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  1. Boss Hogg

    Merry Christmas To All

    Merry Xmas Scooby and all the racecafetarians hope you all have a happy New Year and make heaps Cheers BH
  2. Boss Hogg

    Michelle Pickles

    Meomy You have brought back wonderful memories talking about Lion Breweries .I know its off subject but please let me tell you about Lion Breweries and the much loved Captain Cook Hotel in Khyber Pass .In the good old days in the 60"s and 70"s the Capt .Cook was a great pub ,mates who used to work at LB used to go straight to the pub for a drink in the morning .Their used to be a back door that went straight thru to LB factory ,the beer was tapped in direct from LB and it was the best drop of beer on the planet .We used to go there on Saturday morning ,the Capt Cook opened I think it was 7 in the morning bloody great, more beer came out thru the back door and out the front door it might have been easier to put in a conveyor belt .At 11 we then went to the Royal George on the corner till about 3 and back to the Glen Innes for the rest of the day .Oh life was so simple the good old days Cheers BH
  3. Boss Hogg

    Waipuk you beauts

    Gruff , good run think Vroom will be going to Taherenikau on Jan 2nd .Since I posted this they have gone back to normal .Cheers BH
  4. Boss Hogg

    Waipuk you beauts

    Race 2 at waipuk Kellys Inspiration wins in tight finish, straight away Steve Davis lets judges call come thru without announcer talking over , then we get the photo finish amazing. Thats what we want ,cant get any better than that ,thanks Cheers BH
  5. Boss Hogg


    Hey Gubs My misses says I go off with half cocked Ideas ,I wonder if that is similar to a half assed idea or could it be that i'm becoming gender neutral , its confusing trying to live in a 2019 world with a 1960's brain ,Cheers BH
  6. Boss Hogg

    Racing Problems Solved

    Hi Racecafatarians You are wondering what a machine like this is doing on a racing web site ,well let me explain. We were at a garage sale in Whitianga on Sunday and this doozie of a machine was there .The garage sale man told me it was a turf aerator used at Bowling clubs and racecourses ,really !! So that got me thinking this could be the answer to racing clubs problems .I sure some of you have already identified this aerator as the Mark 2 x 7 head super model not the old cumbersome Mark 1 x 6 head model. Now this is how I see this scenario plays out.On the morning of the races when the track manager arrives and decides its to wet to race , he informs the racing club of the problem. But hey now its not as bad because they ring me on 0800 AERATOR and in a flash I'm there at the top of the straight starting to work wonders on the problem.I won't start on the bend as I'm not sure how this Super 7 model corners. As the crowds arrive at the races they can look up the track and can rest easy knowing that all is being done to make their day a happy one. This Aeratoring takes a while so I will have my 6pack of Speights with me .This is a concern as trying to keep it in a straight line becomes trickie. On completion of work which it is now Tuesday and I have know one here to give my invoice to only the track manager who is now picking up the empty Speights bottles and trying to strangle me. Well there is a few little problems to iron out, And I know about the drinking but I think there could be a place for my Mark2 x 7 Head Super model .Perhaps if it was a ride on ,well back to my shed to build the Mark 3 x 10 head Super ride on, now were did I leave my Speights.CheersBH
  7. Boss Hogg

    Te Akau Thread

    Hi Red , yeah a bit off the subject I know but the race track is in Mitchell central QLD has a great pub stayed just out of town the races are for one day but never there on race day . Up the road just a 6 hour drive is Emerald begrudgingly stayed at camp ground owner gave us tickets to races and drove us out to track brilliant day on course bookies and intertrack betting after the last race the club had free drinks in the main members bar for an hour and then put on transport back to pub .How good is that ? Cheers BH
  8. Boss Hogg

    steve davis presenter ?

    Johno leave Steve alone he's great value can have a laugh with him and can take the piss out of himself and does'nt take things to serious .Compared to Tan who thinks he is the best with his condescending manner and Rodley if I see that clip of him screaming again I smash the TV. Dont get me started on those giggling gerties in CD Cheers BH
  9. Boss Hogg

    Interim CEO to be appointed ...

    I'm only a punter so the politics of racing is not something I want to get into but what would be wrong with someone like Micheal Dore perhaps his knowledge and experiance on racing and TAB is something they are not looking for ,but as I say I'm only a punter, Cheers BH
  10. Boss Hogg

    Rotorua Scratchings Today

    Its hard to understand what the Trainers and Owners want, Rotorua has a great track ,beautiful weather ,and a dead 4 could be better and with bigger racing coming up in the next month an ideal lead up. With 86 excepting and 29 scratchings the club must be wondering what do .Cheers BH
  11. Boss Hogg


    Weasal You right but can't see Rogie doing that now that he seems to be on top of her issues not in his DNA .Cheers BH
  12. Boss Hogg


    Baz Yeah eazy win ,top ride by Ryan Elliot .He seems to get his horses to run for him but also gets into a lot of problems in the last 200 meters of a race with bad options ie Johnny Lincoln .He is the most improved jockey going round and I'm sure he will fix the problem .Has 23 wins so far this year ,pretty good for a young bloke .Cheers BH
  13. Boss Hogg

    Bill Waterhouse Dies

    J J Great book with all Bill's gambling called The Gambling Man by Kevin Perkins a great story. He was fearless when it came to punting .Cheer BH
  14. Boss Hogg

    Auckland Cup or Auckland Cup

    Magpie its the Sky City Auckland Cup over 2400 meters its the race they put on to trick us old soldiers in to thinking its the Auckland Cup and we will forget were the real AC should be in its rightful place on New Years Day cheers BH
  15. Boss Hogg

    No free tv

    Tom TV1 or TV3 are not an option ,because trackside has put all their eggs in one basket with Sky there only option is Prime .This week with a freeview popup channel 200 it seems that maybe just maybe they are sniffing around for a freeview option .I'm sure the turnover will increase, being with Sky must have been the biggest mistake the TAB marketing and management has ever done .Slim as for not having enough freeview channels go to Noel Leeming and get a new" you beaut" set box as the higher end channels are up for grabs for the future. There is still a major problem for freeview as the TAB has done some sort of deal with Spark and that could get rid of the rest of us .Cheers BH