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  1. Argyle given every chance but well beaten by Cran's baby . Not a bad time either and Artisan was simply too good for the fillies albeit in a slower time
  2. The Wyndham Harness Racing Club will race on its home track this season after all, and the time-honoured Kindergarten Stakes will be one of the day’s features. It’s been confirmed that the club will race on March 31, following an approach to Harness Racing New Zealand to have a raceday at its eastern Southland base, after it was initially left off the schedule for the current season. The arrangement was sealed after the Wairio Trotting Club, based at Winton, agreed to transfer one of its race dates. At last some common sense and hopefully we will see its principle sponsor backin
  3. The Press don't do positive news about Canterbury Harness. It upsets their socialist woke readers- all 1500 of them or has it dropped again Motukarara has 11 race on Sunday with 9 of them having 8K stakes- go figure
  4. Third in Melbourne Cup must surely rate as well
  5. Is the free bus thing available to a 4 southerners who are going to races and staying close to Viaduct. Ps . They hate drinking
  6. Don't bother with either of them these days . Pools are never big enough to entice me as a rule.
  7. They start 2 yr old racing at Addington next week subject to numbers.
  8. Did you forget to take the bravery pills today
  9. So your out Auckland expert Lloyd , what do you fancy from what you have seen of Northern trials
  10. Have just been advised by Amati that the B Norman trotter referred to above is in fact a 3yr old starting today at Winton. Named Sacred Mountain. How it got to run in an unqualified 2 yr old heat is another Southern mystery
  11. That time of the year for the babies to make their debut at The Park and usual stables turning up with the exception of the Cullen team. 12 Colts lining up and 7 fillies in other race. From what i have observed at the trials Barry Purdon's pair look to have plenty of ability and will get me if the prices are right. In a similar vein a B Norman trained trotter won a 2yr Wyndham workout beating the pacers. You would not see that very often
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