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  1. tim vince

    Hard to understand

    Why atc prefer amateur m9ntes to amateur drivers when they short of races,add8ngton tonight a great watch.i suspect a push out and a starting from wrong position but they are amateurs.tryhard help trainers own horses all for zip. Still things change. Amateurs in all sports the heroes and tab takes bets on lots or am sports bowls etc. And pay airfares taxis etc . Trudge on guys.
  2. tim vince

    Taupo Gone!!

    I would if I was him.
  3. tim vince

    Clever planning

    Get more horses.?
  4. tim vince

    Taupo Gone!!

    We breed good stayerss.owners who stay in the game no matter how much they get kicked in the head.
  5. tim vince

    Clever planning

    Not. 3 meeting at Auckland August 1 to Sept 13th.alternative Cambridge same points half the money. Tough on all part8cipants.
  6. tim vince

    clubs "bulk funding"

    Yes yes.te suits are treating the crisis like a male with an illness hoping it will go away without going to the doctor..trouble is it usually gets worse and worse and then u need surgery and the maybe die
  7. tim vince

    clubs "bulk funding"

    Hard to argue.would receive majority support I think.crisis time
  8. tim vince

    The Mile High Club

    No racing for 3 weeks.ownrrs pay and pay no racing unless u want to go to Cambridge for 50 bucks and similar rating points.looks bad planning.mile once a month has proved popular.
  9. tim vince

    clubs "bulk funding"

    Trainer rang me today Auckland can't run an 11th race.not enough dosh.is it time to use the c word.crisis.
  10. tim vince

    Stephen McKee 327K Lighter

    The fact is it could have happened many times but we need to remember a beautiful young girl has had her life changed forever.i knew t g Williams and it's very very tough.focus now on the girl.it makes me sick to hear people blame her.steve one of the world's great guys.he would have taken it hard. Horse are unpredictable.ita a dangerous game.blame at this stage won't help. We all have to try and make the game as safe as we can.
  11. tim vince

    Noble Mistress-Bizarre

    100 percent right mate well done.we have a lot of top young fellas.
  12. tim vince

    Noble Mistress-Bizarre

    Or I know lets start a rumour when someone does well in the game they are using something that know one else the world doesn't know about and u can't test for it. That's always fun.
  13. tim vince

    Noble Mistress-Bizarre

    Gr8 trainer.
  14. tim vince

    clubs "bulk funding"

    U right look up Saratoga track gallo0s and harness.my old boy nerve of steel goes 1.52 every week.forced out of racing viably here by a handicap system loves looking after young horses but crucified the old timers.
  15. tim vince

    It's time to

    They need support.barry Tony h telfer have no obvious heir apparents.need to build up the young fella teams.