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  1. I never caught the Weigh In programme and I probably should not comment as no doubt I am going to piss a few people off. However I think there are a few things that are never mentioned regarding the state of the industry. All I hear is that the stakes are too low and it is driving owners out of the game. That is true but not the entire story . Owners are getting stuffed up the chutney left right and centre ( to quote my good mate Leo!) Not all of it from the powers that be. Some of these so called" top trainers" are charging anywhere from 85/day to 100/day, clipping their tickets on chiro
  2. We would be the first to pull the pin if we had a dangerous horse. Jockey's and Track work riders are our life blood. Without them there is no racing industry. I respect their courage and never cease to admire them. The talented ones, the battlers , they all deserve our respect. This is a dangerous sport . They put their lives on the line every day. Rugby, Boxing, League participants run a distant second in my view.
  3. Hi Barry, The problem is and I will probably step on toes here, the Stipe's do need to be better at what they do. Given that they need to get a report out as soon after the meeting has finished, they rush and don't give out the information as it has happened. Too many times I have read reports and nothing has been mentioned about incidents that are really quite important. In Livingston's case it is fair to say that on the face of it she is a problem horse. You and the others that have commented can only remark on what is in front of you. Even today I had a lady come and tell me about Livi
  4. Firstly can I say we are gutted by what has happened to Rogan. As Trainers you feel like it is your fault when this happens. Like everyone else our first reaction was to blame the horse . Having now contacted Rogan and some of barrier attendants it appears it was a freak accident. Rogan's stirrup iron got stuck on a part of the starting gates as she was loading. The weight of the horse going forward caused the injuries. Rogan and the barrier attendants said it could have happened with any horse. The person that started this tread has had a crack about the horse previously so I want to set the
  5. I have spoken to Marco and I can assure everybody he is absolutely sorry about what happened. He accepted full responsibility for the incident.The incident and subsequent negative publicity has not been good for him having just embarked on a career in NZ.He also received a disgusting facebook message wishing him likewise treatment which is now before the RIU. Mike Dillon's ridiculous article in the NZ Herald has been well dealt with by more knowledgeable writers earlier in the thread also. Marco's explanation of the incident to me was once he turned his horses head to come off the rail he hea