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  1. 9 of the 15 years is my guess. Of course I could be wrong as my husband regularly tells me.
  2. You are 100% correct. When I made inquiries regarding NZTR continuing the contribution (given the current Covid-19 situation) I was told by Bernard Saundry that they were contracted to it for another two years.
  3. It was like that not so many years ago when Rod and Rachel appeared.
  4. M B is coming home next week. The aim was always Melbourne, but with the likelihood of that not happening - because of the border closure, covid19 etc, is the reason. Will almost certainly be seen in the Captain Cook at Trentham in December. Maybe even a chance of HB. Liz
  5. I don’t think so. I see it as a chance to take back our own industry (through co-mingling) into mammoth pools, without any chance of manipulation. It would get rid of the parasite bookmakers, elite punters and their kick backs etc. Money launders would have to perform or loose large percentages of their ill gained moneys each and every time they bet. Quite simply it would once again put racing on the path to prosperity. Bring it on I say. Liz
  6. I will remember your quote above come election night, and hopefully smile
  7. Got mine from the Porirua TAB at 11:00. A great read. Well done all.
  8. Sydney jockeys, take some advice from me.........don’t ride in the first race of his comeback in 6 weeks time! I certainly wouldn’t be running one of my horses in the same race if I was based in Covid stricken Australia.
  9. Insider


    I have just been in New Plymouth and was told by a fellow tenant in Richmond Place/Court where the TAB was, is that they (TAB) are committed for another 6 years, unless of course someone else steps in and takes up the lease!
  10. I damn near owned Dyak way back then. Rob Fielder offered him to us before he went on to be open class but for some reason between my partner and me we didn’t proceed. We were also offered another horse about the same time that also went on to open class and again we said no. His name was Classico. Both were maidens or one win horses at the time, so an opportunity went begging that’s for sure. Liz
  11. Insider


    I am sure that I read a few days ago that it’s been delayed a week, until Thursday 6 August.
  12. Does he go out for a year or does he get fined $200,000? Either way it’s chicken feed to what’s he’s earned since Winx came along. It’s chicken feed on what the horse he caused to die, was worth, or what young Adkins might have earned in the next 12 months? Furthermore what might be the ongoing costs be for young Andrew Adkins for the rest of his life? These questions all need to be taken into account when setting judgement on Bowman.
  13. Yes imagine how much the consortium could pocket from the selling of Ellerslie!
  14. Bring back Leo, he’s not quite as old as the two he himself suggested. Equally as colourful though.