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  1. L Innes (LEAVE IT TO ME) – Admitted a breach of careless riding in that he permitted his mount LEAVE IT TO ME to shift in near the 400 metres when insufficiently clear of COLIN OSCOPY and FRANCESCA, with COLIN OSCOPY being checked. After viewing footage the Judicial Committee suspended L Innes’ licence to ride in races from the conclusion of racing on Saturday 17 April up to and including racing on Saturday 24 April, 4 national riding days and in addition imposed a fine of $500. As for the other incident with mum Trudy, "DEAR OH DEAR (T Thornton) – Steadied when in restricted
  2. Much as there is nothing better than watching Lethal when he's really trying to get one home his decisions in this race re Mother Daughter looked a touch over the top. I wonder if the powers at be will have seen both incidents and act accordingly. Im pretty sure if that fav was beaten by Leave it to Me connections would have won in the room given the obvious interference at and Sam's horse suffered around the 300
  3. Harness racing trying to polish its tarnished image by clamping down on cheats Martin Van Beynen05:00, Apr 10 2021 JOSEPH JOHNSON/STUFF Canterbury is harness racing's most active area. The local industry employs about 1700 people and injects about $200m into the Canterbury/West Coast economy. They could be two old men discussing great horses over a beer in the members lounge at Addington Raceway. Don Bates, in his 70s, is quietly spoken and retiring, Warwick Gendall, approaching 80, is confident and talkative. In fact the setting
  4. The business case for both was a negative result for the NZTAB, especially Trackside Radio, did it increase turnover? , the results say no. That said changes to Racing Act 2020 where TAB's sole responsibility is wagering suggests that none of the codes want to pay for or run it either. The move to online and phone apps was essentially moving with the times and strategically sound as that is what attracts younger clients and even this old bugger can place his bets on his phone from anywhere in NZ. The old tote machines were archaic and costing more to fix and maintain than what they were
  5. In the wash up Krug was just far too good for them. Well done to its connections. Cullen's 2yr olds finished 1234. so well done to him also
  6. Perhaps I'm just over negativity all the time and I do have more faith in.current NZTAB board and current CEO than.previous disasters including Allen and Hughes. Both were a disgrace.. The facts say turnover is up and costs down. That to me says success. If you or others see it differently then that's your choice/prerogative.
  7. Do you think the great Mare got sick of that arse?
  8. Have a look at the thickness of that inside rail. Crashing through that would not do much for you or the horses health
  9. 10th November 1961, might have been Show Day
  10. Perhaps with all the historical greviences you should find a new hobby or get with the new TAB program. The last lot pre Rita left the industry reeling to the extent that it needed a bailout. Im really pleased with the new mob at TAB, complete cleanout of top table and board. 20 mio of cost cuts already which is what everyone ,including yourself wanted. HRNZ decide what clubs get what , in terms of dates not the TAB whose only job now is generating income to give to Racing NZ board to pass on to the respective codes. Fleming represents TB's Woodham Harness and not sure about hounds or th
  11. Tell me how the TAB runs HRNZ admin??. Surely the HRNZ set out programs for distribution to TAB. The TAB only updates website with what the respective codes send them
  12. Not quite correct John, its now the industry bodies who provide NZTAB with their programs. The TAB to basically rubber stamp their requests if not unreasonable in terms of manpower/logistics.
  13. DIAMOND CREEK FARM NEW ZEALAND PACING DERBY (MOB PACE) (Gr1) $200,000, 3YO MOBILE, 2600m Race History For 3-year-old pacers. RacebookGearFront Line Limit Participants for Race 9: DIAMOND CREEK FARM NEW ZEALAND PACING DERBY (MOB PACE) Book Form Name Age Sex Rating Draw Hcp D
  14. We live in eternal hope that failure brings about change for the better