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  1. ivanthegreat

    Covid-19 restrictions

    The Health System is driving most of the logic. Most of it designed to keep you out of A&E as they will not cope with the C-19 inputs at some stage. Must be saving a fortune in ACC/
  2. ivanthegreat

    hrnz to close most tracks !

    NO but they have cycle tracks evidently
  3. ivanthegreat

    Watch for laugh.

  4. ivanthegreat

    Covid-19 restrictions

    Somethings not right , the stage 4 shut down was well intentioned and got all the support it needed BUT suddenly we get tens of thousands of overseas arrivals that simply seem to have ignored or at best flouted the regulations to stay at home PLUS the visitors who were on holiday who just kept traveling and what have we got ? A half arsed result despite every average kiwi household making supreme sacrifice . To my thinking it all fell over at the bloody airports
  5. ivanthegreat

    TAB to go tits up

    Mick the " Marth an trousers " with the big watch HEY WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING............... TWAT
  6. ivanthegreat

    Rod Kafer in this morning’s Press

    Nothing like going " Tits Up " to sort them out. It was/is out of control.
  7. ivanthegreat

    Miracle Mile

    Won it like Cardigan Bay........... Of course not serious BUT GAME AAS
  8. ivanthegreat

    Miracle Mile

    Despite all my efforts to find its next start this F&%$in happens. WENT ALLL THE WAY TO PERTH !!! OF COURSE THEY SWABBED IT http://www.harness.org.au/racing/fields/race-fields/?mc=GP270320#GPM27032008
  9. ivanthegreat


  10. ivanthegreat


    Maybe we could have the same racing supplement as they get in Melb/Seedknee for their racing this weekend. That would avoid the need for anyone to produce one here (JOKE ) ................... MAYBE IT COULD REPLACE THE TRAVEL SUPPLEMENT ( i KID YOU NOT ) THAT WE GOT YESTERDAY. !!!!
  11. ivanthegreat

    I know this is not racing but...

    The world is desperate for these " Respirator Units " , we have the biggest manufacturer ( Fisher & Paykel ) on our backdoor , I hope the Govt step in and succond as many as needed ahead of exports to the US for $$$$$$$$$$
  12. ivanthegreat

    TAB to go tits up

  13. ivanthegreat


    Here . Well we have another week where we have had the TFC and a couple of hours of coverage to narrow the races down to the 2 bleeding obvious in each race. This is backed up by help from the live TV advisor from the TAB helping you to pick winners ( Yeah right ) Well time has taught me one thing and that is NOTHING goes to the bleeding obvious at TRENTHAM. It doesn't have the reputation for nothing.
  14. ivanthegreat

    Miracle Mile

    1sr 1/4 in 25.6 , 2nd in 27.9 , half in 53 mile in 1.51 https://www.hrnsw.com.au/trotstv/replays/45507/45507#.XmXDbvGI_1Y.email
  15. ivanthegreat

    Roger That

    How come it only paid $40 ? I would have thought $140............... Good onya Antony though its a great story.