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  1. Mike's Minute: Is Ashley Bloomfield up to the job? Here is how we end up in a mess. This is a case study. We end the week understanding that the vaccine roll out is not going to plan, but then part of the lesson is that it was never going to. The leaked paper showed us we are hundreds of thousands of jabs short of where we should have been. We also now know there are 300,000 doses waiting to be used, and under half the vaccinators are actually vaccinating. This too should not be a surprise, doesn’t make it right, but it shouldn’t be a surprise. This is merely an exten
  2. More Kindness, Labour Breaks Another Promise By CS Jacinda Ardern promised us kindness. Instead, we get meanness. Jacinda Ardern pledged that she would solve the housing crisis. It has only got worse. She also promised light rail to Mt Roskill by 2021. Instead we’ve got nothing. The promised delivery of 100,000 Kiwibuild homes has become a sad joke. Now we find out that her promises on mental health are as hollow as all her other promises: The real crisis the government faces now is a credibility
  3. Wellbeing The Art of Saying a Lot and Doing Nothing By JC The Guardian has devoted its little corner reserved for New Zealand this week to a review of the government’s ‘Wellbeing Budget’ and how it has transformed the lives of so many New Zealanders. Or not. You can read the article here, but it got me thinking. What happened to the ‘wellbeing budget’? How come we don’t hear about it any more? What effect did it have on the lives of ordinary New Zealanders? I was sceptical about the concept of a ‘wellbeing’ budget in 2019 when it was introduced. Sure, it sounds good,
  4. Labour Lacks Credibility and a Moral Compass By JC The word Government is a complete misnomer for the Labour Party. It’s akin to comparing Megan Markle with the truth. There is no relationship between the two. To use the word Government in its true sense when talking about Ardern and her mob of misfits is an abuse of the English language. They got re-elected on a platform of fear. Fear that they created. Their whole election strategy was based around the Covid pandemic. No policy of any substance was introduced, not that they had any if the truth be known. With a big fat fail in all m
  5. Mike's Minute: Could this be the worst week for the government? Mark the Week: More broken promises and lies from this Government Mike Hosking: Delaying the travel bubble is a control exercise, pure and simple It's hard, as we sit here at the end of a draining week, to work out what was worse. Was the tantalising prospect of a travel bubble with Australia, shattered by yet another vacuous, hyperbole filled sermon from the pulpit of bollocks and BS the biggest let down? Or was it the lie about the brightline test? Or was it the lie about the lie about the brigh
  6. We can only hope: Rumours of a prime-ministerial resignation may be intended to head-off something considerably more dramatic on the policy front, Chris Trotter suggests 22nd Mar 21, 7:28am by Chris Trotter Jacinda Ardern & Grant Robertson. By Chris Trotter* There are all kinds of political rumours, but they don’t get much bigger than: “The PM is about to resign.” When that rumour was relayed to me on
  7. Ardern’s Luck Has Run Out Lockdown and Border Closure Foreshadow the End of Ardern By Suze The ‘Covid Queen’ started her political career as the ‘Crisis Queen’, rising to international stardom on lucky breaks provided by the politically motivated exploitation of cyclical weather changes (initially named global warming then renamed climate change), the Christchurch killings and then the White Island eruption. All attracted global media attention. The BFD. The magazine hit shelves March 2. Photo credit: TIME Magazine These lucky breaks provided an opportunity for Ardern’s
  8. Never met him Gruff. Just able to easily recognise NZ's worst and most dangerous Prime Minister ever.
  9. Ihumatao: Serious Questions after Treasury Opposed Deal David Seymour New Zealanders will be demanding answers after learning that the Government’s chief economic adviser opposed its efforts to solve the dispute at Ihumatao”, says ACT Leader David Seymour. “The Government purchased the land at Ihumatao for $29.9 million through the Land for Housing Programme, a fund set up to deliver KiwiBuild homes. The goal of that fund was for the Government to purchase land, on-sell it to developers, and contract those developers to rapidly provide new housing. “But Treasu
  10. Propaganda Rules By Dr Muriel Newman We all know politicians engage in propaganda. But most don’t admit it. Not so Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Desperate to avoid allegations of mismanagement over Auckland’s bungled lockdowns, she began lashing out, claiming individuals have been knowingly spreading the virus – including a young man who’d spent time in Managed Isolation: “We drum in that messaging around the dangers of Covid pretty diligently for a full two-week period of sustained propaganda.”
  11. The Indoctrination and Politicisation of Children by the Ardern Regime By CS One of the first things totalitarian leaders do is to facilitate the indoctrination of children. This will condition them to accept the edicts of the leader and become willing tools of the state to further the subjugation of the population. Despotic leaders crave attention, so they seek that attention from adoring children. I wrote about the soft media stories that were rolled out last week to shore up flagging support for Jacinda Ardern. This was done by using children to push the s
  12. Arjaybee. R J Bothwell Congratulations Leigh. Lovely debut win at Otaki just now. Good ride
  13. Spending 1 million dollars a day on putting people up in motel accommodation
  14. Media Put the Boot in as ‘Jackboot’ Jacinda Runs from the Hard Questions By CS Jackboot’ Jacinda Ardern is on the run from the media. Yesterday she cancelled her media slot with Mike Hosking using the flimsiest excuse possible: What a weasel. Labour are systematically cancelling centre-right interviewers: first Peter Williams, now Mike Hosking. They will be moving to close them down next. Mike Hosking has been brutal in his response: The Prime Minister has not been on my Newstalk ZB programme this morning, and there is a reason for that. She is runnin
  15. Mike Hosking: PM ditching the weekly interview speaks to a lack of backbone HOME ON AIR MIKE HOSKING BREAKFAST OPINION MIKE HOSKING: JACINDA ARDERN DITCHING THE WEEKLY INTERVIEW SPEAKS TO A LACK OF BACKBONE Mike Hosking: PM ditching the weekly interview speaks to a lack of backbone ON AIR MIKE HOSKING BREAKFAST Author Mike Hosking, Publish Date Mon, 8 Mar 2021, 10:43AM