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    Family have been involved in Racing (both Codes) for many years.
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    " Let us be thankful for the fools, for without them the rest of us could not succeed..." Mark Twain

    "Far better it is to dare mighty things, than to take rank with those poor
    timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.."
    Theodore Roosevelt 1899

    “Without ambition one starts nothing,
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    The prize will not be sent to you. You have to win it.
    The man who knows how will always have a job,
    The man who knows why will always be his boss...”
    Ralph Waldo Emerson

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  1. Go back to your cave.....along with the other Neanderthals......
  2. Former special counsel Robert Mueller, in a very rare move, has written an op-ed for The Washington Post defending his office's prosecution of Roger Stone and saying he is still a convicted felon and "rightly so" in light of President Donald Trump's commutation of Stone. "Congress also investigated and sought information from Stone. A jury later determined he lied repeatedly to members of Congress. He lied about the identity of his intermediary to WikiLeaks. He lied about the existence of written communications with his intermediary. He lied by denying he had communicated with the Trump campaign about the timing of WikiLeaks' releases. He in fact updated senior campaign officials repeatedly about WikiLeaks. And he tampered with a witness, imploring him to stonewall Congress," Mueller wrote in the op-ed posted Saturday evening. "The jury ultimately convicted Stone of obstruction of a congressional investigation, five counts of making false statements to Congress and tampering with a witness. Because his sentence has been commuted, he will not go to prison. But his conviction stands." Trump on Friday commuted the prison sentence of his longtime friend, who was convicted of crimes that included lying to Congress in part, prosecutors said, to protect the President. The announcement came just days before Stone was set to report to a federal prison in Georgia. Stone was convicted in November of seven charges -- including lying to Congress, witness tampering and obstructing a congressional committee proceeding -- as part of Mueller's Russia investigation. Among the things he misled Congress about were his communications with Trump campaign officials -- communications that prosecutors said Stone hid out of his desire to protect Trump. "Russian efforts to interfere in our political system, and the essential question of whether those efforts involved the Trump campaign, required investigation. In that investigation, it was critical for us (and, before us, the FBI) to obtain full and accurate information. Likewise, it was critical for Congress to obtain accurate information from its witnesses. When a subject lies to investigators, it strikes at the core of the government's efforts to find the truth and hold wrongdoers accountable. It may ultimately impede those efforts," Mueller said in the op-ed.
  3. Doubt it Idol, there’s no reflection there......
  4. Bullshit. He’s a lying scumbag just like Trump and the rest of his cronies. Found guilty, a convicted felon. Should be in jail.
  5. Racing has certainly been plumbing the depths lately, going down the gurgler so timing is spot on......
  6. If you wanted evidence of the REAL RESIDENT RACECAFE CONSPIRACY NUTTER, THERE YOU GO....... Trump just commuted Roger Stones sentence....he of lying to Congress, witness tampering, obstructing an investigation...all to protect Trump. But that is ok when you are a deluded fool like 1001. The rest of his posts are fantasyland stuff from a typical redneck racist plank.
  7. Ironic coming from Racecafes resident lunatic......
  8. Yeah, can’t wait for the show, about a year now......
  9. Talking about scamming....the orange clown commutes his lying mates sentence. https://edition.cnn.com/2020/07/10/politics/trump-stone-prison-clemency/index.html
  10. Can’t you read previous post ? Word for Word Rosehill R6.
  11. Try this one...as I say, you can make anything you like out of these.... https://ig.ft.com/us-election-2020/
  12. We should ignore them anyway Stables.....notoriously unreliable and can be a death knell for candidates....ask Hillary. Even if Biden does win, if they don’t win back the Senate it will be Obama all over again. Nothing will get done. Republicans don’t care, they have proved that.
  13. Don’t know where you got that from...even Fox have the margin at 12% now........all polls unreliable as we know. What this will come down to is the numbers that get out and vote in November. 90m didn’t bother in 2016, I expect that they will this time. Trump will try and win the election by any means...his attacks on voting have already started and you could see him rejecting any loss because of supposed voter fraud......good luck with that legally. Shame we won’t get to see his tax records before then, that would make it a slam dunk.....
  14. Here’s more from the scumbags at Fox..... https://edition.cnn.com/2020/07/10/media/tucker-carlson-writer-blake-neff/index.html