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  1. mooseman


    Looks like it dropped out of a tin..!!!!
  2. mooseman


    I welcome Raceform into the non competitive racebook market, The informant went to the pack when they changed there easy read format, the best bets have to cut the book in half just to turn pages and very back and forth data at the bottom of the horse....yet again non user friendly. The T.A.B downloadable booklets are magic....I download to usb take to my print shop and wam o, Hope Raceform has some trackwork
  3. mooseman


    You have more chance of purchasing it from a Dairy as there are only a couple of T.A.B."s left in Auckland
  4. 1. 2,3 2. 3,5 3. 1,11 4. 14,15 BB 5. 8,12 6. 4,9 7. 10.12 8. 3,7 9. 10,11 BB 10. 11,12 All the best Y'all Thank you M. lets all take a piece of the Caulfield quaddie pie..Yummm moose out.
  5. SO YOU THINK you're a WEEKEND HUSSLER ? Yep..! Hi Chestnut looking forward to compete Thanks the Moose
  6. mooseman


    Beautifull Zed lad horsey Rosie 2nd up he will nail it...maybe the Riccarton 1000...not many corners....I miss being an owner.. Im sure Zed Lad will be in the winners circle like the Turbos on Saturday night All the best Rosie.!
  7. mooseman

    TAB $50M dry run went wrong!

    ..and where is the eftpos into these selfserve terminals or collect cash out of the robot machines.....cant go to pak'n'save with a f'in betting voucher..!!
  8. mooseman

    C W Johnson 100winners for season

    Disagree, Chris Tops all them young 'n' old chaps by at least 13.25%, they are top jocks....but the only one who can beat CWJ is the man himself The closest to Chris would be Noel the Maori Harris. These two guys are perfect examples of balance and inventiveness.
  9. mooseman

    C W Johnson 100winners for season

    Congrad's C.W.J. you've been a highlight in my life...a great success story all the ups'n'downs, you are one tuff cookie mate..just keep going cheers Cheers rumpole for bring it up..another champ
  10. Yep congrads Rubikcubers, Been getting my boy well..80% now Thankyou Peter.J. & The Fab Dark Horsey's for a real thriller..!!! Cheers The Moose.
  11. Very Proud to be a Dark Horse 1. 5,9 2. 1,6 3. 2,11 4. 8,10 5. 6,11 6. 4,12 BB 7. 4,13 8. 12,15 9. 3,12 10. 2,4 BB All the best The Rubiks & Klipity Klop, Lets Go Korio,Sarah,RosinaSkelly ...The Dark Horses are Go!! Big Thank You to Sir Peter.J. Cheers mate
  12. 1. 7,12 BB 2. 7,14 3. 9,14 4. 6,9 5. 10,14 6. 3,4 7. 2,10 8. 7,9 9. 8,15 10. 3.10 BB All the Best Peter.J. Go The Mighty Dark Horses!
  13. 1. 7,8 2. 5,6 3. 5,7 BB 4. 3,12 5. 1,8 6. 1,9 7. 7,8 8. 3,5 9. 7,13 10. 5,16BB Good luck all, cheers Peter.J.
  14. mooseman

    Horrific fallers at Tauranga Race 2

    Well Lewis Road was in front of a weren't there obviously ... does your crowd have to be 300+ bazza (go Tauranga) I don't think you have an ounce of sympathy for Lewis Road or Guess Who in your blood.
  15. A) Riccarton R5=# 12 Five Kings (win) Riccarton R6=# 12 Gloss (win) E) Counties R7=# 12 Admiral (win) G) Scoring Method = Tote Thanks Heaps Yir Tiz & Cat..!! (Yir must have a Toshiba lap top too..Re bet B))...bloody computers...bring back abacuses & viewmasters.!