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  1. It’s been a long wait but the punters’ trusty form guide RaceForm makes a reappearance next week - with a surprise new editor.
  2. Harness racing owners and trainers in the north can rest easy - stakes will rise considerably from August 1. Auckland Trotting Club vice president Jamie MacKinnon tells how.
  3. Dennis Ryan assures me they will be and the missing Pukekohe day will be included.
  4. Good news for punters - RaceForm, including Best Bets, will be back in time for the new season.
  5. We ask why RITA went against HRNZ’s recommendations and allowed Forbury Park to keep racing?
  6. Harness racing in the Central Districts will be retained next season - we gave you a heads-up on today’s announcement.
  7. After making race callers redundant in cost-cutting moves, the TAB now has to resort to calling some greyhound races from the studio.
  8. We're Doomed Nothing in my report lends support to balloting of horses. The reference to fewer races - predicted to be 300 fewer gallops races and 60 fewer harness races - was merely in deference to Dean McKenzie's observation that this means better prizemoney.
  9. Attention Stables No Trackside fees RITA is able to claim it is distributing the same amount of money to the racing codes next season as this year because it won’t charge for covering meetings on Trackside. Last year the total budgeted payout to the codes was $155 million and during the season RITA invoiced clubs $15 million for venue services and broadcasting charges. The approximately $140 million net figure matches the $139.6 million RITA proposes to hand out next season, a figure which executive chair Dean McKenzie happily revealed on Friday. Clubs might argue what’s left of the emasculated Trackside coverage isn’t worth $15 million with no presenters on course, fewer cameras and production crew and the phasing out of operator-assisted betting terminals. Radio Trackside has also been axed. Last year’s $155.6 million total funding included $6.6 million from gaming machines, $2.4 million specifically for stakes enhancement, and was split between the three codes with thoroughbreds getting 53.7%, harness 29.6% and greyhounds 16.7%. Just what those percentages will be next season is unknown because under the new Racing Act, passed in the House last week, it is up to codes to determine how they split it. - BARRY LICHTER
  10. RITA has proudly announced its funding for the codes next season - but is it really worth celebrating?
  11. The Racing Industry Bill passed in Parliament this morning and will be enacted by the start of the new season, August 1.
  12. Owners look to be in for a nasty shock with prizemoney set to be cut by up to 25%.
  13. slam dunk. Have you not checked out
  14. TurnyTom. Same experience last night and I just gave up. Check out the harness page -
  15. Friday nights used to be reserved for sitting in front of the box watching harness racing. But it’s all changed, as Barry Lichter reports in his Trackside critique.