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  1. JJ Flash

    Hannon Driver Tactics

    From the RIU CHASE AUCKLAND - fractious prior to the start. Broke at the start. Broke passing the 1300 metres when being restrained to obtain cover behind ROBYNS PLAYBOY which had shifted out prior to CHASE AUCKLAND reaching its sulky wheel. Authorisation of 4th placing was withheld until Stewards confirmed the gelding had complied with the Breaking Horse Regulations in the middle stages. A G'S WHITE SOCKS - broke at the start. A final warning was placed on the barrier record of the gelding. Hampered by a breaking runner near the 1300 metres. Authorisation of 5th placing was withheld until Stewards confirmed the gelding had complied with the Breaking Horse Regulations in the early stages
  2. JJ Flash

    Hannon Driver Tactics

    Cost me the tri though Greg
  3. JJ Flash

    Hannon Driver Tactics

    Well done to John Dunn for making a race of it for 800 metres. Gave his horse every chance as expected Wonder what RIU made of C Ferguson's departure from the fence as Chase Auckland was improving and subsequently broke. Greg
  4. JJ Flash

    Hannon Driver Tactics

    Anybody's guess how this race could pan out in terms of who leads and who hands up etc. Cant see May being involved till the last part which leaves it up to All Stars and Dunn to dictate the race providing Classic Brigade steps on terms. Ultimate Sniper the biggest shortner from 6's to 3.50 with the other two basically unchanged at tighter odds. Given it was safely held by Chase Auckland last start it would need to improve and thus im likely to see better value with CA especially the 1.50 F'O plc Anyone else paint a different picture for us to bet on given Spankem looks on paper a near certainty but too tight for mine. Should be a great spectacle just like the Hannons of old Greg
  5. JJ Flash

    The Williamson's Clean up

    I'm pretty sure they have held those awards for decades and it is one way of recognising excellence and promoting Harness in the region. The good thing about awards night is that they are not compulsory Greg
  6. JJ Flash

    The Williamson's Clean up

    G Anderson ,A Hoffman,G Knight come to mind immediately As for the farce, its a bit like a race you only have to beat what opposition there is Greg
  7. JJ Flash

    The Williamson's Clean up

    Enterprise was trained by Doug Heffernan from memory. Very good youngster who let the team down very badly one day at Waikaouiti when it swung around at the start and literally went the other way. Greg
  8. JJ Flash

    John Allen

    There seems to be a pattern here re CEO's and Boards members , none of them see to have run a private business where when times are tough you cut costs. Whats been done by previous Board and CEO's is done and cant be reversed in any immediate manner. Moving forward for me its essential that the next CEO is A Kiwi Has previous CEO experience at private sector level Has knowledge of the NZ and Global wagering markets Maximizes the limited resources he will have at his disposal because cost cutting will be the first exercise they undertake I'm sure posters will suggest other perquisites, go for it Greg
  9. JJ Flash

    John Allen

    Departed NZ Post, MFAT and now NZRB/RITA. That is some reputation and unlikely to be overtaken any time soon . One hopes he finds future employment in a NZX company where the possibility exists for a party to go "short" Greg
  10. JJ Flash

    The Williamson's Clean up

    Majestic Man was crowned Otago Horse Of The Year on Saturday night following his breakout season in the open trotting ranks. The Phil Williamson-trained squaregaiter was crowned 4yr-old male trotter of the year before claiming the top prize at the Otago Harness Racing Awards at Forbury Park. Williamson took home a boot-load of trophies, including trainer of the year. Liberty Stride, (3yr-old trotting filly), Kenny's Dream (4yr-old trotting mare), and Jen Jaccka (aged trotting mare) each won their categories for the Oamaru trainer. Williamson stables drivers and fiances, Matthew Williamson and Charlotte Purvis, won driver of the year and junior driver of the year, respectively. Williamson was denied another win by his son, Brad, when Cracker Hill edged out Ultimate Stride in the 2yr-old trotting category. What a fantastic performance. A lot of traveling involved form their Oamaru base but they seem to be always involved from Canterbury to the deep south. Greg
  11. JJ Flash

    Hardly worth

    It seems that under the now departed mob of directors many issues were not addressed in any sort of favorable fashion . The AML is but one example and the failure to get exclusion for NZTAB accounts to bet into NZ from Australia was nothing short of a disgrace. Im sure others could go on further but good luck to RITA board as they address the failures of their predecessors. It would be a thankless task. Greg
  12. JJ Flash

    Hardly worth

    With some leadership from the top table and my sources say they are aware of the issue this will hopefully increase to the Ozzie limit which is currently 10K Greg Greg
  13. JJ Flash

    Stipes Report - Doitson

    Very asleep at the wheel on this one 2Piper. Greg
  14. JJ Flash


    No , thats there job or do you not get that. They asked him to report on horse post race last week so why not ask again last night in the interests of the punters who did their hard earned again. Greg
  15. JJ Flash

    Methven no go

    Will have to change the betting strategy to AW performers Greg