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  1. MiDeBo Racing

    230 TAB staff given marching orders - leaders still there

    Would have a lot more faith in DM & RITA if they cut the PR saving face crap and called a spade a spade. What’s wrong with coming out and saying it exactly like it is. That the TAB finds itself in its current position due to years of mismanagement. And that Covid merely shortened the runway to where they find themselves today. What’s wrong with saying it as it is rather than blindly using Covid as an excuse. Would have a lot more faith in the way forward if that was the case rather than trying to use Covid as a cover up.
  2. MiDeBo Racing


    Incredible the year Cambridge Stud has had. Massive loss for NZ. Condolences to the team. RIP
  3. MiDeBo Racing

    This is a big problem for racing

    Sure that I read only a few weeks ago that Nats were around the 45-47% mark
  4. MiDeBo Racing

    3% offer

    Couple of years ago I had a small share in a filly that was being aimed towards the oaks (Maiden at the time). She was nominated but I couldn’t find her anywhere in their futures market. I emailed them and asked them what odds they would offer. They emailed back saying they would offer 100/1 about her. I asked for 1k @ 100/1 but didn’t get a reply back. 2 days later I noticed that they had added her into the market........ @ 16/1
  5. MiDeBo Racing


    Cool aza Beel for KM 2020
  6. MiDeBo Racing

    Losers Get Laid - Week 6 entries

    Cheers for the comp lads, had a blast!!
  7. MiDeBo Racing

    Losers Get Laid - Week 6 entries

    M12 R6 #3 Flit Cheers for the comp
  8. MiDeBo Racing

    Losers Get Laid - Week 5 entries

    M11 R6 #1
  9. MiDeBo Racing


    Glory days a nice run without much luck
  10. MiDeBo Racing

    Time Test

    Sent my mare too him. Fingers crossed. Seems to be promising reports out of both europe and waiarapa about the stock that he is leaving
  11. MiDeBo Racing


    Best of Luck today
  12. MiDeBo Racing

    LOSERS GET LAID - Week 2 Entries

    Rosehill race 6 #4 exceedance
  13. MiDeBo Racing

    Murray Baker tells it like it is....

    Anyone else see the comparisons between racing and Fonterras recent announcements?? Both could learn alot from each other. Get on with making the right decisions no matter how tough you percieve them to be and get on with doing the core things well. Mike