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  1. Serena won the Telegraph in 1967 also Gubes. She carried 7 stone 2lb and a quarter and was ridden by David Peake in 1967. I saw her win the race in 1968 when ridden by Bill Skelton when she carried 9 stone 3lb that year (my first time at Trentham). Bill rode the double that day winning the Cup on Loofah.
  2. Palamos wont be starting.
  3. A compulsive obfuscator and consummate, incorrigible liar is our prime minister, we all know that, but Monday’s effort on the Mallard debacle was gold-medal standard, truly world-class, a masterpiece in mendacity. She hit the truth out of the park. Bravo PM! Listen from 07:25 Interviewed on Red Radio’s Morning Report by Suzy Ferguson, ostensibly about the Ihumatao land-grab, Ferguson changed furrow to dig into the Speaker’s self-serving hot potato rules-change (actually ‘Speakers Directions’) issue. Ferguson: “Cost to the taxpayer fairly high on all of this and
  4. rdytdy


    Watch Labour Duck Its Responsibility with Mallard By JC It is now apparent that the very person who is supposed to uphold the dignity of Parliament and the safety of those working within its corridors has proven himself to be totally unfit for the position. In my previous article I set out the backgrounds of those MP’s elected to Parliament in 2020. On the left one would be hard pushed to find a more ragtag bunch of misfits. It now seems with the Mallard screwup to deal with they are, in all probability, about to show their true colours. Their hypocrisy and double standards will
  5. There was one black fly sitting on the wall. No, this isn’t the penultimate verse of a lengthy song beginning ‘There were a thousand black flies sitting on the wall’, but a statement of fact. The wall in question was in the office of Grunt Robbingson, Minister of Sausage Rolls, Financial Destruction and Money Printing, and the fly mentioned was no ordinary fly, but my very own Spyfly device, which was already recording the activity in the room. My intelligence sources on the cleaning staff had informed me that Justinda Ardeau, the Queen of Covid was on her way to one of her regular informal ch
  6. Nothing suspected Miss Jools. I can confirm Chelsea's collarbone is indeed broken.
  7. Mike's Minute: Government's Covid response a shambles Turns out the Covid cluster we really need to be worried about is called the government cluster. Yet again last week they overreacted, yet again they cost business millions, and yet again we find out that what they said was happening and what was actually happening are two completely different things. Having closed downtown Auckland, it became fairly obvious at seven o'clock Friday morning when we talked to Chris Hipkins that the shutting down of the economic engine of the country was not required, and that the poor girl at th
  8. NZ’s COVID Comedy By JC- November 12, Covid in this country has become a comedy on so many fronts. It’s a comedy primarily because there are a bunch of clowns trying to run it. From the get-go these idiots haven’t had a clue how to handle it. What has let this ship of fools off the hook, and what has given the appearance that they know what they are doing, is nothing to do with their capabilities but everything to do with our geographical position on the planet. I suppose we have to thank Maui for fishing up the North Island where he di
  9. TICKETS SOLD AND ENTRY TO THE NZ CUP MEETING TO BE HELD ON SATURDAY 7, WEDNESDAY 11 AND SATURDAY 14 NOVEMBER 2020 AT RICCARTON PARK RACECOURSE (‘THE RACECOURSE’) ARE SUBJECT TO THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS: • The Canterbury Jockey Club Incorporated (‘CJC’) reserves the right to refuse entry. • No person under the age of 18 years will be admitted to the racecourse on NZ Cup Day. • Intoxicated people will be refused entry. Random breath testing may apply. •
  10. A lot of that did happen. It was obvious that Labour would have the largest majority going into this election. The "biggest danger" to the country was that they NEEDED the Greens to form a government. MMP creates strategic voting and by giving Labour your party vote to ensure they could govern alone and thereby taking power away from the mad Greens was a positive vote this election. Thus the tail cannot wag the dog.
  11. And if the socialist gets back in then the country has lost.
  12. A Contest of Ideas By Dr Muriel Newman The election that started out as the Labour Party sleepwalking to victory on the back of the COVID-19 crisis has become a contest of ideas. In the red corner are Labour and the Greens promoting higher taxes, less freedom, and more State control. In the blue corner are National and ACT championing lower taxes, more freedom, and less regulation. Setting a
  13. Rosie is in the Intensive care Unit at Wellington Hospital in an induced coma. Has some fractures to her face. Wishing for the best possible outcome for Rosie.
  14. NZCPR Weekly: SPOTLIGHT ON COVID-19 RESPONSE By Dr Muriel Newman This week’s latest Colmar Brunton poll has Labour on 47 percent, National on 33 percent, New Zealand First on 1 percent, the Greens on 7 percent, and ACT on 8 percent. If this translates into election votes, New Zealand will have a Labour Green Government for the next three years. Labour’s high poll rating can be largely attributed to the Covid-19 crisis. The final Colmar Brunton poll to be published before the emergence of the virus was in November of last year. It showed National on 46 percent, Labour o
  15. Last night when I looked at it. Over 20,000 votes. Ardern 35% Collins 61% Undecided 4% Easy win to Collins.