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  1. I would suggest people to go and have a look at the replays of R1 and R3 at Hawera just to get a better picture of the poor conditions that prevailed on the day and Leggy there is a quick bit of footage as they were about to enter the section near the 800m wher you can see the narrowing of the width of the track henece the rail being moved inwards following that race. .
  2. Following the running of race 1 riders expressed concern regarding insufficient racing room from near the 800 metres to the 400 metres with the rail being out 8 metres. Races were delayed while the running rail was shifted inwards 2 metres with Race 2 run at 1.26 pm, Race 3 run at 1.56 pm, Races 4 through to 6 put back one race and Race 7 run at 4.08pm.
  3. It was a visibility issue with heavy rain and mud being thrown up that they were abandoned. Too dangerous. Hard to ride if you can't see.
  4. Sad to hear of Toby Autridge's passing this morning. Super talented horseman and lovely human being. Sincere condolences to family and friends. RIP Toby
  5. Rotorua Saturday - Nice trial field. 12:10 PM OPN Race: 1 Catchweight 1050 1 MERITABLE (AUS) (3c SNITZEL (AUS) - CRYSTAL FLUTE (A Murray Baker & Andrew Forsman 1 ...................................... 2 SWORD OF STATE (AUS) (3c SNITZEL (AUS) - IN THE VAN Mark Walker 2 ...................................... 3 COVENTINA BAY (6m SHAMEXPRESS - COVENTINA) Robbie Patterson 3 ...................................... 4 DRAGON QUEEN (4m SWEYNESSE (AUS) - HAPPY ENDING Michael Moroney & Pam Gerard 4 ...................................... 5 LETZBEGLAM (AUS) (4m SNITZEL (AUS) - MISS
  6. All here for you Gruff Bax joins forces again with Waller (loveracing.nz)
  7. A mate of mine in NSW rang me Thursday afternoon to see if he should back Levante at $23.00. I told him that Roch 'N' Horse was a better bet on the straight six at Flemington and was payng $51.00. Long story short he was on at $112.00 there today. He couldn't believe it.
  8. Gee Chris....your uncanny stopping powers have really become legendary
  9. Fark My horse has gone down twice now (9 hour round float trips) for the Oaks Prelude and abandoned twice. .
  10. The stopper does it again!!! Super powers you have Chris. Unbelievable
  11. Oh no Chris This is a seriously good horse. Please don't stop her.
  12. I assume that this will simply reconfirm the Treaty was never a "partnership" as the current Government would want us to believe. Their narrative is completely false!!!
  13. And I note that the trots have also been abandoned at Hawera today on the grass track also.
  14. The Tauranga meeting has been abandoned prior to Race 1 due to an inconsistent racing surface. More information to follow.