsor the two Karaka races to the tune of 250k each. 500k will be a lot of money going forward.
  12. Are you suggesting that the lockdown will be for the next 6 months? For the record (in case you don’t know) the breeding season doesn’t start until 1 September and that’s 6 months away. Oh and by the way Leggy, can you tell me how Systema was classified as an essential business as that one has got me beat. I thought that they made plastic containers to keep your lunch in, and they are certainly not needed now.
  13. Insider

    Inglis Easter Sales brought Forward

    Agree Trump, been at golf all day and then at the 19th?
  14. Insider

    Inglis Easter Sales brought Forward

    Why not. Won’t they get married in the future? I tend to think that most will, especially if the girls get their way. P.S. My last comment is based on a lifetime of experience.
  15. Insider

    Inglis Easter Sales brought Forward

    Tell us why, quote...”I will still not be going in for a few months”. What is so different about your business, please?