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  1. rdytdy

    For what its worth....

    ‘Easter worshippers’ by WH Among the dead: 22 young boys and girls that were to receive their First Holy Communion on Easter Sunday. They would have been prepared for receiving this sacrament for the first time for months and would have been looking forward to this. It was not churches and hotels that were killed, Ms May. It was not Easter worshippers that were slain, Obama and Clinton. It was tourists and Christians. These are not hard words and they are not too difficult to pronounce. They have been in the English lexicon for a few years now so most people understand their meaning. So it is refreshing to see a Muslim condemning the gutless media over their aversion to using the C word. Perhaps we should ask Marama to reclaim it for us? Quote.
  2. rdytdy

    For what its worth....

    Growing anger over anti-Christian terror denialism by Lushington D. Brady Nothing to see here, you nasty Islamophobes. Anger is growing around the world at the blatant disparity and hypocrisy of the media and political elite in their reactions to terrorism, depending on who the victims are. Terrorism is terrorism is terrorism. It shouldn’t matter who the innocent victims are: Muslims in a market in Quetta or in a mosque in Christchurch, or Christians on the streets of Rome or in churches in Sri Lanka. But, as we are seeing after the Easter carnage in Sri Lanka, it matters very much to the media-political elite who the victims are. Christians are way down on the Victim Totem Pole. Quote: As per the standard narrative, no matter who is shredded by terrorists’ bombs, the real victims, as far as the media-political elite are concerned, are always Muslims. Quote: “Far-right”, of course, meaning anyone to the right of Marx and Engels. Or, in this case, anyone who dare states the blatantly obvious. Quote: Trump Jr is not the only person who’s had a gutful of media deceit. Quote: No such sympathy for Christians. Quote:
  3. rdytdy

    Name for my horse please.

    Off The Record Privately In Secret Tete-A-Tete
  4. rdytdy

    Jacinda Ardern

    Open letter to the prime minister by GP By George As you must be painfully aware, there have been two major terrorist attacks over the last two months. One in New Zealand and the other in Sri Lanka. You received international acclaim for the way you responded to the attack in New Zealand. And so you should have, considering your absolute immersion into the role as a genuinely grieving supporter of the Muslim community. So much so you dressed as a Muslim and invited their religious leaders to pray their Islamic prayers in the New Zealand House of Parliament and had this prayer simultaneously broadcast throughout our national broadcasting network. You of course, would not have endorsed this prayer without knowing that the last two lines of the prayer are “Allah is most great, there is none worthy of being worshipped except Allah”. So as a Christian country, why were we subjected to this Islamic pronouncement with your blessing? You must be aware that there are some who viewed your response to this terrorist attack as somewhat over the top. This could have been your naivety as you felt it was important for you to be seen doing the right thing. It wasn’t long before the terrorist attack itself became secondary news and your personal response became the headline news both locally and internationally. Which is sad really. Though one might be forgiven for thinking you had no control over that. Your substantial Muslim focused response has cast an unease amongst Christian New Zealanders but like most Christians, they kept their silences for the better good. As a Christian community, they showed a considerable tolerance towards your extravagant endorsement of the Muslim faith. Whilst I agree the Muslim community is one of us, so is the Christian community. Over the last year, thousands of Christians worldwide have been victims of terrorism, the vast majority by Islamic extremists. This has continued in Sri Lanka where three Christian Churches were bombed killing hundreds of Christian worshipers. Your only response to this was a rather short and formal condemnation of this attack. You referred to the dead as worshippers, not Christian worshippers. This is in stark contrast to your response to the New Zealand tragedy where you were at pains to identify the worshippers as Muslim, and your entire response was to promote and support their Islamic doctrine. I understand your current response could not be as extreme as it had to be in your own country but just a small acknowledgement of the fact that the victims in Sri Lanka were Christians would have been welcome. There are members of your Coalition government who have been on a relentless crusade condemning “white separatists”, their emphasis very much being on the “white.” There appears to be a deafening silence by these parliamentarians and yourself to apply equal condemnation of terrorists of colour.
  5. rdytdy

    True Story...almost.

    She still won in the third fastest marathon time for a woman so I would poo poo that theory.
  6. rdytdy

    True Story...almost.

    Firstly, well done to both of you for running the half under 1:30. Leo 1:18 is very good indeed and I can confirm that Rotorua is a tough course not conducive to fast times. Two of the three marathons that I ran were at Rotorua and both were in cold wet conditions with a head wind all the back to town so it was a tough day at the office I can tell you. The other marathon I ran was Honolulu in the heat, completely opposite conditions. Chris, I don't subscribe to paper theories re times as you posted above simply for the reason that it is all about the work that you have done to prepare beforehand plus it doesn't factor in weather conditions, how tough a course may be etc etc. Also, you will heard the term running negative splits where a person runs the second half of a marathon quicker than the first. That is not easy to do but people can do this. (I didn't in mine). A tip, improve your 5k and 10k times and your marathon time will improve also. But again you have both run commendable times for the half.
  7. rdytdy

    Jacinda Ardern

    Another weekend, another puff piece by Christie Another week is over, with another embarrassing backdown by this woeful government. This time it was Capital Gains Tax: another flagship policy of this transformational government that has bitten the dust. No wonder many political writers are openly criticising the administration that was going to transform everything away from ‘nine years of neglect’. This is a government now hellbent on achieving absolutely nothing. Not everyone in the media has lost the faith though.What happens every time there is bad news for this coalition? We get a lovely puff piece about Jacinda. This time it was a play date between Neve and Pink’s children. Yes. You heard that right. quote. We are not lucky, Pink. Trust me. Donald Trump is making huge economic changes for the USA, bringing back industries that had long since disappeared. Unemployment for blacks and Hispanics is at an all time low. By contrast, we have a prime minister who confuses the Crown accounts with GDP, whose flagship policies are failing miserably, and who has caused the biggest fall in business confidence in over a decade. Our economy is spiralling downwards. We are definitely not lucky. quote. In case you missed it, Pink was in New Zealand last September. Stuff has implied that they were not allowed to publish these photos before now, but this is unlikely to be for security reasons, as the children’s faces are mostly not shown. This article was deliberately kept for a time when news about the government had been particularly bad. With the collapse of their flagship policy on taxation, Easter weekend provided such an occasion. quote. As we have found before, Ardern is using her status as prime minister to get things that she wants… afternoon tea with Ed Sheeran, play dates with Pink… Obviously, Jacinda is enjoying her status as a celebrity politician. I wonder though if this particular side of her is being overplayed. Rubbing shoulders with the mega rich and famous is not really the ideal image for a Labour prime minister. She is supposed to represent ordinary people in New Zealand: those on low incomes who are locked out of the housing market, those living in poverty with children. Instead, the media present her as someone who uses her status to get the junkets she wants with the pop stars that she favours. As more of her governments policies fall flat, this image will do her government no good whatsoever. It was interesting that the article has “Comments are closed” at the bottom. I suspect many of the comments would not have been favourable. Many would have echoed my sentiments that she should get on with doing the job the New Zealand taxpayer pays her so handsomely to do. No one would deny the prime minister a bit of leisure time, as we all acknowledge that running the country is a tough job, but Jacinda is not really running the country. In between photo shoots and play dates with her favourite musicians, Jacinda does little of the tough stuff expected of a prime minister. As the puff pieces mount up, they paint a picture of a prime minister severely out of her depth in politics, but enjoying the celebrity status that the role brings. She is not known as the Kim Kardashian of NZ politics for nothing. All these puff pieces just confirm what we already know. Play dates and photo shoots are all our prime minister is good for. The serious business of running the country is not her forte. That is why we really are not lucky at all, Pink. Trust me.
  8. rdytdy

    Jacinda Ardern

    An analogy not for the faint-hearted by GP By George A word of warning: The written image I’m about to describe is not for the faint hearted: Imagine Grant Robertson, the Minister of Sports, clad in lycra, squatting over his starting blocks in lane one of a hundred-metre race. In lane two is Usain Bolt. They are the only two in the race. The gun goes off, the race is under way and Usain does what he usually does and crosses the finishing line about nine and a half seconds later. He does his customary ‘archer pose’, grabs a Jamaican flag from the crowd and does a lap of honour, signing autographs, posing for ‘selfies’ and giving brief media sound bites along the way. But, always the sportsman, he returns to the finish line to cheer in his rival Grant, who three and a half minutes later crosses the line. In the media box is a sports reporter from Fortune Magazine. In his haste to get his scoop he sends a brief message to his publishers, “Grant Robertson, the second fastest man in the world behind Usain Bolt”. And dutifully, the headline is published the next day. That is the second most misleading headline they have ever published. The worst was a few days earlier when they published “Jacinda Ardern: The world’s second greatest leader”. Let’s look at who fills the number one spot: Bill & Melinda Gates. From January 1995 through to the end of 2017 the Gates Foundation has donated $45.5 billion to international charities. Not to mention being the co-founder of one of the biggest and most successful companies in the world. (Microsoft). Second: Jacinda Ardern
  9. Can't disagree there Rusty. However to tell them seems to be an exercise in futility. Stuff what the punters want, we will do it our way regardless is the mantra. Four months in with the new website and it continues to be caned and rightly so. I can't speak regarding sport but the racing section is a dog. The Riverton debacle is symptomatic of the disdain shown to racing punters in this country. It cannot remain as it is, it is an total embarrassment considering the money that has been spent on it. Racing turnover is down and a lot of that will be as a result of punters betting elsewhere (off-shore) or just completely walking away as a result of the new website. There is no organization to represent NZ punters (that I know of) interests collectively so that they can take strong action regarding the site. Hence all we get is moans here and there by a few without any concerted full and frank dialogue being strongly presented to the Racing Board in a meaningful and robust manner. The Racing Board, situated in Petone are completely out of touch with regard to their customer base ( the punter) and the new website is reflective of that position.
  10. rdytdy

    Chris Waller debuts Somervell in Sydney

    Hong Kong I think you mean Leigh.
  11. rdytdy

    Chris Waller debuts Somervell in Sydney

    Well I hope he can run faster than two brothers with the same last name can. However if he is as genuine as those two brothers then he could well be a nice horse.
  12. rdytdy

    Jacinda Ardern

    At least she has acknowledged this act of terrorism describing it as "devastating" unlike she did after what happened in the Philippines earlier this year when Muslim terrorists bombed a church killing 20 and wounding many.
  13. rdytdy

    Jacinda Ardern

    A realist, not a sleepwalker.
  14. rdytdy

    Jacinda Ardern

    Catholic Churches in Sri Lanka attacked a short time ago by suicide bombers with over 158 dead and hundreds injured. The death toll sure to rise. Whilst no one has claimed responsibility IS or a Muslim group are strongly suspected as behind all this. If Muslims are responsible: Will we see our Prime Minister don a nun's habit, carry a cross and state "they are not us after all."?