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  1. Insider

    Race replays

    I hope that you didn’t try to have a bet yesterday as the TAB wouldn’t have let you, knowing that you are in England. What I don’t get is that they say they spent 50 million on the new platform so that they are internationally competitive. Who can bet from overseas if when you become a customers you are locked out? I don’t get it? P.S. It didn’t seem to matter where I was, Australia, England, Russia or Turkey. Go figure!
  2. Insider

    How y’all looking now

    10 years ago they could have built an ALMOST straight 2000m course at Trentham when the Wallaceville Research Centre closed down. Now there are houses everywhere! Why would anyone want to build a new house in Upper Hutt? It's been dead for 25 years, ever since they closed down the car and tire factories. It must be the overflow of immigrants from bloody Auckland
  3. Insider

    ​Crown Prosecutor

    Sadly a damn good question!
  4. Check out the pedigree of the blue blood SANGARIUS who won the Hampton Court Stakes last night at Royal Ascot. It's ONLY a Group 3 so hopefully he might find his way to NZ.....and he is by the most up and coming sire in the world in KINGMAN. 0620sangarius.pdf
  5. Insider

    RITA- Board

    It certainly can’t take racing to the can’t even take betting to its NZ customers as it hasn’t been working tonight, right through Ascot. Next, it go down and not come back (like tonight) on Melbourne Cup day. The odds? 9/10 on I say.
  6. Insider

    Royal Ascot

    It’s still down. Still can’t get on. Error - please try again.
  7. Insider

    RITA- Board

    Patti, you couldn’t be more wrong. Liz
  8. Insider

    Mrs Cubes gets grumpy with the TAB

    Be quick as he will soon be gone. Maybe he could do something right to finish on?
  9. Insider

    How y’all looking now

  10. Insider

    Showgate's Dunedin Cup on Trademe

    Where is the Racing Hall of Fame/Museum? Isn’t everything still packed away in a container or two somewhere, probably deteriorating, especially anything in the form of paintings, photos and books? A disgrace just like the current idiots in charge of a once great sport/industry!
  11. Insider

    Now the sh#t hits the fan

    That’s like say that your customers own HQ! Really?
  12. Insider

    Bounding's half brother

    Thank you Weasel for your kind comments. I was talking about watching something unfold live, right before my eyes. Having said that Secretariat was just as spectacular in that Belmont.
  13. Insider

    Win a $1000 bar tab at HQ

    The article says: The extra funding will take the Government’s contribution to the Auckland Waterfront Development to 136.5 Million!
  14. Insider

    Ellerslie grog

    There are so few people that go on course these days, that they could do away with 90% of the security. Most restaurants don’t need security, ( HQ’s excluded) neither do Business Men’s Clubs, Cosie Clubs, Working Men’s Clubs etc so why do Racing Clubs? Do away with them on the majority of days and we will be able to drink Moët for $75 and that’s a reasonable profit margin. LOL (If only)
  15. Insider

    Bounding's half brother

    In 100 years they will still be talking about Henry Cecil, Frankel and Tom Queally. Until the day I die, there will never be a better spectacle than I witnessed in the early hours of a Sunday morning (in my lounge alone) when Frankel took off in front, in the 2000 Guineas and just went further and further ahead. In a life time of watching races around the world I had never seen anything like it, and never will again Oh, and Sir Henry Cecil, what a reward at the end of a magnificent career as a trainer with wonderful highs and then a low, as low as one of his ability could go, and then come back and handle Frankel the way he did. Good on Tom Queally for playing his part in the story that will out-live all of us, by generations.