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  1. Insider

    Kozzie Asano

    Especially the girls. I spent time there.
  2. Insider

    Great race this Levin Classic

    I don’t know about your last sentence. The Darci colts just don’t seem to have it at the very top level, either here or in Australia. (Maybe Catalyst excluded, although I will wait and see and hope like hell that he is the one!) Asia is different. Harlech seems to be following a similar pattern. Disclosure: I gave bred to the stallion on multiple occasions and have thus followed his fortunes closely.
  3. Insider

    At this time of the year?

    Where they?
  4. Insider


    No.....see my post of 23 hours ago.
  5. Insider

    He's a Gold Digger

    What a great story. I love every little detail and the twists that it throws up.
  6. Insider


    He was half owned down here (Southern Hemisphere rights) ....BUT they sold out, or took the money so that the NH people could have him all to themselves. Having said that they were offered much more than what the service fees would have contributed over a number of years. Talk about under appreciating a stallion or not being able to make him pay in this part of the world....... I will leave it up to you to decide!
  7. Insider


    I have just spoken to the Editor. There is no Raceform for this weekend, as with the fields closing on New Year's eve it was impossible to get anyone to print and distribute yesterday/today. Next addition Jan 9..... back to normal. However I don't know if back to normal also means A4 size. I guess that we will have to wait and see. I believe that they will soon get on top of the teething troubles,
  8. Insider

    Chris Rutten

    This appeared in today’s TDN Aust NZ and is courteous of them. I don’t need to tell you any more, so enjoy the read You might ask, what is your point?
  9. Insider

    Winston and RITA. Are we going forwards?

    They should do it now, (immediately,) ban the whip before it’s too late.
  10. Insider


    It’s temporary while the printer sorts out some major problems, so Dennis’s editorial said, or maybe it was the guy at the TAB where I bought it. Either way, if that’s fact then the printer needs to sort it out bloody fast as I won’t be buying the A5 size long term.
  11. Insider

    Racing Industry Bill

    The first of many is my guess.
  12. Insider

    Michelle Pickles

    There is actually two different things which management and marketing/sponsorship people seem to get totally confused about. Let me give you a couple of examples: 1] Leo of HQ pays the Auckland or Wellington Racing Club $5000 as a naming write of a particular race and expects nothing more in return. [Probably a Listed Race at best] 2] Vodafone or any other big time corporate pays $150.00 a head for 250 people for the Derby [food and booze] and gets naming rights too. [Cost $37,500] The club falls all over Vodafone [or anyone else] because they got $37,500 yet Leo's [HQ's] deal is 50 times better, let me assure you. [On the bottom line.] Stupid clubs have prostituted themselves because of ineptitude and stupid management. Just my opinion. Liz
  13. Insider


    I got mine this afternoon. I couldn't be more pleased with the improvements in readability. Dennis [editor] has obviously listened and acted.
  14. Insider


    And that’s the point... for goodness sake over deliver and let no one go away empty handed! Idiots organising the distribution volumes of the Best Bets had no idea. Dennis and team make sure that everyone can buy a copy, even on a Saturday morning.
  15. It end up like the imformant good until tsb got hands on it