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  1. TurnipOrange

    Maija Vance

    She is doing ok with her injuries. I do have some concern as she has not moved her left leg, Her arms and right led seem to have normal function. She has been in Bed the whole time and they are going to try her in a wheelchair today. That wont be that comfortable as she has 5 broken ribs
  2. TurnipOrange

    Maija Vance

    Surgery to stabilize her spine went very well so the surgeon said. He has protected the spinal cord form any more damage. Bit early for a result, but we are hoping for some more improvements in her movement
  3. TurnipOrange

    Maija Vance

    She went into surgery at 12 oclock with a 4 1/2 hour time slot, so wont know much till later tonight
  4. TurnipOrange

    Maija Vance

    At this moment she is in surgery, with 5 damages vertebra and fractured ribs , She has movement in her right and not so much in her left leg, Fingers Crossed!
  5. TurnipOrange

    Police Raids

    Lisa Cropp !!!
  6. TurnipOrange

    Saundry on AW tracks

  7. TurnipOrange

    Help wanted

    That what I was going to say Des Wyatt, Was he left handed tho?
  8. TurnipOrange

    Help wanted

    Rabbit was much smaller!
  9. TurnipOrange

    Does Anyone Remember

    Ronnie tattooed Teepee Gold on his arm , never won another race after that
  10. TurnipOrange

    This is how its done

    That must be a 1200m Chute off the back straight!
  11. TurnipOrange


    Never rode!
  12. TurnipOrange

    Waikato trainers Ruakaka/Hastings

    Hastings track does not have the consistency of the Ruakaka track over winter, Ruakaka never really gets past dead 6 !!! at its worst
  13. TurnipOrange

    Counties Abandoned

    You trying to tell us the irrigation done in the middle of summer has something to do with surface water in the middle of winter
  14. TurnipOrange

    which one won?

    Because every part of the photo finish in on the finishing line !
  15. TurnipOrange

    which one won?