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  1. Insider

    Racing Industry Bill

    The first of many is my guess.
  2. Insider

    Michelle Pickles

    There is actually two different things which management and marketing/sponsorship people seem to get totally confused about. Let me give you a couple of examples: 1] Leo of HQ pays the Auckland or Wellington Racing Club $5000 as a naming write of a particular race and expects nothing more in return. [Probably a Listed Race at best] 2] Vodafone or any other big time corporate pays $150.00 a head for 250 people for the Derby [food and booze] and gets naming rights too. [Cost $37,500] The club falls all over Vodafone [or anyone else] because they got $37,500 yet Leo's [HQ's] deal is 50 times better, let me assure you. [On the bottom line.] Stupid clubs have prostituted themselves because of ineptitude and stupid management. Just my opinion. Liz
  3. Insider


    I got mine this afternoon. I couldn't be more pleased with the improvements in readability. Dennis [editor] has obviously listened and acted.
  4. Insider


    And that’s the point... for goodness sake over deliver and let no one go away empty handed! Idiots organising the distribution volumes of the Best Bets had no idea. Dennis and team make sure that everyone can buy a copy, even on a Saturday morning.
  5. It end up like the imformant good until tsb got hands on it

  6. Insider


    It is delayed until tomorrow. I bet that it will be with waiting for.
  7. Insider

    Te Akau Thread

    Trump, I think you have misunderstood what a couple of us are saying, and that is NZTR should not be putting $500,000 into “closed shop”sales series races. We are not against any “open” self funding races.
  8. Insider

    ~ R2 Ellerslie...

    It appears to me that Mr John Otham seems to be the main catalyst in nearly every poor judicial decision in racing in this country. Over the years on Race Cafe I have made quite a number of comments about his poor actions. It’s not a pick on Mr Otham by me, simply a further acknowledgement that he seems to have the midis touch for poor judgement!
  9. Insider

    Te Akau Thread

    Yes, and it needs to stop in my opinion.
  10. Insider

    5 years Karaka data

    Maybe they should! Their results might be slightly better!
  11. Insider

    Tough times at Karaka

    Sadly one couldn’t have expected anything different, given the state of our racing and the extremely slow pace of RITA. Of course it’s not necessarily their fault (RITA’s) given what they have inherited. I blame that fairly and squarely on the previous management and the Board made up of mainly National Party lackeys’.
  12. Insider

    RACEFORM publication

    A bargain based on how good I expect it to be. Hopefully it will have a similar distribution to The Informant, ie BP Connects’ because at least I will know where to find one all over the country, Christmas, or in Christchurch for Cup Week etc. Trying to find a TAB in a different town these days is quite a mission.
  13. Insider

    Can anyone tell me...

    You have just told us of the good things that he’s done!!! How the he’ll can you blame him for the mess that we are in, especially the nine years between his first go and the current period. Your true blue mate was wonderful wasn’t he? Well maybe he wasn’t! Pray tell me what he achieved Leggy!
  14. Insider

    Riccarton races

    NZ’s biggest picnic meeting by the sound of it.
  15. Insider

    m walker

    You are correct. I noticed it too and thought...what the heck! Not good enough in my mind at all.