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  1. MiDeBo Racing

    Felaar this Saturday - Who wants 100/1??.....

    Does anyone know if this bet is all go or not?? 14k seems a long way short of 100k
  2. MiDeBo Racing

    Name for my horse please.

  3. MiDeBo Racing

    Come Join Us

    Hi, can you message me more details please?
  4. MiDeBo Racing

    Al Hasa

    Anyone know what happend to this bloke? seemed to have a bit of ability. Cheers in advance
  5. MiDeBo Racing

    NYD quickie Comp at Ellerslie

    R7. Ronchi R8. Andoyas R9. Sleeping Beauty Cheers for the comp
  6. MiDeBo Racing

    Reverse Ballots

    Agree Puha. Next 65 1400 for Saturday stake in CD is 13/10/2018 at Hawera. Don't understand the rationale behind this decision considering rail is true and looking like at this stage the track will come up a 5,6 or 7. Coincidentally the same day at Hawera they have 3 65's (1400, 1600,2100) and two 72's (1200 & 1600) not to mention WFA F&M 1400 which if other years are to go by a mare rated say 72 could potentially sneak into. Applaud TTR and NZTR for thinking outside of the square but to do it on a Saturday seems astonishing to me. Cheers Mike
  7. MiDeBo Racing

    Reverse Ballots

    Anyone in the know able to explain the idea behind reverse ballots for Saturday racing?? Understand this idea midweek but surely for Saturday racing which is supposed to be perceived as "Premier Racing" you would want to think that the highest rated horses got a start?? Any Thoughts
  8. MiDeBo Racing


    Not a dig, but I always remember Rogie talking up Baldovino after winning the Rating 80 or 85 mile on the first day of the Hastings carnival a few years ago, 3 from 3. He said something along the lines of "Best ive ever had, will win the group 1 in two weeks". Came out and ran last and the horse seemed to loose its way a little bit after that Group 1 start, cant remember it starting in open company again. Hope he just takes his time and works his way through the grades with this bloke, seems to have some of mums talent.
  9. MiDeBo Racing

    HQ Pick Four Comp this Saturday....Rules and Entries

    Ranvet - Sarrasin Ryder - Winx Guineas - Tangmere Slipper - Santos Cheers for the comp
  10. MiDeBo Racing

    Racing Shares available in rising 3yo Filly

    Cheers, Back in work, Hoping she holds together
  11. MiDeBo Racing

    Pour Moi - an observation

    Any thoughts on which stallions would suit Pour Moi Mares?? Have a Filly by Pour Moi out of Thorn Park mare. Named Larima. Obviously Zabeel line has done well with Montjeu line but should I also be interested in the double up of Special in her pedigree or is it too far back??
  12. MiDeBo Racing

    Racing Shares available in rising 3yo Filly

    Lucky Enough to win our first race with this filly today. Now named Larima
  13. MiDeBo Racing

    SPCA Investigates TB Stud

    Dont be surprised when after all is said and done he still refuses to accept responsibility for anything. Its just the type of cowboy he is
  14. MiDeBo Racing

    SPCA Investigates TB Stud

    The latter.......
  15. MiDeBo Racing

    SPCA Investigates TB Stud

    Article doesn't mention employment disputes. only RIU & SPCA investigations.