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  1. I posted ages ago i thought it was a 2 horse race Self Assured or Spankem. Backed them both early on and will add on any price deterioration Copy That was good the other day but 2 miles at Addington is a different kettle of fish IMHO. If he wins good luck to his connections and im sure a few knockers will give me a spray- sobeit Greg
  2. P Lamb was im hearing an.ex traffic officer who is also a member of RIU. Despite his F ups over many years he obviously has some type of.immunity. As for a potential conflict of interest- pretty obvious I'd say Greg
  3. Moving right along all they need now is a new CEO and the appointment of INDEPENDANT directors to HRNZ board. I might add the departure of certain current board members would enhance the governance side of things but that might be asking a bit too much Greg
  4. Catherine McDonald named as General Manager, Racing HRNZ. 27 October 2020 , News Harness Racing New Zealand has announced its new General Manager, Racing. Catherine McDonald has been appointed to the position, effectively replacing Darrin Williams who left after 26 years to take up a position at Addington Raceway. “I’m really excited to be joining the HRNZ team,” she says. “Catherine brings exceptional depth both commercially and strategically to the GM Racing role that will add real value and deliver strong benefit to HRNZ as we move forward,” says HRNZ Interim Chief Executive Phil Holden. “Catherine comes to us from Lincoln University where she was a special projects manager initially supporting the university with its earthquake claims then moving onto to a project managing the successful business case for a new $80m science facility development.” McDonald has also worked at the Christchurch City Council where she led teams on a variety of major city initiatives and projects. She has been heavily involved with the racing industry : “I was born and bred into harness racing, arriving on Cup day and I’ve been an owner, breeder and trainer.” Her family’s breeding success stories include Master Musician and the best horse she trained was three-win pacer Fear Me in the mid 1990s. “I am excited about the commercial capability and impact Catherine will deliver for both HRNZ and the wider industry,” said Holden. McDonald starts at HRNZ on November 9, a day before the New Zealand Cup.
  5. I watched races all afternoon from Ascot and Ashvegas. The latter's the 2nd best harness racing day of the season IMHO Betting wide with TABCORP the Southland gallops were by far the better patronized on pari mutual. It goes to show that harness appeal is dwindling in both Oz and here as Ascot fields were ordinary at best. A NZ metro meeting would have made a killing yesterday even though Oz gallops were abandoned
  6. Well done you. I see 2 favs won today. That would help turnover Greg
  7. Top bloke who died yesterday. Initial training at Southland Times before rising through the ranks to head Harness department at The Press. Condolences to his family Greg
  8. JJ Flash


    Long Owner has a long history of bagging authorities be it police or RIU. Given a few RIU employees are ex cops I think that might be the point he's trying to.make but who knows Greg
  9. You would not be holding your breath re a new Racing Minister being a heavyweight under this Labour term Helengrad used 4 in here 9 years at start of decade Annette King,Mark Gosche, Damian O'Conner and Winnie. National not much better John Carter,Craig Foss,Nathan Guy and David Bennett Greg
  10. JJ Flash

    All Stars

    I did suggest that my views depended on no injuries.See below Still think Team AS have it sewn up either way.
  11. You want to sort yourself out Gruff with that insinuation. All i have done is suggest i thought it was an ordinary drive .I'm not complaining in any way as know the owners of the winner and they did well out of the event and i had no bet in the race but i will be on in future. So no complaining this end So i'll stick to my opinion and you and the angry one can have yours as its no skin off my nose Greg
  12. .This is a discussion forum in case you hadn't noticed. Its my opinion it was a poor drive , you see it otherwise that's you prerogative. Resorting to the language your posting suggests you have no real grasp of other peoples opinions. You must be scary in real life. Greg
  13. Not at all baseless but then again it appears by your posts you are a fan of NM' s given your staunch replies. If you read my post i suggested it was a suspicious drive IMHO. Note thats my opinion. he literally gave it no chance.hence i see no need to apologise and now certain southern racing fans have suggested i was on the money with my observations. lets wait and see how he drives it from now on and how it performs in future starts including a possible trip to Cup week. Greg
  14. Lets see what happens next start and future drives. Greg
  15. 10 seconds slower and an upcoming race at Addington in Cup week Let's see Greg