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  1. See Movements Exclusions Page 27 - Not covering
  2. Kingshill - Arion says 4 named 2 runners 2 winners both as you named above.
  3. This year my mare won't be served so will not foal down at a stud. I have been recommended a couple of places in the Waikato but wondered who others have used and can recommend. Many thanks.
  4. Arion says 79 foals 10 runners for 3 winners 31 runs 4 wins 53,562
  5. Red Rum without trying to hijack the Contributer thread from looking at Gavelhouse tonight a lot of the MK's were from mares who have had quite a few foals and many unraced/not of racing age and if Rider Horse were breeding to export the pedigrees take a hit - buyers want good types good presentation/leg shots current pedigrees. As for Contributer think the fee will show in mares served - he gets a lot of missed mares for whatever reason but that in itself puts off breeders as eluded to above.
  6. Be interesting how many mares breed this year....I'm done no more for me, you can only chuck away so many $$ The girls still live in the lap of luxury
  7. Pogo - one I bred is with Ellerton Zahra out of a staying mare so won't be early - had a couple of jumpouts at Flemington spelled back in work now - I'm not in the ownership just follow. I think they'll take a while...have heard nothing else about them tho
  8. Breeder not sure I can agree with you...for the mare to be possibly in Book 1. In the old days anyway Book 1 were well related, usually a good winner and/or usually a proven producer although there are some pretty light ones in there this year (which would normally have fell into Book 2). You need to stand on your own in Book 1 she'd make Book 2 if her stock are appealing. She herself only raced twice at Echuca, has produced nothing on the track yet although has some coming through but I see your point, a good horse can come from anywhere. Redoute's currently No.1 in the Aussie broodmare s
  9. You can check out NZ Thoroughbred breeders association website they have a section on fillies and mares to lease or contact some of the studs as some may have clients not wanting to breed this season
  10. Yep and if you've got the $$ buy the one you want
  11. Probs lots of reasons Baz - hard sale last year, unless it's a cracker and well developed might be better given a bit of time, been a few in the online sales and they're going well so some may to choose to put in Aussie sales
  12. Think he might be out of the budget, Treat was looking for under $10k - lovely stock tho - my mare had filly by him now in Melbourne with Ellerton Zahra so fingers crossed
  13. I've got a yearling Sweynesse colt - so impressed, athletic, moves super, lovely temperament - would go back but using another mare this season - I think he's great value!
  14. A second surgery for this lovely horse....just to have him recover would be a major achievement - thoughts with all involved in his care