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  1. JJ Flash

    J Allen - 13 Days- Appealling

    You were not on Savy Coup then
  2. You have to love the Irish sense of humour. Fresh from getting 13 days for knocking over Savy Coup in the Grp 1 Doomben Cup race he has announced he is going to appeal. I would suggest he takes his punishment and thank his lucky stars he didn't get more. He would have in any other Australian state. Even if he wins his appeal nothing really changes as apparently in Queensland you get to choose when you take your suspension if you plead not guilty in the first instance. Greg
  3. JJ Flash

    Race 1 at Gore today.

    Good call Jack. As if by coincidence have a look at Rosehill R4 today. 1234 to???
  4. JJ Flash

    Race 1 at Gore today.

    Team Williamson with Phil getting a winning drivers fee. Bound to be halves with Bev though Greg
  5. JJ Flash

    Simon Lawson

    Wise words John but as the old saying goes "you can lead etc" Greg
  6. JJ Flash

    The Whitelocks

    They spent wisely early on buying good families and breeding to top sires. It seems a trait in harness that is not mirrored in most TB families where great racehorses seldom leave great horses Greg
  7. JJ Flash

    The Whitelocks

    Great effort to breed quinella in the Oaks let alone race them. Mind you they go pretty good at rugby players as well Greg
  8. JJ Flash

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    So after both programs it appears the naysayers are still thinking they have been spun a yarn. Now HRNZ are investigating the process suggesting the results will give ammo to one of the parties at the end of it . Will it be concluded there , i doubt it and i have no firm conviction either way as to it efficacy so im not taking any side here on this thread Greg
  9. JJ Flash

    Allstars website

    SITE LINK- our apologies if you are not getting through to the site or have not been able to. There was a breakdown of our usual link through the allstarsracingstables.com . It is not yet restored. You can always access our site through mark-purdon.squarespace.com which is our own link. Note the hyphen.
  10. JJ Flash

    Marsh starting $600k colt at Caulfield...

    I see N Tiley is lining an unraced horse at the Sunshine Coast today. Money's on and to be ridden by Lethal whose just won on Intrigue for T Pike
  11. JJ Flash

    UMC still at it

    Wildwest sold for 6 figure sum subject to Vet according to trainer
  12. JJ Flash

    box seat ,debate on blood spinning

    I have followed this topic for some time now but wonder why is it that GO and the Box Seat are suddenly going to be discussing it openly on their show. What if anything has prompted this move by them?????? How do you know he is not going to ask those questions and could you please tell us all who these horses are that are broken down and what is the workload you refer too or is this just another potshot at the AS team I would say in my experience that its usually only the good ones that have issues and thats because they try so hard Greg
  13. JJ Flash

    HRNZ Web Update

    Very few changes so upgrade description not 100%. They changed the format but contents wise whats new. Greg
  14. JJ Flash

    Speeding Spur off to USA

    One of New Zealand’s most loved racehorses is set to make a shock departure after contesting the $150,000 Rowe Cup on Friday night. Because while nine-time Group one winner Speeding Spur might have been expected to retire this weekend, he is instead heading to North America for a rich campaign. Managing owner Andrew Grierson says the reigning Trotter of the Year has not been sold and will definitely be returning to New Zealand to stand at stud next season. Speeding Spur faces a second line draw as he tries to defend the Rowe Cup title he won last season and victory in the great trot will almost certainly guarantee him Trotter of the Year again as he is the only trotter to win two Group ones already this season. Raced by a partnership put together by Woodlands Stud, Speeding Spur was expected to retire to stud there but Grierson says the opportunity to race in North America and further embellish that stud career was too good to miss. “Eventually we want to stand him at stud in either New Zealand or Australia,” says Grierson, one of the principals of Woodlands Stud. This is right out of left field, what say you Iraklis as your his biggest fan Greg
  15. JJ Flash

    Oscar Bonavena

    Yes , it went very well yesterday. In fact most of the AS team went well but then whats unusual about that. Winterfell was the best performance on the day though as it ran time off 30 Roll on The Jewels, i can see a lot of the usual moaning about their domination coming up. Greg