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  1. JJ Flash

    77 racedays

    Historically TB's turnover are way above Harness and the Hounds. Once they are underway again post Covid the same pattern will return. If you want a more recent example of my point compare a meeting at Randwick and Menagle to see where Kiwis put their money.I'd say 10 to 1 in fav of TBs and i'm being conservative Heres some numbers as to code distributions The annual report showed that the following distribution for each as a percentage was Thoroughbred 54.3% Harness 29.6% Greyhound 16.1% 100.0% Greg
  2. JJ Flash

    Are you betting Tomorrow ?

    Oh Dear, Just try and keep up.Latest NZRB board,CEO and CFO are gonnnnne. Have been for quite some time. After spending all the reserves smashing the balance sheet Winnie basically got rid of the lot of them and brought in a new board and executive chair. They have set about taking the axe to costs to keep the TAB going albeit with a little bit of help recently from Government. How you could say You clearly have no idea whats been going on in the last 6 months and to suggest that people not betting will help says your in need of help. Are you from Marlborough by chance? Greg
  3. JJ Flash

    Are you betting Tomorrow ?

    Its called gambling and peeps have been doing it for centuries. Plus, money punted has money deducted for future stakes to run races. If it sounds like i explaining this like one would to a 5yr old then your right.Who is this nutter Greg
  4. JJ Flash

    77 racedays

    Oh so Harness is flourishing?? Could have fooled us, A few decent sets of fields after months off is hardly conclusive. Feel free to bury your head in the sand and while your at it explain how many harness horses are trained in Otago, Central Districts, Taranaki. Marlborough and Wellington to name a few. Greg
  5. JJ Flash

    77 racedays

    Your not being negative, just stating the obvious which is why the RITA knife has had to come out so seriously. Years of non performance at HRNZ and NZRB living beyond their means has left those currently at the top with no easy options.. Racing ,especially harness has been in decline for decades as witnessed by its lack of activity and popularity in many provinces. Compare that to TB's which are popular in all regions and even they are struggling. Greg
  6. JJ Flash


    Those days are gone i'd say if you read the tea leaves Greg
  7. JJ Flash

    212,800 Congratulations Race cafers !

    A few, possibly an understatement Greg
  8. JJ Flash

    212,800 Congratulations Race cafers !

    I was probably the same . I used to save up funds and back the last 10 numbers in the book for a place. Very scientidfic, not, but those were the days a roughie or two would turn up at 20's the place . Very profitable for quite a few years in late 60's early 70's
  9. JJ Flash

    TAB costs

    Not sure those numbers are correct, if you look at RITA budget in November they had 685 full or part time employees and contractors. Cuts of 30% were announced recently and most contractors have been let go. On the wage front the 700K man left at Christmas and CFO departed not long after. All management took a pay cut when Covid arrived and a review is currently underway of management positions. My pick is the top team will be half the size it was very soon. People all said it was too expensive to operate and now the knifes been taken to employee costs but i suspect other costs will be under scrutiny as well where possible.The end result will be a far leaner operation but with that can come a drop in service levels for those not willing to embrace change. Greg
  10. JJ Flash

    Harness boss stands down

    The worst by a country mile, has no idea and or governance experience and it shows. The McGrath situation was the all time low for neutrality- not Getting rid of previous saw HR legal action taken according to some but never heard the outcome.Hush hush perhaps Greg
  11. JJ Flash

    212,800 Congratulations Race cafers !

    Dont tell HuntethePunter that even though your correct Greg
  12. JJ Flash

    RIDA and Winny

    Judging by your posts of late your the one that needs to get over things.If you believe half the shit thats been reported your a lost cause for starters Try being factual and or listening to others who have something of that nature to post. You might actually learn something. Greg
  13. JJ Flash

    RIDA and Winny

    Sounds like you like to quote stuff as being factual when its not.Nobody on 750K now at RITA and as for the 3.5 mio im pretty sure that wont be the final tally either. CFO is gone and not replaced and im picking the top team will be halved in the not to distant future. Mind you , i would probably bet that the 30% staff reductions is not the end of it either. Greg
  14. JJ Flash

    RIDA and Winny

    Does John Allen's and his departure not count and are you 100% sure it was only a 3.5 mio cock up. Greg
  15. JJ Flash

    Forbury Park.

    You win the "Positive Poster " prize for this week Mikie. Where do i send the goodies Greg