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  1. Ruby


    Think he might be out of the budget, Treat was looking for under $10k - lovely stock tho - my mare had filly by him now in Melbourne with Ellerton Zahra so fingers crossed
  2. Ruby


    I've got a yearling Sweynesse colt - so impressed, athletic, moves super, lovely temperament - would go back but using another mare this season - I think he's great value!
  3. A second surgery for this lovely horse....just to have him recover would be a major achievement - thoughts with all involved in his care
  4. Ruby

    2019 New Season stallions

    Gee they keep coming - more stallions than you can poke a stick at this year
  5. Surely this should be in Racing Hall of Fame/ museum?
  6. Ruby

    2019 New Season stallions

    Jason Coutts, Mosgiel - Grassyards Farm
  7. Ruby

    Down come the Fees....

    Huey they're dreaming!!
  8. Ruby

    Down come the Fees....

    Too little too late you reckon?
  9. Waikato Stud - 2019 Savabeel - Closed book Ocean Park 15k down from 30k Sacred Falls 20k down from 30k Tivaci 20k (unchanged) Rock n Pop 7k down from 9k
  10. Ruby

    Is the studbook a mess?

    Did she have foals in NZ and AUS? Often the NZ studbook just says this mare was at stud in Australia and you can check breeding record on - they just manage those bred here in NZ - I've not had a problem.
  11. Ruby


    Good to know thanks
  12. Ruby


    Huey, I'm not comfortable travelling a mare and foal that distance happy to send empty mare down
  13. Nothing better than Eight Carat
  14. Ruby


    Imagine how many good mares he might get if he spent one season in the Waikato
  15. 526 entries last year 240 this year that's a nightmare right there!! Last years sale was tough and my weanling was not there to be dumped. You can understand why many won't be back.