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  1. rdytdy

    For what its worth....

    Another inept reporter without preparation caught in the headlights like Paddy Gower was.
  2. rdytdy

    Date For The Messara Report Release

    It states in the text if you read it that the 30th is the actual release date so I can hardly see you having it days earlier.
  3. rdytdy

    Date For The Messara Report Release

    And the man charged with making recommendations which could be crucial to the future of the racing industry says he has concentrated mainly on the thoroughbred industry.
  4. rdytdy

    BGP Song

  5. Thursday 30th August 6pm Hamilton.
  6. rdytdy

    Jacinda Ardern

    Jacinda really can do it all by Christie Credit-Luke PM Jacinda Ardern She’s graced the cover of Vogue magazine. She has boosted the sales of Allbirds tenfold. She wrote the forward for Helen Clark’s new book. She has had a baby, took only 6 weeks off, and manages to juggle work and motherhood at the same time. She has scolded the Australians on their attitude towards refugees. She has has a wonderful trip to Europe, meeting foreign heads of state, and even attending a dinner at Buckingham Palace and now she is writing for The NZ Herald. quote: Good on her. This is a momentous occasion indeed. It is absolutely appropriate that someone who has benefited enormously from all the trailblazing women in the world and is now the first ever premier to take maternity leave should front this. What an achievement. But I have just one question, although admittedly, it is a small one. When exactly are you going to get on with the job of being prime minister of New Zealand? You know, that job we pay you about half a million dollars a year to do? How are you going with lifting every child out of poverty, Jacinda? Have you achieved that yet? Because, during the election campaign, you stated that child poverty was the sole reason you decided to go into politics. So, now that you have the chance, have you waved your magic wand and made it go away? Of course not. It is funny, but over the last 2 or 3 winters, we saw nothing else other than pictures of people sleeping in cars and heard harrowing tales of the misery among low-income families in New Zealand. This year – nothing. This year, the Auckland City Mission has distributed more food parcels than EVER before in its 98-year history. Food parcels distributed in Masterton are also at record highs. It doesn’t sound as if you have solved any sort of poverty yet, Jacinda. If anything, I would say that poverty is worse now than it was a year ago. Housing is also worse than it ever was. During the election campaign, there was going to be this amazing new concept called Kiwibuild, which would magically produce all these wonderful houses for people on low incomes in no time at all. But here we are, a year later, without one single house completed, and to qualify for a Kiwibuild house, a young couple will need an income of over $120,000 per annum. So that’s not doing much for child poverty either, is it? And exactly what does hiking fuel taxes do for people on low incomes? Let me tell you what it does. It pushes up the price of everything. We are all noticing prices in the supermarket slowly increasing, but this hits the poor hardest of all. And now that business confidence is falling, the dollar has dropped, which will mean imports will become more expensive… which will push fuel prices up even further. And this will hit people on low incomes once again, and those children you were so keen to help will be worse off, once again. But all that is okay, isn’t it Jacinda, because, by your own judgement, we must be doing well here in New Zealand because we are still doing better than Venezuela at the moment. So that is something, isn’t it? I don’t know how you sleep at night All you have done since you came into power is pose for photos, throw taxpayers money around the Pacific, swan off to Europe and take maternity leave. In the meantime, the lives of these people and particularly those children that you profess to care so much about just get harder and harder every day. Thanks to you. But never mind about that. You just go ahead and spend your time writing editorials for newspapers. I asked our excellent researcher, Sally, to find out how many other politicians have written newspaper editorials in their time, and the answer came back… that none have. This is because responsible politicians know they have a job to do and spend at least some of their time trying to do it. But don’t you worry your pretty little head about that, Jacinda. There’s a trip to New York and the U.N. coming up. You can start packing for that as soon as you’ve got your newspaper articles out of the way. But I’ll just leave you with one final thought. Food for thought, isn’t it?
  7. rdytdy

    Sea King

    What a run by Sea King to get up and win the Australian Grand National Steeplechase today. That took his career number of wins to twenty and stake money past $1 million. Seventeen of those wins have been over the jumps, eleven hurdle wins and six steeplechase wins. My understanding is that it may well be his swansong today and if so what a way to go out. Great jumper!!
  8. rdytdy

    No Pike Runners at Taupo

    Don't know why you would be surprised. Had no runners at Taupo in August last year either.
  9. rdytdy

    Unbelievable What a Champion

    One word comes to mind when watching her performances, it starts with F and ends with K...…..Freak!! And that she is. Best I have ever seen for sure.
  10. 1. Te Rapa R6 6 Julius 2. Randwick R4 1 Fiesta 3. Randwick R5 6 Military Zone 4. Caulfield R5 3 Rock Hard 5. Randwick R6 10 Winx 6. Caulfield R6 1 Sunlight 7. Randwick R7 1 Le Romain 8. Caulfield R7 2 Black Heart Bart 9. Randwick R8 2 I Am Coldplay 10. Morphettville R7 3 Innkeeper
  11. rdytdy

    Surely Not! Must be a doppelgänger.

    Well one current one is set to disappear.
  12. rdytdy

    New Look Racecafe

    Well done Leigh.
  13. rdytdy

    Jacinda Ardern

    What's a bango Bloke. Both the Collins Dictionary and the Financial Times had "Snowflake" as one of the words of the year in 2016. A term used to describe someone deemed too emotional to cope with views that challenge their own and genuinely distressed by ideas that run contrary to their own world view. When confronted with the harsher realities of life they react with intolerance towards people and things they believe may offend someone or toward people who have a different political opinion. De-platforming controversial speakers is a tactic that they like to use. Snowflakes are horrified when they hear an opinion they don't like and feel they should be protected from it. These snowflakes who are fragile, easily offended and unable to deal with opposing views believe they have a right to be protected from anything that upsets them. We now have universities (Massey last week) hostile towards free speech determined to protect students from ideas they may not like and also creating "safe-places" or areas where people cannot disagree or challenge their ideas. At one student meeting clapping was banned in case it caused "trauma" and asked people to wave silent "jazz-hands" instead. Harden up Bloke or alternatively make yourself a "snowflake safe place" by not looking at this thread.
  14. rdytdy

    Jacinda Ardern

    Sorry Bloke, should have guessed that your lefty brain couldn't cope. Enjoy your lie down in your safe space as the other snowflakes opt to do.