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  1. Boss Hogg

    Trevor ( Gripper) Harrison

    Good to see Tony McGoven back .When the horses go into the stalls as the last horse goes in Trev always hits the button .Yesterday when the last horse went in Tony gave them about 10 secs before he let them go .Cheers BH
  2. Boss Hogg

    Drivers Challenge Northern Southland 9/1/2020

    Justitia don't know what KB was paying as I dont back trots but they should have paid out half the dividend to both of the drivers .If you got your money back it might be better than half .Usually the help desk are good to explain their decision Cheers BH
  3. Boss Hogg

    TAB Cash Out

    Why do you want to worry about Cash Out . Why bother putting a bet on if all you want to do is take the easy why out if you can . The whole idea of punting is to maximise your bet to get as much as you can out of the TAB. The TAB love it when you go to the Cash Out to wimp out of a bet . I always let my bets go to the its ultimate result ,thats what its all about isnt it? Cheers BH
  4. Boss Hogg

    Matamata not again

    Why have they got another meeting during the Xmas holidays? Surely they must realize that its not a holiday destination am I wrong but why not have the meeting at Rotorua, Tauranga or Te Teko were the people are at least you would get a few more there. How many times did you hear someone say "I"m going to Matamata for the holidays it will be exciting " Cheers BH
  5. Boss Hogg

    Were's the orange cone

    Good work Rusty
  6. Boss Hogg

    Were's the orange cone

    The PVC winning post has blown over before race 3 at Ruakaka were is the trusty Orange cone it never failed us ,things don' t improve Cheers BH
  7. Boss Hogg

    Raceday Attendances

    Part of the crowd enjoying the racing ,happy new year for 2020 Cheers BH
  8. Boss Hogg

    Raceday Attendances

    Bloke yes your right , we went at 10 and big crowd already although thought it was not as big a crowd as previously years but when we left the car park was full to overflowing . A little point that could be improved at no cost is inbetween the 2 stands they have put the coffee stall and the hotdog stall if they were moved it would give people more room to see the birdcage and picnic area but still enjoyed the day, walking back to the car to get more Speights kept me fit .Cheers BH
  9. Boss Hogg

    Raceday Attendances

    Might have worded it wrong but "they " i meant owners and club members , when I asked the committee member at the gate it is the same answer we are a small club who needs the money for the infrastructure and running of the club. Things have improved this year there was 3 hot dog stands . Cheers BH
  10. Boss Hogg

    Hot Holiday Jocks

    Hi guys I know this has been done to death but am I wrong in thinking the South Island races should be half a point a race ? Winning races at Ellerslie to winning at Omoto or Reefton it seems a bit unbalanced points wise .Just thinking ,my bet in the HHJ was the brilliant Dannielle who has let me down badly so her photo has come off the mantelpiece ,Cheers BH
  11. Boss Hogg

    Waipuk you beauts

    Hi gruff looked home but these Te Akau horses with a 3kg claimer cant be beaten but Vroom will win at short notice happy new year heading to Tauherenikau tomorrow using my own money Cheers BH
  12. Boss Hogg

    Raceday Attendances

    Hi Aaron you havent mentioned Ginger Jane yet ,looks to be a good chance on her previous run ,hope she goes well .Cheers BH
  13. Boss Hogg

    Raceday Attendances

    Hi trump fully agree it should be free entry ,but a couple of comparisons .Ellerslie $10 entry on line , to see $1,100000 in stakes races and then on thursday we go to Tauherenikau rases $20 entry watching $83000 in total how they get away with it is mind bogeling they say its a family day and we are a poor club "really" Great picnic meeting but same old food stalls ,not enough tote windows open etc. Just a bit off track but after Ellerslie pulled the old stand down ,well they had to burn it down because it wouldn"t come down ,and they had the brilliant garden bar behind the old tote , yep they bulldozed that .the crowds never returned ,so sad ,Cheers BH
  14. Boss Hogg

    Taupo winning post

    Gruff I'm a staunch fan of Danielle and back no one else if she is in a race .I think it becoming close to an obsession we used to follow her father Peter but this girl is something else . CheersBh
  15. Boss Hogg

    Taupo winning post

    Full marks to the track staff at Taupo they have managed to get the winning post almost the same colour as the grass .Cheers BH