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  1. Boss Hogg


    Nicola Sturgeon the Scottish P M just sacked her Chief Medical Officer on the spot for travelling to her family holiday home twice ,if she had lived in NZ and done that she could have also gone for a bike ride and still kept her job . Cheers BH
  2. Boss Hogg


    sss Hi Gruff couldn't agree more JAG should have lost her job after the Email to Wellington Council but Cindy managed to cover all that up. As a Associate minister of Health she is in lockdown and for the sake of all us soldiers and soldierses lets hope they keep her there . Just a question for all you far more learned than me ,last night TV1 spin said hard hitting Cindy is getting tough on idiots that are breaking the shutdown laws except David Clark he's all right . She went on to say that supermarket tosser was a idiot ,now heres the rub ,she said it after he was charged with the offence .Wouldn't any lawyer with half a brain use the '' my client has case has been compromised by Cindy's statement'' case dismissed ? Cheers BH
  3. Boss Hogg

    Helpful Hints for Day 10

    Thanks Rusty but I think I'll take my chances with the shovel Cheers BH
  4. Boss Hogg

    Helpful Hints for Day 10

    Well we are into day 10 and since Trackside has been cancelled except for the brilliant Aussie races. I have found that I have a lot more time to support and help the wife around the house during these tough times.And these times can put pressure on any relationship but I think I have the answer. Today I have noticed some of the things she does around the house could be improved and with some constructive criticism and advise I think she appreciates my input. In the last few days she has taken up gardening which surprises me as she hates gardening, I asked her what she was going to plant ?........................ Cheers BHersBH
  5. Boss Hogg


    Good on you TA yeah got our shots the other day .The only thing missing was the Lunar Module . Cindy was asked by hard hitting Hillary Barry last night about David Clark ,Cindy fobbed it off as a joke total disrespect of us Kiwis but would you expect from her. Then Hillary giggled and Cindy giggled and waved to each other FFS P4P said something the other day about Cindy leaning towards National and the more I thought about it ,I"m sure he is right. Just go back when she disbanded Parliment I still think this is totally illegal but with all the dumb arsses around her including her she realised that Simon Bridges is the person that might carry her thru so she set up another working party [she loves them]. But S B has being showing her up this week so this will not end well for Cindy . This will be the end of the crap Green Party when Eugenie Sage in these hard times as we all sit at home says this has been great for the climate really this is the shit we have in power ,her and the rest of them with their ideology with electric cars and making the farmers feel like shit .[ who will be the hero's when this is over]. These pretenders like Golriz Ghahrammmmah ,Julie Ann Genter .Cloe Starbuk will be gone and serious people will put our country back on track . At the next election there is a storm coming and it is called Boomers and we are not going to drop our guard like we did at the last election .Cheers BH
  6. Boss Hogg

    Thank your lucky stars

    Camilla . My Sister in-law No1 My Sister in-law No2 My Sister in-law No3 My Sister in-law No4 Stay safe soldiers and soldierses Cheers BH
  7. Boss Hogg

    Australian Racings Tipsters

    Hi Pottsie Racenet and but by the end of the weekend you won't need them Cheers BH
  8. Boss Hogg

    Some Good News

    Its always good to have hard hitting Jason Tan interviewing .Just thinking CEO's who think they are real smart and can' t see the forest for the trees 1. Bernard 2.Mark Robinson 3.Cameron George 4. David Dome They all think they know it all Cheers BH
  9. Boss Hogg

    Some Good News

    This self entitlement that these people think they are better than us and they are looking after themselves .Not like all the thousands of families that have lost their jobs .Look how that worked out for the NRL and that tosser Cameron George ,played the big I am and we are going to play on ,we're staying in Aussie everyone loves us yeah right . Look how that turned out.Steve Kearney blubbering he can't be with his family .What goes round comes round remember that Bernard . Just a thought how long will big time Cameron George last with the Warriors before he runs . Cheers BH
  10. Boss Hogg

    Some Good News

    Huey Murray Baker and Andrew Forsman have closed shop they are one of the big guns so why on earth would racing think that they should be able to do track work etc .Do all these jockeys ,trainers after working their horses go home to their families and one person gets Covid 19 . They are so bloody selfish and think they have a right to carry on while the rest of us try and stop this covid 19 f##K them Cheers BH
  11. Boss Hogg

    Some Good News

    Hi Ted surely racing is taking the piss out of us . We are on a month isolation all over NZ to try desperately to stop this Pandemic , Families not being able to leave their homes ,with all of this to try in some way to keep us from spreading this Covid 19 . But the precious racing has found away to get around the rules by calling Animal Welfare as a reason to carry on as per usual FFS . It was only 3 days ago the stopped racing because of the Covid 19 because they said ''If any jockeys get the virus it will be the end of racing' Now hows thjs going to work the trainer tells jockey to stay 2 meters away from another jockey .We all know how the jockey listens to the trainer on race day by the time he or she has left the birdcage they have forgotten what was said . Just turn the horses out and feed them, easy ah Cheers BH
  12. Boss Hogg

    More race meetings canned in the north.

    We're Doomed There is usually about 30 of us at this meeting and me and Ronny were'nt going so that leaves 28 CheersBH
  13. No your spot on there Gubs we are all going into self isolation so lets hope this will turn this around i have found the old Betty Crocker Cook Bock so think I'll take up baking as its has got to be better than my punting.We just came up from the Yrapa early this morning hardly a car on the road .Just announced racing cancelled for a month, now were did I put that book . Cheers BH
  14. Boss Hogg

    This is the future......

    In the good old days at our local when we were bookies after the days racing we would set up my Escalado horse racing game at the back of the bar . Some of the bets were bigger than the day races .6 little lead horses paid out on 2 placings life was simple. CheersBH
  15. Boss Hogg

    I know this is not racing but...

    I 'm sorry Slam Dunk in no way was it meant to be racist , it was where Cindy was on the friday instead of saying I should be on top of this Corona pandemic and in Wellington getting all the advice she can .If I could edit it out I would Cheers BH