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    Have a look at Gavelhouse, over 100 horses last two catalogues. Ireland have said that only trainer, one groom and one owner can attend races due to Coronavirus. If this happens in NZ we could see a jump in crowd numbers.......
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    Why not Racing ?

    The reason you should all be angry is because this government had the capability to enforce isolation by installing a cell phone app at immigration......the technology is there and available, it’s being used widely across the globe.....but these fucking liberal civil libertarian airheads didn’t use it......and now hundreds of thousands of people are gong to lose their jobs, the economy will collapse, thousands will die including the vulnerable little kids on chemotherapy ...... this is a national disgrace and a withering indictment of this snowflake idealistic government and you should take that into consideration when you vote Note the sycophantic media won’t tell you this truth....that’s why the silly cow exempted them from lockdown, so they owe her a favour and they won’t expose this crowd for what it is ...hopeless
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    TAB to go tits up

    I told a mate who works for Radio Trackside last week that they would go crawling on their hands and knees to the government but it has happened way sooner than expected. Such a shame they frittered their rainy day fund on ridiculous projects like Typhoon, Triple Trio and blew $50 million on the worst betting website in the industry. The government should not give them one fucking cent. They need to get rid of most of the 150+ suits they have who get paid $100k plus for doing fuck all. The idiots on the board should also all be fired for hiring clowns like John Allen and Glenda Hughes who got them into this fucking shambles, and RITA should be dissolved immediately. They need to be reduced to a nuts and bolts operation with no freeloaders. And yeah, if I had any money in my TAB account I would be getting it out yesterday!
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    TAB to go tits up

    Not sure about being gleeful, that’s not very nice, but you’d rightfully argue that if the industry has been living beyond its means then this is merely a symptom of mismanagement and failure to embrace a sound risk management policy, and the chickens coming home to roost A good shakeout might be timely anyway, get rid of most of the RIU ( 7 million there ) and all the dead wood at head office ... change the culture and rebuild a healthy, focused, lean mean industry driven by horse people
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    Peter Lamb Fucking nill

    How is it that he works for the RIU when clearly in a situation like this he’s orchestrating an event ( possibly ) for pecuniary advantage ?? Put a wire tap on him, bug his motels and check his finances I say
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    In these times of confusion ....I gotta admit this post made me laugh out loud. I guess employers such as P4P are the ones under extraordinary stress right now. Employing upwards of 100 people ,even many part-timers is an incredible responsibility and most employers really do care for their workers ..like family. Add to that the financial pressure of trying to keep your business relevant etc ..its certainly not for everyone. Customers too can be demanding and difficult. So here's hoping all passionate racing and business people can ride thru this and come out the other side stronger ! And keep that sense of humour in tact !! Amen !
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    slam dunk

    Cut salaries,,,NOW !!

    Racing has to move fast as the downturn is most likely to be vicious. One way to act is to cut all salaries to a max of $150,000 across the board. That includes all managers, CEO's of all racing organisations. All golden handshakes must be stopped and where contracts written Parliament should enact a law to allow overriding contracts in these extraordinary times. Racing as an industry is extremely vulnerable to this downturn and everyone involved must be looking at ways to keep its viability.
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    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    I had to stop reading, and die laughing, when I read NZTR has convened a “working” group......working ??......you cannot be fucking serious...
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    Ireland have said that only trainer, one groom and one owner can attend races due to Coronavirus. If this happens in NZ we could see a jump in crowd numbers.......
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    Not very often I defend PETONE...bit I’m going to..on two fronts 1. they’ve petitioned government to make racing an essential service so the horses can be looked after properly 2. if they’ve blocked you that’s their finest hour because you’re a fucking wanker
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    Yes I'm a fan of jumping for betting and the reason why it doesn't exist properly anywhere else around the World other than the UK, France and Japan (yes Japan!!!) is that the pattern isn't there. So if i were to instigate a flat racing program culminating with a series of 5000m championship races, and simultaneously a novice hurdle and steeplechase program, I could start the process. You may not be aware but France and Japan have a series of jump races for 3 and 4 year olds. Does them no harm at all, and in fact is unbelievably popular. and betting is huge. We've lost contact with the community. So if I was to develop a real stayers program, with a series of staying races (3200-4800m races) for 3 and 4 year olds only and they were worth $100,000 each, would you race in them? Four of them a month for 6 months equates to $4.8m. That is 3.2% of the current Petone spend. All we've got to do is take a brave step and restructure Petone. And then towards the end of the 6th month, we create a championship series of 8 races for specialist staying races over slightly different distances and a couple of female races. Those races should be worth $250,000 each. That is equivalent to 1.33% of Petone. Then half way through the end of the flat stayers championships we incorporate a series of novice novice hurdle and steeplechase races for those that want to play that game (3 months with 6 races per weekend worth $100,000) being 4.8% of Petone with a championship of 12 races over 2 days where each race is worth $250,000, being 2% Petone. All of this will cost 11.33% of Petone. Look we're in the shitter for the next 4-5 months anyway. It's winter anyway. We chop Petone down to 75% of what it currently is and we save $35m pa. I would like less than half of that to save an industry during a major downhill ride, which by the way wasn't travelling too flash anyway. Why can we do this? Because we're under duress and in lockdown and are probably technically insolvent under the current stakes structure. That means we can get rid of the dead wood and chop the ridiculous under performing leaches' pay packets right now and renegotiate a bullshit agreement for an under performing FOB platform. By October we can be something that we are not currently.
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    Pam Robson

    South Island Jumps Racing....

    Go and put your head in a bucket.
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    slam dunk

    TAB to go tits up

    Here is the fundamental flaw in TAB management. Shows how stupid they are. They have employed people who know nothing about racing and wagering. So these people go about copying what other overseas businesses are doing. Overseas bookies have these bonus type promotions therefore "we can't go wrong there". WRONG. What these idiots have overlooked is these promotions unlike overseas bookies with only fixed odds offerings actually drag punters away from tote betting and onto fixed odds betting. With the bonus bets being rather costly the whole exercise is in net term a big loss. Its got nothing to do with some coder being in error. ITS JUST PLAIN STUPIDITY!
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    NZTR Coronavirus Regulations

    One single person in NZ, one single person, has been hospitalized by this virus. It’s a cold weather virus with a sweet spot around 8 degrees, it’s no threat to anyone who isn’t immunosuppressed, normal healthy people are at no risk from this virus. What is more it’s critical the population is exposed to the virus in order that we build up immunity, otherwise we’ll all be vulnerable over a long period, particularly come winter. The only groups we should be protecting are the elderly, the chronic smokers, those with respiratory dysfunction, and anyone compromised by chemotherapy or other conditions that lower immunity. Why are jockeys suddenly allowed to be 2 kilos heavier ? Is NZTR finally admitting that making jockeys waste jeopardizes their health ? and even if they are where’s the evidence starving people increases corona infection given that Africa, South America, India and Russia all have very low infection rates, and fuck all fat people. This pandemic is all about aged immunosuppressed and respiratory compromised people......but hey NZTR has failed to hit the mark on anything for a long long time so it comes as no surprise they’ve got it wrong again..
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    Roger That

    Antony Fuller is a very good trainer. He can really turn around jaded older horses with plenty of slow hill and beach work. Some horses sour going round and round a track every day! His previously best horse was the durable John Gray. Raced 113 times for 14 wins.
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    (The) Bostonian (NZ)

    Great to see him back today. 3 G1's in Aus now, not something many kiwi horses can do, especially over the sprint distances.
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    Tauhei Notts

    Why not Racing ?

    That man that said that The Warehouse was an essential place; Was he script writer for McPhail & Gadsby some years ago? This is one very sick joke.
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    Seems the real problems with lack of entries is really a north island problem,no Te Aroha today,six races at Matamata on Wednesday and only 5 races at Alexandra Park tonight,meanwhile South Island races seem to hold up well in both codes,maybe there are just too many meetings in the north ,maybe quality needs to replace quantity,the whole racing calander needs to be redone the country needs to be split into 4 regions,2 in the south and two in the north with a proper structured dates structure where at least once a fortnight you have a main meeting and on the other week a more low key meeting so every area has some balance with exceptions for feature meetings like carnivals etc and of course circuit meetings like Westland,Gisborne the present setup of 5 or 6 races with 5 or 6 races aint a good look.Maybe if you get a better date structure then you can look at which tracks stay and which ones go,a lot of those little one or two day clubs are fine as long as the community want them,well that's my thought on things,others may not agree.
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    TAB to go tits up

    What a mess,the old site was basically fine for racing .
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    TAB to go tits up

    Re the head post. The TAB were already tits up. Unless they slash distributions to the codes they'll have to be wound up. They certainly should not be getting taxpayer handouts when every taxpayer dollar needs to be going to the pandemic management.
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    There is obviously going to have to be some rationalisation if racing carries on and the virus carries on. There doesn't seem much point meetings like Marlborough taking place if all of the participants have to travel to get there and the public aren't allowed to attend. Those two meetings should probably be moved to somewhere like Timaru and Ashburton. Not much point holding any meetings that are largely an on course event. Racing is obviously going to become an offcourse only event for a while so we might as well keep participants costs as low as possible. I am sure someone in management somewhere is thinking this all through, so no need for us mere mortals to worry about it.
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    Corona Virus Impact on Racing

    Had a mate that thought he had the swine flu, so rung the health hotline, all he got was crackling.
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    Roger That

    Rogered them. Not surprising Shinko King out of a Yamanim Vital mare
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    john legend

    $7000 races are we all mad ?

    In all honesty clubs and a system that expect harness racing to have a future with such small stakes are "dreamin Jonesy" the win barely covers 2 months training fees and reduces us to a level where profitability is almost an impossibility. The overheads of the industry with its mismanagement are too high to sustain the situation.. The owners and trainers cannot sustain losses as exit owners then exit trainers (and drivers) The TAB,RIU,Racing nz,.hrnz. and uncle tom cobbley sic etc all grab too big a piece of the pie and clubs are expected to pay higher stakes when they too struggle. The social aspect was always trotted out but nowdays no question. it cuts no ice as us owners cannot subsidise overheads with very little chance of a profit. No wonder less than 2000 foals are born each year.
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    High Sparrow

    Maija Vance

    It says a lot for her tenacity and overall character/spirit to come back from that horrendous fall and horrendous spinal injuries. Not many do with spinal injuries like she had. Champion effort from her and I wish her best with her life whatever that holds. I also hope she decides not to race ride again (as that must be a temptation for one with such a strong and competitive nature as Maija) as the exponential risks to her future, associated with a secondary fall, don't bear thinking about. All the best Maija. I am hoping we may see this amazing young lady training horses one day as Mum and Dad are dab hands at it.