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  1. Literally couldn't hold his horse mid race, Stewards where on a different planet !!
  2. What has everybody forgot about McGinty 6 group 1s as a COLT !!!!!
  3. My Dad used to drink in that same bar behind the tote, Doug Vance
  4. The Bump didnt actually cause the fall, I can see the horse in red colours moving in and taking Andrews Line as well, there is a lot going on
  5. Hey may have contributed to his fall by his horse moving left and closing the gap!
  6. Theres a lot going on, the leader has shifted out maybe one horse just as Bowman angles for the gap, Andrews horse looks to be hanging in which dosent help he may have moved in slightly. The Horse in Red that he clipped his heels looks to have moved in too slightly, In all honesty Bowman could see these 2 horses taking his gap, he should have checked out off it, His horse must have been traveling like a winner at the time so decided to force his run between 2 horses changing ground. But the head on will show the extent off all horses movement sideways
  7. When Maidens are on the same rating , they go back on the last 3 starts to find who has the best recent form, Stake money or how many stats is irrelevant
  8. Best race to have a bet in is a maiden race, just back the favorite. 80% of the field will never win a race, as opposed to rating races where they all have won a race!
  9. Doom and Gloom you guys!!!!
  10. 2yos are nearly 3 by then!!! Dont think your going to see maiden 2yos racing against open class horses, your all taken the worst case scenarios You might see the rating bands moved a bit to accommodate 14 horse fields
  11. I ran her into the Clark of the Course, was the only was I was going to beat her, then she got back up and beat me, coudnt believe she would get up and beat me then have the race taken off her.
  12. No He could never have rode her in her first Melbourne Cup 51.5kg !!!!!!! So Bossy would have kept the ride for the next 2 Cups