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  1. Has this been going on for over a week? It must be something to do with your system otherwise EVERYONE would be up in arms, and they don’t seem to be.
  2. Berri, Trackside is run out of Auckland, not Wellington or Petone. Oh and by the way, to the best of my knowledge both channels, Trackside 1 & Trackside 2 via a Sky Box don't seem to have had any problems among my friends. How are you trying to source it?
  3. Eagle Farm Race 8 Shout The Bar 60/60 Eagle Farm Race 8 Annavisto 150/150 Eagle Farm Race 8 Atishu 55/55 Eagle Farm Race 8 Startantes 70/70 Thanks Guys
  4. WESTOVER is 6/4 favourite and TUESDAY 7/4 and I think I'd rather be on the latter given a choice. [Stodge} Stodge I am on Westover. With a clear run I believe that he would have won the Derby, he was coming that fast! Fillies in our Derby [NZ] have a relatively poor record, so I am not holding my breath for Tuesday, Having said that, so few run against the boys in the NH so it will be an interesting exercise. Will you take me on for NZ $100 or 100 Westover you Tuesday? [If neither wins the bet is null in void]
  5. Te Rapa R6: 8. Te Rapa R7: 10. Te Rapa R8: 6. Flemington R5: 6. Rosehill R7: 3. Ipswich R7: 5. Ipswich R8: 5. Ipswich R9: 2, 6, 7. Cheers and Thanks.....
  6. I see it differently. Nature Strip has had his turn. Now Chris has to bow to the "big boys" Coolmore and not run Nature Strip so as to hopefully enhance Home Affairs value by millions! Typo obviously as Epson was 10 days ago, this week at Royal Ascot is the greatest show on earth, but what a pathetic job Trackside did bringing us the coverage. Obviously they weren't prepared to pay. Shame on them.
  7. Trentham update! They certainly made the right call yesterday, as it's a foul day here in Wellington this morning. A lot of cost, heartache and inconvenience has been averted.
  8. In my opinion, Trentham most probably could have raced successfully tomorrow, because ever since they made the announcement, it's hardly rained or showered and has been blowing a gale. However making the decision early has saved the owners lots of money in case it did all turn to custard. Having said that, Trentham is the best track surface in the CD by a country mile, [bar maybe a couple of others Woodville and Hasting?] as we have seen by the last couple of meetings held on the course. Sadly through mismanagement, the closing down of tracks and an AWT being constructed, the in
  9. 1. Ruakaka R1 2, 4 2. Ruakaka R2 2, 5 3. Ruakaka R5 7, 10 4. Eagle Farm R1 5. 10 5. Ruakaka R7 4, 7 6. Randwick R4 6, 9 7. Ruakaka R10 1, 5 8. Eagle Farm R6 9, 16 9. Eagle Farm R7 10, 12 10. Eagle Farm R8 3, 11 11. Randwick R10 7, 15 12. Eagle Farm R9 3, 15 Free Slot: 10 Bingo
  10. Well it was the time of..........Rugby, Racing & Beer, so why not have the jockeys on the same pedestal as the All Blacks and the top Provincial players? Incidentally, the Queen Street that I mentioned in my earlier posting was in WESTPORT. Talking about the "Coast" when you consider the Skelton Brothers, the next Mayor of Auckland [ex jockey] and Phillip Kempton, in the grand scheme of things it certainly box well above their weight!
  11. Crustyngrizzly, thank you for posting about Phillip Kempton. When I was a kid his family lived diagonally across the road and I alway thought that it was cool that we had a famous jockey from our street. (Queen Street) (Obviously he wasn’t famous in the real sense of the word but at least he was always in the newspaper every week )
  12. Too late is my guess as they gave away or sold all the radio frequencies that the industry owned.
  13. Have I missed a news release? Where can I find the fantastic new stakes for the Auckland Group 1’s
  14. Nelula, are you referring to the current government in your 2nd paragraph? If so may I remind you that it was the current government that had to bail the TAB out to the tune of 70 million, after taking over! I do agree with you that we are heading for tough times. So whilst I welcome the new stakes I hope that they don’t have dig into their reserves, all over again, just to maintain what they have promised.
  15. Thanks for posting this very sad story Leo. I like the way the Hall family now want the police/justice fabricators brought to question. I could be wrong but in the past, haven’t the perpetrators gone on their very merry way, scot free?