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  1. Cant help you there but in terms of TB's its usually proper record keeping of meds that were given to horse and security of such meds in locked cabinets.
  2. JJ Flash

    RIB News

    Canterbury stable inspections Category: News Date: 22/06/2022 On Monday 20 June and Tuesday 21 June Racing Integrity Board Stewards inspected 59 harness racing stables in the Canterbury region. The RIB General Manager of Stewards Nigel McIntyre was satisfied with the standard overall, acknowledging the positive and welcoming attitude of the licensees. Stable inspections are a routine function of the RIB however this was an opportunity for stewards to concentrate efforts over two days to maximise coverage, identify good practice and opportunities for improv
  3. Apart from Coronation Stakes has FD ridden any other winners at this years Ascot Stodge?
  4. His actions were no doubt a reflection of his previous years ride where he stayed on fence and got held up and beaten. This time he was looking to get out at any cost, if he stayed where he was the outcome would IMO be very different. Either way Frankie has copped it big time in UK and on social media for this ride.
  5. Stradivarius beaten into 3rd in the Gold Cup after an awful ride IMO. Frankie had the audacity to blame the horse for its defeat. Watch the race and tell me if you think it was the horses fault
  6. In a similar vein , aren't the Vincent's doing well in his first crop.
  7. A disgrace IMO but that's today's society/judiciary Long Owner might come to his rescue on here as is his right in a democracy. Obviously he wasn't one of the owners who got ripped
  8. Tony mentored him 25 years ago in CD where JE did trials and the occasional race. He did live up that way for quite some time. I stand to be corrected but the commentator changes , including the departure of a number of them was at the behest of a now departed Trackside employee.
  9. Perhaps you can then explain how the TAB payout is a record 170 mio then if the clubs run losing meetings? . The other point i would like readers to consider is why greyhound revenue/income is rising at a time when harness is declining. Loss leader meeting occcur all the time as bookies will never win all the time, just most of the time and usually around the 16% ROR Thus future distributions must favor the Dogs over Harness. the reason for this is a whole other issue
  10. Under the 2020 Racing Act the 3 codes and 2 independents namely Racing NZ get the TAB payout and then decide who gets how much. Its then up to the individual codes to decide what they do with such distributions. They alone decide at Board and Management level what stakes will be paid to clubs. Obviously each code has to deduct operational costs and decide payout levels. Some like the TB's have used improved payouts to improve balance sheets. Every code has days where they know stakes will not be covered, no matter which code it is As such nobody is subsidizing any other code these d
  11. A wonderful week of Racing and Pageantry. Hope Maam will be able to make her usual appearance but odds are on the drift
  12. A case of lets agree to disagree in the nicest possible way TJ
  13. Dreadful ride by the chap on Westover who ran 3rd. Yes it was his first Derby ride and he described the horse as luckless but he took the wrong option to go inside tiring horse IMO