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  1. Insider

    Ride Like A Girl

    100% correct Trump. I enjoyed it immensely on Sunday PM in the company of your uncle HEW and his lovely wife Pam.
  2. Insider

    horse of the year

    Gruff, Imelda Mary, that’s exactly the same horse that ,knight star private messaged me about. You and ,knight star aren’t the same person are you? For Imelda Mary to be the only horse mentioned seems too much of coincidence to me!
  3. IMeda mary    should have been  mention in awards 

    1. Insider


      Hi knight star. Instead of private messaging me, put up your thoughts and see if others agree with you.

    2. ,knight star

      ,knight star

      i did post to public forum even email nztr  but you know the reply you going to get because  . when the horses for three yr old group 

    3. ,knight star
  4. Insider

    horse of the year

    Quite a controversial statement for a first time poster. Pray tell us which horses"for the awards" haven't been "selected on merit".
  5. Insider

    Light Reading

    Well worth reading.
  6. Insider


    Chris, who really cares about winter racing? The facts are that all three tracks you mention are generally much better in the summer than anything up north excluding Ellerslie [rested through the winter] and Avondale. Te Aroha is a chance but it's very much bush. Ruakaka - sandpit Pukekohe - ask P4P for the latest update. Te Rapa - sandpit Tauranga - flies to bits Matamata - too hard Rotorua - horses for courses, pumas and poor grass Taupo - bush Who have I left out?
  7. I wonder if they [Cambridge Stud] are interested in syndicating him now [at least part of] so that us, the potential future breeders/shareholders in the horse, can enjoy the ride? Ascot, here I come.
  8. Toblerone and P4P, thanks for a great competition. Sadly this year, I just wasn’t up to it.
  9. Insider

    Losers Get Laid - Week 5 entries

    Randwick R 4, No 1 Funstar
  10. Insider

    Winton Gallops

  11. Rosehill Race 7, No 2 Bivouac
  12. Can you believe that today's Best Bets for tomorrow, doesn't have Rosehill in??? - Golden Rose G1, Shannon Stakes G2, Golden Pendant G2, Gloaming Stakes G3, Colin Stephens Quality G2 etc!!! But it does have the very minor meeting at Mornington!!! What is wrong with the idiots at the TAB??? For God's sake Dean M, kick some asses as they are surely an embarrassment to you. Liz
  13. Randwick R6, No 6 Classique Legend
  14. M12 Flemington, R5, No 4 Super Seth. Thanks team.