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  1. ivanthegreat

    box seat

    Or was it the dinner on Hannibal ?
  2. ivanthegreat

    box seat

    Iv'e see better haircuts on the history channel covering Krakow and Aschvitz
  3. ivanthegreat


    There is an air of arrogance about young JayMac these days , the Aussies will sit you down on your arse as quick as a flash mate so take stock of it now before they sit you on your arse reel good. If you had hit that 3 yr old anymore than 20 times up the straight ( as you did ) could you have beaten the other two in the 1000 Guineas ?
  4. ivanthegreat

    Weve Lost the way

    there a guy b4 him on 1zb Alansomeone ................... Tim , this guy is still looking for him. !!
  5. ivanthegreat

    Mark McNamara

    Was that him doing the studio job on Friday Night ???
  6. ivanthegreat

    Weve Lost the way

    Rushing from active results from Alex Park to cover a race from Korea with Pools of $2K WFT You wonder why its going down the drain ................. The trackside coverage used to cover the industry nights on Thurs/ Fri / Sat now its just a straight gambling channel, whats next Mud crabs from Darwin ?
  7. ivanthegreat


    Jiggery Pokery.................... Prized Prick
  8. ivanthegreat

    Sweeeeeny SHUT UP

  9. ivanthegreat

    Sweeeeeny SHUT UP

    They all do it ...............FFS
  10. ivanthegreat

    Losers Get Laid 2019 (14th edition).RESULTS thread

    ELIMINATED 107.14 ivanthegreat* (-50) [both lives gone] The competition is designed to play with your mind, it’s all about risk and reward, and strategy. Simple risk takers, losers, and garden variety fuckwits invariably fail at this game..... CLEARLY CORRECT
  11. ivanthegreat

    Losers Get Laid - Week 4 entries

    M11 r7 - #2 Bivouac. Thanks for comp. Some great racing ahead.
  12. ivanthegreat


  13. ivanthegreat


    Managerial Incompetence Personified
  14. ivanthegreat


    Posted July 6, 2016 As a passionate trotting fan I can't believe this is anything other than an urban land grab by property developers ( not that they are invisible ). After all where else could you find another development site in such a prime part of the city ? By the time we realise we have been duped , those responsible will be long gone with their golden parachute's.
  15. ivanthegreat

    Losers Get Laid - Week 3 entries

    Caulfield Race 7 #14 Begood Toya Mother. Thanks for the fun.