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  1. JJ Flash


    243 thanks Greg
  2. JJ Flash


    For those who have not seen what might be occurring under Racing Bill before Parliament, this is from RITA Racing Integrity Board There has been significant discussion about the structure of New Zealand racing’s integrity functions and performance over recent years, which is unsurprising given the paramount importance in ensuring there is confidence in the integrity of racing. In undertaking a review of the structure and efficacy of the RIU and allied integrity bodies (as recommended by Mr Messara), Malcolm Burgess (who was commissioned by the Ministerial Advisory Committee (MAC)) engaged extensively with industry participants and administrators and with experts in the area of integrity - in New Zealand and Australia. His independent report made a number of recommendations, including the establishment of a new single governance Racing Integrity Board (RIB), which will be responsible for compliance and adjudicative functions. This recommendation has been adopted in the Bill and is one which RITA supports (the combined structure is not unique in the New Zealand context). In order for the industry and punters to have confidence in the integrity of racing, independence from the industry is vital. Accordingly, in RITA’s view, an independent, streamlined model (as proposed in the Bill) can only be a good thing for racing. HRNZ contends that there needs to be a separation between the adjudicative powers of the JCA and the functions of the RIU. As HRNZ recognises, the Bill specifically requires the new Board to ensure that the compliance and adjudicative functions are performed independent of each other and in, RITA’s view, the details of how that will be achieved is a matter for the RIB Board and not one for legislation. Further, the RIB members will be appointed by the Minister on nominations from codes and will be independent of the codes, which is an important feature of the new independent model and is a structure commonly found across a number of industries in New Zealand. Greg
  3. JJ Flash

    Dean McKenzie road show

    I wonder how many of you will make a submission to Select committee as is your right. I can see it now , Glenda, i was let go by Winnie for the dogs and Berny , i have got no idea for TBs. I presume the Select Committee will be an unbiased bunch with NZF holding sway, A case of we are doing it my way cos the current way is a failure which cannot be sustained in any shape or form according to my underwriters or JM Greg
  4. JJ Flash

    Hows this for Soundness

    Just watched a race from Northfields Park in the states. A horse by the name of "Its a Good thing" had its 351st start. All over 1609 and has won 71 times and placed 88 times. Earnings are over 1 Mio Ozzie Thats some effort by both the horse and its connections Greg
  5. JJ Flash


    Probably a few years too late Lloyd. Spicer is an example of why harness is poorly governed and thus fails to reach its potential. Greg
  6. JJ Flash

    Chal Be

    Not the greatest drive by James Francis. From one one early to 3rd last at 600 after watching everyone bar one go around him. Runs home late and wide for 3rd. Or am i being a bit critical and the horse is limited Greg
  7. JJ Flash

    Chal Be

    Desperately unlucky on first day at Blenheim and with any luck should win today at roughly 2.40 F/O Win Greg
  8. JJ Flash

    “What no one knows, won’t hurt them”

    Yes Tim , when the money is on SD's horse i join in as rapidly as possible and my ROI from those bets is very good. Greg
  9. JJ Flash

    Bernard,s blog

    Im not at all sure that DM is one of their mob or was put in the Chair position by them. There may have been some bad blood after the way he was let go after he took over the CEO position at Addington. That said he is probably way above all that sort of behaviour given his constant success as a racing administrator and academic record. Greg
  10. JJ Flash

    Bernard,s blog

    Perfectly summed up Leo , especially the Mischievous part Greg
  11. JJ Flash

    “What no one knows, won’t hurt them”

    Bizarre from start to the penalty handed out. He must be laughing his tits off IMHO Great punting stable though when the money is on Greg
  12. JJ Flash

    All Stars Mile

    Haha , i have made quite a considerable amount of money via Blockchain but you are delusional if you think its the way of the near term future . Best of luck with your CEO application or will it be like your previous ideas for NZRB to follow. Greg
  13. JJ Flash

    All Stars Mile

    You have got to be kidding. Granted the previous NZRB board and its structure passed the incompetence test but the current RITA board look to have all the qualities of a successful transition body. The bill looks to be progressive and the forward governance structure removes mandatory code accreditation and insists on actual wagering and governance experience. PS I have met a lot of peps in my day but none have ever been able to say they can tell me the future. If you think you can i suggest you hit the RITA website and apply for the CEO job which becomes vacant in June. Greg
  14. JJ Flash

    Emma Stewart - Ballarat Cup Saturday

    Whose turn will it be to drive AGW. Greg
  15. JJ Flash

    Emma Stewart - Ballarat Cup Saturday

    Chris Alford's going to be busy