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  1. I have no life counted patrons watching Avondale cup in public stand.82..im thinking maybe that ain't very good.
  2. Brand recognition. I don't thi nk we have a brand.so much to showcase.
  3. I thought pretty good racing but crowd seemed small.need bums on seats.good food good facilities good racing why poor attendance.
  4. Gubellini.i agree.jason teaz is great.bruce Sherwin very accurate and don't mind trying to pick a winner a long way out.overall we have great callers.everyone has a preference like jockeys drivers.me j teaz.
  5. Dump .traffic. No stakemoney.
  6. tim vince

    The n

    Most of us just want it over.
  7. tim vince

    The n

    but best not speculate.let the processes take their course.all involved need to be seen to be fairly treated.the costs are a real nightmare for everybody .win lose or draw.
  8. tim vince

    The n

    McGrath decision is on jca website. Not sure who the winner is.must have been a costly affair.
  9. tim vince

    Wow 114

    Horses at Canterbury trials today.there are no problems in South island.
  10. I wouldhhave no pbd for maidens
  11. Agree went to a racing committee awhile back and it was agreed after I bought u subject pbd . every 2nd week.better than nothing.i do agree with u but to the atc.s credit they listened to my argument and made an accomadation.derek balle chairman tries very hard.ive a lot of time for him.
  12. 40 pacers accepted is that right
  13. Hats off to the 3 board members that do attend almost every meeting.the rest invisible.scott plant Derek belle len oughton.