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  1. Some interesting responses. Yet nobody said a word when political appointment of Sir Mark Stewart as new Chairman was announced. He has surprised many with this lack of racing knowledge but then again his is or should be a governance role.
  2. TAB NZ has appointed corporate executive Mike Tod as Chief Executive Officer. Board Chair Mark Stewart says Mike will take up the position on March 21. “The Board and I are thrilled to welcome someone of Mike’s international experience to lead TAB NZ. He is a deeply customer-centric leader with extensive experience in key areas of focus for our organisation, including product and service innovation, marketing, brand and consumer engagement. His appointment and those areas of focus will allow us to drive further revenue growth for our racing and sporting stakeholders” Mr Stewart says.
  3. Each to their own. if you agree with his posts and critical comments about me then i'm fine with that. Thanks for the Engrish lesson as well
  4. Your clearly not the full quid posting nonsense such as this at 1.40am. As for thinking your winding me up im pretty sure that you could not wind a clock up let alone me.
  5. The days of the big farmers having horses all the time is over. As you say without B J Anderton it would be dead and buried by now. how long will Shane carry on when there is word that the land they own is subject to constant offers
  6. Correct, but its great when he done the 10 by 40's
  7. GS had another bad moment at Tauranga yesterday. Called the 2nd horse as a winner at the finish but then heard from judges box that he was incorrect. He then blamed bad angle was the reason for his mistake but then said it was not an excuse!! Poor George.
  8. Racing Victoria CEO Giles Thompson resigns Giles Thompson, Racing Victoria CEO has announced his resignation, effective June 30. Picture: AAP Image–Scott Barbour By Stephen Brassel 01:58pm • 14 January 2022 Comments Racing Victoria will begin the search immediately for a new CEO after the resignation on Friday of the current Chief Executive Giles Thompson. After more than five years at the helm of Racing Victoria Mr Thompson will leave his post at the end of the financial year, on June 30. Previously Giles T
  9. Are you completely mad or just a touch unhinged. Dont hate GS, or anyone for that matter, but do think he is not the caller he once was in terms of accuracy. Comes across as barely interested at times. IMO. You clearly did not see the Matamata debacle that Palliser brought up as if you did you would not be posting such rubbish
  10. I did but why protest these days. Most logical people knows his best days are behind him and the cuz jokes are no longer funny
  11. Many prefer to spend their $$$$$ on properties, sure fire win in NZ
  12. Lets agree to disagree, he may have been at some point in history but not now. I think you are boring the crowd now
  13. No you keep making what i consider to be incorrect points and i merely challenge you. It happens all the time in discussion forums so don't take it personally Even a former caller agrees with my original post which you have failed to address which is entirely your prerogative. Welcome back though , i see your last post on here was 2014.
  14. You cant be serious, most others do notably Ozzies. Mind you Bruce Sherwin is the best example in NZ and Tom Wood in HKG IMO I never said you did.