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    Talking of ownership, return on "investment" etc, I saw Jamie Richards interviewed after You're Welcome won at Matamata today and he was ''"very pleased the horse won as it had some important owners".(some league players who are also in Te Akau Shark). Would have thought "unimportant" type's money was as good as anyone's when it came to sustaining the industry so comment pretty crass. In my unimportant opinion!
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    NZ TAB Response

    While I’ve had a online account for years it’s the least enjoyable way of betting for me . I much prefer the human side of betting siting with the locals on a Saturday having a beer and talking shite and enjoying the banter as the races unfold. Handing over your hard earned to a person and enjoying the human interaction is far more enjoyable than the touch of a few buttons. I dread the day they remove that option .
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    NZ TAB Response

    Bring back the pub bookie , TAB have shown they are not up to it.
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    Stakes and turnover

    It's not actually even shifting the chairs. It's just gluing them down so they go down with the ship.
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    Stakes and turnover

    This article confirms what I have been saying for years. Betting turnover and stakes are inextricably linked. https://www.racing.com/news/2019-01-06/comment-cool-heads-needed-in-track-debate NZ desperately needs to open up betting to bookmakers to increase punter interest and give them a choice. The bland product offered by the NZ TAB turns punters away, and with it, turnover. Without that you cannot have a healthy level of stakesmoney. Messara missed a golden opportunity. It is not about having all weather tracks or closing tracks down. It is about giving punters something to bet on and giving them options. Victoria has a track in just about every town and picnic meetings attract 3000-4000 people on a Saturday. Even the picnic meetings have stakes of $4000. Maiden races in the country are $23,000. This matter needs to be addressed urgently. What is being proposed is just shifting the deckchairs on the Titanic. The ship is going down fast. Time to act, people.
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    NYD quickie Comp at Ellerslie

    Amazing effort !! Message me and let’s sort this, you’ve earned your $200 credit at HQ
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    NBR headline

    Matt Goodson might be best just to fade away and say nothing given that under his watch we went nowhere fast, and arguably into an unprecedented tailspin. Granted things weren’t good when he took over, but that was largely due to EI and the GFC, however Goodson and Purcell achieved absolutely nothing of any use that I know of, but they tried to cripple the industry licensees with their bizarre ideas like Monday Tuesday racing You had your five minutes of racing fame Goodson, now go fade away and be a nobody again please.
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    If children’s entertainment is your priority then maybe you should be looking elsewhere to take your kids? It’s the “horse races”, not a children’s theme park.
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    First Broodmare

    Our first Foal Only Had To Wait 2Yrs Mare Slipped Last Yr .But I Think He Was Worth The Wait.
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    Animal welfare

    And the rules are different for the 3 codes. Someone spits on the track and thoroughbreds are scratched. A shower of rain, a horse slips on a bend and a gallops meeting is canceled. Track to firm, horse scratched because of potential jarring. We go out in torrential rain and are expected to do so. Thunder and lightning no problem. Example: A dog carded to race may have had a past injury that could be aggravated by a track surface that has been compromised by unexpected adverse weather conditions. Can the dog be scratched on welfare grounds without penalty, no? Why the double standards? Why is the welfare of a dog treated differently? The trainer knows their hounds intimately, if they have welfare concerns then they should be taken seriously.
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    what a post

    Smokin By

    I get it.Drivers are immune to criticism and do not make mistakes. Does that apply to the stipes and other officials? By the way,why do you think only punters express negative opinions. My xmas request for you would be not to take things to heart.
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    tim vince


    how do u galloping blokes cop 10k races on a Saturday. u need to win one a month to get square. I have had a million gallopers down to 1. the darkside pay u to start- Auckland trotting going to 15-20k per race in march plus hrnz give u a 1500 top up if u win a maiden race. no nom fees and much cheaper training fees- how the hell do trainers get owners. also the number of starts per year per horse probably 3 times more at harness. cancellations maybe 2 a year- tracks the same- if u own gallopers I salute you- u must love being punished.
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    Magic Millions Comp Details

    This competition will be run on all the feature races on the Magic Millions Gold Coast programme, 8 races i believe and also on the 3 features at Trentham. It will be a points based competition 5 points for a winner,3 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd. Group1 Levin Classic and the Magic Millions Classic for 2yo's are triple points if you pick the WINNERS, so 15 points The Group 3 races are double points so 10 points if you pick the WINNERS of these. Placings in any of the Group1,Magic Millions Classic or the Group 3 races will only receive normal points. Need to select 1 horse in each race and select 1 horse to be you BB of the day, in other than the races mentioned earlier, your BB will get you another 2x points wherever it finishes in the first 3. Scratchings go onto TAB Fav ,no replacements after entries are in. Entries will close 1 hr before the first race of the competition. Prizes are betting credits. First prize $300 2nd prize $150 3rd $50 Draw prizes split, my decisions will be final.
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    slam dunk

    New FOB and Shutdown

    Right JOT I've done 1 an hour youtube course on Node.js so am an expert now ...well did 20 minutes anyway. Changing the subject a bit what I've always wanted to see is the TAB and other racing organisations to be completely open about the skills and job descriptions within their organisations. January is the month the education sector runs a lot of adverts on careers, courses and such like. Why are the Saturday clubs not getting on the bandwaggon with oncourse promotions and sponsors. If there are some people with skills like yourself willing to attempt a complete dissection of the $50M spend forcing the the TAB to open their books and procedures I would be a starter to join in. For some it could be good way to gain extra knowledge. I maintain the TAB is basically a government created monopoly with a public responsibility. Lets get rid of this commercial confidentially nonsense. Its scandalous Racing Board hire overseas personel without any real attempt at seeking locals. Its also scandalous huge salaries are paid yet no one knows just what these recipients do and are only accountable to someone on an unjustified salary themselves.
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    Perhaps her telephone number
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    tripple alliance


    Why worry about stakes when it's a hobby or a sport , Saturday rugby players don't get paid , cricket the same , come to think of it virtually no sports are rewarded until they turn pro , racing is the SPORT of kings isn't it . Look at Awapuni a few days ago , trainers weren't interested in the stakes , in 4 races nobody bothered to claim 5th prise , no doubt some of the scratched horses will line up for $10k mid week . Racings biggest problem is the age of participants , owners , trainers and punters , we are all getting old (if we are lucky) , that's the real issue facing racing .
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    T angland

    Sad news he may be a Quadriplegic such a sad story so young...and some say Jockeys earn their money easily...only can hope he defies the odds and has a better outcome...stay strong Tye thoughts are with you and your family at this tough time.
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    tasman man 11

    Boxing Day racing

    The torrid rain storms over previous week ,especially the last 2 days saw predictable scratchings at Ellerslie.....yes shocking fields at Awapuni ...but Ellerslie was buzzing from where I stood.Excellent crowd enjoying pretty good weather with plenty of food and drink sales and a bit of punting as well. Quite a buzz to the place......over 5,000 pre-sales for food and beverage ,and the crowd on lawn and in public stand pretty good there plus in the tents around the back by the impressive new stables area. Cant be too many days in NZ racing these days where that sort of crowd attends ,paying good coin to attend. Even several hundred in in field.....not the thousands like the old days with BYO booze and own food but looked profitable to me. The Place looked fantastic ,most dressed up with plenty of lipstick and the track held up well I believe. Much to like about the day IMO.
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    In 1988 the Manawatu Cup was run for a stake of $100,000. Brown Edition won from Chad and Noble Khan. 30 years later the 2018 edition was run for the same stake. What a joke!
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    Chris Wood

    RIP John Costello

    Great turnout and a lovely service held today in Papakura. Casey Costello, his daughter, gave a lovely eulogy on John’s life, with plenty of laughter in Cos’s memory. I hadn’t seen former NZ Herald reporter Jim Knight for many years, it was great to catch up with a few faces from the past. RIP Cos, you were a great part of NZ Racing.
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    We're Doomed

    Tapanui Cup

    With all of the negative racing talk these days I think the Tapanui Racing Club deserve congratulations for their $40,000 Cup this weekend. That is a lot of extra money the club has found for that race, and they have also boosted some other stakes on the day. Very few clubs bother doing that anymore. Congratulations also to the Tylers for getting the first race off the ground.
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    Bye bye MIA Jackson

    If you mean did Jackson put his name forward, yes he certainly did, but he tagged it with conditions as to who could or couldn’t be appointed alongside him.......and that gave the Minister the opportunity to say “thanks, but no thanks”. I’m told the decision to exclude him was well received in the corridors of power. He’s got the Trainers Association fooled but let’s be frank, if brains were dynamite the combined trainers executive team, including the grossly over paid Secretary, couldn’t blow the froth off a cappuccino I’m very uncertain about the Messara report and the application of it, but I certainly support industry change, and the best place to commence change is to strip NZTR and their dysfunctional model. Inviting Jackson, Saundry, the NZTR board, and The Members Council to stand down would seem to me to be a bloody good start to industry revolution. I’d then appoint Dean McKenzie, Jason Fleming, and Butch Castles to replace the lot of them ( it’d only be a part time opportunity for three good men to replace the dozen low achievers we’d be red carding ) and we can all move forward constructively.
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    Merry Christmas to Everyone

    All the best to everyone who has contributed to this great year for us here at RaceCafe. Let's hope all our members and their loved ones, have a safe and Merry Christmas and all of us have a very prosperous 2019. Leigh.
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    Ownership Clarification

    Guess most realise nothing wrong has transpired but it’s the integrity issue that we have had rammed down our throats the last decade or so that raises its head again . Surely if a jockey owns a fair portion of a horse it should be disclosed which it wasn’t . Then the day after Mr Marsh announcemed Danielle had a share and eyebrows were raised rightly or wrongly the details were changed .