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  1. I was being facetious Breeder given its all over their site yet they point out Reserve Met
  2. Reserve met with Avantage, currently $1.6 mio with a day to go .
  3. The owners will need to have have deep pockets. The Ozzie version has posted decent losses since inception and given how Radio Sport ended up how long can this operation last. A bit like my comments previously about Trackside Radio- all very nice but costly to run for very little return. SENZ with its cost structure is really no different given they paid 2.2 mio to buy frequency leases for starters
  4. And yet TAB have announced record profit fir 20/21 season.
  5. Jamie Kah has launched Supreme Court action to dismiss the charge of giving false and/or misleading evidence to stewards during a probe into the Mornington Airbnb gathering. Kah’s lawyers acting on instruction filed the grounds of appeal to commence the legal proceeding after the Victorian Racing Tribunal on Friday suspended the jockey for a further two months. The penalty means Kah, now serving a three-month ban for the Covid-19 breach on August 25, cannot ride in races until late January. News Corp Australia has established the trigger for the Supreme Court escalation is not t
  6. Savor that moment- been sold to Ryman although its a multi year process before its built. A very pleasant watering hole especially over Cup week.
  7. Only reporting racing stories of interest. I'm thinking the only person who thinks it shit are the charged jockeys who have been sidelined for serious rule infractions That's what a racing forum is set up for so your comparison with other sports codes is meaningless to Racing Victoria's response. As Turny said above " Protecting 60,00 racing employees and sending a message" i get that more than you and your supporters who liked your reply. Each to their own though as they say.
  8. They certainly dont miss them over in Victoria. Out till January. Should be an interesting comparison coming up over out equestrian bad boy Wil W's sentence? Jamie Kah has been suspended for two months for giving false and/or misleading evidence to stewards during an inquiry into the Mornington Airbnb gathering. The Victorian Racing Tribunal delivered the unanimous decision on Friday morning. Unlike previous cases involving fellow Airbnb attendees Mark Zahra and Celine Gaudray, Kah, who pleaded not guilty to lying to stewards, has been afforded no discount to the new suspension.
  9. Hannon Memorial this Sunday and possibly the best field they could have at this stage of the season. So the Nth Otago harness fan will be fired up. Its been a while since he posted on here but im sure he's still around the district. Robyns Shadow in Race 9 will get some of mine from that draw- just got to hope Denis doesn't take me out on the 10 yr old drawn next door
  10. Possibly but it's got to get through the legal.minefield first. Worksafe. Privacy and Bill of Rights immediately come to mind
  11. Racing Victoria to introduce compulsory vax policy Racing participants in Victoria, including jockeys, will need to be vaccinated. Picture: Racing Photos By Gilbert Gardiner 11:19pm • 14 September 2021 5 Comments Racing Victoria has made Covid-19 vaccination mandatory for all staff and participants, including trainers, jockeys, stable staff and stewards, from next month. The condition of entry will apply to all Victorian racecourses and training centres, as well as RV headquarters at Flemington and offices.
  12. JJ Flash

    All Stars

    Worst kept secret in Harness. The only piece of the puzzle is where does Nat fit in.?
  13. Actuals for me in the first instance , then forecasts which Woodham has already outlined elsewhere. If all goes to plan at the NZTAB distribution end HRNZ gets 46 mio this season to fund operations and distribute to clubs
  14. I have had a good look but cant see where R Cameron has made an appearance before the RIB in relation to head post enquiry. What i did see last night was Saginaw leave the one/one in the back straight, run straight as a gun barrel down the straight and win by a large margin when 7/4 in the betting. SAGINAW - driver R Cameron reported he did not release the removable deafeners due to having the field covered. Stipes failed to ask the obvious - why/how the massive improvement? Its certainly not a good look given the previous performance by both driver and horse. Then a
  15. Does it say something about apathy in harness that no one bar Tasman and i are chatting about the Chairs comments or is everyone happy with the way? things are going