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  1. JJ Flash

    Oh dear......what does RIU stand for ?

    Can you enlighten us a tad more given who knows how many incidents the RIU are involved in Greg
  2. JJ Flash

    Spanken Injured??

    Not normally on a Tuesday,Saturday a definite Greg
  3. JJ Flash

    Spanken Injured??

    Thanks for that , very strange that it was not on AS website as they are usually pretty sharp on that front. Thats why i asked the question if anybody knew anything. That many rumors floating around it pays to be very careful What a shame although they do have a couple of worthy replacements Greg
  4. JJ Flash

    Spanken Injured??

    Only time will tell. Out of futures market suggests something may have happened. Greg
  5. JJ Flash

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    I hope so. He never missed a chance to slowly release negatives about others. Milking everything for all its worth but this time perhaps the boots on the other foot. Greg
  6. JJ Flash

    Spanken Injured??

    Had a call telling me he had heard that Spankem was injured and out of Interdoms. Not in the NZTAB futures market but nothing on HRNZ or AS site. Anyone know anything Greg
  7. JJ Flash

    Matt Cross

    And as soon as Trackside arrivedt his inaccuracies were soon unveiled despite his great voice IMHO Greg
  8. JJ Flash

    Best performance of Cup Week

    Shoosh. It went huge. Now you've cut the price when it next lines up Greg
  9. JJ Flash

    Best performance of Cup Week

    Classic, what turned you off. AML or TAB not letting you put enough on . Your not Brodie in disguise are you Greg
  10. JJ Flash

    Best performance of Cup Week

    Cruz Bromac Greg
  11. JJ Flash

    Woohoo go the Chase!!!

    It might be this one given his previous thoughts on the matter. Mind you he is not alone. Manipulation of Blood and Blood Components 1004K(1)A person shall not directly or indirectly:(a)withdraw blood from any horse for thepurpose of manipulating the blood; or(b)administer to, reinfuse or reintroduce into a horse any homologous, allogenic(heterologous), or autologous blood,blood products, or blood cells of anyorigin. (2)Sub-rule (1) isnot contravened when the act is undertaken by a veterinarian:(a)for life-saving purposes;(b)for veterinary regenerative therapies for the treatment ofmusculoskeletalinjury or disease; or(c)for veterinary treatment of respiratory bleeding by nebulizer or similar device. (3)If sub-rule (1) is contravened, in addition to the person who breaches the rule, both thetrainer and person in charge of the horse commits a breach of the rules. (4)A breach of sub-rules (1) and (3) are declared to be a serious racing offence. (5)Where sub-rule (1) is contravened or a permitted act is undertaken by a veterinarianunder sub-rule (2) the horse is:(a)ineligible to be entered or start in a race for a period of eight clear days fromthe date of the act or such longer period as a Judicial Committee may decide;and(b)must be disqualified from any race in which it started during theeight-day period or longer period referred to in paragraph (a). (6)Rule 1005E shall apply with any necessary modification to any disqualificationunder sub-rule (5)(b). Im picking the first test case on the above will be a doozy for the Vet fraternity. Greg
  12. JJ Flash

    Minister of Racing Hon Winston Peters.

    NZF had a lovely tent at Riccarton yesterday, all the heavyweights there including a list MP who was a farmer down Lawrence way and will be probably doing it again come next November. Greg
  13. JJ Flash

    Tote Place Divs.

    Or offshore operators. There is plenty off them and they like adding value to your account Greg
  14. JJ Flash

    Is he a worthy Minister For Racing ?

    For many of you the place to be today is the NZ First tent/marquee at Riccarton. Im sure if your not a member a token donation might unlock the key but cash is probably preferred. Shane might be there but he was sighted at Ruakaka yesterday as part of his re erection campaign and there are probably not that many votes down Canterbury way for him although he clearly likes to be noticed Greg
  15. JJ Flash

    Woohoo go the Chase!!!

    Welcome back and great tipping Greg