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  1. mooseman

    Place please T.A.B. 05/04/20

    TAB pool update $0 2hrs ago $50 1hr ago $116 now .... Judging by those huge increases we are up for a humungis pool est $10,000..!!! get in there and grab your share
  2. mooseman

    Place please T.A.B. 05/04/20

    Yahooo..!! TAB have come up trumps with place 6 for tonight at Pakenham.... I challenge anyone to have a go....see if you can make it live into the last leg..!! Should be fun there will be some hard luck stories and hopefully some great payouts Cheers All..!!
  3. mooseman

    Place please T.A.B. 05/04/20

    By the sounds we all were rat shit last week Houla/Peter..i know i was! Lets all get a major share of them this week,! Good fortunes chaps
  4. mooseman

    Weekend Comp - Rosehill and Flemington

    Rosehill R4: 6,13 R5: 10,15 R6: 1,3 R7: 4,16 R8: 11,12 Flemington R4: 1,6 R5: 10,11 R6: 1,11 R7: 1,13 R8: 8,9 Cheers sponsors.!
  5. mooseman

    Place please T.A.B. 05/04/20

    Sat, 18 Apr M12 Caulfield Place6 486 bets @ $0.05Minimum 5% $25.00 $176.40Win R4 1. Mr Quickie 4. Declares War R5 1. Iconoclasm 7. Mahamedeis 10. Benitoite R6 10. River Night 11. Tarcoola Diva 18. Halvoya R7 8. William Thomas 9. Lyre 10. Humma Humma R8 10. Knowles 14. Felicia 16. Paul's Regret R9 8. Moonlight Maid 9. Score 12. Affair to Remember M11 Randwick Place6 486 bets @ $0.05Minimum 5% $25.00 $30.40Win R4 5. Bottega 6. Chuck A Luck 12. Kinane R5 1. King's Legacy 3. Aim 6. Ole Kirk R6 9. Oceanex 11. Greysful Glamour R7 1. Pierata 3. Dreamforce 11. Bivouac R8 1. Trekking 14. Greyworm 17. Signore Fox R9 7. Military Zone 11. Desert Lord 15. Phaistos So thats my two place 6's on Saturday both collects, total profit $150 odd, could of been way more or way less but happy to come away with 3 times more than invested to be reinvested next round of place 6's. Keep at them Houly...your persistence will be rewarded.! Big thanks Peter you double my Caulfield return With the help of William Thomas (noted from last week) you beauty! Great fun and the good thing about place 6 can last the whole afternoon without dipping in to you account
  6. mooseman

    Randwick Competition FREE TO ENTER 18th April

    R1. 1,7,18 R2. 6,12,13 R3. 2,6,7 R4. 5,6,12 R5. 1,3,6 R6. 7,9,11 R7. 1,3,11 R8. 1,14,17 R9. 7,11,15
  7. mooseman

    Place please T.A.B. 05/04/20

    Very good Peter 40% Randwick and almost a 10% share of close. Thats how i started my place 6 betting low outlay and cautiously. My averaage place 6 bet now is around $25 now mianly to allow more runners in each leg. Well done again Peter another place 6 success story
  8. mooseman

    Place please T.A.B. 05/04/20

    Yep that Melbourne quaddie goes over a million dollars often - relate it to our weekly lotto might as well get a ticket/share in it and you have a better chance of getting it odds wise. You know me going for both place6's (and nz ones when they are on) you never know which one will surprise and have a big be consistant do the study and take em' all And just a wee tip i do is to take the last four legs of your place 6 in the quaddie, eg. if you've got 3x3x3x3 in the last four legs 10% of the quaddie will cost $8.10..peanuts, the amount of time you will strike is not regular but when you do Pay Day!!!! & sometimes icing on the cake of your place 6 collect
  9. mooseman

    Place please T.A.B. 05/04/20

    Correct Houla, not commingled or terminating. Yes biggest pools on a sat or a cup meeting..10k is about as big as they get otherwise 5k-6k for a sat pool, midweek 3k is about the average. If a place 6 has a jackpot..dont hold ya breath for the jackpot pool - A place 6 had almost all the pool jackpot one time, about 7k so i thought be good to follow up at the next place 6, i kept an eye out but all the following place 6's didnt have any 7k boost. I rang the Tab help line only to be told that jackpot money will go into the next circuit which will most likely be a quaddie pool - Rat Shit..!!!! i thought after being a loyal place 6 taker.
  10. mooseman

    Place please T.A.B. 05/04/20

    Some Stats. Randwick final pool $7,897 Caulfield final pool $2,488 Will pays ranging $333 - $448 Will pays ranging $964 - $1096 Actual payout $636 Actual payout $2,140 ($348 Jackpot) 4 horses unrepresented in last leg 6 horses unrepresented in last leg
  11. mooseman

    Place please T.A.B. 05/04/20

    Damm i saw your picks, so close, sometimes i take four picks in the last leg (or in any super tuff looking leg) as extra buffer only if ive gone light early. Unfortunately i didnt get to bet yesterday as i blew my funds friday night and couldnt transfer money to top up tab account because of long weekend banks not trading bugga, i was kicking myself as i would have got a 5%min share of Randwick (probably money back) but the Caulfield Place 6 ...who knows possibly big bucks.!
  12. mooseman

    $700 Comp... Randwick this Saturday

    Good luck in place 6 Hula!!
  13. mooseman

    Place please T.A.B. 05/04/20

    Good luck're on the right track.!
  14. mooseman

    $700 Comp... Randwick this Saturday

    R1 1,3,8 R2 1,7,9 R3 1,5,13 R4 3,5,7 R5 1,7,9 R6 1,3,7 R7 2,4,5 R8 1,4,12 R9 8,14,17 R10 4,12,14 Cheers Ponda & Scoob
  15. mooseman

    Place please T.A.B. 05/04/20

    Hi Houla, its ok to ask for on behalf of your partner hehe. Place 6 is one of my fav betting options as I have raise on race café a long time ago when the earth was green and unicorns you'st to roam free.....anyway that's another story. So basically as Gruffy said, I have a set amount in the budget for the day as we all should do, $20-$40 set aside per place 6 which allow to take a few in every leg...not often I anchor a leg as I like to be going live into the last leg - not knocked out in the first leg riding only on one horse. So for a good chance for example 3 horses in every leg (3x3x3x3x3x3) will cost $73 for 10% start share or $37 for a 5% minimum start share.....and each time 2 or more hosres place in one race the % will x2 or x3 and so on. By the way if you manage to get up to 100% by or after the last race and no other tickets are live, the pool is yours!!!! Winner winner chicken dinner!! What I have done is experiment with combinations and fined tuned to my liking. Have a go, have fun, Good luck Houla and friends.!