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    I think David Bain and Mark Lundy enjoyed trials too....is there something you want to tell us ?
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    Just got the scan results, my Princess is in foal Watch out Australia, we’re coming for you now
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    Boss Hogg

    Sweeeeeny SHUT UP

    Sweeeeeeeeeeny can you please shut up while the judges call is announcing the placing after the race.I know you love the sound of your own voice but repeating the numbers as the judge is calling is so annoying. Yes we understand english and dont need you talking over the call its beyond a joke FFS cheers BH
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    Winton Gallops

    OK so i do get their theory , that racing should be where the main population base is, i get it , but that is to simplistic . Anybody that has been following this process knows that population base doesn't automatically translate into higher on course patronage and the higher oncourse turnover that should follow . Otherwise Ellerslie would be racing every week and absolutley smashing it turnover wise and all would be rosy in NZTR land . They don't even follow their own logic , they allow Ellerslie ( the racing club with the biggest population base in the country ) to close for 3 months every year . Trentham with the 2nd biggest population base doesn't race for 3 1/2 months . Go figure , i can't .
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    Hi everyone I ended up submitting about 26 questions to Dean, there were a few I did not submit, but he has said he will get back with answers to maybe half by tomorrow and the balance by the weekend,I really appreciate the time he is taking to do this as he has plenty on his plate, hope everyone here does too.
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    John Allen

    All you guys and gals seem to be short sighted in respect of a milestone and priority based industry initiative. We have problems with horse slippage on race tracks during racing. Cancellations have cost a pretty penny. The training tracks are also stuffed. We have got to the critical mass of horse numbers that is the convergence between the lack of productivity, (horse numbers to sustain racing as we knew it), decreasing returns in terms of brand success (NZ horses being the best) and emasculation of racing related betting volumes and returns. All of this leads to a decrease in interest and relevance. The major issue is that we are not relevant any longer. The greenies are pushing for bans, the animal welfare mob are citing cruelty, and on a very simplified level, people are getting further away from horses because they actually can't get involved due to decreased access to the horse itself. Doesn't paint a pretty picture really and if you weren't emotionally involved, as a newbie risk analyst, you'd say shut the door....it cant work like it used to. Or you could start to address what we want to see racing look like in 20-50 years time and run milestone priority based initiatives. So if we were to close race tracks to support a redefined model, what should that look like? Will replacing one failure model with a version of the same create the change needed to be relevant in 20-50 years time? So is taking a Cambridge and a Te Rapa and creating a similar version of that with a brand new coffin called a grandstand, going to produce the right change? Yeah?..... Naaaaaah!!! There is a hit and miss approach of "not in my backyard". We are going to fail if our leadership (on all levels) doesn't become coordinated. https://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/racing/116022322/pukekohe-park-warns-of-precarious-prospects-while-horseracing-venues-future-also-in-doubt We continue to lurch from one disaster to another and don't react in any other manner apart from under duress. The likes of Alan Jackson and Bernard Saundry doing the right job? My response would be that we need to plan what do we want to see in 20-50 years and then work backwards. I could dream of a new racing/ equestrian town. I could dream of three new race courses with different characteristics, and a fantastic showjumping, dressage and three day eventing system. 3-4000 state of the art houses and stables (that's where the money underwrite sits) and a vet / research/ education and teaching facilities surrounded by 2-3000 hectares of training tracks, equine sports facilities and parks. I(t should be developed for people who love horses and want to be near or part of them. That should be times 3 for the other regions in NZ. None of the existing racecourses need to move out of racing's ownership because the rewards and returns by managing real estate well are evident as real estate companies are prospering worldwide. Don't sell them off....manage them well for whatever activity is best for the club and the people. New Zealand grew by 500,000 people over the last decade. Doesn't even mean that you need to close the racetrack. You just have to get the management right. They all don't have to be champion race tracks but act as members of a much larger orchestra. The betting opportunities should be anything goes as long as the industry templates have been standardised allowing the industry to prosper. We don't need to keep thinking we need to spend capex to make systems. If something new...then maybe. If something existing then let's leverage the opportunity the best way possible. Technology is creating an event in yachting. Why not in racing? Did you see the newly released multiple camera generated footage presented by Cannon in the aftermath of the recent All Blacks match? And what do people want for entertainment? Has cricket stayed the same? Yachting? Rugby? Why are we so caught up with the World Cup, or the Olympics...or dare I say it Australian racing? We've lost the DNA of our platforms and we're not intelligent enough (or too polarised) to react appropriately to a horizontal and impending disaster!!! Only idiots think that by doing the same thing, change will occur.....
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    John Allen

    Cutting the number of overpaid and under performing staff at the Racing Board by 2/3rd's might actually be more prudent financially for the Industry than reducing the number of races held by 2/3rd's.
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    What a joke

    There are 12 juniors in the North Island. Myself, Luke Whittaker, Fergus Schumacher, Dylan Ferguson, Nate Delany, Craig Smith, Taitlyn Hanara, Kim Blakemore, Kaleb Bublitz, Andrew Drake, Scott Iremonger & Sheridan Rapley (who is yet to have a drive). I believe both Nate & Sheridan don't have drives in the race this week after 4 of the horses were withdrawn from nominations. This would be the first time in over a year (or more) that any junior race received more nominations than there were drivers, at least this way this gives the kids starting out their careers the opportunity to have a drive, rather than them missing out & if a trainer really wants they can fly up someone from down south, Johnny Morrison had a drive a few weeks ago and i'm sure others are open to travel. Agree that more needs to be done to get kids involved, but in an industry with limited opportunities, long hours & average earning opportunities, it is always going to be a struggle. Also there has been numerous talk that the horsemen's association was trying to pass a rule that if the junior race was to not get off the ground that horses nominated for the race would still get a penalty free win if they were driven by a junior in a 'normal' race- I believe it was passed but couldn't confirm for sure. So the same thing should of really happened with the horses that were forced to change fields they still should of got in to those fields with a junior on under penalty free conditions. Maybe something that should be discussed with clubs more thoroughly?
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    Winton Gallops

    Winton jockey club were forced to race at Ascot Park.. The ascot track is not up to racing at this time of year, in fact not at any particular time of year. Recent rain just proved that . Now they are forced to race at Gore. Nothing against Gore but they have just raced last weekend and have another meeting at the end of the month. Pushing too much racing on one track .. What was/is wrong with Winton running its own meeting at home on a suitable track? Winton would have the best draining soil in Southland. The track and facilities are in great order. I cant see why the powers that be cant get their heads out of the sand and admit they have got it wrong. The blind leading the blind
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    Baz (NZ)

    Trackside Radio - Mark Claydon?

    Is that the name of the Trackside Radio host mid-week? Our own Rdytdy will know as he talks to him most weeks on air. I must say I really enjoy listening to this presenters voice and wealth of knowledge. No Script needed it just flows. This is the type of presenter (unless he's got a head for radio only?). .... we should utilise him on Trackside TV. I rate him right up there with Grant Nisbett.
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    We're Doomed

    Winton Gallops

    It's almost as if Ascot Park could be sold and spend some money doing up Winton. NZTR just don't seem to be able to get many things right sadly. I think they have escaped a lot of criticism because people are all focussed on the $80 computer system, and most people don't really understand the importance of getting the basics right.
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    John Allen

    Not the impression I got from hearing him speak I have to say. To the contrary. If indeed he did educate himself in racing matters, perhaps he should have put that energy into educating himself in wagering matters, the core business of the organisation he was leading. You are usually quick to point out that he had a responsibility to assist the board in performing its primary legislated functions, in particular, to develop policies that are conducive to the overall economic development of the racing industry, and the economic well-being of people who, and organisations which, derive their livelihoods from racing: The fact that he managed to convince a guileless board to support him in implementing a bunch of useless, ill founded strategies doesn't do him any credit in my view. I struggle to think of a single strategy in the last five years that was implemented and led to any significant progress on that key function.
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    We're Doomed

    Value for Money??

    Something for people to consider. I think it is fair to say most NZ racing at this time of year is largely about providing a "product". At the same time, people on here are claiming the industry has to be more efficient, and increasing stakes will help the industry to surge again. Let's consider last weekend. Two open class races at Gore, both for stakes of $12,000. Both attracted fields of seven starters. The sprint would have had 11 if it wasn't for the wet weather in the days prior. Both races won by the top weights: in fact the placegetters were 1,3,8 and 1,3,4 in the two races. Based on the order of finish I think it is fair to say the best horses featured in the finish, so not too difficult for the punters. Contrast that with the NI. Two open class races at Ellerslie, both for $35,000. 7 starters in one race and 5 in the other. Finishing order: 2,6,4 and 5,3,6; so pretty random really. At Taranaki one open race (yes, I know, for greys) $40,000, six starters; 4,2,7. So 14 horses in the South raced for $24,000 in two races; $1,714 per starter. 18 horses in the North raced for $110,000: $6,111 per starter. Surely from the point of view of providing racing product in the most cost effective fashion there is something wrong here? And just while I have everyone's attention; does anyone think it is a bit strange that five weeks out from Cup Week, Canterbury racing takes a two week break? If it is such a good idea someone should mention it to Victoria.
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    2yo and racing different distances

    Some where in our industry there must be a brain that processes logic. We are failing at most things racing and one of them is the platform of racing distances for our two year olds. In fact I might add all racing but let's just stick to the 2yos. I watch racing from all around the world so I suppose I have a slightly more expansive view on what is right or wrong. Not saying I'm always right (you there Leo), just saying that if your knowledge filter's gain is open, you probably have a better perspective. I also travel extensively and go and look at things that interest me. Horses is one of them. So imagine standing in a stable in France, looking at a whole bunch of blue bloods by the best sires out of cracking families and spying a cracking put together colt that could grace any turf anywhere in the world. Strong, powerful sort, sensational head with a great balanced jowl, good size, great eye, ever so slightly out in near fore but nothing to get squeamish about. Knees closed up, not up behind, looking a picture of health. So on type a really nice 2 yo. The month is May and he's just had a quiet gallop with 15 others in a string. Moves beautifully. So thinking this will be one to watch, I sidle up to the trainer and cheekily ask him where he was going to run. The response stopped me. "I am going to run him in a maiden 1600m race in the later part of summer " was the response " probably on a lessor track for confidence". Well there you go. !600m first up for a 2yo who looked like an early 2yo but with scope. So this was the result....the horse in the Hamdan colours blue and white...raced in front all the way http://www.thoroughbreddailynews.com/race-replays/2/4041/ Now I fully expect this horse won't break down. He won't have his career extinguished or curtailed due to having to run flat out over too short a distance, on bad tracks where you have to accelerate around bends because you've had a bad barrier draw, or that the racing surface is buggered. I expect this horse to go on to a listed stakes race, back over the right distance and then on to other assignments as a three year old with high expectations. Why don't our leaders understand that physiologically 1200m racing for our 2yos is limiting our potential and the potential of our horses? If they don't look at this aspect of NZ racing with urgency, then they are all morons of the highest accord.
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    I started the day off well too!...got on Super Hoof $2.60 & Peloton $17. Ted is gonna want me at Te Aroha on Sunday for turnover alone! Certainly a great day for Chelsea who also has 7 nice rides at New Plymouth this Saturday. So she's starting to get good opportunities from trainer's paying attention!
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    We're Doomed

    Winton Gallops

    From Bernie's email it appears that the major reason for favouring Invercargill over Winton is because Invercargill has a bigger population base, which is of course true. Winton however is miles closer to Invercargill than Trentham is to Wgtn. On that basis Trentham is probably lucky to survive. It would even be quicker to get from central Invercargill to Winton than it would be to get from central ChCh to Riccarton. Invercargill's population of 55,000 is not much bigger than Nelson's 52,000, so does that mean NZTR might be looking to re-establish racing in Nelson sometime soon? Surely the sensible option would be to sell off Ascot Park, since it is in a bigger population area, and therefore there is demand for land, and establish a centrally located racecourse with good facilities at Winton? This appears to be a no-brainer. I am amazed it wasn't considered by the various high-powered reviews that have been undertaken.
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    Great stuff Scooby, fantastic response from Dean. Sort of feel a little more confident that changes will come but it will take time but goota be happy with the attitude Great stuff, well done Race Cafe another premier feather in the cap Superb stuff
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    Winton Gallops

    Suits making decisions without consultation with the people at the coal face , they made the decision to close these tracks with no local consultation and they'll be damned if they're going to consult now with the people who really understand local conditions and surfaces . They don't get that most tracks any where aren't in great repair now and aren't going to handle the extra meetings that they are asking them to take on and when one of these tracks fall over from overuse they will move meetings to some other tracks till they are all knackered , then what ?
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    Winton Gallops

    Silly decisions made, with no data, no analysis and no stakeholder input so it looks like your doing something, it's only going to get worse as more ill thought decisions like this are found out to be what they are over time.
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    We're Doomed

    John Allen

    Sadly, I don't think there is any evidence to support the argument in your first sentence. Some of the biggest attendances each year are at the likes of Kumara, Kaikoura, Cromwell, Tauherenikau etc. All tracks that have relatively poor facilities, average fields at best in some cases, and are located near no large population centres. On the other hand some of the tracks with the best facilities, reasonably good fields, and that are located in large population centres, do very poorly: namely Ellerslie, Te Rapa, Trentham, Riccarton (yes, I know they don't have any public facilities). I was at Hastings a week or so ago to see Melody Belle win. The facilities haven't changed much since I was last there about 30 years ago, but they are reasonably clean and tidy and it is a nice enough racecourse where you can park close to the stands and take in your own bottle of wine. The track was good, the weather was fine and warm, and the racing was reasonable, highlighted by a $200,000 group one race with a superstar race horse: but really, there were very few people there and very little atmosphere, despite Andre's best efforts to make it sound exciting. There were probably no more than 40 odd people watching the races from the public grandstand. Unfortunately there is very little interest in NZ Racing and no matter what the industry does to try and attract people it is easier for genuine punters to watch the races at home on TV, and increasingly those punters are betting on Australian racing. The "extra" people that are attracted to some meeting by promotions etc are generally the party types, which in many cases detract from the experience for regular racegoers, although it is certainly great to have some atmosphere at a race-meeting. I don't want to sound negative, but racing is in decline and will never return to the days of old when it ruled the gambling and entertainment world. We have to be realistic and make the best of what we have. How we go about that is the big question. The trouble with having many years of non-racing outsiders in key positions is that they have been unable to ensure we continue to get the basics right and make the most of our strengths. There are many examples of the basics and strengths that should still be priorities, but they hardly ever get mentioned on here and never seem to be a focus of those running the show (into the ground).
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    Baz (NZ)

    Te Aroha - Jumps Day

    What an awesome day again at Te Aroha today. Good happy crowd...great racing on a terrific track! Beer was flowing and food was good (take note Te Rapa). Music was great which made for a great atmosphere on course! Baz(NZ) Unloaded on the tote with a slow start and a big finish
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    Great comp. I like the way you can go from thinking you are hot s*** to basically a cold fart warmed up, with the triumph of one classy galloper! I do hope Gatting gets up today.
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    Losers Get Laid - Week 4 entries

    I’m doing my selection tomorrow....but a question if I may....would I be a bad sport if I was cheering for Bivouac ? Oh fuck...never worried me being a prick before so “ go Bivouac “
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    Chris Wood

    Name for my horse please.

    Andrew said he was never happy in the ground from barrier rise, and he thought the horse was going to get blown over on straightening. The run best forgotten!
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    John Allen

    On course attendance won't boom, especially when they are taking away a lot of the race days the public want to attend and replacing them with the same old dross, what you will find(and its happening now) is less race days than there is now and an even more confusing and ill thought out calendar and interest will continue to wane amongst the public,punters and owners you still need a very strong salable local product if the sport is to prosper locally and stop depending on Aus racing as a crutch for local racing.