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  1. Insider

    Taupo Gone!!

    Yes, but you can’t do much if you are starved of money.
  2. Insider

    Not a good look

    Probably the same reason that Ellerslie doesn’t.
  3. Insider

    Talk about a load of bollocks....

    It’s a excellent or interesting story, and well worth watching given the Princess’s history as a wife and owner in her own right.
  4. Well worth a read and four excellent videos.
  5. Insider

    Foxbridge Plate : Addictive Habit & Endless Drama

    Black Kirrama, I have to disagree with you completely. It’s nothing more than a conditioning race as half the highest rated horse were not fully fit! You saw the result!
  6. Did you and LJM watch the race together down at HQ? It would have been a bit of fun sharing the moment Go Mystic Journey.
  7. Yes, I have a two year old filly by Contributer which is very attractive and sensible. Doing everything right, but who knows if it can run at this stage. I am thinking about using the horse again and when I learnt that you had one I thought that I would ask the question, thinking that you may have seen lots of them. Chris Rutten certainly is an outstanding judge. His only other purchase this year by Bull Point, already looks the goods. If only they would open an early market on the Karaka Million ( based on entries) I would have $50 EW today. Liz
  8. No you haven’t, nor have you told us about your Contributer! By the way, what is you take on the Contribter’s given that have parted with your hard earned cash for one? Did you inspect the rest of the crop at the sales in January?
  9. Insider


    That being the case he’s certain to get the job then, otherwise they aren’t sticking to the job criteria!
  10. Insider

    NZTR board candidates

    LJ Molloy
  11. Insider

    John Allen

    I think that it’s probably cheaper to keep him! Give him a prick of a job like, sack his mates. Then and only then, may the penny drop!
  12. Insider

    Not a good look

    And we want these crap tracks here! There will be millions wasted once again. I was told on Sunday by a person close to the action that they are about to start on installing the Cambridge one, and that they intend to hold some races on it too, rather than just use it for training. My projections: 1) Cambridge track fees will go through the roof. (Because of servicing the loan and the maintenance costs.) 2) Proper races will never be held there. 3) Official trials will start with good numbers and slowly dwindle.
  13. Insider

    Glenda Hughes scores I thought it was a joke! It’s a disgrace. Talk about a snout in the trough.
  14. Insider

    World Women's Jockey Challenge in Japan

    So bloody typical of the current people in charge of our once great industry! Not a peep out of anyone explaining why there has been no representation.
  15. Insider

    World Women's Jockey Challenge in Japan

    I thought that it was in Sweden. Maybe there have been two recently. NZ wasn’t represented there either. Seems strange give the percentage of female jockeys we have and their quality. Come in Bernard Saundry or the Jockeys association.