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    " Let us be thankful for the fools, for without them the rest of us could not succeed..." Mark Twain

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  1. Ohokaman

    Trump written off

    Biden is no perfect candidate, we know that...but he’s way better than the clown they have now. The yanks will decide at the end of it all.
  2. Ohokaman

    Did H Bowman drop his hands

    Surprised John Allen didn’t get pulled in for that ride on Grand Promenade. $2 fave pulled back at the start, then sat three wide the whole race, gave it no hope, and no pressure in the straight to run into 4th. Did have top weight but that looked like a “something else in mind” run.
  3. Ohokaman


    The concern Peter is whether this becomes a dormant virus that returns at the same time each year. No one really knows the answer to that as it has not been eradicated anywhere yet, and might not be. Millions of lives might depend on us getting that right.
  4. Ohokaman

    Trump written off

    Er....that would be you.....
  5. Could be the start of big changes to how races are funded in the future.... https://www.racenet.com.au/news/the-championships---prizemoney-of-top-10-races-slashed-in-half-20200329
  6. Ohokaman

    Trump written off

    Nicely dodged. I was brought up Catholic and all that entailed. Soon realised the negatives outweighed anything else and seeing my mother dying of cancer in front of our eyes confirmed that...the priest who wanted us to pray was given short shrift and had no answers either. Total con job. I’ve lost count of the number of door knockers of all persuasions who have been engaged in conversation...all very pleasant until the hard questions get asked and they have no answers...certainly none that make any sense...and after the awkward pregnant pauses, and getting upset and defensive they slink off..... Anyone that purports to follow true Christian beliefs could not possibly support Trump IMO.... Oh, and still waiting for Mum to contact us from “the other side” as she said she would......might be a long wait......
  7. Ohokaman


    A bit late wouldn’t you say.....?
  8. Ohokaman

    Trump written off

    Don’t be so sure Archer.....although as Barnum once said “ No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people..”
  9. Ohokaman


    As they say Trumpy...” You can tell an Aussie, but you can’t tell ‘em much....”.
  10. Ohokaman

    Trump written off

    The Evangelical nutjobs above have probably answered it anyway. How so called “religious” people, a term used loosely in the US obviously, can support a mysogynistic, narcissistic, womanising, cheating, lying, racist prick like Donald Trump defies any rational belief. Forgetting for the moment, the majority of them are a few sandwiches short of a picnic. What’s your excuse ?
  11. Ohokaman

    Trump written off

    And here they are.....
  12. Ohokaman


    The situation worsens in the US.... ET Source: State and county health departments Since January, health authorities have identified more than 111,000 Covid-19 cases throughout the United States. So far, 1,858 — about 2% — of those patients have died. Reported cases and deaths The figures below are based on data from state and county health departments. These numbers are updated every 10 minutes but may differ from other sources due to differences in reporting times. For up-to-the-minute updates, follow our live coverage. Cases Deaths New York 52,318 728 New Jersey 8,825 108 California 3,801 78 Washington 3,723 175 Michigan 3,657 92 Florida 3,600 53 Louisiana 3,315 127 Massachusetts 3,240 35 Illinois 3,026 34 Pennsylvania 2,751 34 Georgia 2,366 69 Colorado 1,734 31 Texas 1,731 23 Ohio 1,406 25 Connecticut 1,291 27 Tennessee 1,203 6 Maryland 992 5 Indiana 981 24 North Carolina 934 4 Wisconsin 842 13 Arizona 773 15 Virginia 739 17 Missouri 670 9 Mississippi 663 13 Alabama 644 3 Nevada 621 10 South Carolina 539 13 Utah 480 2 Oregon 414 12 Minnesota 398 4 Arkansas 388 3 Oklahoma 377 15 District of Columbia 304 4 Kentucky 302 7 Iowa 298 3 Idaho 230 4 Rhode Island 230 2 Maine 211 1 Kansas 202 4 New Mexico 191 1 New Hampshire 187 2 Vermont 184 10 Delaware 165 2 Montana 121 1 Hawaii 120 0 Puerto Rico 100 3 West Virginia 96 0 Nebraska 89 2 Alaska 85 2 Wyoming 73 0 North Dakota 68 1 South Dakota 58 1 Guam 51 1 US Virgin Islands 19 0 Northern Mariana Islands 2 0 American Samoa 0 0 Repatriations 152 0
  13. Ohokaman

    Trump written off

    Ironic coming from you. Never did answer the question did you, probably because there is no rational reason. Religious nutters believing in fairy stories. As for November, go Joe.....with a female VP to push things along. The American people will decide in the end, doesn’t matter a damn what we think.
  14. Ohokaman

    Come Back Trackside, All is Forgiven!

    The decent yard commentary, betting info and lack of waffle were all pluses too.....
  15. Ohokaman

    Trump written off

    The genius gets it...just took a while..