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  1. rdytdy

    McNabs Riding

    Who's Shirley?
  2. rdytdy

    McNabs Riding

    Hi Baz, if you are looking at suspension numbers as above then it would probably pay to take out the apprentices as they haven't ridden for very long. Kossi has only had 426 career rides (riding extremely well). Anyway, on the track instead of off. Team A Total stakes earned to date this season: $7,173,496 Group & Listed wins: 27 Total rides from group: 2133 Average stake per ride: $3363.10 Team B Total stakes earned to date this season: $8,536,515 Group & Listed wins: 23 Total rides from group: 3336 Average stake per ride: $2558.90
  3. rdytdy

    The ride of the day at Trentham

    He was a great horse. 26 wins.
  4. rdytdy

    Jacinda Ardern

    TRUST in Police Destroyed by Politically Motivated Raid Against Young Family By Xavier Theodore Reginald Ordinary - January 11, 2020 he day that the public’s trust in Police died can be measured. It was 9 January 2020, the day approximately 12 armed and uniformed goons from the Police metaphorically kicked in the doors of a young Christian family to search for a .22lr lever action rabbit rifle. The BFD. Photo supplied. It is also the day democracy died as the evidence the Police used for their thinly veiled assault on a young family was the evidence provided in good faith to the parliamentary select committee looking at gun reforms. Ironically that evidence was that the Police’s draconian and ill-advised gun grab would make illegal the very firearm the Police were looking for. Stuart Nash sold the gun grab as removing guns “designed purely for killing people” from the streets. Yet the very first gun sought in the jack-booted armed Police raid was a .22lr lever action bunny rifle. Quite what possessed the Police to use a public submission to a select committee and then go after a lever-action rifle rather than a semi-auto rifle is beyond comprehension. Perhaps they sought to make an example of a young man with a young family, the youngest being only four weeks old, as a way of putting fear into the gun community. That they chose to do it against a young man dreadfully slandered by media previously just makes this a political hit-job. That makes this situation a tragedy for law enforcement and democracy. One can only imagine the briefings given to the 12 young Police assigned to assault this young family in their home at dinner-time. Imagine then the potential for disaster with Police officers tooled up for an armed confrontation. Imagine, if you will, what might happen if an assault like this on a household occurred with a person who may have been legitimately having a few ales at home. With 12 gung-ho, amped-up Police carrying firearms in a tense situation, there will always be the potential for a standoff or worse. One can also imagine the confusion in the minds of that same Police who discovered that contrary to their no doubt embellished briefing they found themselves confronting a gently-spoken family man with three young children. The Police appear to have deliberately picked on a high profile target in their over-the-top raid but they have severely miscalculated the target’s willingness to bow down to a Police projection of power. How ironic then is it that the Police used far more lethal weaponry on the streets in seeking to remove a .22lr bunny rifle. They have just proven the gun lobby was right, and in the process have made the Police Minister look worse than an abject liar. One also wonders what Stuart Nash makes of this situation when after encouraging gun owners to submit to the select committee to ensure their voices are heard, he now finds that the Police have used gun owners submissions to prepare a hit list of “dissidents” to get rid of on the thinnest of pretences. His Police force has breached the trust of submitters. Citizens can now be undeniably assured that giving evidence to a select committee places you at risk of an armed Police response. Citizens should rightly feel alarmed that participation in democratic processes now leads to an armed Police response. The implications are alarming. What is more alarming is that these various over the top reactions from Police were predicted by the left-wing as coming from an emboldened John Key government with increased Police and surveillance powers. How shameful then, that these actions have occurred under the Jacinda Ardern-led, kindness government. I wonder if voters really thought that a kindness government meant jack-booted, uniformed Police roaming the neighbourhood with semi-automatic weapons and bullet-proof vehicles raiding the homes of young Christian families? There is more than enough crime from gangs and drug dealers for Police to concern themselves with instead of harassing people that they’ve already vetted as fit and proper persons. Stuart Nash and Jacinda Ardern have presided over the largest criminalisation of people who have already been vetted strenuously by Police, and all to cover their own failings in passing laws that allowed Brenton Tarrant the ability to purchase his firearms easily and arm himself with large amounts of ammunition. Transactions that the Police actually approved. Innocent people are being made to pay for the failures of the Police. Stuart Nash failed to listen to experts, instead preferring the excesses of his Police. He must now reap the whirl-wind for his actions. There are easily more than 5000 firearms licence holders and their extended families in his electorate. Those FAL holders will see this for what it is, a naked grab for power and a massive extension of Police powers for no public benefit. They will see that, now, participation in democratic processes places one at risk from that unfettered Police power as they seek to criminalise law-abiding citizens while letting actual criminals roam free. They should now exercise their democratic right to vote Stuart Nash from the parliament. Jacinda Ardern should explain how raiding the house of a young family, including a four-week-old baby, at dinnertime is in any way “kindness”. Will she apologise for the trauma caused to this family? Somehow I suspect not. Her government’s actions and those of her jack-booted Police are creating more victims, this time assaulting the very democracy which saw her positioned as Prime Minister. What does she think of the wilful breach of faith in targeting people for heavy-handed armed Police action based on their participation in democratic processes? I suspect we will never know, a complicit media and a willingness to use the forces of the state to terrorise innocent people will ensue an uncomfortable silence from her. Sadly, this is just the start. One can hope that the rank and file Police might actually start to refuse to act on raids like the one that just happened. That they see their bosses have become political storm-troopers and are using them in a war against the good guys instead of in a war against actual crime. Again, sadly, this won’t happen and our freedoms died a little bit at the hands of the very organisation that is charged with serving and protecting those very freedoms. New Zealand has become a sad shadow of its former glory where Jack was always as good as his master. Now Jack must buckle to the jack-booted forces of the state.
  5. rdytdy

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    This is NOT the First Time That Australian Smoke Has Reached NZ By Suze Australian bushfires are seasonal and as predictable as the sun rising in the east given favourable climatic conditions. The bushfire season in New South Wales and South Australia peaks in summer and autumn, meaning the worst may be yet to come. Periods of drought create the perfect environment for fires whipped into uncontrollable fiery maelstroms by strong southeast to northeast winds, fires started by arson or dry lightning strike. The 2019-2020 Australian bushfires have so far, destroyed more bush and wildlife than previous fires but killed fewer people. MSM and the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology blame this year’s catastrophic fires on climate change, but rural landowners disagree. They blame the Greens’ influence on government policy restricting the cutting of wide fire breaks around homes and forbidding the removal of a buildup of flammable undergrowth in the bush. According to the Greens, dead trees are a valuable animal habitat not to be disturbed. One hopes the Greens are sufficiently disturbed by the estimated half a million dead animals in the current fires as a result of their “environmentally friendly” policies. The Aborigines are much better at protecting wildlife and restricting bushfires than the Greens because they “used fire for many thousands of years to ‘care for country’. The fires were a tool that encouraged the growth and extent of grasslands to enhance hunting, reduced levels of fuel, and kept vegetation from becoming dense and hard to walk through.” Suitable conditions mean more of Australia is alight in the 2019-2020 fire season. As at 5 January 2020 an estimated 6.3 million hectares are destroyed with over 2,500 buildings (including over 1,300 houses), and 25 people have died with a further six missing in the state of Victoria. Thankfully fewer lives are lost to date than in previous fires but much more bush and wildlife is being destroyed. Some notable Australian bushfires: 1853 ‘Black Thursday’ on 6 February saw bushfires burn 5 million hectares across Victoria with temperatures of 47 °C (117 °F) recorded at 11am in Melbourne. Twelve human lives were lost, along with one million sheep, thousands of cattle and countless native animals. 1891 ‘Red Tuesday’ in February 1891 in South Gippsland saw about 260,000 hectares burnt, 12 people dead and more than 2,000 buildings destroyed. 1926 ‘Black Sunday’ on 14 February saw 60 lives lost and over a 1,000 buildings destroyed. 1932 Major fires occurred in many districts across Victoria throughout the summer. Large areas of state forest in Gippsland were burned and nine lives were lost. 1939 ‘Black Friday’ 13 bushfires in Victoria burned 2 million hectares of land, 71 people dead, 1,300 homes and 3,700 buildings destroyed after a strong northerly wind hit the state causing several of the fires to combine into one massive front. The summer of 1938–39 had been hot and dry and by early January fires were burning in a number of locations across the state (just like this year). 1942-1944 was marked by a series of major bushfires following severe drought conditions in the state of Victoria in Australia. The summer of 1943–44 was the driest summer ever recorded in Melbourne until 2002 with just 46 millimetres or 1.81 inches falling, a third of the long-term average. Between 22 December 1943 and 15 February 1944, burnt an estimated one million ha, 51 people were killed, 700 injured, and 650 buildings were destroyed across the state. Many personnel who would have been normally available for fire fighting duties had been posted overseas and to remote areas of Australia during World War I. 1966-1967 Australian fires resulted in 62 fatalities, 900 injured, 7,000 left homeless with 4,286 buildings lost. 2008-2009 was one of the most fatal seasons. The Black Saturday fires on 7 February at numerous locations in Victoria resulting in 173 fatalities, 2,056 houses lost and 239,637 hectares (592,160 acres) burned. Last week the South Island was shrouded in smoke from the Australian fires and on Sunday mid-afternoon Auckland had an eerie “cloud” cover which darkened the day – a very small taste of our Aussie neighbour’s darkness. The uninformed dialled 111 and MSM surmised on the concept of an apocalypse. They were momentarily distracted from their current favourite doom and gloom subject of the Don’s desire to start world war three. On TV1 News at Six on Sunday night, Laura James said, “There seems to be no record of smoke from fires in Australia reaching New Zealand before,” despite Stuff reporting in March that Smoke from Australian bush fires had reached New Zealand. Only a short time ago March 2019 Stuff reported that smoke had reached NZ. A BFD reader, after being suitably unimpressed by the MSM claim that this was the first instance of Australian bushfire smoke shrouding New Zealand, researched Papers Past. Thanks to our reader we can enlighten the MSM and tell them to put this in their pipe and smoke it – this year’s Australian bushfire smoke covering New Zealand is not a New Zealand first and nor is it an example of worsening climate change. This clipping from the infamous 1939 fires confirms a similar occurrence. Australian bushfires were reported in New Zealand regional newspapers as far back as 1894. You can access these articles by clicking on this link, this link and this link. Our BFD reader captured New Zealand articles recording Australian heatwaves, some occurring over a century ago. The temperature in Eucla, New South Wales was 122 degrees Fahrenheit, or 50 degrees Celsius, on December 18, 1912. But Australia’s highest maximum temperature was recorded in South Australia as 50.7 °C (123.3 °F) at Oodnadatta on 2 January 1960. So much for global warming.
  6. rdytdy


    Cabriere was a very good horse who won 23 races in the 1960s. Raced by Bill Ansford. Clearly remember the chocolate colours with red, yellow and green hoops and a red cap.
  7. rdytdy


    Good Afternoon, After overnight rain and further inspection of the Kumara track it has been decided, despite some improvement at Kumara, that there is not full confidence in providing a safe racing surface at that venue. The meeting will therefore transfer to Omoto and be conducted by the Greymouth JC. The 1810m races will transfer to 2000m while the 1150m races will now be run at 1100m. A MDN 1500m race ($10k) has been added to the programme. Those horses already nominated for the Kumara meeting will automatically be transferred into the corresponding race at the Greymouth JC meeting.
  8. When winning the last race at Taupo on Flourishing he won the last race for that decade in the North Island (2010 -2019). Yesterday he won the first race at Ellerslie which would have been the first race run in the world for this decade and his win later on the programme on Julius in the Railway being the first G1 race in the world this decade also. Fabulous and special day at Ellerslie yesterday and thank you Leo for your wonderful hospitality on the day. Most appreciated.
  9. rdytdy

    Jacinda Ardern

    Let’s Do This…But as We Tell You We are now two- thirds of the way through the term of this Government led by the Labour Party on a slogan of “Let’s Do This.” So what have they done? In truth, not a lot and much of what they have done has turned out to be counterproductive. The question of why is answered by a group photo of the Labour MPs posted on Backchat on Sunday night. There looked to be no more competence amongst them than you would have found at the chimpanzees’ tea party at the Auckland Zoo in the 1950s. The big failure of this Government has been to form hundreds of working groups of so-called experts to provide advice on legislation to be passed. What they should have been doing is consulting with the real experts, those working in the area affected by the legislation and who would, therefore, be personally affected by it. But that is not how the left of politics work. Today, the left increasingly operate somewhere between Socialism and Marxism. The hard left in America and Britain are of the Marxist philosophy which is where Ardern would like to take this country. So her “Let’s Do This” is more of a let’s do this but as we tell you. Hence the working groups with people selected the majority of whom will support the groups’ recommendations which will be along the lines of what the Government wants to be written into the legislation. This is nothing short of a farce and a complete waste of time and money, Michael Cullen and his tax working group being a prime example. The CGT was never a good idea in terms of electoral acceptance and any competent Government could have worked that out for themselves. These working groups are just a sham to have the peasants, that’s you and I, believe that there is some form of democracy in action. LOL! The gun buyback program is another good example. A knee jerk reaction which I suspect, more than anything, was a not too subtle attempt by the PM to get her name in lights on the world stage yet again. I’m sure that outfit I call the Useless Nations in New York would have been impressed. Instead of talking with law-abiding gun owners, let’s tell them instead that they can’t have their guns. Never mind our friends in the gangs, they can keep theirs. As it turns out, the whole nonsense has had it’s obvious and desired outcome – most gun owners have taken their lead from gang HQ and kept theirs too. Climate Change is another that comes to mind. Would it have been a good idea to consult with the agricultural sector on these matters? Apparently not. Let’s do this as a Minister by carrying out the boring task of attending farmers meetings to tell them to like it or lump it in regard to regulations, thereby again feigning democracy, or do it the other way. That is, if the farmers have the audacity to front up at Parliament, barely give them the time of day and label them rednecks! Any competent Government would know this is not how you win friends. But not the left. Farmers are rich pricks and will be dealt with accordingly. Housing and Kiwibuild. Was there any consultation with the building and construction industry in terms of how viable was the pie in the sky idea of building 100,000 houses in terms of land and personnel availability? No, just “Let’s Do This.” And then when it’s found out to be a lame duck, let’s scrap the targets. How easy is that? Were landlords, also supposedly rich pricks, consulted re the effects of new regulations to be implemented and what negative effects they might have on the rental market? No, just “Let’s Do This” and then wonder why the rental market has collapsed and, as a result, rents have skyrocketed. Transport is another. “Let’s Do This” in this area means, in Auckland, dozens of suburban buses running around with few passengers and in Wellington an unworkable bus timetable. What this Government, particularly the loopy Greens, would like it to mean is – on yer bike – regardless of whether you’re doing the school run or the supermarket shopping. They would like us to start using all the cycleways that hardly anyone uses that the government have wasted money on. Meanwhile, the number of vehicles goes up on roads that are under increasing strain, thereby increasing congestion and doing goodness knows what to the carbon emissions. Any competent Government would know you have to invest in new roads. How about Education. Here the Unions say “Let’s Do This” and we do it. They say no to Charter Schools so they scrap them, well not entirely, they bring them under their control, thereby once again feigning democracy. One good thing the Minister has done, no doubt at the Union’s request, is to scrap the meaningless decile system. No competent Government would allow itself to be dictated to in this manner. Union money talks! Energy is a pearler. “Let’s Do This” became “lm Doing This”, the infamous Captain’s Call to bastardise the oil and gas industry. I wonder if the Captain might see any linkage between that, looking to the future, and the fact that in the last year we have imported the most amount of coal since 2006. I very much doubt it. We have plenty of our own but can’t mine it because the green luvvies are petrified we might kill a snail. No competent Government would have a bar of this type of bollocks. The list goes on but the recurring theme is that you will do as we say which is the mantra of the left. The elections in Britain and America proved that those workers, particularly in the industries, who are reliant on keeping their jobs will vote for the party most likely to provide that security. Left or right is becoming increasingly irrelevant. This is something the likes of Jeremy Corbyn, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the rest of the hard left, including the Captain here, need to realise. Their idea of utopia where everyone is the same has never worked and won’t work now or in the future.
  10. rdytdy

    If you’re at Ellerslie today

    Sounds like a great day.
  11. rdytdy

    The Party

    Meeting News West Coast Racemeetings in January 2020 - Update Earlier this season the Kumara track incurred damage in a number of areas due to wild pigs getting on to the surface. Remedial work has been hampered by significant and regular rainfall. In recent weeks NZTR, Club and RIU representatives have made two trips to inspect the condition of the Kumara track as well as the Reefton and Greymouth tracks. Currently it is still the intention to run the four meetings as scheduled, however this will be dependent on any further rainfall and the improvement of the racing surface at Kumara. A further inspection at Kumara will take place on Sunday 29 December with another communication being made either that day or on Monday 30 December.