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  1. Dividing Our Nation by Dr Muriel Newman In his iconic book Free to Choose, Nobel Prize winning economist Milton Friedman provided an insight into human aspiration: As a pioneering society, New Zealand embraced freedom. New immigrants flocked here seeking a better life for themselves and their children, many escaping from countries with hierarchical class systems. In our equal opportunity society, it didn’t matter where you were born or who your parents were. If you worked hard and did your best you could get ahead. Times have changed. It seems we have regressed
  2. The Government Needs to Start Governing This Can’t Go On. Businesses Will Be Devoid of Hope. by JC This government, like any other democratically elected government, was elected by the people to govern for the people. If the polls are to be believed, Ardern and her Government are performing this fundamental task pretty well. The polls however, do not paint a true picture of people’s universal opinion of this government’s governance: far from it. The polls are very much a reflection of how the government has handled the pandemic rather than their performance overal
  3. COVID Wins by Dr Muriel Newman US President Ronald Reagan’s famous expression, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help” used to bring a chuckle from New Zealanders, who traditionally regarded ‘The Government’ as benign. Not any more. One of the first warning signs of Jacinda Ardern’s totalitarian tendencies came after the Christchurch Mosque attacks when the rights of law-abiding firearm owners were abolished without warning or consultation. Then, in March last year, in an unprecedente
  4. Auckland to Government: We’re Over It by JC This government seems oblivious to what is going on in Auckland. We are supposed to be in level three but the reality is quite the opposite. There is no level three, apart from the closure of businesses, not even remotely level two. In my neck of the woods around the village, there is just one big traffic jam. Cars, trucks, motorbikes and boats are all jamming up the road. To Ardern, Robertson, Hipkins and the conglomeration of modellers and health experts here’s some advice: you are all wasting your time. Freedom
  5. Ministers Should Hand in Their Warrants by JC After Monday’s Covid announcement every Minister in this apology for a Government should do the honourable thing and knock on the front door of Government House. They should say to whomsoever opens the door, “I wish to see the Governor-General. I wish to hand in my warrant as I am a complete and utter failure and don’t deserve to hold the Office I have been given.” First to the door should be Jacinda Ardern. The announcement from this woman at the ‘podium of truth’, revealed someone who has totally lost control of the Covi
  6. New Zealand Ruled by a Dangerous Doctrine by JC If you pay attention to the modus operandi of this Labour Government, you could be forgiven for thinking you were living in a land where democracy is dying. Jacinda Ardern is behaving like an amateur dictator. She is an amateur because, while she has found it easy to lock down law-abiding citizens, she has completely failed to lock up the gangs that are currently running rampant with guns. It says something about the Prime Minister’s thought processes that she finds it perfectly acceptable to fund a criminal organisation
  7. Come on Gruff, have another look. Matt Cameron stopped riding clearly dropping his hands four strides from the line on Vigor Winner and to suggest Times Ticking wasn't ridden out is a huge stretch of one's imagination. Matt Cameron was clearly guilty as charged. Whilst Joe Kamarruddin stopped riding a few strides from the line he was n where near a dividend bearing position ie first four. That one was a bit tough.
  8. A Billion Dollars a Week Government Borrowing Is Out of Control By Christie During the Great Depression of the 1930s, governments all around the world borrowed – or printed – money to stimulate the economy. It was enormously successful because the plan almost everywhere was to get people out of the dole queues and back into work by building infrastructure. That was how so many of our roads, commercial buildings and state houses were built in the 1930s. This was not just in New Zealand: the same thing happened in Australia, Britain, Canada and the USA. All those Art Deco styled bui
  9. This Government Couldn’t Run a Bath We Need to Stop Being Run by the Ministry of Health and Associated So-Called Experts. By JC To put the headline into context they have yet to locate the tap. If they found it you can bet it would be the cold one. Their next problem would be wondering how to turn it on. In their four years in office the only things they’ve come close to being hot on is the air they expel vocally and matters to do with global warming. They are great at spin, however. They’d beat your washing machine or clothes dryer hands down. They also excel at what they accuse
  10. The Utter Destruction of the Myth That ‘They Are Us’ It Is Simply Not True That This Ideology Is Not Supported Here by Anyone or Any Community. By CS On Friday 3 September 2021 New Zealand changed forever and joined the rest of the world in being a country that has suffered an Islamic terrorist attack. An attack by ISIS sympathiser Ahamed Aathil Mohamed Samsudeen, that in this instance was entirely preventable. What has happened is what we have always said would happen…that an Islamic terrorist with evil intent would at the very least obtain a knife and would run amok. A
  11. Ardern’s Legacy – A Ruined New Zealand By JC With the latest lockdown, Jacinda Ardern is effectively holding this country and therefore its people to ransom. She is holding businesses and livelihoods to ransom. She is holding the economy to ransom. She is, by her actions, pretty much holding the share market to ransom. None of this bothers Ardern because she has no understanding of it. I’m sorry but wrapping takeaways doesn’t count as being in business. All she understands is sickening slogans like the “team of five million” and “be kind”. When is this woman going to grow up and
  12. I find it curious that you would expect them to be transferred to a South Island venue. 1 There was no South Island horse in either the Wellington Hurdles nor the Wellington Steeplechase. 2 The added cost to owners etc of transporting them South 3 The races need to be run asap as not to disrupt the racing programme of the horses. 4. The next South Island meeting is listed for Oamaru Sunday 25 July where don't have jumps racing. and the next SI meeting being 7 August the first day of the Grand National meeting. 5 By going to Hastings on Thursday this allows the races
  13. Sincere condolences. Thoughts are with you at this sad time.
  14. A Masterclass in Propaganda By Dr Muriel Newman “It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time; but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” President Abraham Lincoln When Jacinda Ardern took office in 2017, she promised her government would be the most open and transparent New Zealand had seen. In her first formal speech to Parliament she pledged: “This government will foster a more open and democratic society. It wil