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  1. Hi S D 3 "rd thats good for Bradders Cheers BH
  2. Hi Tom If you are on a lap top do what Barry said it might need a good clean out it doesn't take much to upset this dog of a site .As for the hampster if I dont see him I'm starting to think somethings wrong Cheers BH
  3. Hi N P Gee she's pretty new only 19 when you get to my age thats new .She has been riding in the amateur races has 3 wins from 51 starts ,plus a lot of trials rides ,good chance to win on debut cheers BH
  4. Interesting new claimer starting up tomorrow .Rogie has his granddaughter Bailey riding 6 horses on her first day so not just easing her into it. She can ride at 52 kg's so will be a real asset for the stable with Ryan being the senior rider .Bailey will most probably only ride for Rogie as they will have bulk horses racing . As she still is part of the training in Team Rogie won't be able to ride another horse if Rogie has one in the race . With Bailey helping in training and then riding all Rogie has to do is get her to get her HT licence and she can drive the horses to and from the track , Cheers BH
  5. Hi Mike , No it was Jockey Premiership about $200 worth anyway thats the chance you take on those bets .You don't mind losing but with 3 months of the season missing its game over, Cheers BH
  6. Hi H S This is slightly off track but I also do Future's fixed odds betting and obviously that has been on hold since Covid but I have done my money cold through no fault of mine or the TAB but as soon as all bets were frozen any chance of having a chance of winning was gone. I realize that but I thought there might be a cash out or refund as a token of good faith ,as since Covid the TAB was always going to win and I'm sure I'm not the only one that has done their money Cheers BH
  7. Hi I understand what Racenet is all about but the TAB web page on the site is brilliant with all the info on one page .No scrolling up and down ,buffering ,buffering, [we have a problem] ffs. A simple example of how hopeless this site is ,go to sports results ,NRL or Rugby and find the score of that game ,its only about 7 clicks to find it but there is every result on there except the score or the half time score because they got rid of the popular Pic the Score so there is no place to put the result, amazing Cheers BH
  8. RacenetI've been a big critic of this dog of a web site since day one .It is built on an old format that no one else would be bothered with .It is no use getting upset about it because nothing will change unless they put up a new web site ie . TAB can not change things on the site they do not have the expertise and have to go thru the the cowboys who they give $17 mill a year to upgrade every 12 months if they are still around .Although I'm sure they will be in the Bahama's by now . I have given up on the TAB web site as I have said before I feel like Custer it doesn't matter how high or how hard you wave the white flag the same result is inevitable cheers BH
  9. Hi Slam D I can just see you sitting at the kitchen table with your head in your hands with a bottle of whiskey in front of you .You are now yelling at the dog '" how do I get these old soldiers up with new technology " .Obviously you know what you are talking about and it gets the old brain working ,but I think people will be walking away , The old SST 's will be wheeled out and if you try to imput your bet on to fast they jam and make a mistake ,and try and back out they jam and 100% of the time no one can reset them . I" m pretty good with my lap top getting round the dog of a TAB site so I think you will be pleased with that and I have been to thousands of race meetings both here and in Aussie but until they get back to TAB outlets on course and back to normal there will be a lot of us staying home ,Cheers BH
  10. Peter like thousands of others has lost his job ,he has been excellent on radio Trackside and has been for years , good on you Pete . Next month you can find something else to moan about , but like anyone who has lost their employment show Peter the compassion and respect that he deserves in these trying times. Cheers BH
  11. Yeah NP your right but had a big couple of days, I think level2 has taken its toll ,Cheers BH
  12. Hi Red when do you ever sleep ? I had been in bed for an hour when these races were on ,Cheers BH
  13. Hi Red yeah this web site doesn't get any better in fact it is getting worse .I have had a gutsful of the site since day one . The website format was constructed on an old spread sheet from about 2000 , they should have known that from day one , The people who sold it to the TAB are well gone back to Northern India . It is impossible to change anything in the site without going thru the people who put it together so they can charge an arm and leg for it. I used to turn over about $300 to $400 on average week now I spend about $40 so have given up . The new trick the web site does is when the race closes the page is wiped off the screen . I enjoy jockey challenge but even this is a battle with this lot ,Cheers BH
  14. Hi Gubs I remember Owhata Chiefs race in 1976 we were there and had a decent bet on Owhata Chief owned by Jonn Sale and his family from Rotorua . Owhata Chief was coming home like a train and Thun just came out and stopped O C in his tracks .The protest was dismissed and at the presentation we were all yelling out that it was a fix andthey stopped the speaches till we stopped .By this time some so called security were up in the members stand and grabbed me [Mr Innocent] and took me down stairs and locked me in a room, unbelieveable about 15minutes later came and asked do I know the owner of OC and the other people who were yelling I acted innocent I was dying for a piss by this stage So they escorted me to the toilet FFS .They then took me in to the commitee room to apoligize to Arthur Hughes and all these suits standing there .I were then escorted off the course and given a 3 month ban , The good old days don't you love them ,Cheers BH
  15. Hi Robert I would love to be involved but I think my 2 convictions for bookmaking on my CV might be a red flag when you apply for a licence .Cheers BH