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  1. Thanks Chesnut , No there is no problem , I just wanted confirmation. Cheers.
  2. By my reconing the late scratching of Trap for Fools in Race 7 at Caulfield would have resulted in your selections running of the winner Best of Days. Is this correct ? The post itself is closed for the round.
  3. ivanthegreat

    SHARK .......... Cough Cough

    The Shark's Saturday Racing Guide ROTORUA RACES Best: Power O’Hata - A talented mare who has recorded four wins and three 3rds from only nine starts and won the Group 3 Cambridge Breeders Stakes (1200m) in April. | Take this bet Next: My Dakota | Roughie: Star Treasure FULL TIP SHEET ASHBURTON RACES Best: Prom Queen - An outstanding mare who has won nine races, including the Group 3 Barneswood Farm Stakes (1400m) at this meeting last year. | Take this bet Next: Publicist | Roughie: Ride The Storm FULL TIP SHEET AUSTRALIAN RACING CAULFIELD RACES Best: Extra Brut - Won three on end and came with a devastating run to put the LR UCI Stakes to bed. Will only improve out to 2000m. | Take this bet Next: Delusions | Roughie: Booker FULL TIP SHEET Cauldield Cup Runner By Runner RANDWICK RACES Best: Diplomatico - Heavily backed on debut before missing a bob to Ronstar and then bolted in by 4.3L when resuming. | Take this bet Next: Eckstein | Roughie: Destiny’s Kiss FULL TIP SHEET
  4. ivanthegreat


    Listening to our wonderful tipsters they have done a wonderful job bringing the obvious runners into favouritism this week again. Well I can tell you it doesn't work out this way so sit back and watch them all get rolled.
  5. ivanthegreat

    Danielle Johnson's Blog RaceCafe Exclusive.#2

    As George would sat " The money was right on the lollie "........ nobody picked it so someone got plenty.
  6. 1. Rotorua R5 - 12 2. Caulfield R3 - 6 3. Ashburton R7 - 3 4. Rotorua R7 - 3 5. Caulfield R5 - 6 6. Caulfield R6 - 1 7. Caulfield R7 - 3 8. Randwick R7 - 8 9. Caulfield R8 - 13 10. Caulfield R9 - 7 11. Caulfield R10 - 8 Thanks
  7. ivanthegreat


    Common Cafers lets send it out raging hot favourite............ bastards.
  8. ivanthegreat

    Mick The Name Dropper

    We are better off for having Mick but honestly someone close to him ( Problem ) needs to take him aside and remind him that when he was playing barefoot outside those West Coast pubs , those conversations he overheard were not a blueprint for discussion or debate. He who talks loudest and for longest isn't necessarily the winner. As for the bravado over the overseas trips........... we are talking a mere $10k to do all that which is F%&%^ all. Most of us have important work to do at this time of the year.
  9. ivanthegreat


  10. ivanthegreat

    J Mac at Flemington

    Yes as far as I am aware but given her racing style , if she is ever going to get beaten it will be there.
  11. ivanthegreat

    Te Aroha races

    Reminds me of the division races of yesteryear
  12. ivanthegreat

    Donna Logan

    I wasn't aware of that thanks Gubellini
  13. ivanthegreat

    a collett

    Wishing you well Aleisha for a speedy recovery.
  14. ivanthegreat

    J Mac at Flemington

    IMO Chris Waller appears to favour not fronting up and suggesting the owners will make the decision. Which ever way you look at it its going to be a massive call. Would he want to rain on the Winx parade ........... NO. Lets face it its probably going to be her swan song win or not. If the Autumn Sun lines up it has a royal show of being the horse to end the run of wins given the Cox Plate is run on that stupid Moonie track ( reminds me of Claudlands ). Many a great horse has got beaten there ......... some refused to even run there.