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  1. Ohokaman

    Couch TV Presenters, here’s your chance

    Snorting a line while eating the sausage rolls now frowned upon apparently...... Doesn't sound like a "fast paced, fun environment" to me.....
  2. Ohokaman

    Helena Baby

    Pikes filly Kali in R7 also worth following.
  3. Ohokaman

    Helena Baby

    Probably the latter. And given your penchant for posting "absurd rubbish" on the Trump forum too, he's probably right.
  4. Ohokaman

    Godolphin on fire.....!!

    Here is Pandemic, blue jacket...looks like something special..... https://racing.racingnsw.com.au/FreeFields/VideoResult.aspx?MeetDate=2019Aug17&VenueCode=Mzc0ODIwNg==&RaceNumber=3&MeetingCategory=Professional&VideoFileType=FullReplay
  5. Ohokaman

    Interesting Lot in Inglis Online Sale

    Looks like a no brainer Breeder....!! A $1m yearling by Snitzel ( stud fee over $200,000 now ) with Redoubtes Choice and Danehill bloodlines ?! $45k might prove money very well spent.
  6. Ohokaman

    Helena Baby

    Really ?? Endless Drama was rated 105, Melody Belle at 113......and there is no improvement to come....???!
  7. Ohokaman

    Helena Baby

    Just a reminder about the race. Pretty clear who you need to follow.
  8. Ohokaman

    Helena Baby

    Exactly. MB is going to Hastings for the triple crown starting with the Tarzino. ED going there too. TAS is off to the 1400m Gr 2 Tramway at Randwick on Sept 7, then possibly on to The Epsom. Pikey talking about taking ED to Australia as well, aiming at low hanging fruit, then possibly to Perth for the Winterbottom in November.
  9. Ohokaman

    Helena Baby

    English comprehension not a strong suit ? Horses are set for races, this wasn't one of them.
  10. Ohokaman

    Helena Baby

    They weren't interested in winning, it was a means to an end. Hastings in two weeks.
  11. Ohokaman

    Helena Baby

    Not a bad run from her yesterday. I didn't expect her to be fully wound up as they have been pretty clear about going for the Triple Crown at Hastings. Being a year older that run will bring her on and longer will suit better, particularly with TAS out of the way.
  12. Ohokaman

    Helena Baby

    Unlikely RR. He won the Couplands by six on his ear and is bred to go further.
  13. Ohokaman

    Helena Baby

    Cobblers. It was a huge run under the circumstances and if he had been a pair closer in the run he would have won the race. Further distance and firmer track is what he needs.
  14. Ohokaman

    Godolphin on fire.....!!

    Randwick and Caulfield round up with race videos. https://www.racenet.com.au/news/the-armchair-punter-s-post-race-analysis-kensington-20190818 https://www.racenet.com.au/news/cameron-happ-s-post-race-analysis-caulfield-saturday-20190818
  15. Ohokaman

    Jacinda Ardern

    Hell no, didn't happen.....and Labour would have handled it just as well........ And that massive surplus National handed over to these Clowns was all smoke and mirrors.....