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  1. TurnipOrange


    Totally Agree, great for NZ racing!
  2. TurnipOrange

    What A Shambles

    Should have just not push the false start, just late scratch the horse left behind!!
  3. TurnipOrange

    Can you race in this bridle

    Looks just like a cross over noseband, which you can race in
  4. TurnipOrange


    $999.oo to win is a good bet
  5. TurnipOrange

    Shane Dye

    No he is living in Macau , saw him at the last yearling sales,
  6. TurnipOrange

    Name for my horse please.

    Nothing But Net I forfeit my share!
  7. TurnipOrange

    George Simon

    Bill Collins saw him, just thought he couldn't win!!!!!!!
  8. TurnipOrange

    Name for my horse please.

    Bjorn is swedish not swiss
  9. TurnipOrange

    Name for my horse please.

    Fedexppress (Swiss ace) Tennis Nothing but Net (Between you and me) tennis Net
  10. TurnipOrange

    Troy Harris

    Toes in the Irons
  11. TurnipOrange

    Matamata 100 Years of Racing

    P D Johnson!
  12. TurnipOrange

    Winner disqualified to 2nd

    Where did the neck come from, looked like nose,nose,nose,nose for me
  13. TurnipOrange

    How wet will Ellerslie be????

    11 for sure!!
  14. TurnipOrange

    T angland

    Fully agree safety vests prevent your spine from from arching when you fall, your back is so rigid and your neck takes the whole impact as your back cant move. Resulting in high neck breaks C3 C4. Your spine is meant to be flexible. They say they stop you from breaking your ribs, rather have a broken rib than a broken neck.Hoping the best for Tye
  15. TurnipOrange

    Maija Vance

    She is doing ok with her injuries. I do have some concern as she has not moved her left leg, Her arms and right led seem to have normal function. She has been in Bed the whole time and they are going to try her in a wheelchair today. That wont be that comfortable as she has 5 broken ribs