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  1. Boss Hogg

    Macpac Whip

    Tania often reads races badly ,seems to be doing it on her own.She is also a very competent jockey and often rides very well. I think she should be seeking more guidance and training ,specially in using the whip and understanding what 's required of her.She needs a mentor but there seems to be in the south throw these jockeys on and see how you go.
  2. Boss Hogg

    Betting or Collecting $1,000... Info from TAB.

    At our local race course there used to be a middle bar for all us dodgy sorts.There were 30 of us who were always in there on race day ,Out of the 30 which included the barmen 28 had convictions I dont know about the barmen but they looked dodgy.I can only imagine the reply the TAB staff would have got asking that question.Loved those days.
  3. Boss Hogg


    Its Saturday morning here at Serenity Seniors Village and we are just putting into place a mission to escape and go and have a bet at our local pub.I know you are thinking why are we residing at SSV when we have a perfectly good home to live in .Well this John Allen muppet rang Winston and told him the down fall of the TAB was caused by us Oldies and we have made his his life a misery.Ah says Wjnston I"ll ring Messarra who yells down the phone "do what you want with them"I don;t want to come back to NZ. So here we are, Winston took our gold cards and put us in SSV ,We are in a ground floor flat and have come up with a plan to escape. Im tying our bed sheets together to lower us out of the buiding.Because we are on the ground floor we will have to go up to the first floor to get out.My wife Susie is still in her winceyette nightie and me in my PJ's with the easy access fly .I said we have to go now ,Susie put on her Ugg boots and followed me up the stairs,god she looks sexy in those Ugg boots. We went thru Bazzas' flat [another trouble maker]who was in bed he didnt even say hello come to think he hasnt been down for breakfast this last week, But we are on a mission so will check on him later .I tied the bedsheet to the balustrade and climbed down Susie followed I looked up and yelled Susie you forgot your pants ah its to late to go back we are on a mission.We took off across the lawns with our zimmer frames. It took about half an hour to get to the gates and then a 1 hour sprint to the local which is 100 yards away.I think we should have got dressed as I think I have frostbite in my easy access fly area . We go into the pub which is run by 2 nice young lads with craft beer on tap .We go to the TAB area and the big sceen is playing Sam Smiths greatest hits the small tv has these funny looking horses running up and down in the same spot .I ask old Blue standing at the table what the hells that on the screen ?Blue mumbles its called virtual races .Whens the real races comlng on?It had got to much for Blue who breaks down .Claude butts in and tells me John Allen has cancelled all races and virtual races are all we are going to see now as JA wants all his new young friends to play virtual races .But there is no real jockeys or people I reply.So what has happened to all the horses ? Monteiths have brought 100 of them says Claude there out the back and thats were we get our Monteiths Golden Ale from.Come to think it that handle does taste a bit warm.Were have our top Jockeys gone "Little miss squeeky and Parkesy ?Tears come to Claudes eyes. Lisa is poledancing down at the Whips and Spurs nightclub and Parkesy is a loader driver at the quarry.Thats terrible I didnt think Parkesy could drive a loader.Boy tis John Allen sure has improved things .Susie whats the 0800[ i'm sorry I escaped ] phone no.I want to go home. We are back in our flat untieing our sheets wondering what happened to those great days getting dressed up .the crowds laughter,the women fun jackpots betting and friends .Susie tells me she has smuggled a bottle of Whiskey in under her nightie and gives me a glass .I better go up and check on Bazza ,wait a minute that whiskey has thawed me out ,Bazza can wait .Hey Susie do you want to put those Ugg boots back on.
  4. Boss Hogg

    John Allen please explain....

    Thanks HS You must remember it is not the person who invented the wheel that was smart, but the person who invented the other three. We could have a case against him for aged discrimination.Being one of the old soldiers when we poke our heads over the trenches there is always someone there to shoot at us .So p####s like Allen who is about our age has got the cheek to take a shot at us,at least we left our employments or businesses in a far better place and proud of what we did,which is more than he can say,Cheers
  5. Boss Hogg

    John Allen please explain....

    John Allen is a muppet ,Because his web site is such an un user friendly site .He blames us old soldiers because its a dog to navigate .I consider myself pretty good on a laptop and by the look of the rest of you cafaians [think thats a word] Im sure you are to.I bet he would struggle to log in.He is reminding me of George Costanza in Seinfeld when he worked for the Yankees, they sacked him but every day he turned up for work again . Just remember Allen its not us old soldiers to blame but your crap web site .And were the f###did you find a word like OUTRIGHTS what happened to ODDS so simple.Cheers
  6. Boss Hogg


    Memphis Yeah pain is unbelievable I got gout when I was about 30 went to doctor he said you have a broken foot and strapped it up .Went to pub for medication to help ease pain. Our barber came in for a beer and diagnosed me with goutgave me some of his tablets 2 days later I was back to normal. Went back to doctor told him Barber said I have gout and I"m a lot better after taking his medication.Doctor suggested I should go to barber for all my problems he was pretty snarky.After getting every joint pain possible in the next few years the docter gave me these tablets which I took for 12 months .Touch wood I have never had gout since.You do have to watch your diet no pork,red wine [found that one out after a 3 day bender],never again.some sea food mussels not good .IBU profen is only a short term help you need good stiff only a doc can give you.Otherwise just keep drinking and eat what you want its more fun.cheers
  7. Boss Hogg

    Glenda Hughes departing e-mail...

    WD We were at Ellerslie for the Easter in '77 ,we had decided to leave Grey Way out with 61.5 could not win such a high speed race and settled on a big bet on Tudor Light,100 yards out were looking good ,50 yards out Vice Regal poked thru and then the unbelievable Grey Way smoked them .All the many times we have been to Ellerslie the crowd stood and gave Grey Way a standing ovation that gave you a lump in the throat .Waiting for the judges call you could have heard a pin drop .Imagine that race now such a close finish a neck to Vice Regal a nose to Tudor Light and Kiwi Can DH and close up Shifnals Pride and Verax waiting for the judges call, oh thats right we can't hear it because Sweeeeenys is burbling over the top of judges call.Back to the bar we should know the result in 10 minutes.
  8. Boss Hogg

    Glenda Hughes departing e-mail...

    S D You"ve brought tears to my eyes imagine going back to the best days of racing .I personally think the 70's were the best.Huge crowds ,big fields,and best horses. Getting dress in your best gear and using your wits to get into members stand and free beer .It was great.Just a sad note unfortunately by the early 80,s the TAB brought the closing time down to starting time and we were like dinosaurs and had to give up.Ahhh but those were the days ,cheers
  9. Boss Hogg


    Hi Stipulate You can go to Click More then click PDF and then click meeting simple ah .Or go to Racenet they normally have the stakes or both are excellent sites.Nothing is going to change who ever put this web site together are now sunning themselves in the Bahama"s.
  10. Boss Hogg


    Hi Barry Yes i realize its there but if you look on the top line it has 24m next race 59m why not just put what time the race starts .It is the same on sports betting .Its one less click ,As Phantom said there is no clock.
  11. Boss Hogg


    I dont think they are ever going to change this annoying time to go on races and sports events.They must think we cant tell the time.Look at Hastings 10mins to go 39mins to go 1.40 m to go why dont they just put what time it starts?
  12. Boss Hogg

    TAB website down for maintenance

    Nothing is going to change its a dog of a site . Look at Racenet or Punters to see how good a web site can be .No clicking or buffering while it tries to figure out what you have asked.Two of the biggest events on the weekend Nascar and Indy racing TAB failed to put the odds up of the drivers .Realizing on Friday no early odds rang help desk "we have issues loading the drivers but should be up in next hour" .That was same message all weekend. As for multiple bets being excepted I think the first ticket is excepted bet and tickets after are not check ticket no on transaction hope this helps.
  13. Hi HS We understand the rules and a lot of us love Jockey Challenge we know all the rules and are happy to play by them .Thats punting, like all books they have to balance so in a deadheat we know our bet is going to be a percentage of that bet .But if you are following Parkes at the moment it is easy to calculate nil return.
  14. Boss Hogg


    Yes the TAB has certified me fit for giving them money,so went to local TAB last friday filled out verification form gave manager my drivers licence he put in licence no and 5 days later all done so instead of trying to do photo ID which pisses us off .Just do it the simple way then again they might not have the forms .Hope this helps.
  15. Boss Hogg

    TAB website down for maintenance

    Yeah Baz have a couple of multiple bets on but at least there on I surpose I think they are waiting for there kids to finish there homework and they will be in to fix this mungrel web site